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Somewhere in the Mountains of Raccoon City…

The sun rises over a beautiful setting. Little cabins lay nestled next to a large clear blue lake. Several children are running around, doing what all children do on such beautiful summer days, simply having fun and enjoying life. A large sign stands at the opening to this haven of fun and excitement. There is no way to miss it, as you have to drive right under it in order to get here. In large white letters the sign reads:

Camp Umbrella

And right below that in exceptionally small letters and a foreign language, most likely ancient Aztec, is a disclaimer:

We will not be held responsible if your precious little hellions are eaten by one of the sheer perfection bio-weapons we have wandering around out here. If they turn into zombies…well that's just tough shit…

A large red and white bus barrels down the dirt road toward the camp. In fact it's going, much faster than you would expect a vehicle of its size capable of. It comes to a skidding halt right underneath the sign and seconds later the doors slam open.

"Alright you pintsized little bastards…OFF!"

Several extremely confused and somewhat dazed children stumble off the bus. The reason for their confused and dazed expressions is most likely due to the drugs their parents slipped into their kool-aide before dumping them on the bus. As soon as the last unfortunate child has stumbled out, the bus driver slams the doors shut, does a 180, and punches the gas.

"Free at last!!!"

He is last seen heading toward Vegas with his arms flailing around wildly, holding a beer in his left hand and a live turkey in his right…but that is another story…

Anyway, back to the children…

As soon as they are able to shakeoff the drug induced confusion, the children begin to mill about aimlessly in small groups. All of them were dressed in red shorts and white tee shirts emblazoned with a large red and white umbrella.

One child appeared not to appreciate the uniforms too much. Chris Redfield looked at the camp with scorn and contempt. Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy were standing only a few steps away from him, giggling over some key or something they had found. Rebecca Chambers was examining some of the local wildlife while Billy Coen stood over her protectively, sporting a large hand-drawn daisy with the words Mom scribbled underneath on his upper arm. Jill Valentine was standing on the other side of Chris, echoing his look of contempt. William and Annette Birkin were staring around at the outside world, looking like they'd much rather be in a deep hole somewhere studying a virus. Brad Vickers was hiding behind Chris whimpering softly and jumping at every noise. Wesker was standing off by himself looking evil, smug, and especially stupid in his Mickey Mouse sunglasses.

While the various children are trying to decide whether or not they should stick around or run for the nearest exit, a tall blonde woman with an overly loud voice and irritating personality came bouncing over.

"Hello!! I'm the head councilor we are going to have fun!! YEA!!!"

Several cabin windows shatter at this loud announcement. While the children try to discern whether or not their ear drums have exploded, there attention is drawn to a young blonde boy who is currently being eaten by a large frog.

"AHHHH!!! Alexia…HELP!!"

They watch in stunned silence as a second blonde child showed up. They were obviously siblings. She shook her head at her half eaten brother, promptly mutated, and set the frog on fire. The frog let out a loud yelp, spit the boy out, and hopped back in the water. The boy, sporting Alexia for Supreme Ruler on his shirt, threw his arms around his sister's legs and proceeded to cry a great amount of tears and shout at the top of his lungs just how amazingly brilliant his sister was. Many of the new campers suddenly started feeling sick to their stomachs. Wesker had just discovered a new target of abuse.

"Anyway." The head councilor, hereafter referred to as Miss Perky, clears her throat turning the perkiness up a notch. "We're going to have loads of fun!! YEA!!"

"Fun only occurs when I can torture Chris." Wesker then adjusts his glasses and sneers at his nemesis.

"Yes well…Let's meet your councilors! YEA!"

The children all groaned as several people made there way over to them. One was a tall rather shapely woman wearing daisy dukes and a halter top, both in deep colors of crimson. The woman stopped and eyed the girls with contempt.

"My name is Ada." Her voice came out in a rather seductive purr, making serial of the boys begin to drool.

The man standing next to her was heavy set, in red shorts, Camp Umbrella shirt, and wearing a strange look of madness.

"No one is going to escape my camp!!" He then proceeded to laugh insanely. "Oh, by the way my name is Brian Irons." He then laughed some more.

The third man was tall, rather skinny, wearing a rather strange white outfit with yellow piping, and staring at the children with a sort of hungry look.

"Oh my new test subjects, how nice." He smiled, only reinforcing the fact that, like Irons, he was completely nuts. "I'm Vincent."

The last man was also dressed in red shorts and a Camp Umbrella tee shirt. He kept looking behind him nervously and appeared to wish he was anywhere but where he currently happened to be standing.

