Chapter 1: GOLD

This is my first story so I hope you like it

"Titans go!"

The titans ran for the door. Cinder block was stealing gold from the gold mines. Suddenly Cinder Block saw a bright green flash and felt a great pain in his side witch sent him flying into a wall.

"Way to go Star," cheered Cy.

Robin quickly gave Cinder Block a nasty kick and a punch. Cinder Block was out cold for ten minutes.

The titans called prison transport. Right as prison transport arrived Cinder Block woke up and whacked (whacked I think I spelt that right) Star and Robin into a wall.

Cy tried to shoot Cinder Block with his laser cannon but Cinder Block got to him first. He grabbed Cy's arm and threw him into Star and Robin, who had just gotten up.

In the mean time Raven was trying to hit Cinder Block with some gold but it was hard for her to concentrate because of the dream she had last night.

"Azerath metreion zin-damn it, azerath metre- stop thinking about the dam dream and concentrate." "Azerath met- Ahh!"

Cinder Block grabbed her. She tried to escape but his grip on her was so tight, he was crushing her. Now it was BB's turn to save the day. He changed into an eagle to get to Cinder Block's face. Then turned into a chicken and started to peck at Cinder Block's eyes.

Cinder Block let go of Raven. Then BB changed into a kangaroo and tried to kick Cinder Block. But Cinder Block grabbed his foot and swung BB in rage between two stacks of gold bricks. Hitting his head back and forth and back and forth. Finally after about 40 seconds of being swung back and forth between the two stacks of gold bricks, the titans got up, Cinder Block threw him into a wall.

Raven had gone to go help BB. When she got to him he was unconscious just lying there and bleeding very badly. Partially feeling responsible for this and worried he might bleed to death, Raven flew with him in her arms back to the tower. After twenty minutes Raven and BB got home, the other titans got home.

"Man BB is still out," said Cy.

"Cyborg," said Raven totally ignoring his question.

"Go get Star and Rob to come here"

"Ok sure" said Cy.

Cy went into the living room to find Robin and Star making out on the couch.

"Uh sorry to interrupt but Raven wants to talk to us!" Cy said feeling bad that he interrupted their interesting "conversation with no words."

But I can tell her you guys are busy. Star and Robin were startled by Cy's voice. Star realized that Robin was still on her when Cy showed up.

She threw him off of her and said, "OK!" slightly blushing.

They walked over to where raven was.

"What's going on Raven?" Said Star.

Raven was shy to tell because if she told them what had happened, they would remember how it happened and blame her for being the cause of what had happened. (That's a lot of what happens)

"Please Raven tell us!" Star said.

"BB" Raven said in a sad voice "He is….."

"Don't tell me he is dead!" Screeched star before Raven could finish.

"No"! Said Raven angrily.

"BB is in a coma and he could ……………..die."

Much later

Raven sat upon her chair while she was reading a book called Witch Child. All she could hear was the scraping of the pages when she turned them and BB breathing. BB had been in a coma for three weeks. There was only one time the titans had to leave BB alone to fight but it was only a bank robbery.

In all the time Raven had spent in that room with BB she had read eight books, Lord of the Rings 1, 2, 3, and 4. She also read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Erogone, The Ribbajack, and Witch Child was the eighth book she read.

Raven finally got board with reading. So she started to meditate. The moment she got concentrated she fell into a trance and started to see that dream again. She couldn't see anything but what was in her dream.

It played over and over again in her head for about 10 minuets. When it stopped she could see again, BB was still there. He was perfectly fine. Suddenly Raven realized she was on the ground rather than hovering above it.

She licked her lips they tasted strange, like tofu. "Ewe that tastes like shit!"

Raven heard the alarm go off and Robin yell; "titans go!"

Raven turned around and looked at BB just before she left the room.

The Copycats (my characters) were stealing the city's power supply.

"BB! If we loose power BB could die, he needs those machines to live." Said Cy.

They arrived to where the Copycats were. These were new villains to the titans and telling by their name they probably repeat every attack that their opponent makes. Raven instantly threw a couple of boxes at the Copycats. She hit them dead on. Star threw a couple of star bolts at the Copycats and missed. As well as Cy and Rob when they tried the sonic boom on them.

The Copycats turned to Raven and gave her the sonic boom and a couple of star bolts. She was blown forty yards away. The rest of the titans fought and fought and fought but the Copycats did every thing they did. Finally Raven got back. She suddenly thought if the Copycats couldn't see what anybody was doing they couldn't copy what anybody was doing. Raven quickly blindfolded them. That gave the team the opportunity to beat them. Prison transport arrived and took the Copycats to prison. The titans got home, they were pooped. Raven went to go check on BB. She got to the room and to her surprise …BB was gone!