Act Two, Scene One

(Enter Malfoy, Harry, Ron, Hermione)

(Malfoy is taunting Ron about his parents and Harry and Hermione are joining in on Ron's side of the argument)

Malfoy – Your dad has a bald patch.

Ron – Uh, I don't know what you mean. If you think you can hurt me with your remarks, it may help to think again.

Malfoy – Ooh, fighting talk.

Ron – Actually, that was just a warm-up.

Harry – Knock him out, Ron.

Hermione – You can do it.

Ron – Thanks for the support, guys, and don't worry. I'm gonna knock him so hard that he will be out for ages.

Malfoy – Really, Weasel?

Ron – I'm not kidding this time.

(Exit Malfoy)

(Ron has punched him hard in the face, and his nose is bleeding and he's fallen to the ground unconscious)

Hermione – That told him, then.

Ron – Yeah, it did. I'm so glad I got the better of him. He always thinks he's the best, but I hope he'll rephrase his words from now on.

Harry – You don't have to hope.

Ron – You think he will?

Harry – I know he will.

(Enter Crabbe)

(Crabbe stands there looking at Malfoy, and looks up at Harry, Ron and Hermione as he drags Malfoy to a bench)

Crabbe – You'll pay for this.

(End of scene)

(Exit Crabbe, Malfoy, Ron, Harry, Hermione)

- - - - - - - - - -

Act Two, Scene Two

(Enter Ginny, Luna, George)

Ginny – Prince Veroni will be arriving soon. Things have to be perfect for him, since he will be used to palace life.

Luna – He's my cousin.

George – Are you used to palace life too, then, Luna? I don't believe you.

Luna – No one does.

Ginny – Is that surprising? You come out with a load of stuff, wear radish-earrings and tell people that creatures in your imagination really exist. Did you really think that people would believe you when you tried to tell them that Prince Veroni is your cousin? Wrap it up, Luna. Come back into the real world.

Luna – I'm leaving. No one wants me, except my father. That's so obvious. You hate me. I tell the truth yet you still hate me.

Ginny – Ok, I believe you. Now help me clear this table.

Luna – You're such a great friend.

(Party music sounds in the distance)

George – Did you hear that?

Ginny – What?

(Party music sounds again)

Luna – I think he means music.

George – Yeah, listen.

Ginny – Ok, I hear it.

Luna – What do you think it is?

Ginny – Come over to the window, and let's look for the source of the noise. In fact, don't. I bet it's Prince Veroni, and a band announcing his arrival.

Luna – Ooh, it'll be good if you're right.

(Music gets louder)

(Ginny rushes to the window and looks out. George and Luna follow her. They can see a silver carriage, with gold wheels, in the distance)

Luna – I can't wait to see him.

(End of scene)

(Exit Ginny, Luna, George)

- - - - - - - - - -

Act Two, Scene Three

(Enter Dumbledore, McGonogall, Prince Veroni, Arabella, Mrs Mather)

(Prince Veroni, Arabella and Mrs Mather have just arrived at Hogwarts Castle and Dumbledore is doing his best to try and make them feel comfortable)

Prince Veroni – Such a dull place.

Arabella – Do you know who they are, Matthew? They're my future teachers and I hate it when you spoil first impressions for me.

Prince Veroni – I'll take a back seat, then.

Arabella – Good.

Dumbledore – Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I am the head of the whole school and the students are waiting to meet you.

McGonogall – Yes, do come in.

(The big oak double doors open from the inside)

Arabella – I'd rather stay outside in the rain.

Mrs Mather – Arabella, behave.

Arabella – I am behaving. I just want to stay out in the rain for a little while before I enter. Is that so bad?

Prince Veroni – No.

Dumbledore – Arabella, you may stay out in the rain. I will send a student to fetch you. Her name is Hermione Granger. You'll know her soon enough.

Arabella – Hermione Granger sounds like a nice person.

Dumbledore – She is, but don't be fooled by her looks.

Arabella – What?

Dumbledore – I'll see you later.

(Exit Dumbledore, McGonogall, Prince Veroni, Mrs Mather)

(The oak doors close, rain continues to fall)

Arabella – I don't know. Maybe I should have gone inside after all.

(Ten minutes later, doors open. A girl with sleek, brown hair and pearly white teeth is standing on the steps)

(Enter Hermione)

Hermione – Dumbledore told me to fetch you.

Arabella – Are you Hermione Granger?

Hermione – Yeah. Hey, you must be soaked to the skin. Come inside and I'll do a charm. It should help your clothes dry a bit faster, so you won't be cold.

Arabella – I'm Arabella Veroni.

Hermione – Are you related to the Prince?

Arabella – I wish I was, but I haven't told my stepmother.

(She follows Hermione into the entrance hall of Hogwarts castle)

Hermione – Dryatis.

(She flicks her wand)

(Arabella's clothes are dry)

Arabella – Dumbledore told me to look beyond your looks, whatever that means. I bet he's always coming out with phrases like that. He seems like a nice headmaster to have. Do you like him?

Hermione – Yeah, I do.

(She walks towards a door)

(Arabella follows)

Arabella – Where are you going?

Hermione – Come with me, and I'll tell you.

(Arabella walks into the great hall, and gasps at what she sees)

(End of scene)

(End of act)

(Exit Arabella, Hermione)