Bulma and Iroke did most of the planning for the upcoming wedding. Raditz knew he couldn't really do anything, and didn't want to anyway. However, one day he had approached Yamcha.

"From what I've seen, human, you appear to be the most knowledgeable about these things. Just what is a 'bachelor party,' exactly?"

Yamcha drummed his fingers. "How do I explain this to a Saiyan? Hm. Well, on Earth, your mate isn't officially your mate until the wedding. Anytime before then, you can break it off and find someone else. The bachelor party takes place the night before the wedding, it's kind of a farewell to this freedom."

Yamcha paused for a moment.

"Since you know nothing about them, I'll set it up for you."

Raditz nodded.

"Yes...I think that would be best."

As the Saiyan walked away, the human's face split into a wide grin.



Chi-Chi was washing dishes when she heard a knock on the front door. When she opened it, Gohan and Videl were standing there, wearing slightly goofy grins.

"Hello! Nice to see you two, what are you up to?"

The two exchanged a glance, and then Videl extended her hand. As Chi-Chi went to shake it, she noticed something.

A diamond ring.

In a flash, Chi-Chi had embraced the two in a crushing hug that left them struggling to breathe.

"Oh Gohan! Gohan! Gohan I'm so happy! Ahhhhhhh! My little boy's all grown up!"

As tears began to stream down past her wide grin, Gohan and Videl managed to extricate themselves from her grip and took in gulps of air.

"Yeah," said the young scholar, massaging his throat, "I thought you should be the first to know."

"Now...we're...going...to...head over...to...dad's house...and tell him..." gasped Videl.

Chi-Chi squealed.

"Ooooooooooh! You do that, I'll go to everyone's house and tell them!"

As she ran off, the two looked at each other and shook their heads.


After telling Goku ("Alright!"), Goten ("Huh?"), and Bardock ("What, exactly, is he doing?"), Chi-Chi began her whirlwind tour.

Her final stop was Capsule Corp.


"Damn!" muttered Gohan as he pulled the air-car into the driveway. "I need to go ask Bulma something, I'll be right back."

He gave his fiancé a kiss, then used Instantaneous Movement to go to Capsule Corp.


Bulma and Iroke were still planning out the details in the living room when Chi-Chi arrived to tell them the news.


They blinked.

"Would you mind repeating that? Slower?" asked Bulma, while Chi-Chi tried to get her breath back.


Gohan appeared in Bulma's lab. He blinked.

*Blast. A little bit off. Oh well.*

He left the lab and walked in the direction of the living room, when he heard his mother's voice say, "Gohan and Videl are going to get married!"

Gohan stopped. This would be interesting.

He leaned against the wall to listen.



The three women turned around. Vegeta had just wandered in from the kitchen, munching on some fried chicken.

"Yep!" said Chi-Chi, beaming.

"Why not just have his and Raditz's on the same day? It would save time, and there'd be twice the food."

She erupted. "ARE YOU INSANE?! I'm not going to let the wedding of my little Gohan happen at the same time as that hoodlum's!"

Vegeta finished the chicken and crossed his arms indignantly. "Why not? There's probably not a point to this stupid ceremony anyway."

Chi-Chi's eyes narrowed. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN?!"

"Gohan has been living with that woman for about a year now, correct?"


From around the corner, Gohan nodded to himself. Thanks to some late night study sessions, he and Videl were able to graduate ahead of everyone else. Afterwards, the two of them had saved up and bought their house.

As Gohan had confided to Yamcha at the time, "It was either stay with my overbearing, overprotective hawk of a mother, or go live with the beautiful woman I love. Not much of a choice, really."


"Yes..." said Chi-Chi in a guarded tone of voice.

"There you go. I've really doubt that they've waited."


Bulma and Iroke looked at each other, nodded, and fled the room.

"He's a young man. What do you expect?"

"My Gohan would never...would never do that before he had gotten married!"

Vegeta rolled his eyes, exasperated. *Does she really believe that?*

"Well, if you want to know, ask him. He's right around that corner."


Gohan's eyes bulged. *Damn, I've been a fool! I haven't lowered my ki at all!*

He managed to use Instantaneous Movement mere moments before Chi-Chi turned the corner.


