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?- ?…

Within the layers of cyber space, there exist another plane; another dimension. It is a realm, created by loads of computer data, and human dreams, populated by creatures made by such matter called Digimon. These creatures are data-forms that can exist even in the real world, and they had caused suffering to it for over a decade.

And even to this day, that suffering still continues.

"Leave me alone!" cried a small white blur that shot across the computer, mainframe as dozens of giant, hungry creatures hidden in the shadows makes chase.


High above the green, pixel sky, dark voices can be heard.

"There he goes. Are you sure we should just let him flee before our eyes?"

"We can reclaim that thing anytime we want, but he marks as an essential to my plan. This next step requires is to wait for the perfect moment."


A large cityscape across Tokyo, nearly a Asian counterpart of New York City, is now infested by a number of fogs in different areas. Inside these bank of clouds, dark figures await, shining their yellow eyes through the dark fogs.

Facing these fogs, human figures lifts these small device up at the sky, which they emitted holy light. As this happens, creatures soars over the humans, diving straight for the evil beings that hides in these fogs. On of them, which looks like the shape of a humanoid dragon shoots a powerful white beam from its chest.



Somewhere in the city, a young boy watches a deadly thunderstorm from his bedroom window. But this young boy, who had messy brown hair, and amber eyes didn't seem fascinated by the storm of misery. It was as if he sensed something amazing somewhere in the city.

Why's that I'm so fixated at the city? Sure, it has pretty lights, even in this rain, but still…is it because I don't think this is a normal thunderstorm, or maybe I need to lay off the TV?


"After all, our enemies will be working our plan for us."



Digimon Tribute

Keep the Digital Spirit alive



Shinjuku Central Park: 7:48 AM…

You think, as a kid, being an adult would be easier. You be dead wrong. I mean, being in college is no walk in the park. You constantly have to be studying class after class. Though of course in TV, you may see people drinking themselves silly. Heck, I shouldn't be talking about college. After all, this story isn't about college. It's about the third installment of our Digimon saga.

For those of you who's wondering: Who in the hell is talking here? Well its just little ol me, the lovable goggle-boy. No not Davis Motomiya. Me, Taichi Kamiya (Sometimes people say my last name is Yagami. I think that's my mother's maiden name.) But you all can call me Tai. I was the original leader of the famed DigiDestineds about eight years ago. Four years later, that job was passed to my biggest fan, Davis. And to think some of the crew didn't think he cut out as the leader. He proved them wrong.

Anywise, yes, all of us are at college...well maybe some of us are still in high school, like the newer kids, and TK and Kari. Mimi moved back to Japan and is now attending the same college. So, it's only me, Sora, Matt, Mimi, and Izzy who's attending at a college somewhere in the district of Shinjuku. Izzy and I are roommates, Sora and Mimi are roommates as well, Matt… I don't know. Joe on the other hand goes to some other school that has more on medical whatizit in...some town in Shibuya...oh, for those of you romance lovers, that are wondering about Sora and Matt...well...sadly sigh...they're still together...and here I am with my lonely self...because I never got the chance four years ago...Why?...Why couldn't I...?


What broke the goggle-boy's thoughts were some quick paced arms wrapped around his neck. Turning to his left, he felt soft lips press against his. With no choice, like he ever wanted to choose, he kissed back for about three minutes, before breaking out of the eternal kiss of life to look in the red eyes of his beloved girlfriend.

"Jeez, you nearly gave me a heart attack, Sor."

"-giggle-…don't I always?"

Got ya there, huh? Sora and Matt broke up in their junior year of high school...or was that the sophomore or senior year…? I forgot, but I'll tell ya about that, later. It took me a while to ask Sora out, while I was trapped in a solo adventure in the Digi-World. Again, I'll tell ya, later. Wish I done it sooner...WAY sooner. Oh well, we're happy together, and that's that! BOO YA BABY! Okay, narrator. I'm done.

Anywise, the happy hair-boy stood up from the bench he sat, and picked up his red hair girl friend for a spin ride.

"Tai! I'm getting...SICK!"

"This is fun...uh...gee the world sure is spinning..." slowing down, Tai felt his brain in spin cycle, just like Sora, and he stumbled on his back in some green bushes.

"Stupid Tai." Sora laughed as she playfully hit her dizzy boyfriend on the head.

The former leader shook his head from the dizziness to wake up at the sight he so loves first seeing, and he showed that by kissing Sora passionately again. "Good morning, beautiful. I thought you have History today?"

"It got canceled. I wanted to see what my boyfriend was doing."

Tai rolled his eyes with a smile before slyly looking back at Sora. "Well I don't have many classes today, but...let me see my schedule..." Tai pulled out a small phone book and held it upside down, which was making Sora laugh. "Uh I was planning on kissing you..." which he did and passionately pecked the blushing girl. "...and then kiss you some more...and some more...and some more...and then ask you if you're free tomorrow."

The blushing girl giggled as she and Tai arose from the bushes and was about to answer, until they heard a faint shout that said:

"Get a room, you two!"

The couple found their glare shot at a young boy with a green visor, and a black shirt that looks like it has the reliability logo on it, running off away from the park Tai and Sora are now meeting.

"Kids," Tai muttered. But then his ears picked up a rumbling sound. A sound that came from the gray clouds. "Hmm…so much for the romantic scenery."

Sora smirked. "Hey, neither rain, sleet, snow, or Digimon would keep the Sora away from the Gogglehead."

The tall boy gave out his trademark wacky smile as he hooked his arm around the girl's shoulder. The couple began walking through the park, heading towards their home, hoping that they won't get caught in the storm that's seems to be growing worse.


"Aw nuts,"

A couple of yards away from the happy couple, cards shed from the insides of a dino statue. From that, a young boy with brown hair, red eyes, a blue hooded shirt, gray paints, and green shoes jumped out and picked up the cards he dropped. This was the same boy who watched the thunderstorm a few days ago.

Great, this is just what I need to make me late again.

Now normally when folks would look at this child, they would think he's some ordinary dofus with the love for being a fan boy who does nothing but draw...and they couldn't be any more right. This child was like any other kid, playing a game based on Digimon with his friends before school, which always makes him late for school.

As he scooped up the cards, the boy's eyes caught a sight of the college couple, further away, kissing while they walked towards the exit of the park. Though at his age of 10, some boys may find stuff like that kind of sickening; But not this child. Course he would pretend that he finds this kind of stuff gross in front of his friends, but in reality, he's a sucker for romance. Watching the red head kissing the guy with large hair, he imagined himself in place of the large haired man with the black school uniform. And in the place of the red head wearing a sailor uniform will be a girl with brown, soft, short hair with a small pig tail on the left side. She wore a green dress and a pink purse. He would hold the girl with as much passion as the man would with his girlfriend. He would look deep in her brown eyes with his red ones. He would...

Ah...stop dreaming again, Takato! Get your butt up to class before Ms. Asagi drags you in detention again.

(A/N: Do Japanese college students still wear uniforms?).

The boy, named Takato, continued his business and scooped up his cards, but then a blue, shiny card on his palm caught his interest.

I don't remember having a blue card. Hmm…it doesn't say what it does. This looks like a job for the ole card reader.

Shrugging, he held a device called a card reader and slid the blue card in the slot. But then the screen suddenly showed random numbers before sparks burst and shocked out of his hand. The boy stared at the smoking device with confusion as his hand slowly reached for it.

Aw no! Don't tell me it's-

Without warning, the device burst with a brilliant white light, blinding Takato's eyes.


Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep!

Tai's and Sora's eyes snapped towards their waists, taking notice of their tiny light blue device that was hanging in their belt or skirt. The devices were simply designed. Rectangular shaped, but the corners were curved, and a black tiny lever stood out of the upper left corner. The tiny screen was surrounded by a light blue ring that had strange symbols. Three blue buttons surrounded the ring, one on the left side was circular while the other two was oval shaped.

Sora eyed at the device. She watched the screen turning black, then green, then repeating the same thing. "The Digivices are acting funny."

Tai shook his like shaking a pair of dice in his hand. "You don't think they're detecting another whack-out Digimon, right?"

"I don't. You know these can't detect Digimon."

"Well something's bugging them," when a rumble sounded, Tai looked up at the gray clouds. "And I got a feeling that it's the nasty weather."

"Now you're just being paranoid…and that's Joe's job."


Takato could barely open his eyes because the light was so strong. But after a few moments he can feel the light starting to die down.

Slowly lifting his eye lids open, he can see a different kind of device in the place of his old card reader. A arc shaped device with circular, red rimmed screen, two buttons below the screen, and circular cheek sides that had a cut-slot on the right side now took the card reader's place.

"Uh...this is new..."

He slowly forced his hand near the new device, like he was afraid it was going to bite him. He gingerly touched it with his fingers before fully grabbing the device.

"O...kay." he muttered, shaking the gadget. "Okay, I'm going nuts. I'm sitting here in a dinosaur, with a weird thing that was my card reader...right."

The brown hair boy crawled out of the statue, holding his box of cards and the strange device. He couldn't figure out how this was possible, or how his card reader defied the laws of physics by becoming...this. What ever this thing is, he thought he should check it out at home. But, he then thought thoroughly as he held the device along with the box next to each other.

Could this thing really be something from aliens or whatever? And why does it have to relate with his Digimon card reader?

Waiting no longer, nor asking any question, Takato burst his energy to charge to school, fearing that the wrath of his teacher would decide to strike upon his arrival.



?-7:23 AM…

"Come on, leave me alone! I didn't mean it! I just wanted to play!"

"Okay! Let's play!"

A place, unlike our own, but in a plain field with digital data and green halo fields, a little white creature ran for his dear life; away from a large golden horse creature. But until the little creature tripped from his steps and was now sitting duck.

"Aw nuts..."

Suddenly, his savior came and saved the day, even though it wasn't meant on to save the little guy. A large, black dinosaur tackles the armor horse off his steps. Before the white monster knew it, the black dino transformed into something bigger, triumphed over the horse, and created a blast that blown him out of the earth.


The white vision faded from his eyes as he found himself floating high over a quite city. Fear held in his heart as he looked at his new surroundings. I hope the other Digimon here aren't as mean as that one.



Shinjuku Elementary School- 3:23 PM…

Hours have passed and recess has begun. Too bad it didn't for Takato. The dreamer, for once, arrived on time, but Ms. Asagi caught him running in the halls upon his arrival. She made him wait outside the classroom. But to top it all off, he accidentally mouthed off the teacher, which that got him where he is right now.

However, instead of writing his punishments work like he was suppose to, Takato continued drawing a sketch he made that got him in trouble. He also took some of his time studying every corner of the device he magically received.

Okay…let me recap. I don't know how, but somehow my card reader turned into this. But, what is it suppose to be? A magic card reader?

Rotating the device's right side to face up, he noticed a straight black hole across the side, almost like his card reader. As he closely peaked inside, he can see some mircochip markings, like his card reader.

Looks like it's still like a card reader. Wish Ms. Asagi didn't take my box of cards so I can see. Well, she said I can get them back after I finish up this stupid report. Eh, I'm still stumped on what to write. Maybe some more doodles will give me inspiration.

Takato went back to his drawing, which was a picture of a red dino Digimon he made. Takato based this drawing on aAgumon, and is a virus type that has attacks called Pyro Sphere and Rock Breaker. He didn't know why he made it a virus type. Most Digimon fans say that virus types are evil. But Takato thought it might be a cool irony if this one would be a hero or something.

"Hmm...Not what should I call him...? He's gotta have a good name." The young boy watched out the window, where the kids played, as he thought up some good names. "How about...RedAgumon...? Yeah right...too obvious...Red...FireDinomon...naw, that's dumb...BlazingDragon...Lizardmon...get real." Takato leaned on his hand as he randomly wrote scribbles on a piece of paper. On the overlapped words, one word stood out in front of his eyes. A word that randomly said: Guil. " about...Guilmon...?" Spreading his lips, he wrote the name on his sketch. "Cool! Now that's a name!"


A monster suddenly came up to his face, making the boy scream and stand up straight like he was saluting to a boot camp sergeant. "Uh...I'm almost'am...I'm just taking a time out!"

A soft, comforting giggle snapped him out of his trance. He looked down to a girl he thought up of back when he saw that couple back at the park, only she was giggling at him with a doggy puppet. "'re always so jumpy, Takato."

Oh how he knew this girl. Jeri Katou, the only girl he knows who carries a sock puppet around and freaks people out. Jeri was in his mind the most attractive girl in his class with her long auburn hair tied into a single ponytail that extended from the left side of her head and clear blue eyes.

"Um...I'm just having a REALLY off day, Jeri." His cheeks felt hot before her presence. Takato can never act fully calm around her. "Uh…Jeri…? What are you doing here?"

Jeri smiled. "I thought you might be lonely so I came to check up on you. What were you drawing when Mrs. Asagi came to you out the door?"

Takato looked down, embarrassed. "I was um… drawing Digimon."

Jeri giggled and held out her puppet again. "Ruff! Maybe you could show us some of your pictures. Ruff!"

Takato blushed, slightly. "I-if-if you want then, I guess it's okay."

Jeri smiled again. "Well, I'll see you later, Takato."

The girl took her things and ran out the door. It seemed lifeless in the room now, until something startled the boy, which was the puppet that poked from the door. "Ruff, ruff! You better hurry up and write that apology!" and then the little girl ran off, laughing.

Takato stood a bit disturbed as he wondered how he became attracted to that girl. True, she was really cute but at the same time she was a little weird and tended to creep him out a lot. But after remembering how kind it was for her to see how he was doing, he remembered.

Red blushes surrounded his warm smile. Heh...thanks, Jeri.



?-3:31 PM…

"Sir...I've pinpointed a massive bio-emergence around the sector of 56-4 and 45-6."

A blonde man looked up at two women who sat on a towering computer chairs as he clicked his lighter. "In Odaiba and Shinjuku…? Is it a wild one?"

"There's one somewhere in the outskirts of the Odaiba city, but I can't tell about the other here in the Shinjuku area. The readings are going off the scale. Sir, I never have seen anything like it."



Odaiba: 3:32 PM…

A dark underside of a freeway, surrounding the district of Odaiba, dark as the night, a fog lifted. Like a bat in a cage, a large insect, similar to a wasp, flew around; ramming the inside of the fog bank like it was a wall.

However, as it began one final assault, a rain of tiny shards cut through his path, exploding before him.


Then with a sudden second, something crashed into his skull, like a powerful boxer revealing its power of a fist.

"Hmm..." A shadowy figure behind the attacker leaned on a beam, grinning with an evil smile as the figure looked in a small device. "Flymon: Champion level...Digimon attack: Brown Stinger. Yeah might as well be a Rookie. Walk all over it."