"Um, hi." The man waggled his fingers a bit, still looking nervous. "Um…my name is Richard. Oh and don't go down to the northern end of the lake, it's dangerous."

The children looked at each other, so far extremely unimpressed by their councilors. A few of them were, of course, scared of Vincent and Irons…alright, fine, just Brad was scared, but hey he's scared of everything. After staring at each other for about five minutes Miss Perky broke the silence.

"Alright! Off you go to your cabins…yea!"

She then bounded off to spread some joy to some other unlucky camper that happened to enter her field of vision. Ada shook her head, sighing heavily.

"Alright girls, walk this way."

Ada spun on her heel and flounced toward the girls cabin. Claire looked at Rebecca and shrugged. Both girls then proceeded to follow Ada, attempting their best to flounce. As the rest of the female campers also followed, Chris managed to snag Leon by the back of the shirt as he attempted to flounce his way after the rather shapely Ada.

"Alright from now on all you boys will be known as Zombie Bait." Irons narrowed his eyes, glaring down at Wesker. " Except you, from now on you're Treacherous Bastard."

Wesker shrugged, smiling evilly. The rest of the boys groaned, shaking their heads but followed Irons to the boy's cabin. The cabin was dark, dreary, and for some odd reason the door was flanked by two large torches. Slightly horrified the boys crept into the cabin. Several other boys were already inside.

"Hello there, my name's Forest." The boy smiled cheerfully, extending a hand to Chris.

"My name is Enrico." A tall boy, with thick black hair came forward, eyeing Wesker skeptically. "Have we met before?"

"Not yet, but I plan on killing you in a few years." Wesker smirked and laid down on a near by bunk.

"I hate him already." One boy snapped, walking over to join the group. "By the way, my name's Kenneth."

"Everyone hates him." Chris commented, shaking Forest's hand.

"What's my name?" Ark was standing behind Leon, tapping him on the shoulder. "Do you know who I am?"

Leon rolled his eyes, hoping that Ark would fallin a hole or something within the next 30 seconds. Meanwhile another boy shambled over and started inspecting the condition of Leon's socks. Leon stared at the kid like he'd lost his mind, and glanced at Enrico.

"What the hell's his damage?"

"Who Barry?" Enrico laughed, shaking his head. "He's an idiot."

"I noticed." Leon hopped backwards, trying to get Barry loose from his foot. "Does he do this often?"

"Pretty much everyday."

Meanwhile the short blonde boy from earlier came bounding into the cabin and did a flying leap into the nearest bunk, landing right in Wesker's lap. The boy then proceeded to beat Wesker about the head and shoulders, well more like slapping him like a little girl but it produced the same effect.

"Ahh! Get off me you little freak!" Wesker rolled off the bunk giving the blonde boy a kick.

"You looked at my sister!!" The boy screamed as he flew through the air and landed in Chris' arms. "I SAW YOU STARING AT HER!!"

"What's up with this kid?" Chris glanced at Forest, while still trying to restrain the young man. Chris wasn't fond of the kid or anything but he figured Wesker would probably kill him and that would make a horrible mess in the cabin.

"Alfred likes his sister just a little too much, if you get what I'm saying." Interrupted a young man with a high squeaky voice and a rather bad Leonardo DeCaprio haircut. "I'm Steve."

"Oh man, that's just wrong."

We're going to leave the boys to bond for a minute or two while we move along and see what the girls are up to. We find the girls inspecting their new surroundings.

"Well this isn't as bad as I imagined." Claire smiled. "At least there's nothing freaky living here or anything."

"You'll change your mind once you've meet Alexia." A little blonde girl, perhaps a year or two younger than Claire peeked over the top of her bunk. "I'm Sherry."

"Uh, aren't you Annette's daughter?" Rebecca asked, looking confused.

"Yea, the authoress ran out of female characters." Sherry sat up and slipped to the floor. "I was sorta her last choice."

"Why didn't she use some of the outbreak girls?" Jill sat down on a nearby bunk, Indian style. "I mean, there's like four of them or something."

"Because she's not very bright." The voice was snide. The girls turned to see the young blonde girl from earlier. "I am Alexia Ashford, you may bow before me now, it'll save time in the long run."

"Or I could simply beat the hell out of you and leave you to die in the woods to be eaten by scavenging animals." Claire snapped an innocent smile adoring her face.

Jill rolled her eyes as the two women stared each other down. "This is going to be a long couple of weeks…"