He reappeared at his home in the living room, where Videl was watching some TV. She turned up to face him.

"Good, you're back! Did Bulma tell you what you--"

She stopped at the look on his face. "Is something wrong?"

He quickly explained the situation. By the time he was done, she was pale.

"Yes, that could be bad if she managed to corner us. What can we do?"

Gohan thought. "Where can we go, where no one will think to look for us?"


Five minutes later, Chi-Chi burst through the door.


She waited for a reply. There was none. A thorough exploration of the house revealed that no one was home.


"Thanks for letting us stay up here, Dende," said Gohan.

"No problem," said the Namek, "Anything for a friend. You can write notes to your families and toss them over the edge, I'll see to it that the wind takes them to their intended recipients. Mr. Popo will show you to your rooms."


Time passed.

The day for both weddings was set. Chi-Chi had won out; they would be held weeks apart.

After questioning Turles, Bulma believed she had found a way to make Broli sane again. As she told a skeptical Vegeta, a curious Mirai, and a disbelieving Trunks, "If Goku's crying as a baby made him insane, then we can just take a recording of baby Goten and play it backwards and restore his sanity!"



The Super Saiyan looked up from his meal. The blue-haired female was standing there, holding a machine of some kind. She pressed a button. Suddenly a strange sound began to issue from it. Broli was paralyzed. He simply sat there, listening. Finally, the sound ended. The female stared at him for a long second. Then, he spoke.

"Ah, thank you for restoring my sanity, dear lady. Am I correct in presuming you took a recording of Kakarot's youngest and played it backwards?"

She blinked. *It just goes to show, sometimes you never can tell.*


Finally, the day arrived.

The wedding of Gohan and Videl.

Gohan was the first to arrive. Everyone was already seated when he touched down outside the door, his ki still suppressed. He smiled; he would give everyone a surprise. As he walked through the door, he let his ki flare to everyday levels. He chuckled as those in the crowd with ki-sensing abilities reacted.

He walked up the aisle, noting the guests. There were his friends Eliza and Sharpener, who he'd heard were an item themselves these days. There was Yamcha and Maron, the former of whom gave him a roguish wink as he passed. There was his father, smiling happily. There was his mother, apparently torn between sadness, happiness, and anger. And so on.

He arrived at the end of the aisle, where a tall green individual was standing off to one side.

"I still don't know how you talked me into this," he muttered.

"C'mon Piccolo, you'll make a great Best Namek."


A few moments later, Videl landed. She entered the door, where her father took her arm. He smiled at her, but she couldn't help notice there was a trace of moistness in his eyes.

They went down the aisle together. They reached the end. He let go, kissed her on the cheek, and went to his seat.


Gohan and Videl stared at each other. The whole world, now and forever, revolved around the other.


Later. The reception.

"I must admit," Gohan said, "I was a bit surprised to see you."

Juunanagou--Seventeen--shrugged. "I never miss a good party if I can help it. Good luck," he said, shaking the couple's hands and departing.

"Uh-oh," said Videl, pointing.

Chi-Chi was stalking their way. Gohan grinned. Right as she reached them, they vanished. She looked around in frustration, then spotted them talking to Mirai. Once he had finished, she approached. This time, they didn't vanish.

In a tone that oozed sweetness and innocence, she said, "I'm so proud of you Gohan! And Videl, you take good care of him or you'll answer to me."

They chuckled. Then Chi-Chi moved in for the kill.

"Gohan, I have a question."

The couple looked at one another. They had been planning on this.

"I'll have to get back to you, Mom!"

Gohan and Videl held hands. They began to rise into the air.

"Son Gohan! Son Videl! You get back here this instant!" shouted Chi-Chi.

"Sorry, Mom! Can't hear you! See you in two weeks!"

They rose through the open skylight, smiling and waving.

"By which time," said Vegeta from nearby, "Your question will no longer be relevant."


Author's Notes:

Current tally of people at Capsule Corporation: Vegeta, Bulma, Trunks, Mirai, Dr. Briefs, Mrs. Briefs, Yamcha, Maron, Pu'ar, Raditz, Iroke, Nappa, Turles, Broli.

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