"As you wish,"

The insect creature, Flymon, grew enraged from the silent attacker. It flew like a arrow, with its stinger charging forth like a joust. But the tall, female figure fighter leaped to the side like it was child's play. With another dash, the female, fox like creature hopped over its body, and slammed her feet to its skull, that send it hard to the dirt.

"Enough recess. You know what to do." the other figure said with a cold breath.

"Understood… DIAMOND STORM!"

Using the same move it used to make its entrance, it fired white shards, which the Flymon was either coated or got stabbed like being shot with a bullet. Either way, that attack finished him off into nothing but screaming data, and that data was being directly harnessed into the victor.

"Well done, you destroyed that thing without my help, this time. Too bad it was a weak excuse for a Digimon...but a fight's a fight."


"Huh…? Was that just me?" somewhere in a small bedroom, a young man fiddled in front of a computer. He leaned closer to the monitor when he saw a weak blinking dot on a map. "That's strange...I haven't even fully completed the program."

"What program?" exiting from under a green bed, a little robotic like beetle dug out, asking his human friend. "You finished it already?"

"Not really, Tentomon. Sure it's done, but there are still some bugs to be tested. Hang on..." typing in a few commands, he pressed enters, before an army of red dots clouded the map. "Just as I thought." he sighed with disappointment as he reached for a Sprite soda. "Still needs work."

"What needs work?"

Turning over his shoulder, the young computer boy found his roommate, Tai Kamiya entering his room.

"Hmm...Hour and 20 minutes after class... Not bad, but usually it takes you twenty minutes more when you're with Sora."

Tai shoots a narrow look. "Very funny, Izzy… Are you still working on that Digimon radar?"

"Most defiantly, but I thought the program already spotted a Digimon somewhere around the freeway district, but it was just malfunctioning again."

Tai knew what made his roommate decide to create this program. For the past few weeks, Digimon started to invade around the Shinjuku area, and maybe a little around Odaiba, but for some reason, it's always Shinjuku. The DigiDestined tried to contain the wild Digimon and send them back to the Digi-World, but each day, more keep coming back. "Man, I would like to know what's up with all the Digimon invasions."

"The feeling's the same, right here, Tai. I've been trying to get a hold of Gennai, but no luck. He should've reported us if the barriers of the Digi-World is weakening again. I'll keep tabs, till then." The former leader shrugged as he walked to leave the room. "Oh and Tai...tell Agumon to leave the food for the rest of us."

"Again…? Man I keep telling him not to." the former goggle DigiDestined stormed in the kitchen, where he found his orange dino Digimon staring out into the gray sky from a window. "Agumon, how many times do I have to tell you about the food? I can't keep buying food every three days."

"A storm..."

"Agumon, are you listening to me?"

"Tai, the storm." the lizard pointed out.

"What about it?"

"It's...just...I feel that something is coming...what about the food? I just ate, and you know I forget to listen."




Odaiba: 3:41 PM

High school, what happens to you then will determine your entire futures, except determining that you may be involved with Digimon. However, a few of the veteran DigiDestined had begun to end yet another exiting day of school, and gladly be out of the green uniforms the school system forces the students to wear, especially a girl with purple hair, for she feels it doesn't clash with her hair.

"Man that was the longest day, ever." A goggled teen spat, walking out of the school like he hasn't seen the sun for ages.

Following him was the purple haired girl, mentioned earlier. "Well you are thickheaded. Of course it was a long day to you."

"Was I speaking to you, nerdette?"

Things haven't changed for the newer DigiDestineds, except for the fact they're now in high school, except for Cody, who was in middle school in the eight grade. (A/N: Of course I'm not sure if to Japan, eighth grade is around high school.) Anywise, Davis, still with the messy hair, the brash attitude, and Tai's goggles. Yolei, still as hyper as ever. And TK and Kari was still themselves. Nothing had changed, expect some grew taller, of course like that matters.

"Hi guys." As the gang turned around, they greeted the young Cody. Yes he grew, but he was still no taller than his friends, and he still kept the bowl hair, only that the back part grew longer up a little past his neck, and he now wears a pale brown jacket. That seems almost in a Japanese style.

"Hey Cody, how was your day?" TK asked his DNA partner.

"Same as always; and I can see these two are the same like always."

The female Kamiya rolled her eyes. "It never seizes to end."

TK chuckled before his face grew semi-serious. "Well, just to remind you guys that we should patrol around Shinjuku if we can."

Davis scoffed as he rolled his eyes. "Duh, TJ, we know. It's as usual as brushing our teeth in the morning."

Kari shook her head. "Sorry, TK, but my mom wants me to help her make a carrot and beef cake. I have to make sure she makes a decent cake this time...without the beef."

As the blonde boy nervously about to volunteer to escort the fair lady home...

"I'll walk ya home, Kari!" the goggle boy reticently asked with a wide smile.

"Uh..." without Davis noticing, Kari made some eye signals to one whom only knew who encode them.

Smiling, Yolei slapped Davis on his head. "Oh please. Don't you have better things to do than scoring points with Kari, Motor-mouth?"

Daisuke clawed his fingers as he clenched his teeth like a tiger. "This is one of my better things, and Motor-mouth…? You're the one to talk, Nerd-zilla! You can't even shut your mouth in front of boys even if your nerdy life depended on it!"

At the same time Yolei felt insulted under her scowled face, Kari quickly grabbed TK and ran off from behind Davis.


On top of building, near the feet of a beach, a lone girl sat on the ledge, while she listen to her Discman, like she didn't give a care about the world around her.

"Ruki..." an echo voice called that brought the girl's attention. The voice then showed itself in the shadows near a shaft.

"I told you not to call me that."

"Apologies, but a Digimon is near. Are you ready?"

A cold smile showed on the far bottom of her nose. "Is that a rhetorical question?"


Yolei, Cody, and an angry Davis walk along the beach on their way home. As usual, Davis made a big deal of Kari ditching him when he wanted to walk her home, and like always, he blames it on TK.

"Damn, that stinking TQ! That's the third time he took Kari, right behind my back!" he growled, throwing his fist around.

"Oh come on. Like she wanted to walk with you in the first place." Yolei said with a satisfied smile.

"Whatever, Yolei…! Jeez, again, why do I have to put up with you?"

The purple haired girl glared back at the goggle boy. "Oh if you can't stand the sight of me, why bother walking with us?"

"'Cause I don't wanna be alone."

"You have DemiVeemon with you!"

Right on cue, the little dragon Digimon poked from Davis' bag. "Yeah, aren't I enough company, Davish?"

"Aw come on, buddy. I didn't mean that. It's just..." but then familiar beeps played through the kids' ears.

"Cody, your D-3..." Umpmon, with his mouth full of the device, said as he poked out of the bag.

Yolei let out her own In-Training Digimon, Poromon. "Better cut our chats short. It seems like another Digimon is coming out."

"That's the third time this month. Sheesh, I thought Azulongmon fixed the Digi-World after we nuked all the evil-bums out of there?" Davis asked as his Digimon hopped out of his bag. "Forget it. You're up, DemiVeemon. Digivolve!"

"You too, Umpamon/Poromon!"

Responding from their human partners, the In-Training Digimon reverted to their Rookie forms, Veemon, Armadillomon, and Hawkmon. A fog bank then hovered over the lone heroes in the beach, where then a loud thud crashed before them, rising the sand ahead. Rising from the small hill stood a large teddy bear creature, made out of mud.

"Woo, it's a MudFridgemon!" Armadillomon said. "They're like a mud-pie version of Fridgemon. Unless y'all like to get all muddy and dirty, watch out for his Mud Ball attack."

Far from atop a building, a female figure scoffed under her breath. "Oh puh-leeze. You call that an identification?" she pulled out a device, similar to Takato's, only blue, and a halo of the mud Digimon appeared above the scene.


MudFridgemon (Tsuchidarumon

Mutant Digimon. A creature created by the digital soil. It gathers the mud it finds to wax its body to a much harder layer.

Type: Data

Stage: Champion

Attacks: Mud Ball, Great Weight



Like a man shot out of cannon, Veemon flew head first into the mud monster, knocking it back a few feet. However, because of its muddy body, Veemon now got his head stuck.

"HEY LET ME OUT! I CAN'T BREATH!" he muffled.

"Veemon! Somebody get him out of there!" Davis cried with worry. MudFridgemon jiggled its belly and then popped the dragon Digimon right into Hawkmon. "Uh, that'll work."

"DIAMOND SHELL!" Just like a cannon ball, Armadillomon rolled and shot out at the foe, but this time, MudFridgemon reflected him back like a beach ball with his belly, and slammed him right into Hawkmon.

"Owww...why me?" the bird whined.

"It's now working. MudFridgemon's body is too unstable for a physical attack." Cody said.

With his famous grin, Davis pulled out his D-Terminal. "Then let's pump it up, guys. DIGI-ARMOR ENERGIZE!"





"ARMADILLOMON ARMOR DIGIVOLVE TOOO...DIGMON, THE DRILL OF POWER!...Yeah I know, I said drill of knowledge before...but what the heck?"


Bursting out of the glowing Digi-Egg, the three Digimon appeared in their Armor forms. Veemon as Flamedramon: a tall dragon creature with fire like armor covering head, chest, arms, and legs. Armadillomon as Digmon: a bug like creature with yellow armor and drills for a nose and fingers. And Hawkmon as Halsemon: a four legged hawk creature with a winged helmet.



Insect Digimon. It's evolved with the Digi-Egg (Digi-Mental) of knowledge and attacks with the drills that cover most of its body.

Type: Vaccine

Stage: Armor

Attacks: Gold Rush, Rock Cracking



Beast Digimon. A creature evolved with the Digi-Egg of love. It flies through the skies as it let the winds be its fuel.

Type: Data

Stage: Armor

Attacks: Tempest Wing, Eagle Eye


Flamedramon: Dragon Man Digimon. Evolved with the Digi-Egg of courage, this Digimon gains martial art abilities and the power of fire.

Type: Vaccine

Stage: Armor

Attacks: Fire Rocket, Flame Fist


A cold grin played over on a chin, atop a building. "Hmm...Armor Digivolve? So, these loser Tamers have that ability, huh? could be useful after their data will be ours."


"MUD BALL!" After raising its hands over its head, MudFridgemon tossed a large gunk of mud, though missing the three Digimon when they spread out.

"We out number that Digimon, so lets go easy on it until we can send it back to the Digital World." Cody stated.

Yolei cupped her hands over her mouth. "You heard him, Halsemon! Be gentle!"

"But of course. TEMPEST WING!" The bird Digimon spun in a twister, creating a large gust of wind that caused the mud Digimon to slow down.

"Aw yeah! Time ta shake em up, partner! GOLD RUSH!" The bug Digimon, Digmon, fired all his drills like missiles, which them collided and exploded on MudFridgemon.

"You're up, Flamedramon! Go get him, buddy!" Davis cheered.

"Right! FIRE ROCKET!" Flying over the sand, Flamedramon flew like a comet with fire around, and tackled the mutant Digimon off its feet and slam in the sand in loud crushing thud.

"Perfecto!" Yolei cheered, flashing a V-sign.

"Alright Yolei, set up that laptop!" Davis commanded.


"What are these idiots doing? They're gonna waste good data.…-sigh-...Renamon, educate them."


Yolei typed some commands on her portable computer before pointing it to Davis so he can use his D-3 to open a gate.

"Here goes. DIGI-PORT OP...!"


Gasping from that unexpected shout, after the kids tried to find that voice, their surprise got to them when they saw a rain of shards stabbing the fallen MudFridgemon in a hellish rage, it burst into data.

"WHAT THE...!" Davis shouted.

"Where did that come from?" Cody shouted with fright and anger.

Suddenly when a shadow figure landed behind where the mud Digimon was, it absorbed the data inside of its body.

"Over there!" Flamedrmon pointed out.

The dust cleared away enough for the kids and Digimon to fully study this new creature. It was a humanoid fox that was as tall as a full grown adult. It had yellow fur, plus white fur on its chest. It also had long purple gloves that each had the yin and yang logo.

Yolei narrowed her eyes, trying to get a good view. "What is that Digimon, and how did it absorb the data like that?"

Her Digimon, Halsemon, shifted a spot in front of his partner. "I never seen a Digimon like that one before, Yolei."


"Alright, Renamon, you know what I expect. Acquire their data."


Moving her eyes like a cat, Renamon leaped up in the air with a white orb emitted before her. "DIAMOND STORM!"

"IN COMING!" Cody shouted as the Digimon lashed back from the raining shards that exploded like small bombs when they hit the sand.

"Okay, that's far enough! Halsemon…?" Yolei shouted.

The bird Digimon hurtled up in the air and prepared to attack the fox Digimon that was just dropping to the sand.


"Yes...exactly what I was hoping for. DIGI-MODIFY! FLY TRAP ACTIVATE!"


Like she pulled it out from her glove, the fox Digimon tossed a black device at Halsemon. After sprouting cables, it trapped the bird within and Halsemon crashed into the sand.



"The rest are just vaccine. You know you now have the upper hand. DIGI-MODIFY...SPEED ACTIVATE!"



The fox Digimon easily avoided the incoming shots, like they were in slow motion in her point of view. She leaped further to the bug Digimon's head. "POWER PAW!" And with one swift kick, the Armor Digimon was blown many feet away on his face.

"Ow...I got dirt on my mouth."

"Flamedramon, show that fur-ball who's boss!" Davis shouted.

The dragon charged for the clever beast as his claws were coated in fire. "You got it! FLAME FIST!"

Once again, the fox Digimon invaded the incoming shots, but the dragon Digimon refused to wait and headed to his foe. Both fighting Digimon came at each other clawed and pawed fist, thrusting their attacks in a speedy fury. The kitsune jumped back to avoid Flamedramon's fiery uppercut, and countered with another Power Paw to the side. Burning with the pain, Flamedramon caught himself with his feet, and immediately launched himself with a Fire Rocket, tackling and dragging the yellow Digimon through the sand.



Its partner up on the building growled in stress while she ran down a fire escape. "Renamon, you're embarrassing me. DIGI-MODIFY...FLAMEDRAMON ACTIVATE!"


After flinging itself up, the yellow fox caught the dragon in surprise when he saw it burst into flames. Narrowing his eyes, both Flamedramon and Davis caught what it was doing.

"THAT'S YOUR/MY ATTACK!" they shouted.

Charging like a ninja, the fox launched itself much like Flamedramon. "FIRE ROCKET!"

The armored dragon charged towards her. "Two can play at that game! FIRE ROCKET!"

They flew in a heated fury, like comets hurtling toward the earth. Then with the intense fire, they crashed and exploded in a hell fire fury. Waiting for the smoke to clear, after the three DigiDestined uncovered their faces from the sand storm, both Digimon were further apart on their knees, but neither gave in as they tried to stand on their feet.

"That's far enough, Renamon!"

