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Skip scenes to Mystique as Sen. Kelly.

Mystique humming: "Walk like a man, talk like a man, walk like a man."

Mystique transforms from Sen. Kelly into Stryker's assistant, and walks into a strange office. She scans her hand to enter and sits down at the computer.

"Stryker, William"

The screen shows a list of mutants as well as a lot of files on the desk-top.

"Hey look, Candy for the Fan-boys," She thinks to herself as she scrolls through the names, "Ah, here was go, Eric M. Lensherr…Doesn't he spell his name with a k? Whatever, Magnus, owes me big for this. Hey, what's this? Looks like Stryker has some weird fascination with Erik. What are all these photos? I don't want to know…ok so now I know were magneto is, let's do a little more snooping shall we? Looks like Stryker is building a cerebro…that's the last thing I want, that guy in my head…scary."

Mystique hears a noise and sees that Stryker's assistant is coming. She quickly prints off the information and transforms into a member of the cleaning staff. The assistant enters the room and opens a drawer.

"asprin? Check, Big plastic gun, check, script for the one line I get to say, check…oh her it comes…"

She turns around to see a member of the cleaning staff

"What are you doing in here?" She smiled thinking she pulled the line off nicely.

Mystique as the staff member "Icky icky Karma sutra."

Thinking damn I wish I knew Spanish.

Stryker's assistant looked questioning at the young man/mystique.

"It's garbage"

Mystique left carrying a garbage can smiling. She walks by the real staff member who looks confused and can't seem to stop watching her leave.

"Man, I really have to stop sniffing the products."

Scene now moves to Boston where Storm and Jean have found a church.

They both walk inside. Storm enters first.

Jean: Don't you think I should go in first since I am have a sub-plot and you don't.

Storm: I don't think so sister. I'm milking all the screen time I can.

They both look around the ramshackle church.

Storm: Creepy

Jean:These are the coordinates

They turn their heads when they heard a German voice coming from above them.

"Get out!"

They hear him Bamf across the rafters above them. Jean smiles.

Jean: He's a teleporter, that must be why the professor had trouble locking onto him.

Storm: Hold on wait. What the hell is bamfing?

Jean: Bamfing?

Storm: Yeah, the script says bamf. What does that mean?

Jean: Why don't we ask the guy when we get him to come down?

Storm: Fine. (Looks ups) We're not here to hurt you. We just want to talk

Nightcrawler: Does Zat line work for anybody? Get Out!

Jean: Are you bored yet?

Storm: oh Yeah, I can't believe I signed up for a sequel. I mean this doesn't even begin to show off my acting ability and…

Jean:No I meant with trying to convince this guy to come down.

Storm:Oh, Sure, whatever. What this. I'll tilt my head like so…raise my arms and taadaa, Instant thunder storm.

A bolt of lightening hits the beam Nightcrawler is standing on and it breaks sending him falling to the ground. Jeans catches him telekinetically.

Jean:Show off. Wouldn't it have been easier if I would have done this from the start?

Storm: No this way you can turn him around with our mind dramatically. (Jean does this) See it's for the best.

Nightcrawler:Please don't kill me. It would be a very large waste of time to have put all this work into my make-up and effects. Besides I didn't mean to harm anyone.

Storm: Now why would people have gotten that impression?

Nightcrawler: Because I tried to kill the president of the United States.

Jean (Whispers): Rhetorical question…

Storm:What's your name?

Nightcrawler:Bond, James Bond…no sorry…Wagner, Kurt Wagner.

The scene fades to nightcrawler lying on a bench surrounded by the two x-women. He recounts from his point of view what happened in the assassination attempt.

Nightcrawler: I could see it happening but I couldn't stop myself.

Storm:Like taking this part…

Nightcrawler:I remember nothing before the attack. I was here.


Jean:I'd rather not use my telepathy now. Let's wait for a more dramatic moment ok? Besides the Professor would probably do a better job. I'm not the Phoenix yet.

Storm: The Phoenix?

Jean: Sorry that's later, ignore that.

Nightcrawler looks confused: Professor?

Storm: It'll be explained later in a tender moment between the two of us. For now you're going to have to trust that two women with super powers that invaded your sanctuary are here to help you.

Nightcrawler: Fair enough

Storm: By the way, What are the marks on your body?

Nightcralwer: angelic symbols that I did myself. I look like a demon so I'm trying to be more complex by being really religious.

Jean: Well it worked. Everyone loves your character. You've surpassed our popularity. You better come with us.