Flashing its eyes, the fox Digimon leaped over the three DigiDestined, and landed near a girl coming from a fire escape, who had a ninja style pony tail, a blue and white shirt with a broken heart on it, and jeans with belts wrapped around the legs. Surprising enough, for a cold-hearted looking girl with sadness in her eyes, she looks like she's around ten.

"Another DigiDestined?" Cody muttered.

Yolei widen her eyes. "Wait a minute…that thing has a partner?" Anger overwhelmed her. "Who do you think you are, kid! How dare you let your Digimon kill that Digimon and attack us like that!"

The young girl snorted as she reared her face from the teens "She only did what I ordered her to, and that's to acquire its data and yours."

The purple haired girl growled. "Data? DATA? What the hell do you mean by that!"

The young girl shrugged. "They're just data, nothing more, nothing less than data. You three should do your homework."

"What are you, our teacher?" Davis asked with anger.

With heavy anger in his head and heart, Cody boldly marched on the sand, moving in front of his friends. "Digimon are not just data! They're living beings like you and I! They have feelings too, and with that, you're being disrespectful to your Digimon!"

The red head rolled her violet eyes. "So naive and you're supposed to be older than me…? Puh-leeze! I don't have to listen to trash from lousy Tamers like you. I would be more than glad to finish this, but it's been a busy day, so I'll be back later. Renamon…?"

When the Digimon charged forth after the girl, the Digimon known as Renamon scooped her up, and jumped away like she disappeared in thin-air. The 02 Digimon skidded through the sand in shock.

"She's gone!" Halsemon stated.

Anger came over the younger DigiDestined, much like he did with the Kaiser. "Who is that girl, and why she called us Tamers? What is a Tamer?"

Yolei shook her head with a scowl. "I have no idea, Cody, but how in the hell she became a DigiDestined in the first place with that attitude?"

Davis muttered, looking at the heavens as if he asked: Why this? "Just what we need: Another Digimon Emperor...second that. Make that 'Digimon Queen'."


Further away from the kids, a ferry sailed through the waters from Odaiba. But on a life less deck, with no one but a sleeping old man, Renamon reappeared on it with his partner in tow.

"That was really sloppy, Renamon!" she said as she dismounted off from her.

"I am sorry, Rika. That Flamedramon is a well, skilled fighter."

"That's no excuse." the red head leaned on a railing and stared back to the spot where Renamon battled the three Tamers. "Perhaps I overworked myself having you battle Digimon all day. We better get home before it rains, but next time, those loser Tamers won't be so lucky."



East Shinjuku, Matsuki residence- 4:45 PM…

"Mom, dad, I'm home!"

It was quite some time later in the east side of Shinjuku. Takato walked into the family bakery with a tired expression on his face and slumped forward shoulders. He groaned as he remembered how Mrs. Asagi had extended his after school punishment for another thirty minutes even though he had finished the paper but that had only been part of his punishment. He hated having to walk home by himself since neither Kazu nor Kenta had waited up for him. He noticed that his father, Takehiro, was busy with customers but had looked up when he heard the door chime as it opened.

"Hey there, son. What are you doing home so late?" Takehiro asked.

Takato sighed. "I got detention from Mrs. Asagi again but it really wasn't my fault this time. I accidentally ran into her when I was trying to get to class on time and she made me stay after school."

Takehiro raised an eyebrow. "Well, I'm sure Nami had a good reason for assigning you detention and since you have a legitimate excuse you don't have to worry about getting into trouble. Go in the kitchen and see if your mother needs any help with the bread."

Takato sighed. "Yeah, okay."

Takehiro could only frown as he watched Takato walk into the kitchen while mumbling something inaudible. He realized that Mie had been right to worry about Takato since he noticed that at times Takato seemed completely indifferent. However, he quickly pushed the thought aside as he once again attended to the customers.

Takato walked into the kitchen and looked around with a bored look until his eyes settled on Mie. The brown-haired woman had her back to him as she was placing freshly made bread into the oven. Takato made his way over to stand a few feet behind her before calling out to her.

"Hey, mom!" Takato exclaimed, cheerfully.

Mie turned to look over her shoulder and smiled when she saw Takato but it was quickly replaced by a frown. Mie turned to face Takato and the young gogglehead immediately flinched at the hard look she was directing at him. There was nothing worse to have his mother start yelling at him when he was late from school.

"Well, explain yourself this time, young man. What reason do you have for coming home two hours late?" Mie demanded.

"Mrs. Asagi gave me detention again." Takato replied, sheepishly.

Mie sighed, softly as her expression softened. "Takato, you've been assigned detention by Mrs. Nami everyday this week and I'm starting to wonder if you doing this on purpose. Is it because you don't want to help out around the bakery?"

Takato was caught off guard by that question. "No, it's nothing like that. I really like helping you and dad since I love the smell of fresh bread. I think Mrs. Asagi has it out for me since I'm always the one that she decides to punish."

"Well, there isn't a point in arguing about this. I don't really need any help right now so you should go ahead and get washed up for dinner. It's almost done and I'll have everything ready after a finish placing this last batch of bread in the oven to bake so hurry up." Mie said, a soft smile gracing her features.

Takato smiled as he motioned towards the stairs. "Uh…thanks mom."


After washing up, he went inside his room to figure out the device he abnormally received. Takato slid aside the junk off his desk and placed his box on top. His room was just like any other child's room, but his is full of Digimon merchandise; Right down to Agumon statue and a Machinedramon poster. But aside from that, Takato was more interested in what this new device he holds is.

From out of a dresser, Takato pulled out a trapper-keeper. He opened it to read clippings of news prints, pictures, anything that involved Digimon and the urban legend. In one news clip, Takato read a clip that talked about the battle of Armageddonmon that took place three years ago. He remembered that day when he was seven. A bunch of little Digimon called Kuramon invaded the city and then combined to become Armageddonmon. Then Omnimon came to stop the beast, but was powerless against it, until Imperialdramon Paladin mode came and delivered the final blow. It was an event Takato will never forget, but it seems a lot of people forgotten about it after the card game came. Because of that, everyone that did remembered thought it was a crazy publicity show.

He read articles about an event that took place four years before that when a Digimon named Myotismon brought chaos to the city of Odaiba. Rumors said that a group of kids with their own Digimon defeated the beast, but not a lot of witnesses knew what the kids looked like, or who they looked like around when Armagedonmon appeared. After that, a battle took place in the internet where Omnimon defeated Dioboramon; Although Takato was far too young to remember that event.

They say that these kids called themselves DigiDestined, and they had these devices that turned their Digimon to larger, stronger beast, which explains where the Digimon card game and stuff came from. This was an urban legend nobody ever solved. If Takato remembered, they called that evolving device a Digivice...wait...digging through his box of cards, he failed to find the card he was looking for.

"Aw nuts, that blue card is gone...but...I'm sure of it...that card did this to my card reader...and if I'm right...then this thing is an actual Digivice..." Takato spread his lips wide. "...which makes me...a DigiDestined!"

Right at that line, a storm hit, and hard rain fell upon his window he now looked out of. As he looked at his Digivice, he wondered...if he's a DigiDestined...where is his Digimon. He knows DigiDestined are supposed to have a Digimon, like the urban legend said. So where is his Digimon?

Wondering around, his eyes drawn upon the drawing of Guilmon he sketched in detention. He glimpsed at a feature around his Digivice, which seems to have a slot that must be used to slot things.

"Hmm...I wonder..." He took his note pad and stuck it in the slot, but it appeared to be jammed and unable to move. "Aw nuts...don't tell me I broke it."

"Takato!" his mother called from downstairs. "Dinner's ready! Get down here...before it gets cold!"


Takato dropped the Digivice on his desk and wondered to the door. But then his ears caught a sound of something sparking from behind. As in slow motion, Takato waved his eyes over his shoulder and witnessed something out of the ordinary. The Digivice drew his sketches, like a magnet, and slid page after page through the slot, like it had a mind of its own.

"Wha..." the boy breathed as his mouth ran dry until the device finished scanning all the pages. "What was that?" Once again, Takato reached for the device, with fear pumped in his veins. He never knew these evolving machines can do that, whatever it did to his drawings. Right as he looked at the screen, a digital pic of a red dotted egg appeared on the screen. Takato had seen stories about this about Digimon coming from eggs called Digi-Eggs.

"Wow...A own real live Digi-Egg!"

"TAKATO!" shouted his impatient mother.



Odaiba, Inoue residence- 5:67 PM…

"I see..."

Inside of Yolei's apartment, the TK and Kari, along with the newer Chosens, Davis, Yolei, Cody, and Ken had a e-mail camera chat with the older crew coming from their dorms in Izzy's room about not only Digimon popping around Odaiba, but the young girl that attacked them.

"Yeah, this girl just came and somehow had her Digimon absorb that MudFridgemon's data, and then she attacked us! Who does she think she is?" Yolei said with a scowl.

"She believes that Digimon are nothing more than life-less data." Cody said with pity and slight anger.

Matt, from the window screen, came into view when he pushed Izzy out of the way. "What did she look like?"

"Well..." Davis tried to detail it in his way, until Yolei cut him off.

"She had dark red hair, in a ninja style pony tail...uh...oh and she wore a shirt that had a blue broken heart."

"And her Digimon was a tall yellow fox. I think she called it...Renamon." Cody said.

"Hmm...Perhaps you should upload me the data from your D-3 about this vulpine Digimon later." Izzy suggested.

"I thought that was a fox Digimon."

"That's what vulpine mean, Davis! Do I have to explain everything to you?"

"I didn't ask you, nerdette."

Ken quickly held his girlfriend back when the two went face to face like dogs. "Alright, calm down, Yolei. You guys already had a physical fight with that girl, and we don't want another one here."

"This little girl seriously needs a make over on her attitude. I mean, my gawd!" Mimi said.

"And she called us Tamers. What the heck is a Tamer?" Yolei asked.

"I really don't know. Perhaps it's something from that card game. If you remember, Digimon became a card game after Armageddonmon appeared." Izzy said.

TK rubbed his chin in deep thought. "Yeah, and I'm still wondering who found out about the Digimon to come up with that game."

"I don't know, but I love that card game!" Davis said, pulling out his own deck of cards. "Man you should see the deck I have. I even have Veemon's card."

"Wow! Let me see!" Veemon said, jumping up and down.

"We don't have time for that, Davis." Kari insured, making Davis pout in embarrassment.

"I've been trying to track down the person responsible for the game, but still no luck. The company, Bandai, doesn't even know who designed the game, either. They said a file about the game and Digimon just showed up out of nowhere. Although, the details of the file was said that it explained the facts about Digimon, very thoroughly. It seemed to go through almost all the stats-"

"Izzy...hon…?" his girlfriend, Mimi, spoke in passionate whispered that made the computer boy melt. "STOP TALKING SO MUCH!"

The blonde haired pre-adult rubbed his ears from the painful sheik. He thanked the gods he wasn't Izzy right now. "Well I say we should find this girl tomorrow, and have a talk with her before she causes more damage."

Just then, Joe's view came in from his dorm. "But don't you guys have night classes?"

"Oh that's right."

"Well she probably lives around Odaiba, so maybe you guys can search for her after school."

"I never seen her in my school, Joe, so she might not live here. But then again, she did say she'll be back." Cody said.

"Sheesh, that's what all villains say." Davis spat, rolling his eyes.

The main leader, Tai, then took the window. "Look, it's simple. Some of us will try to search for this girl while we still have free time tomorrow, while you guys find her in Odaiba. And since it's the weekends after tomorrow, we can spend our time to search for her."

"We'll if that's that, then we'll join you in Shinjuku." TK said.

"So it's settled. The day after tomorrow, me and Kari will meet up with you in Shinjuku and hunt down that crazed kid."

Scoffing, Yolei walked up to the goggled teen. "Davis, it's not up to you to decide who should go with who when Tai's in charge."

"Hey I'm the leader of this branch."

"No you're not, you bone-head!"


"Crap sucker!"

"Chicken legs!"

"Yogurt for brains!"

Ken and the others groaned from the torture of their argument number 304, "Maybe we should keep them from being in the same rooms, together."



Uptown Shinjuku, Matsuki residence- 10:34 PM…

The night grown over the country of Japan, and thus has it grown over the city of Tokyo. Young Takato rested from the day, but like it was apart of him, he held the Digivice in his hand as the egg in the screen beat like a heart.

"Guilmon...Warp...Digivolve now...Guilmon...Guilmon..."

His mind drifted into void realm all mind goes to in sleep. No one knows if it really goes to another dimension or so, but still we dream in another world that we create in our mind, and little Takato's dreams are nothing but Digimon. Anywise, here we have Takato, dreaming he's somewhere in open green field, probably in a place called the Digital World he heard stories about.

Just then, he heard a scream; A familiar one. It was a girl; one with brown hair. One he knew far too well.


The girl ran dearly for life as she was chased by a giant black dinosaur, identified as a DarkTyranomon. Finally, it was his chance to be a DigiDestined, and be Jeri's hero.


Like he knew he was behind him, the large dinosaur he drew before launched from behind and tackled the black lizard.

"Get him!"

He imagined his Digimon throwing Agumon's Pepper Breath, much like he saw clippings of the battle of Dioboramon he was far too young to see before. But it was an attack that was more powerful; an attack that destroyed the beast in one shot… the Pyro Sphere.


Unexpectedly, Takato found his cheeks burning pink when Juri Katou leaped on to him with her arms wrapped around his neck.

"My hero!" she cried happily.

Joy and happiness field the young boy's heart as he instantly hugged back his crush. Then his heart pumped at an alarming rate when he spotted the girl doing something he dreamed about in his life: She was going to kiss him.

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god...

His head felt tense, but he waited for the lips to land on his own. He forced himself to relax and close his eyes for the moment of his life. still wasn't coming. What was taking too long? Did she get captured? Opening his eyes, and lowering forward, he gasped and tried to wave his weight back from falling off a building.

He breathed in relief as he held on to a pipe. He appears to be on top of a building in a dark, raining day. But why am I here? How did I get here? Is this a dream?

In the next second, he heard a roar echo the night sky. At the foot of the building he stood on, he saw some kind of a bon fire...a bonfire shaped like a large tiger. It appears to be glaring at something like it was its own prey; But what? Something far from the looks like a person in a trench coat...someone with a red pony tail was a girl.

"Its Lynxmon verses Renamon." he heard the girl say. He didn't know what she meant, but his questions were answered when the girl walked away from a tall, yellow fox with purple gloves. "Walk all over it, Renamon"

Once when the fox stood up, the Lynxmon immediately talked it, passing by the girl who just stood there like it was nothing at all. It was like she done this a lot.


The fire tiger pinned down the Digimon known as Renamon, but Takato then had his attention over to the mysterious girl. She looked too relaxed from something normal people my run for their lives. His eyes widened when he saw the girl pull out a device similar to the one he found, and then she slid a regular Digimon card through the slot.

"A Digimon Tamer!" That's what Digimon card duelist are called, like people are trainers for the Pokemon card game, or Kaijudo duelist for the Duel Masters cards. Well, that's not important now…

Right after she slid that card, Renamon smirked at the fire Digimon before sliding away from its grip at sonic speed. Unknown to the Lynxmon, Renamon suddenly appeared flying above it, with shards magically appearing before her.


The raining shards of fury coated the fire beast like painful bullets. As it cried in pain, the fire-beast was forced to fall back away from the yellow fox. The shards crippled him enough to drop on the floor.


Lynxmon slowly got back to his feet but his head was lowered as he growled at Renamon before opening his mouth. Takato could only watch as Lynxmon's head glow, but Renamon seemed nonchalant as she continued her march.

"THERMAL MANE!" Lynxmon yelled, lifting his head to face her.

Renamon's eyes widened in surprise as a blast of reddish-orange fire streaked towards her and raised her arms in an attempt to shield herself from the attack. Takato gasped as the fox-like digimon was thrown back to land beside her tamer but he was even more surprised to see that the redhead didn't seem to concerned about her partner's situation. The female tamer only reached for another card and brought it next to her digivice before speaking.

"Renamon, I'll be really angry if you lose to this weakling." The girl said without emotion.

Renamon got back to her feet without much difficulty and Takato could've sworn that the Digimon was smiling. The female tamer once again made a few arms movements as she slashed the card through.

"Digi-modify! SnowAgumon's Frozen Wind Activate!" The girl yelled.

Takato watched as an image of a SnowAgumon transposed itself over Renamon for a moment before the fox-like digimon was surrounded by vapors of icy wind. The fox digimon began walking towards the growling Lynxmon, who was once again charging up another Thermal Mane attack.

"THERMAL MANE!" Lynxmon cried out, unleashing another blast of fire.

As the blast of fiery breath neared Renamon, the wispy vapors began to surround her more violently as they began gathering at her right hand. Takato noticed a slight smirk appeared on the female tamer's face as she saw that the battle was about to end and could only watch on as Renamon prepared to deliver the final blow. Renamon lifted her right arm and aimed her paw directly at the oncoming Thermal Mane attack as the wispy vapors began flowing around her paw.

"FROZEN WIND!" The Kitsune digimon called out.

A blast of icy wind slammed into the fire blast and within in seconds tore through to impact with a shocked Lynxmon. Takato's eyes widened in shock as the digimon's form began to destabilize for a few seconds before he began to break apart into small particles and rise up into the air. However, the female tamer seemed to have other ideas as she called out to her digimon partner.

"Renamon, absorb all of his data before it gets away." The redhead commanded.

Takato could only watch helplessly as Renamon began to glow slightly as she lifted a few feet into the air and the digital data that had once been Lynxmon was absorbed right into her. After a moment the glow vanished and Renamon slowly settled to the ground before turning to face her tamer.

"That was pre-school. The next Digimon better at least give me a challenge. Let's go, Rena-"

Winds picked up with increased force, blowing the girl's pony tail off to release her hair, like silk in the wind. It seemed now that she was then staring with her violet eyes at Takato. The boy gasped, fearing that the girl may think he was slaking her, but really, she was only watching her hair band fly off, and she didn't even notice the boy. Takato found his stare aiming at the girl's eyes. She seemed so strong when he first saw her...but...her eyes...they seem

"HUH?" a white flash interrupted him, and brought him back in his room, like it carried him when he fainted. "It was a dream..." but he felt his hands so moist. He smelled it, making sure it wasn't it thinks it was, and then looked under his blankets. He sighed in relief that he didn't wet his bed...but the wet hand. It felt like the dream. "...uh…at least…I thought it was."



Odaiba High- 7:45 AM…

Morning struck over the fair city, like a warm blanket of the sky. The young teens of the high school hung around outside of the facility, or inside, gathering things from their lockers, like two of the DigiDestined: Davis and Yolei.

"Morning to ya, Davis." she said as she approached him near Davis; locker

"Oh hey, nerd...I mean Yolei! Yolei! Sorry, I don't feel like fighting today!" Davis said defensibly, looking quite tired.

Yolei gave a sly smile with a fake surprised look. "That's a new one...don't tell me you slept late."

"And why do you care?"

"Cause we're suppose to be searching for that girl who attacked us, yesterday. I don't wanna have Cody, Kenny, and I drag your sleepy ass around, buster!"

"Kenny? Jeez, you know I can't stand it when you say your boyfriend's pet name in front of me!"

The girl gave a wide smile with sly eyes. "Oh, and why?"

"'s annoying!"

"Once again, we have the usual flirting routine." a new voice said. The blush duo turned to find TK and Kari.

"Flirting; with this twit?" Yolei said with a scowl. "I save all my flirting with Kenny!"

"And mine with Kari...hi ya doing, Kari?" Davis asked with a cheesy smile.

"Davis, not now okay?"

TK rolled his eyes before speaking. "We better get to class. Remember, we're suppose search for that kid, afterwards, got it?"

Davis rolled his eyes. "I know, I know, TU. Don't be nagging me like nerdette here."

Yolei clenched her teeth at the goggle boy. "Toad!"

"Pale face!"


"Un-cute nerd!"

"Wieners for brains!"


"GUYS!" TK and Kari shouted which interrupted their argument # 309.


As TK and Kari left for class, Davis lowered his eyelids as he gave deadly glares at the blonde rival. "Man, I can't stand that TG; thinking he's the leader and hogging Kari. I can be ten times better than whatever he does…or what he can't do."

"If you're talking about failing math or any kind of subject, then I agree."


Yolei paced around Davis like a shark. "You don't really act like a leader, 24/7. Sure, you do when we need it, but still…and Kari just likes to be with him…just accept it."

"It's not like they go out or anything. If TC loved her so much, like me, then he would've asked her out a long time ago, like me."

"That's because he's afraid it'll hurt their friendship and he treasures it, unlike you, who just constantly flirts with Kari like just another catch."

"Kari's my one and only, and why do you care about this? Why don't you just go to Ken, huh?"

"Cause he doesn't go to this school, idiot!"



"Chicken butt!"

"Big headed goggle face!"

"Excuse me." the two went pale before looking up at a tall man in a blue suit, who just happens to be the principle, and who was pointing at the clock showing that classes started five minutes ago.

With no answer to escape from this, there was only one thing Davis and Yolei can say.

"Aw nuts..."



Shinjuku Park- 4:56 PM…

"Guys really, you have to believe me!"

School has ended awhile ago, and amazingly, Takato hasn't gotten himself in trouble again. He and his friends, Kazu and Kenta, hung out in their hiding spot in the dino statue where they always play with their Digimon cards.

"I really saw them. There was these two Digimon. One of them was a Lynxmon facing against this yellow fox Digimon, and then they went at it like-"

"You sure you didn't drank your dad's coffee again, Chumily? Cause it's serious making ya dream weirder stuff than usual."

"No I didn't drink the coffee again and I wasn't dreaming!" the boy looked at his hands like some Shakespeare actor. "My hands...numb and frail…they were in cold water and..."

Suddenly, Kazu held a stiffened laugh. "Maybe…-snicker-...maybe you dreamt while...sleeping in your own puddle."

Soon, his sidekick, Kenta laughed with him.

Takato's face burned in red. "I didn't wet the bed!"

The two ignored and laughed their way out of the statue, chanting: "Bed wetter! Bed wetter! Poor little sleepy head, made his own water bed!"


The young Matsuki shrugged it off, considering this happens all the time anyway. He lay back, thinking through of what happened yesterday. First the Digivice, now those dream.

"I know it wasn't a dream... I think..." When he clicked back to dream in replay, he paused on the part where he saw that device in her hand. "That was the same as, who was that girl?" He blinked at the thought, letting the sun shine upon his chest. A small smile flashed on top of his chin. "What a Tamer."

Just then, he heard something that sounded like a beeper. It turns out to be his red Digivice, which he picked it up and gawked in surprise.

"Aw nuts...the Digi-Egg..." yes the digital egg is now showing a picture of it broken. "Aw it hatched already...and I missed I can't even keep track of a digital egg. No wonder mom never let me have pets." Takato fiddled with the buttons to search for the hatchling. "So where could it be?"

Suddenly, a halo of what appears to be a compass emitted over the screen.

"Whoa...okay...looks like a compass...maybe it can lead to my Digimon."


"Sir, I've picked up an unusual bio signature."

From his chair near a row of computers, the blonde man looked up to the chair towers were the two women worked on the tower computers.

"Should I intercept it?"

Glancing at the blue dome radar, he smirked. "Stay with this one. I'm interested to see what this subject is capable of."

"Yes sir; Locking on now."



Downtown Shinjuku- 5:09 PM…

Underground in a busy subway, the cold hearted girl named Rika rushed down stairs while dodging and shoving through the people. She remembered that she planned on going to Odaiba to finish what she started with those three Tamers and acquire their Digimon's data.

"AW, DAMN IT!" But the train to Odaiba already trailed off without her. She kicked a can far making it ricochet against the cement pillars.

"Ruki..." Once again, the voice of her Digimon echoed throughout the subway, as Renamon revealed herself from a shadow behind a beam, like a real ninja.

"I told you not to call me that!"

"My apologies, but my senses detect a bio-emergence nearby."

It would seem that the female Tamer forgot about her being angry for missing the train. She ran back upstairs to the surface of the city and saw from two block or three away, a large bank of fog coating a construction site.

"Something's coming."


The young boy rushed throughout the busy side of the street, since Tokyo is as busy as New York. His mind was aimed for whatever his Digivice was leading him to, hopefully his Digimon. Could it be the one that hatched from that digital egg, and could it be Guilmon? Whatever was waiting for him, he couldn't wait.

"Okay...uh..." he waved the device in every direction as he tried to figure out the function of the compass. "How does this thing work...?" his voice trailed when his Digivice pointed to a dark alley. "Over...there…?"


"Move, out of the way" Rika shouted as she made her way to her destination, the fog, or as she calls it: A digital field, a foggy area where all Digimon enters to the real world. Like always, these Digimon entering her world are just another stepping stone for Renamon to Digivolve, and she will stop at nothing until she becomes the best like Rika.

"Rika..." a voice echoed when she neared an alley.

The female Tamer halts her run when she spotted her Digimon hiding in that alley. "What?"

"I sense another Digimon somewhere around in this area; A stronger signal."

Stronger? That was the secret word for Rika to change her plans. If this new signal is a lot stronger than the digital field ahead, then that Digimon can wait.

"Let's go then." Despite that Renamon was impossible for eyes to see now, Rika followed the vulpine back through her tracks, heading for a nearby park.


"'Weee! Toss me highew! Pwincess Pwetty Paints wants to go high!'...What ever Pwincess..."

Somewhere in a tall apartment building, downtown, a girl playing with a bunny plushie doll trailed off when she saw the large bank of fog over at the construction site from her window.

"'s a foggy!" she said to what seems to be her older brother who has his full attention to a computer. "Hendwy…Hendwy, look!"

"Uh huh...what...?" the blue haired boy who wore an orange vest and black shirt and paints twisted his chair to the window before he silently gasped at the fog. "A bio-emergence..."

Unknown to the little girl, the plushie doll she dropped on the floor motioned its eyes at the window.


"Okay, a girl with a bad attitude wearing a broken heart shirt who has a fox Digimon. How hard can that be to find her?" said a mid-adult girl wearing a light pink jean vest and skirt, yellow blouse, and a pink cowboy hat over her brown strawberry hair that has star hair clippings.

"It's not hard for someone who can sense bad fashion in a two mile radius." said a short, plant like creature with a flower on its head.

In another Shinjuku Park, around the downtown area, the most fashionable member of the DigiDestined, Mimi, and her green Digimon, Palmon, patrolled to hunt down a certain girl with a yellow Digimon.

"Ooo, how pretty." the Rookie Digimon ran through the grass with her webbed arms spread out to a bank of colorful flowers near the edge of a small pond. "Hey Mimi, aren't these pretty. Maybe you can use them around your dorm."

The college girl smiled at her plant Digimon. Throughout the years Mimi knew Palmon, she had a love for flowers, and she always tries to be in one step in fashion with her partner.

"-giggle-… maybe, but let's hurry up. I got a class in 6:30, and-"

"DIAMOND STORM!" Out of nowhere, a barrage of crystal shards shot towards the little grass type.

"PALMON!" Mimi cried.

Within the last second, Palmon tumbled back from the exploding shards and flew on her back beneath Mimi's feet. From the cleared smoke, a tall, humanoid fox creature stood tall, with a little girl stand on a large rock near another part of the pond.

"What a lousy fighter...but a fight's a fight."

The strawberry haired woman grimed at the young girl. "You must be that girl who attacked my friends yesterday!"

Her eyes locked on the nineteen-year old, but they still lacked emotion. "Oh so you know those loser Tamers?"

"What's a Tamer?" Palmon asked. "We're DigiDestined."

"You're Tamers with a clubhouse name. Puh-leeze, that's so childish. Renamon, be quick about this, will you?"

Quickly responding to her Tamer, Renamon lashed forth at the grass foe of hers, charging at the harmless grass type like a deadly ninja.

"Wait! Can't we talk about this!" Palmon shouted as Renamon gained closer.


In the dark, musty alley of the construction site, Takato crawled under the floor boards before he finally came across a wall.

"Man...I hate dust...GAH!" he tumbled on his butt when a rat crawled between his feet. "And I hate rats!"

His compass then pointed out in an opening of the wall. Takato followed it, which led him to a large, thick fog bank that clouded an opening. Step by step, Takato walked down the stairs as he stared into a crimson glowing spot in the middle of the opening area.

" that?"

Like a red gusher, the glowing hole went. The flash of the glow spread out bubbly things like a immense bubble bath of lava. Then a shape took form; a shape of a tall lizard.

"No way..." the boy breathed as he held tightly on a railing.

Finally, the crimson aura dissipated, revealing a red, black striped dragon, with little wings for ears, and a hazard symbol on its chest. The creature blinked with its yellow eyes, much like a little baby dinosaur making gentle noises.

"I can't believe it...he's real...and he's the one I drew...I can't believe it...a real live Digimon." Takato took a step closer to the red baby dragon as it sniffed the air, grinning at some rats on a rusty pipe. "Hi, my name is Takato...and...I think I created you...Guilmon?"

Suddenly, the red Digimon held his head back as a crimson glow emitted from its throat. With one release, the Digimon shot a powerful blast that blew in a intense explosion on the rats that shook the ground a bit.

Takato slowly uncovered his face from the force as he saw the large hole the newborn Guilmon made. "Wow...guess you don't like rats too, huh?"

The lizard stared at the crater it made as its mouth smoked like an exhaust pipe. His nose then whiffed a scent that leads its eyes to a figure: a frightened Takato who fell back from its stare.

"O-o-okay...j...just stay calm." he stuttered as Guilmon stood on its feet. "Everything will be...just's a plan...I scream...then run."

The creature seemed like it was smiling at the scared boy, but to Takato's eyes, it translates as it finds him tasty.




The grass type Digimon lashed out her vines, which were her claws, and whipped them around like running hoses at the fox Digimon, who dodged all the whips like an experienced rope jumper.

The battle still heated strong at the empty area of a park, near a lake and a path that was surrounded by some trees to cover the Digi-battle. It would seem Renamon had the upper hand over the short Palmon with speed and skills, not to mention Rika with her modify cards, like so.

"It obvious that little weed will be wasted under three seconds, but let's step up the pressure for our friend." With that, Rika slot a card through her digivice. "DIGI-MODIFY...SPEED ACTIVATE!"

With the slash of the card, Renamon's speed increased, avoiding the vines like she fazed through them like a ghost.

Mimi cringed at how fast Renamon became. Wow...she's gotten a lot faster when that girl slashed that card. This is really gonna give me wrinkles after this.

"POWER PAW!" Shooting like an arrow, Renamon gave a fierce kick that made Palmon fly into the pond.

"PALMON!...This fight doesn't even make sense." Mimi said angry eyes filled with tears at Rika.

"It would if you weren't such a coward, fashion drone."

The college girl bit her lip as she gave one of those ditz gasp. "I'll show you!" she shouted as she pointed her Digivice at the pond. "DIGIVOLVE NOW!"




The water bubbled like a submarine surfacing. With the white light bursting from the depths, out came a 12 foot cactus creature with boxing gloves. On the base, it had holes for eyes and a mouth.



Rika blinked at the sudden twist. She wasn't expecting this fashion girl to be capable of having her Digimon evolve into a Champion.



Plant Digimon. A creature with a high rage once it gets angry. And once it does, it never stops until it finishes its enemy.

Type: Data

Stage: Champion

Attacks: Needle Spray, Light Speed Jabbing


After reading the stats, the young Rika grinned with a evil smirk. "Finally, a little fun… Renamon…?"

As the vulpine Digimon launched forward, Rika drew another card from her belt.

"Get her, Togemon!" Mimi commanded.

"Hey you, how's about a little...NEEDLE SPRAY!" Togemon fired her trademark attack, a storm of needles from her body.

But as that happened, Rika slashed another card. "DIGI-MODIFY...ALIAS ACTIVATE!"

But as the card took affect, Renamon was caught in the needle shots as it blasted a small gusher dust blast.

"YEAH! Way to go, Togemon!" Mimi cheered, but then her face showed confusion to why the girl wasn't bothered by the Digimon's destruction. Doesn't she care about the yellow creature?

"The only way to go for you is annihilation, girly." Rika simply said. "Look above you."

Confused, Togemon looked as told, and saw Renamon with her own attack at the ready.


With that said, the shards stabbed the plant Digimon like a pack of mosquitoes, and forced her on her back.

"TOGEMON!" Mimi screamed as the shards exploded like landmines. The girl's heart relieved after Togemon was found still intact.

"Hmm...You should be proud. Not even a Champion level could survive from Renamon's Diamond Storm, and she's only a Rookie." Rika smirked as her Digimon stood beside her.

The cactus Digimon struggled to stand by using her boxing gloved hands to support her shoulders. Funny. I could've sworn she was a Champion.

Tears flooded out of the poor girl's eyes, but these were tears of anger. "Why should I be proud? This whole fight is completely stupid! I totally hate fighting and what you're doing is irresponsible and dumb...AND I WON'T STAND FOR IT!"

With that said from wealthy girl, her Digivice shined as bright as the sun, just like her Digimon.




Rika's violet eyes widened at yet another shocker. Like hatching from an egg, Togemon's body wilted and out came a small fairy creature with green leafed wings and a pink dress that matched with her flower hat.




Fairy Digimon. These Digimon were born from the flowers of the Digital World. They keep the beauty of the land in tact.

Type: Data

Stage: Ultimate

Attacks: Flower Cannon, Flower Wealth


A small gulp came from the mouth of Rika. This was really...REALLY unexpected. Never before has she fought an Ultimate, but then again, that's a hell a lot of data for Renamon.

"Renamon, attack now!" Rika shouted, commanding her Digimon to strike.

"Gee, you don't give up, do ya, sugar?" the fairy asked with a taunting smile as she held her hands together. The flower petal on the ends of her gloves wrapped around her hands, and bloomed to reveal a cannon. "FLOWER CANNON!"



Construction site- 5:46 PM….

"Oh no!"

Back around the foggy construction site, which the fog was clearing up, Takato came and explored the area, where he ran into the Digimon he created. But the problem is, it seems this red Digimon was now going maul him or whatever pops in its head.

Takato crawled back as his heart beat rapidly and his breath felt thick. "I created a Digimon and now he's going to blast me to kingdom-come!"

Takato covered himself in defense as he waited his fate to come. This seems very ironic: A kid who loves Digimon more than life and now he's gonna be killed by one. What a cruel prank life has played. A yelp came from the boy's mouth as felt something pushing his elbow.

"And the last thing I'll hear is that horrible growl!"

But one question: What's taking him so long to eat Takato? Don't tell him he's dreaming again? Slowly, the boy opened out his arms and found the little dino staring at him with his yellow eyes, like a puppy looking with an innocent stare.

"You're not going to attack me?"

It felt an eternity for the young boy. All the little Digimon could do is staring and purr like some baby dinosaur, which it probably is. With a shaky jaw, Takato spread a smile.

"I...really created you...and you're mine...I can't believe it, my own real live Digimon!" Takato gingerly reached up to the Digimon's snout. "Hi...Guilmon."

The dragon Digimon snuggled on the boy's cheek, as Takato laughed from nervousness and excitement, feeling that this may be the start of a good friendship.


"Renamon, don't stand around like that! Attack, now!"

Lashing about, Renamon leaped side to side, avoiding Lilymon's karate kicks. Then the fox leaped high in to rapidly fire her Diamond Storm. But like it was child's play, the fairy Digimon maneuvered the rain of shards.

"Whoops! Miss me...! Too slow...! -tee hee- Annoying, am I?"

"Hold still you f------ flying weed!" Rika shouted.

"You know, not only do you need to work on that attitude..." Mimi said with a mature grim. "But also that mouth. Doesn't your mother wash that...and those clothes? My gawd! That broken heart certainly looks so depressing..."

Rika groaned to drown Mimi's fashion advice. Great...this ungrateful girl acts like my mother...

"Though it could be could be wearing stretch paints."

"WILL YOU SHUT UP?" With sheer anger, Rika slashed another card through her digivice. "DIGI-MODIFY...MACHINEDRAMON ACTIVATE!"

Mimi, Lilymon, and even Renamon gasped at that name. Even though Mimi wasn't there when that Digimon of the Dark Masters was defeated, she sure met him when they came back to the Digital World. As for Renamon, Rika must be incredibly stressed out if she's using a Mega level attack and Renamon can't-

Suddenly, the double barrel cannons appeared on Renamon's back. Mimi and Lilymon gasped at this amazing surprise.

Oh no...She can use other Digimon's attacks, too? What is she, Apocalypsemon? Jeez, I think I'm starting to get wrinkles over this.

Renamon aimed the blasters at the fairy, but it seems she's having trouble even standing. "G...G..GIGA CANNON!" A gigantic blast launched from the cannons, but the force pushed Renamon hard to the dirt, that she made a ditch along the way. The power was too much for her to handle to even aim. Lilymon didn't even have to move to avoid the shot as it soared into the sky.

"O...kay...that was disappointing." Lilymon said with a sweatdrop hanging down on her forehead.


"Whoa, what is that?" After when Takato led Guilmon out of the alley, he saw a yellow blast flying high like a rocket. "Um...I guess somebody must have used maximum gasoline on a toy rocket or something...huh...HEY!"

It would seem Guilmon's eyes switched into a threatening vision before he ran off to where that blast came from.

"Guilmon! Come back here!" Takato shouted as he down the street through the path of confused people who seen the red dinosaur. "Great...I just got him and already he's running away from me."


From the rising dust at the end of the trail, Renamon awoke and struggled herself up. Her Tamer clenched her fingers, like she was going to slap her Digimon. But she just stood there, trying to hold her anger.

"Hey, Mimi." Lilymon whispered. "You think she would've Digivolved that fox thing when I became Lilymon?"

"Um...I think so. Maybe she doesn't know how…heh…I think I know why."

With a livid look upon the ice hearted Tamer, Rika turned to Mimi. "You got lucky, fashion drone, but next time, that winged weed will be just another stepping stone for Renamon!" With that, Renamon grabbed Rika, and leaped on to branch to branch as her escape.

"Mimi, we have to chase her!" Lilymon said as she followed in pursuit.

"Wait for me! I'm wearing platform heals...and I just bought these."

After a long moment after Mimi and Lilymon's leave, Guilmon arrived at the battlefield, sniffing the scent.

"Guilmon, wait right there!"

The dragon's Tamer caught up from the path behind, who then stopped to bend down and catch his breath.

"W..W..why...did you run off?" the red Digimon clocked his head, like he couldn't understand him. "Don't you...don't you understand me...? Can't you talk?"


Takato gave a small sigh of relief, happy that he doesn't have to give him sign language or something. "Yeah...why did you run off?"

After a few blinks, Guilmon simply said: "Don't...know."

Takato pressed his lips. "Never mind." he stood up as he looked around at the sight of the area. "Man, what happened here?" the path near a pond was shrouded in small craters, like some war took place. "Whatever happened, I guess this is where that yellow blast came from."

Looking at Guilmon who was sniffing a flower, Takato was pondering on ways to sneak his Digimon through the city without people looking at the Digimon funny, like back at that street. Just then, his eyes flashed at a cardboard box behind a large rock up ahead.

"Guilmon, can you come over here?"


Back in the busy streets, Lilymon flew over the town, searching for the runaway Tamer while Mimi searched the floors for her.


Blinking her eyes across the street, she saw Tai and Sora waving at her. "Tai, Sora!" she screamed as she ran across the street.

"Mimi, any luck?" Sora asked as the girl approached the two.

"Yeah, I ran into that girl, but she forced me into a fight. Lilymon's searching for her up in the sky."

Sora dropped her jaw. "Lilymon? Was she that tough for you to have Palmon at the Ultimate level?"

"Yeah, and her Digimon was only at the Rookie level! She kept powering her up with those cards that I think were from that Digimon card game."

Tai widened his eyes at the news. "What the heck is going on here? Did you get her name?" The strawberry haired girl shook at the question. "-sigh-… don't worry about it...We better head back to the college and call off this search. We're running late for class as it is."

"Though there is one question I've been dying to know..." Sora said which got the two to listen closely. She gave a sly smile to her boyfriend before she said: "Did you study for History, Tai?"

"...D'OH!" the shout echoed throughout the city.



Matsuki Residence- 7:03 PM

"Okay, you got to be quite."

The skies grew dark, and most of the streets grew quite, but the fearless Tamer and his baby Digimon braved through the dreaded bread shop with the most gallant and powerful weapon in all the land: A cardboard box.

"Hey, kiddo. What's in the box?" Takato's father asked from reading his newspaper.

Takato, while having difficulty pushing Guilmon in a box, gave his dad a nervous grin. "'s a box...Guilmon, move it!"

"Takato, I don't wanna find any more junk in the house, you understand me?" Mrs. Matsuki warned as she washed the dishes. "You know I'm only gonna throw them out."

"Junk? Me...for-shaw!" suddenly, Takato was dragged throughout the stairs by the strong Digimon. "OW..OW! My nose...OW!"

Inside Takato's room, the young Digimon happily freed himself from the box. He looked around his new, unfamiliar surrounds of his new Tamer's room. He found the stuff on Takato's desk quite interesting and sniffed the stuff before shoving it off with his snout.

"No Guilmon! You're not supposed to do that!" the Tamer said as his Digimon cocked his head in confusion. "Listen, boy. You can't just go wondering around and start blasting stuff. People will freak out if they see a living dinosaur in the streets. And my parents won't let me keep any pets, let alone a digital understand...boy?"

"...I Guilmon?"

"Right! I'm Takato."


Takato bewildered a little from this unexpected speech. "I'm not a Digimon!"

"Takatomon!" the lizard said, thinking he got his name right.

"No I'm a human being." it would seem the Rookie Digimon still didn't understand the difference between a human and a Digimon. What to do that'll make him understand? "I know just the thing. Wait right here."

Takato searched in some drawers under his bed. "It's a good thing I hide all my stuff. Anything I find that I think its cool, my mom considers them as trash." smiling, Takato found what he was looking for: Gold rimmed goggles, with blue lens. He remembered reading stories on the net of fics based on the mysterious DigiDestined, that the leaders always wear goggles. Strapping it on his head, he showed them to his Digimon.

"See, boy? A Digimon Tamer."

The red dino blinked at the object with curious yellow eyes. With his mind thinking clear, he spoke: "Ahh...Takatomon!"

A loud thud was caused by Takato and his anime drop. "-groan-...I give up."



Shinjuku College: 7:27 PM

"...and that's what happened."

That night, the DigiDestined once again met in Tai and Izzy's dorm room, with the younger group on video phone line all the way from Odaiba. Mimi just finished her story on how she met up with the girl the group was searching for, as she sat on Izzy's lap.

"This girl has some serious problems." Matt sighed.

"Do tell, and you say that Digimon is just a Rookie?" Gabumon asked before Mimi nodded.

"You gotta be kidding me! I thought that thing was at the Champion level consider how tall it was." Davis said from the net video.

"Well I wish I could've studied more on this Renamon." Izzy said. "Considering that even the Digimon Analyzer couldn't recognize it. But it's really interesting what that girl can do with her Digimon with some mere cards from the card game."

"Yeah, how can that be?" Tai asked.

"Well I'm not sure, but after studying those cards, I noticed they have microchips built into metallic material taped on the side. I assume her Digivice reads some data about Digimon from those cards that probably no normal computer can identify. From what you told us, Mimi, it would appear that this girl has a Digivice far more superior than ours. I mean, she can do so much with her Digimon by giving her bonus attributes, while all we can do is give our Digimon the means to Digivolve and then just step back."

"Man I wish we can do that card slash thing, then she'll be sorry!" Davis said with pumped fists, along with Veemon doing the same.

"What about the Digimon that kept appearing?" Kari asked. "Did you talk to Azulongmon or Gennai about it?"

"For some reason, I can't get a hold of either of them. I assume something is jamming the frequency."

"Okay, asiding from that, I guess after not finding that girl in Odaiba means she doesn't live here." said Cody.

"Yeah, I could've helped out if Davis hadn't gotten me in detention!"

"Hey, it was your fault we got stuck in hellsville!"

"No it wasn't!"

"Was too!"

"Was not!"

"Was too!"

Ken pushed aside the two and then hugged Yolei to calm her down. "Can you guys just leave that argument outside?"

The purple haired girl gave a small sigh. "But what'll we do if we find her? That girl, no doubt, is a blood thirsty psycho."

"What we can do, show her that Digimon are more then just data, and this whole thing is not a game." Sora explained.

"Of course, I've done worse than what this girl seems to be doing." Ken said, referring to his Kaiser days. "I mean, sure she attacks us for no reason, but with all these Digimon appearing, at least this girl is keeping them from hurting any innocents. Though I wish she could've done it in a more gentle way."

"Still we have to show this girl that Digimon are living creatures and not war tools." TK said in the mono tone.

The goggled leader then stepped in the middle. "Alright, first thing tomorrow morning, we'll continue the search, and if you find that girl, just try to go easy on her. From the sound about this kid not even knowing how to Digivolve to Champion, she seems to be just a beginner."

"Beginner? That thing kicked my butt even when I was Togemon, and that Renamon is just a Rookie."

"So sue me. Any volunteers?"

"I wish I could, Tai, but I have kendo lessons."

"And I have to study for a test on appendix removal."

"Dude, isn't there a day you're not studying?"

"Isn't there a day you do study, Davis?"

"Man I wasn't speaking to you, nerdette!"



"Let's not start that again, guys!"

"Sorry, TK/Whatever, TY."

"How about we search right now? I mean, that girl could strike at night with no one around, right?" Biyomon asked.

"I wish I could, but I have band practice tonight, and tomorrow."

Sora stepped in. "Well Tai and I have a date, but we can keep an eye out."

"Excellent, cause my scanner program is nearly completed. It only works around the Shinjuku district now, so I'll let you know when a Digimon has breached."

His fashionable girlfriend gave him a tight squeeze. "Izzy, what will we do without you?"

"Uh...I the thought...can't...breathe!"



Shinjuku Park: 9:48 PM

The night has lifted. The night has come. But still, the night is young. The dark blue skies, sparkled with the stars of the universe raised half of the planet earth. The night of Friday is where some human beings come out after a hard week of work to relax their nerves by going out and have fun, by going with friends or mates to movies, stroll around the park, etc. However, the night was also the perfect place where beings can roam around in free havoc. Beings like Digimon.

A digital field!

Yes, the large bank of gray cloudy fog has coated a small part of the park, where a certain Tamer has spotted it far from a bridge. As she ran for it, she placed a pair of shades over her eyes.

Get in gear, Renamon!

As the Tamer dashed into the fog, a little with creature with long ears landed on the side of the bridge; smiling at the sight. "Hmm...Maybe there's some fun over there."


The novice Tamer longed ago packed it in for the night, even though tomorrow was going to be a weekend. He had to sleep on the floor since his bed stood close to the ceiling, and Guilmon would be too heavy for it. But speaking of Guilmon, Takato's ears caught his growl. His eyes opened to the dino Digimon who was growling like a motor out the window. The Digimon's eyes weren't the innocents he saw before when he met him. They seem like a lion on a prowl.

"Guilmon...?" the boy said as he approached the digital dragon. "What are you...growling at?"


The red head Tamer burrowed through into the center of the fog, before removing her shades. "Renamon?" from the fog, her fox Digimon appeared by her.

"I'm on it." the kitsune's eyes were surged with computer like lines inside the pupils. It was as if it was scanning the goblin Digimon that was trashing about a playground.



Ogre Digimon. It throws fireballs at mach speed, and they never miss. It also loves to cause mischief.

Type: Virus

Stage: Rookie

Attacks: Goblin Bomb, Goblin Strike


"It's just a Rookie. Where's the sport? Whatever...walk all over it, Renamon."

Renamon held out her arms in a offensive position. "He's toast."

The ogre caught a sight of the vulpine Digimon rushing forth, and began to roar in a caveman like cry. He thrust his club forward, but Renamon ducked below and uppercut the monster on the chin.

"You missed!" mocked Renamon.

Clenching its teeth in an enraged fever, Gobimon charged forth and swung his arms and club around. Renamon maneuvered the swings like with dancing motion, and then catching an opening, the fox Digimon delivered a volley of punches before throwing a powerful blow to the face.

"At least make it challenging." the fox smirked as she hopped back.



Elsewhere far outside the dark park, a couple well in bliss strolled away from a movie theaters with two creatures in their bags. They walked along the path, with warm smiles pointing at each other as they held hands as tight as they could. For their entire lives, Tai and Sora dreamed of being together. Their love had grown strong, even through their rough times after a certain Christmas day. But those three words spoken from Taichi kept him through those difficult years. The words: 'I'll be waiting' has paid off, and somewhere in that past, the two are whole and one, finally.

"Uh, Tai?" Koromon said as he used his long ears to poke Tai who was in the middle of kissing Sora. Tai gave some moans that Koromon translated: 'I'm busy', but still went on. "A Digimon is breaking through!"

Using those secret words that can snap Tai and Sora out of their passionate trance, the couple looked ahead on the hill they stood to a fog bank that was about four blocks ahead. At that moment, Tai's phone ranged.

"Yeah?" Tai spoke on the cell. "Yeah, I know Izzy. I see it."

"It figures. Right when the romancing gets good, a Digimon comes." Sora sighed in annoyance.

Strapping on his blue headband, Tai switched to leader mode. "Come on, we better hurry."


Renamon once again barely dodged the fireballs thrown by Goblimon. Since they move a mach speed, if it wasn't for Rika modifying the Hyper Speed card, she would be covered in burnt marks.

"He's not slowing down, Rika!" Renamon warned.

"Yeah, this is boring." calmly, Rika searched through her pouch. "Let's see...ah...the Alias card...DIGI-MODIFY...ALIAS ACTIVATE!"

Just like she did with Togemon, Renamon disappeared when the fireball strike and teleported high above Goblimon with her special Diamond Storm ready. But what halted the attack was when the Goblimon glowing bright as the sun, and Digivolving to Fugamon, a orange colored Ogremon wearing a cheetah like trunk.

"What the..?" Renamon gasped as she landed the floor.

"He Digivolved! But how..? He shouldn't be able to!"

"EVIL HURRICANE!" With its charged arm, Fugamon thrust it up, creating a twister that rushed toward Renamon and missed to crush some monkey bars apart.

(A/N: If you want to get visual, think of Fugamon doing the same move Joe Higashi does from King of Fighters.)

"Renamon...I'm gonna be very vexed if you lose."

"Don't worry, Rika. Just watch."

As Renamon revved back into battle, charging like a ninja. Fugamon retaliate with another Evil Hurricane. With incredible strength, Renamon soared over the tornado..."DIAMOND STORM!" and finished off the beast into deletion.

The young Tamer coldly smiled at the sight of flowing partials. "That's more like it, Renamon. Champion leveled Digimon can't get in our way. data." hovering above the ground, Renamon absorbed all of Fugamon's data into herself. "Next time when we face those other Tamers, you'll win...without my help."


As the two made their way out of the damaged playground, a small little figure perched in one of the dark trees. This small little creature was camouflaged well in the shadows, expect a red light shining on its forehead.

"Gee, that didn't look like fun at all. I wonder what they were fight about. Doesn't seem to give you that tingly feeling inside afterwards."


Moments later, Tai and Sora arrived at the scene, when the digital field was starting to fade away. But they came to a damaged playground with no life form around.

"Aw damn it! We missed it!" Tai groaned.

Sora checked the area. "Bet ya this is curtsey from that girl."

Once again, Tai's cell ranged for the boy to pick it up. "Yeah?"

"Tai, what happened? The signal from whatever Digimon tried to breach just disappeared."

"We were too late. No doubt that girl destroyed it. Izzy, can't you look up for her in the city files or something?"

"Unless I have a name, otherwise it'll do no good."

"-sigh-...Alright, we're heading back home. First thing tomorrow, we find that girl and deal with her attitude."



Matsuki residence: 9:04 AM

The light of morning has struck all over the country of Japan, mostly Tokyo, of course, land of the rising sun. With that light, it coated heavenly on the new goggled boy, and his red Digimon that slept by his side. Aiding the light to awaken the boy was the patented alarm clock, which was originally set up for him to wake up for his Saturday morning cartoons.

"Uhh...morning already?" he groaned as he rubbed his eyes. Hearing the loud sounds of snoring, his eyes laid on to Guilmon, who was still sound asleep. Takato now remembered that today he has to find a place to hide Guilmon. Good thing today was the weekends; otherwise, he'll have a hard time trying to keep Guilmon out of trouble while he was at school.

The first thing Takato did was quietly put on his usual clothes, along with his golden goggles. Next, he tipped toed out the room and did a quick dental clean with just some mouth wash. Going back in his room, he grabbed his bag and ran downstairs.

Around when that happened, Takato's parents set up for another day of work in their bread shop. His thoughts about his son drifted around Mr. Matsuki's mind. When he went up just to use a midnight bathroom break, he heard two snores coming from Takato's room. Though he didn't check what it really was, but Mr. Matsuki assumed his son had an animal in the house.

"You know, honey..." he began as he stacked some bread in the counters. "Being the only child for can know...a little lonely and..."

As his wife checked the register, she shook her head. "No way."

"But honey...I didn't say..."

"I know what you were going to say, and I won't allow it. We can't have pets in this board and you know it. Besides, we both know that Takato isn't old enough to take care of an animal."

"Yeah, but..."

"And don't say you'll take care of it until Takato is old enough. No still means no."

"Morning mom! Morning dad!" Takato said as he ran across to the back room. Pulling out his bag, Takato stuffed in a pack of day old, day old bread.

"Speak of the devil...Takato! Remember the cat that followed you last year?"

Hearing his mother's call, Takato picked up the pace and collected some bread. "It didn't follow me, mom! That old lady from Satosuki St. gave it to me."

"Well I don't want you having another animal in the house...are you listening? Takato?"

Takato ran out the room and headed to the stairs. "Mom you're crazy. 'An animal.' For-shaw!"

After Takato ran back in his room, his mother blinked and said: "For-shaw? Where did he get that word?" her husband did nothing but shrug.



Shinjuku College- 9:23 AM…

Back in the dorms of Izzy and Tai, the resident computer genius of the DigiDestined sat on his chair as he turned on his computer, after waking up Tai and reminding him about the search for the girl that he brought up.


Screaming from the unexpected squeal, Izzy found his girlfriend, Mimi, coming in with a plate covered with a panned top.

"Mimi, you scared me."

"Sorry, but look! I made breakfast!" she said with a singing tone. Holding it near Izzy, she revealed the meal to be a stack of pancakes, with red spots, and whipped cream holding a little cherry on top. "I call it: 'Strawberry Mimi-cake.'"

"It's pancakes."

"Accent on the word: Cake. Give it a try."

Grabbing a fork from the plate, Izzy took a bite. "Hey, this is really good!" the complement caused the girl to blush.

"Thanks. I was thinking of working a career in cooking."

"Cooking? I was expecting you do something in the fashion business. I mean, you're always about fashion."

Mimi narrowed her eyes. "Well people change."

"But either way, you're natural at this." after that sentence, Izzy's cell rung.


Outside in the city, it would appear almost every DigiDestined already begun patrolling the city for the Digi-hunter girl that accompanies a Renamon, and also make sure no Digimon tries to harm the city. The leader of the team, Taichi Kamiya, stood a lookout on the top of a building near the park, as he looked out with his old mini-telescope, with Agumon by his side.

"Is there anything, Tai? This is boring."

"Sorry, buddy, but we'll have a better view from up...huh? That's defiantly not a costume."

"What is?"

"Take a look."

Handing Agumon his telescope, he directed his eye to a person walking in the park. This child wore a blue, hooded shirt, gray paint, green sneakers, and golden goggles. Along with him was a red dragon dino with little wings on its head, and a hazard sign on its chest.

"You're right, that isn't any costume. I think it's a Digimon."

Nodding, Tai dialed his cell. "Izzy, you there?"


" Mimi feeding you?"

" that a problem?"

"Well tell her to stop it for now."

"Make me!" Mimi's voice shouted.

Tai groaned from the annoying girl. "Anywise, guess what. There's another kid with a new Digimon."

"Another one…? I hope he's not like that female child."

"I'll talk to the kid. Inform the others, pronto."


"Mmm...interesting twist." a boy muttered. The young lad quietly reads an internet story from his laptop on a hill, sitting on the foot of a tree.

Hiding next to him, something lifts its giant green ear, and points at something with its lobe, like a finger. "Hey, check it out!"

Responding to his friend's call, he motioned his eyes to kid walking with a red dino behind some trees. "Another one? Hmm...we better get involved. No telling what might happen."

"Jeez, Momentai, would ya?"


After sneaking Guilmon away from his parents, Takato and his Digimon ventured deep into the park, where there were no civilian around.

"Takatomon, where are we going?"

"One, I'm not a mon, and two, I already told you… I have to find a place to hide you. I can't keep you in the house, boy. My mom finds pets a big mess machine."

The dragon lowered his head in sadness. Perhaps this means he won't get to play with his Tamer.

"Don't worry, boy. We'll still hang out. Besides, this way you won't have to go around in that box."

Guilmon perked his head up with sparkling eyes. No more box for Guilmon...but wait. His eyes once again became dilated as Guilmon slouched down in some kind of attack position.

"Guilmon, what's...?"

POW! Before Takato's eyes respond, Guilmon crashed his back onto a fence.

"Wha...?" the boy gasped at his fallen Digimon who was seeing stars. "What was that?" sensing a presence, Takato turned around to find a yellow, humanoid fox glaring at him...a fox that looked real familiar.

"That was your dino eating dirt." a new voice said.

Silently, Takato angrily growled under his breath. "Alright, show yourself!" a girl that seemed around his age appeared from behind a tree. He glared at the girl, but then, something felt not so right. It was her eyes that gave flashes of the dream in the boy's mind. " can't...but...I dreamt you...! No way, this isn't possible!"

The girl cocked her brow, feeling a bit weird out. "So, you're a lousy Tamer, and idiotic. Now vamoose, little boy, unless you can play in my league."

That little remark got the goggled boy relied up. "Hey, don't call me idiotic, and what do you mean little boy? We're the same age…aren't we?" Takato slid back a bit when the fox Digimon approached slowly. "What is it you want?"

"That's the stupidest million dollar question I ever heard. To fight! Duh!"

Takato expressed a confused look. "Fight? But we never done anything to least I think so. Uh…, look, we don't wanna fight. Guilmon's just a baby."

The red head girl snorted like this boy never been taught a lesson about life. "I knew you were just a retarded kid with pet dino. What do you think Digimon were made for you goofy little Gogglehead?"

"Uh...that's like asking the meaning of life."

The fox cut in the chat. "Oh for god's sake, lets just get this over with!"

With one leap, the fox creature soared above the two, releasing many shards before her.

"NO! Guilmon, run away!"


Takato clenched in his worries as the shards zipped down toward the dragon Digimon. Then one by one, they exploded upon Guilmon, making the girl grin evilly.


However, something very shocking surprised the girl and the yellow Digimon. When the smoke cleared, Guilmon was still standing like he never got scratched at all.

The fox Digimon sprout her eyes, wide. "What the...?"


Emtting a light like back in the construction site, Guilmon launched a powerful fireball. Noticing the blast, the fox Digimon swiftly dodged to the side, away from the attack, as she answered back with her own.

The young girl knitted her brows, trying to comprehend what just happened. How could that thing survive the Diamond Storm like nothing? Not even some Champion levels can live through that.

"Guilmon! Stop, please!" the boy pleaded, but still, the Digimon fought on.

The yellow Digimon zigzagged toward her foe, dodging every fireball Guilmon threw. As she neared, her paws surged with white energy.


Leaping forward, the fox Digimon threw a fierce fist on Guilmon's face, with enough force to push him back. The red dino crouched down as he lightly growled with a anger tone.


With swift agility, Guilmon launched forward, and thrust his claw, coated in fire. The fox was caught off guard and then dropped at least twelve feet away from her foe. After catching herself on her feet, the fox glared at her opponent as she wiped the dirt off her face. Never before had she faced a foe that was so indestructible at such a low stage.

Who is this guy?

"Come on! Before I grow old," Takato heard the girl rant. He noticed her looking at her own Digivice, as it made a halo screen above the monitor. "Why won't this thing give me anything on Petmon over there...? Argh! Stupid piece of trash!"

Copying her move, Takato took his own Digivice and scanned the yellow fox.



Beast Man Digimon. It's always calm. A skilled and intelligent master of bewitchment, who is also quick as a ninja.

Type: Data

Stage: Rookie

Attacks: Diamond Storm, Power Paw


Looking back at the battle, Takato saw the Digimon known as Renamon tackle Guilmon to the ground. The two rolled around, trying to pin each other with a match of strength. Renamon's Tamer slapped her forehead like her Digimon was embarrassing her.

"Oh that's really childish, Renamon!" she spat while pulling out a card.

Takato leaned closer, wondering what she was going to do with a Digimon card.


The girl crossed her arms across her chest, with her hands holding her Digivice and a card. While spreading them out, she slashed the card through the device. "DIGI-MODIFY...HEAVY METAL GUN ACTIVATE!"

Suddenly, particles formed around Renamon's paw, and formed into some kind of an iron like cannon. With it, as Renamon was pinned down with Guilmon mauling at her other arm, she pointed it at the dragon's head, like a criminal would do to a hostage.

"Now that's more like it." the girl grinned.

"Oh" Takato gasped with visions of losing his Digimon. "GUILMON! RUN AWAY! I'M BEGGING YA!" Begging and begging, Takato tried, but Guilmon still won't snap out of it. "Oh no...It's like Guilmon doesn't even know I'm here...please Guilmon...snap out of it..." His heart beat rapidly when he saw Renamon's paw about to clench the trigger. "GUILMON!" But he failed to notice his Digivice, which he had laced in a shoelace to become a necklace, slowly glowing in a white light from the screen.

"Takatomon?" Takato breathed in relief of surprise when Guilmon's eyes returned to normal.

His Digivice's glow faded away.

Blinking, Guilmon let go of Renamon's arm and looked at his Tamer, not even glancing at the fox still aiming her weapon at his head.

"I'm not listening?" he asked as he ran back to Takato, and at the nick of time before the weapon fired and flung Renamon far. "Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry,..."

"Renamon! What are you doing…? You're acting like a f------- Looney Tune!" the girl shouted. She then saw the prey running back to Takato's open arms. "Now's your chance, Renamon! Hurry up before that gun wears off!"

But Renamon didn't respond to her Tamer. She seems interested by the lovely sight shared by the other two.

"Hello! What are you waiting for? Attack! Now!"

Renamon leaped back up in the air. Takato and Guilmon heard a cry and looked up to find Renamon coming at them with the cannon at rapid speed.

"STOP THIS!" a new shout was heard from the entire group.


Out of nowhere, a green blast rocketed and knocks Renamon's cannon off her paw. The beam shots away with the cannon, and explodes, making Takato and the girl look up in awe.

"Who did that?" Takato whispered as he looked around. On top of a hill was his savior. A boy with dark blue hair, black shirt and paints, and a orange vest. "It''s...wait...who are you?" he noticed another figure with him, and it wasn't human. It was a tiny creature, about pale green, and it had a little horn and long floppy ears that made it look like a bunny. "Whoa! It's a Terriermon!"

"Hey what do you know, Henry? Looks like I got a fan club!" he said as he happily ran down the hill.

"Another tamed Digimon?" the girl said as she looked at the skipping Digimon with confusion. At first she thought she was the only Tamer, until she met three others who can Armor Digivolve their Digimon, and another who had her Digimon up to the Ultimate level. Now these two geek-wads? "Okay, this is getting way too ludicrous. They're popping up everywhere."

The little Digimon approached Renamon, who was rubbing her paw from that blast Terriermon shot. "You looked pretty good, flying through the air, but didn't you feel silly, rolling around in the dirt like that?"

"HUH!" Renamon angrily growled.

Calmly, the boy named Henry approached his little Digimon. "Its not very smart to mouth out someone who's bigger than you."


Henry brought his glare at the girl. "And you take it easy. I saw you around, killing Digimon in cold blood. What is it you're fighting for...Rika, is it?"

"Yeah, that's my name, and what are you, brain-dead as Gogglehead over there? Digimon are just made for fighting. I mean, what else they're supposed to do?"

"Anything they want. They're not our weapons or slaves." Henry explained as Terriermon climbed on to his shoulders. "They're our friends, you know. They just wanna do the same sort of things we wanna do!"

"Yes, thank you for pointing that out!" Takato shouted, glad to have a voice of reason to stop the madness.

Rika ignored that remark from Takato's. "If you say that they wanna do the same things we wanna do...Renamon wants to fight...and guess what...that means I wanna fight, too." With that, Rika drew another card. "Now if you excuse me, Renamon, finish the job." with that said, Henry gasped in shock as Renamon leaped back up. "DIGI-MODIFY...BIRDRAMON ACTIVATE!"

Takato breathed in fear as Renamon hovered above with three orange orbs surrounding her. "NO STOP!"


The orbs launched forward like streaks of fire, and swirled around into one huge fireball. Guilmon stood his ground to protect his Tamer as the attack gained closer.

"YOU CAN'T TAKE HIM AWAY FROM ME!" Takato cried with bloody murder.


Like a miracle from god, a large fireball collided with the comet attack, and burst in a huge explosion.

"Oh now what?" Rika shouted in an annoyed tone.

The smoke swirled around the field. But as it started to fade, a pair of figures showed. One appeared to be an orange dinosaur, about half the size as Guilmon. He had green eyes, a bit of a muscular body, and his mouth was smoking from throwing that blast.

Behind it was a taller human figure. This person seemed to a pre-adult, probably twenty or so. He had huge thick hair, chocolate brown eyes, and a blue shirt with stars on the shoulders, covering a black long sleeved shirt, and dark brown cargo paints.

"We've been looking everywhere for you, kid." the man said.

Takato on the other hand had his eyes interest at the orange lizard. "No way, an Agumon!"

With that, Rika scanned the Digimon.



Reptile Digimon. Their claw destroys viruses and open the way for tomorrow. It also has the makings of the strongest warrior.

Type: Vaccine

Stage: Rookie

Attacks: Pepper Breath, Sharp Claws, Spitfire


"Hrmph! You know, I'm getting really sick of you people interrupting my job, and what do you mean you've been looking for me? Are you stalking me, pal?"

The pre-adult shrugged. "Kind of, but I can say the same for you, meaning how you attacked my friends, yesterday."

"Oh so you're with them, too?"

"Yeah, and all of us are really cheesed off of you trying to kill our Digimon! Who do you think you are, thinking that this is some kind of a game?" he shouted.

"I'm only gonna explain this once and try to wake you up to reality. Digimon are nothing but data, they're not real, and they're just used for fighting; are you taking notes? Fighting… that's all they do, and when they fight, they get their opponent's data. And when they get data, they get stronger. And when they load enough data, they Digivolve! Get it? Got it? Good!"

Everyone stood in a pause, with not a sound of speech, but the sound of the winds. Rika gave a small grin, thinking she taught a lesson to these boys, until...

"What we have here is someone who plays too much Pokémon."


The haired man grinned. "I agree with the bunny guy." He then looked at Renamon with a worried look. "You must be really hurtin inside, hearing that from your partner… I'm sorry." he saw a slight pained look upon the fox Digimon.

Scoffing, Rika rolls her eyes. "Oh give me a break! Digimon don't have feelings!"

Again a pause has struck, but it didn't last that long, when the man and Agumon stiffened a laugh.

"Hey...Tai.… hear...that?"

"Yeah...'Digimon don't have feelings'...that's a good one--- AHAHAHAHAHA!"

Soon the two, Agumon and Tai, roared in laughter, and the lizard fell to the dirt, pounding in the uncontrollable laugh. Everyone else stared at them with confusion, only with Rika, she looked as if she was gonna go like a rapid panther.

As Tai laughed, he looked at Takato and Guilmon. "Oh come on, kid! Laugh with me...HAHAHAHAHA!"

Starting with a soft laugh, Takato then began to think about what he means, and then joined in on the laughter, followed by Guilmon. Rika's anger blooded her blooded when Henry and Terriermon, who fell off of Henry's shoulder, laughed as well. Her body was boiling in heated temperatures, it was like she was about to explode. But if that wasn't enough, what then pissed her off even more was hearing even Renamon snickering, of course she stopped when Rika looked at her with a scowl, but still.

Finally, all of boys slowly stopped the laughter. Tai wiped his tears before looking back at the volcano girl with a serious face.

" don't know jack shit about Digimon."


Tai backed off, but still held a smile. Grinning with confidents, Tai reached into his cargo pockets and pulled out his blue bandana, along with a pair of silver goggles he now strapped on his head, which looks like his old ones, thanks to Sora as a present.

"Your Digimon's funeral. Agumon…?"

"Okay, but I'll hate myself in the morning." The lizard warned as he stepped closer in battle stance. "Let's dance!"

Without the sound of the bell, Renamon lashed out, and again leaped into the air, while her Tamer withdrew a card from her pouch.


At the pinpoint of her flight, Renamon raised her hands above, as a white orb charged up, more powerful than normal.


Renamon threw a barrage blast, more powerful then any Diamond Storm she threw at anyone. The shards hurtled down hard, like comets rocketing through the earth's orbit. Both Takato and Henry gasped at the force the shards were speeding. To Takato, not even Guilmon can walk away from that.

However, both Tai and Agumon remained cool. The lizard looked up at the shots, like looking at fireworks. With one grin, as the man gripped a small device, Tai said.

"Big mistake, kid."


Not like mines blowing one by one. The shards collided and burst in a huge explosion that, with its dust, covered the entire field along with the kids and Digimon. It would appear that Agumon bit the big one from that. As Renamon landed back to the soil, Rika coldly smiled at her victory, despite her coughing.

"That's all…she wrote...okay, Renamon, download his..."

But then, a powerful gust of wind, blew the smoke, and caused anything that wasn't very solid to flutter. The kids and Digimon covered their eyes from the wind. The dust gave away from the field, letting the good morning sun shine upon.

"Now what the…? OH GOD!" Rika's jaw hung to the ground. Her knees shook as she dropped her Digivice. Renamon was also in shock as she backed away, but she tried to keep a calm face.

(Play SSJ Transformation Goku theme)

A figure from where Agumon stood was kneeled with his head hung. As he was rising up, his eyes gave a green glow. This figure stood taller then any other of the group. His orange skinned was protected by a metallic armor, with a helmet that looks like a dragon's head over his long red hair. Siding from his iron chest armor where huge shield gauntlet claws, reflecting the sun. On his back was a split shield that had a sun like logo.

Takato felt his entire body stiff and unable to move when he gazed at the warrior like dragon, and Guilmon locked his eyes in awe at this powerful creature. Henry too was awed in shock at this new creature, and Terriermon was rambling like he was trying to say something.

The powerful monster stood with his head hung, as a gust surrounded the beast as it carried dirt. His 'Tamer' stood behind the reptile, not fazed by this. He just stood there with his arms crossed, and with grim look. Finally, the armored dragon raised his head at both Rika and Renamon, eying them with glowing green eyes.

"You know...that kind of itched." he said.

"HOLY SWEET MONKEYS, BATMAN!" Terriermon finally screamed. "IT'S WARGREYMON!"

Rika, on the other hand, had her breath shudder at the tall, powerful warrior. Never, had she faced a being like this. And once again, she wasn't expecting this. Calming down, she scanned the new Digimon.



Dragon Man Digimon. A steel dragon fighter who emits the battle spirit of justice. It gathers the atmosphere around it into a ball, and shoots it at the enemy.

Type: Vaccine

Stage: Mega

Attacks: Terra Force, Mega Claw


Okay...okay...a Mega...nothing to worry dreamt of fighting a Mega before...even though you're not ready for this...No...No...stop acting like a coward! A Tamer never walks away from the face of danger. Renamon is a data type, meaning data has the edge over vaccine. She's still powered up with the boost chip, meaning I can weaken him with a Mega data attack!

With a huge inhale breath, Rika remained cool and pulled out a card to help her win.

"What's wrong, kid…?" Wargreymon asked as he slowly approached Renamon who backed away. "Make your move."

"Bad demand, metal-face! Renamon...? DIGI-MODIFY...METALGARURUMON ACTIVATE!"

Suddenly, Renamon was surged with a blue aura. As if she couldn't hold it, she burst into flaming blue fire, that made Takato and Henry covered themselves.

"IS SHE NUTS? RENAMON CAN'T HANDLE THAT KIND OF POWER!" Henry shouted through the noise.


She somehow gathered the means to focus and gather all that energy into one sphere between her paws.

"METAL WOLF CLAW!" With all her strength, she launched the blue beam straight at WarGreymon who stood there waiting for the blast. Crashing into the warrior dragon, that blast engulfed the Mega in powerful burst.

Rika spread a smile, releasing all the worries she held. It would seem she done it. She destroyed a Mega level Digimon with just a Rookie. She is the greatest Tamer ever to...

WHOOSH! But then, the mighty WarGreymon waved off the smoke. Rika hung her jaw through the dirt. That was a Mega data level attack, powered with the boost chip...and he's still intact!

"Kid...that really stung!" the dragon smirked as he rose a hand, emitting a small orange sphere of energy right on the palm of his hand. "Terra Force."

WarGreymon merely tossed the orb like tossing a soda can, near Renamon. Rika cocked her brow, though kind of felt insulted that he didn't even try to...

BOOM! When the orb touched the dirt, it exploded more than Renamon's most powerful Diamond Storm. The force blew both Renamon and Rika far back and made them roll around in the dirt. The girl pushed herself up, and noticed her Digimon tired out as she lay beside her.

(End music)

"R-R-Renamon…?" a look she never thought she would have over the digital creature came across her face. It was a slight feeling of worry for the data type. As she raised a hand over the fallen Digimon, the blue Digivice, beside her, began to show a white light from the screen.

But then, it stopped. The light failed to shine. Rika's thoughts have snapped together, as her pride kicked in. Just why in the word would she worry for Renamon? She's only data.

But as she stood up, her powerful foe, WarGreymon, lazily walked through the smoke, and made his approach toward Rika and Renamon. How embarrassing this was, and yet, at least she didn't try to run...wait...she remembered reading a story that two Digimon fought this out of control one in the net, and one of them was a WarGreymon. Could it be that this one was the same one?

No...That means that...they're... "Renamon?" Gawking at the vulpine Digimon, Renamon stood on her white feet. "Retreat! Now!"

Not even thinking twice about that unexpected command, Renamon grabbed Rika and leaped away to disappear in the trees.

"They got away." WarGreymon said.

Tai pulled out his D-Terminal and typed in some commands. "Don't worry. I only did that to scare her off. I'll tell the others to keep an eye out around the east."

As he did, WarGreymon took the chance to study the other two Tamers. One named Henry stood as stiff as a statue, aiming his eyes at the Mega, along with Terriermon. The other goggle kid sat on the dirt as his pupils were tiny as ants. However, his Digimon blinked at the Mega.

"Hi." Guilmon said.


Tai finished his e-mail and then made his way to Takato, holding out helping hand. "Hey, kid, you okay?"

"Um...uh...never...better..." with that, Takato fainted with a dirt rising thud.


"Wow. He's out of it. You see what you done, Tai?"

"Oh give me break, WarGreymon, and just help me wake him up."



Odaiba- 10:01 AM…

"WHAT! You gotta be kidding me!"

The second DigiDestined generation gathered in front of their empty school, since the subway they always take to Shinjuku is close by. Davis was the last to show, and when he did, his friends gave him some interesting news told from Tai and Izzy's e-mail.

Cody crossed his arms. "We're not kidding around. Tai found two more DigiDestined that has the same digivice as our renagade friend."

Yolei shook her head she rolled her eyes. "Didn't you get the e-mail in your D-Terminal, genius?"

"It was out of batteries. But man, new DigiDestined…? Wait a minute…they're not like that crazy girl, are they?"

Ken shook his head. "No, they're nice kids. Besides, that girl tried to destroy one of their Digimon."

With sudden anger, Yolei lifts herself away from her boyfriend and slams her foot on the concrete. "Oh when I find her, she's going DOWN!"

Davis smirked. "Jeez…simmer down, tiger."

Kari, who was sitting on the school stoops, stuffed her D-Terminal in her bag. "Tai did stopped her, though, and he said that he's bringing the new kids to his dorm."

"Dude, that's sweet! Did he say what Digimon they have?"

Kari smiled, lifting her eyes to think. "Hmm…well, one of them does have a Terriermon."

"Whoa, for real? Cool, just like Willis! What about the other kid?"

"The other has a Digimon called Guilmon, but not even Agumon has even heard about him. Unlike Renamon, this one doesn't seem to be on any of Izzy's data."

"Well that defiantly sound like something I can't miss!" Davis shifts his bag to his shoulders and paced away from his friends. "Come on, let's check it out before they bail!"

"No can do, Davis." said TK, standing from the stairs. "Tai still wants us to find that girl while she's still seen in Shinjuku."

"Awww…but I wanna see the new Digimon!"

"Quit whinning ya big baby!" Yolei said, sitting next to Ken on the stone rail. "We still have a job to do, like you said you would do."

"Oh yeah, I did say that."

The girl linked her arm to her bashful boyfriend's. "But, like we agreed, TK; I pair up with Kenny!"

"Actually, I was thinking of having you go with-"


The blonde quickly reeled away. "Okay, okay…!"

"Man, Yolei, do you always have to rub your boyfriend on us all the time?"

Snorting, Yolei faced away from Davis. "Well I'm just happy that I have a wonderful-"

"Ooo, look at me!" Davis suddenly lifted his leg and clasped his hands like a prutty pwincess. "I'm a girl who has a boyfriend! Look at me, look at me!"

Instead of of getting offended, like Davis planned, Yolei snirked. "I was right…you need professional help."

"WHAT?" Luckily, TK was quick enough to grab the angry boy before pounced on Yolei. "Let me at her, TY! I'll teach her some manners!"

Yolei took this moment to play the helpless damsel in distress and grab onto Ken. "Oh Kenny, save me from the ugly wart monster!"

Ken could only groan.

Kari shook her head, bothered by this act. They just get worse by the day.



East Shinjuku- 10:32 AM….

A train charges through the dark tunnels that are built deep under the layers of the city. Subways, the best metropotain transportation. Pricey yet officiant, and that's what Tai is using to bring his newfound crew to his college.

After scaring away Rika, and awakening Takato, Tai asked the Tamers to come with him to his dorm, so he and the DigiDestined can find out more of these new breed. Heck, Takato and Henry were more than happy to agree.

Takato was still shaking with glee on his seat, next to Tai. Heck, he's getting heavy goosebumps. He couldn't believe that the man next to him is part of the legendary team that is considered an urban legend; the DigiDestined. Not only that, this man is the partner to the WarGreymon that battled that virus years ago, and became Omnimon…the very same WarGreymon that saved him from Rika. Boy, you can just guess how nervous Takato is about meeting celebrities, or how scared he was that he might find himself in his bed, and all this Digimon stuff was just a dream.

Henry wanted to ask more questions to Tai who sat across from him, but since that there're so many people around, they have to keep quiet. He wasn't excited as Takato, but yes, Henry was ecstatic that he's actually going to meet the DigiDestined; the very same team that he thought was just a story based on a publicty stunt he heard happening three years ago. Obviously this means the Rainbow Bridge attack was real. This was actually a good thing, because he hoped to seek help from people experienced in handling Digimon. Hopefully, these DigiDestined can help him with his problem.

As they awakened from their thoughts, the train shook to a stop.

"This is…Hattori College. Transfer is available to the…6...5...and… R train." the recorded intercom informed.

"Alright, guys, this is our stop." said Tai, lifting up from his seat. The Tamers followed the older boy, with their Digimon, disquised under random clothes (Except Terriermon.).

The crew climbed on the stairs, leading them to the sufface. As Takato made it first, with Guilmon hidden under a hooded shirt, the first thing they saw was a majestic courtyard filled with older people pacing around the place like ants. There were large and fancy buildings, standing on pure green grass. Heck, even the sidewalks looks so…fancy shaped.

"So this is college? Man, I heard from Kazu that they actually serve McDonalds and all kinds of food here."

"Takatomon…is that green stuff food?"

"No Guilmon, that's grass. Only cows eat that stuff."

"But my tummy is making me want to eat that stuff. Does that mean I'm a cow?"

"No, you're just hungry. I guess you hadn't eaten since you were born." Takato pulled out a piece of bread from his bag. "Here, eat this."

Guilmon sniffed the loaf of wheat before he took a huge bite of the edible item. As he enjoyably chews the bread, Tai and the others finally exited out of the subway tunnel.

"I hope you brought enough for everyone."




"Here we are: my humble abode." Tai said as he tried to unlock the door. "I always have trouble with these keys...oh here we go."

Entering, the kids awed with an amused voice, as they studied the apartment. The living room was fairly big, nice rug in the middle, a couch on the left side, a TV on the other, and a small table in the middle, covered with papers. Down the room was another room that appears to be a white kitchen with a table for eating on the center. Back in the living room, each walls had doors that appear to lead into bedrooms. The left side had stuff of computer posters and a bunch of math stuff. If you guessed Davis, you obviously haven't been watching the show. On the right was posters of soccer stuff and a sign that said 'Knock before entering. Knock cutely if you're Sora.' If you guessed Matt...Get out!

"-whistle-…You guys are gonna have a hell of a tuition to pay!" the rabbit-dog said.

"Tell me about it." Tai muttered. The hair boy then knocked on the door on the left. "Hey, genius, open up!" A pale face went upon the young man when he heard Mimi sighs of pleasure from inside. "Aw shit...KNOCK IT OFF! THERE'RE KIDS HERE!" He slightly opened the door, but not enough for Takato and Henry to see the wrestle of life.

Quickly, Terriermon hopped on Tai's fluffy hair and peaked into the room.

"HEY!" Izzy and Mimi before they aimed pillows at Tai, but they managed to hit Terriermon off of Tai's head.

"Aw nuts...they're just massaging."

"You little pervert," Henry groaned.

As Tai entered inside the computer junk room, a blushing Mimi got off of a blushing Izzy's lap from his massage.

"Sheesh, Izzy, you had me scared there. I don't want their parents to send me a note for lawsuit about scaring them for life."

"What…?" the computer nerd asked as he nervously rocked his eyes. "You thought me and Mimi...?"

"Uh...Anyway, I brought more of these Tamers with me."

"Prodigious! Send them in." Moving away, the young Tamers, along with their Digimon proceed inside. Izzy stood up from his seat, and approached to them. "You must be the new kids I heard about. Salutations. I'm Koushiro Izumi, but everyone calls me Izzy."

The girl with the styling outfit, complete with a pink cowboy hat, gave a wave and smile. "Hi, I'm Mimi. A pleasure, I'm sure."

"Please to meet you. I'm Henry Wong. This here is Terriermon." he said, shrugging his left shoulder where his Digimon sat. "Careful, he's very cynical."

"What's that suppose to mean, Henroid?"

"What…? Momentai."

"Hey…Remember who says the recycled lines here, pal!"

Izzy glanced at the little Digimon. "Ah, a Terriermon. What a coincidence; we know someone who also has a Terriermon in America."

"There's only one Terriermon, and I'm the one and I shine, baby!"

Takato slapped his forehead. Great... Another Kazu. clearing his throat, he stepped in. "Hi, I'm Takato Matsuki, and have to say, it's an honor to finally meet the Legendary DigiDestined!"

"Pleased to meet you." Izzy said as he shook his hand...but he paused for moment to think. "Legendary DigiDestined…?"

His cheery girlfriend giggled. "It does have a nice ring to it."

The young boy scratched his head, "So uh...are we here to take a DigiDestined oath or something."

"Um...we don't have an we, Izzy" Mimi asked.

"Fraid not. We're just very curious and want to see this new generation of the new DigiDestined. We're also on the hunt of this girl that's been attacking us lately."

The Chinese/Japanese Tamer sighed, "Oh you must mean Rika Nonaka. Yeah, I sort of met her before, or at least heard about her. She's the winner of last year's Digimon card tournament. I found her killing Digimon a week ago, and I'd been trying to track her down ever since…And we're Tamers, not DigiDestined."

"From what I heard, DigiDestined are codenamed. We're sometimes codenamed: Chosens. Even if you kids are called Tamers, you're still DigiDestined."

Takato held a wide smile like a happy kid in Christmas. "Wow! We really are DigiDestined, boy! DigiDestined Tamers! I like the sound of that!"

Like always, Guilmon tilt his head, not knowing what was he talking about.

"Like I said: He's one insane kid…just like that Ice Queenie!"

"Be a nice Digimon, Terriermon."

Izzy has been rubbing his chin ever since he heard of the name, Rika. "Hmm…so Rika Nonaka is her name…well at least we finally have a name." Twisting his chair towards the computer, the computer-wizz began typing away. "I'll log onto a site that has the populations' files and see what I can find out about our renegade DigiDestined."

Henry gave a suspicious look, "You mean as in hack into the government files?"

"In a way…we have some friends down in the Digi-World who allows us stealth access to the government files so I can keep track of the DigiDestined of the world."

Both Takato and Henry flinched in surprise before Takato spoke, "Wha…? You mean there're more than you guys around the world!"

"Prodigious, huh…? But it's a long story. Now if you excuse me," and back he went on his computer, searching for any information concerning Rika.

Mimi sat on Izzy's bed, resting her head on her blushing boyfriend's shoulder. "Hope you find out anything else about that loose cannon. I'm worried that she'll get in trouble if she keeps killing these Digimon for fun."

Resting his back on a wall, Tai falls into his thoughts. I hope we make her come to her senses too, Mimi. I know types like her. After that loss against me, it's only gonna increase her pride just enough to get her on the wrong path. But man…I can just hear cursing like crazy, right now.



West Shinjuku: 10:48 AM


Another trash can gets nailed across an alley in the downtown area of Shinjuku, leaving a trail of trash across the area. The defeated Tamer breathed with hard air, as the smog of anger clogged her pipes. The yellow fox, Renamon, rested on a dumpster, watching her Tamer release her stress with pity.

"I can't believe this...Argh! I can't believe that I…" and another kick to a can was laid by Rika.

"I am sorry, Rika. I was not strong-"

"I can't believe...I underestimated him!" Rika cut off Renamon as she kicked another can.

The dark red head female kneeled down to gather back her breath. "So...the DigiDestined are real after all. The legend is true. No wonder that girl yesterday was able to have a Digimon at such an old age"

The data type Digimon looked at her Tamer, studying her state. As far as she feels, it would seem that young Rika seems out done, topped, and above all, she may feel weal… And Rika despise the word: Weak.

Standing up, the red head stuffed her hands into her pockets and kicked a can down the alley before she made a sharp turn toward the exit of the alley.

The fox Digimon watched the child walk out of the alley, like a lion eying her young. Deep inside this warrior creature, she wished she can help make right in

Rika's world, and fight the demons inside of her. But she knows that the Tamer must confront this on her own. For now, all Renamon can do is watch her and be as strong as Rika wants her to be.



East Shinjuku- 11:12AM…

"Wait…you actually created your Digimon!"

This was the question that easily escaped Tai's mouth after hearing how Takato met his Digimon. Henry's Terriermon was received from a computer game he played. It wasn't that astonishing for a Digimon to come out of a computer. After all, that's how all of the international DigiDestined got their Digimon. Although, it was quite interesting that Terriermon came out of a video game; a little info that gave Izzy elements for theories.

But Takato…it wasn't everyday that a DigiDestined actually created a Digimon of their own, using a drawing, and a digivice. However, this, at first, got the Digidestineds very suspicious.

"Um…yeah…is that a problem?" he nervously asked, intimidated by the elders' shocked looks.

Takato wasn't the only one who created a Digimon. Willis of America, Colorado, was the first to actually have two Digimon partners. He thought having more would be fun, so he tried to create a Digimon on his computer. But after it got attacked by computer viruses, the supposed Y2K bug, Diaboromon, was born. But even after it was destroyed, it continued to haunt Willis by corrupting one of his Digimon, Kokomon, and trapped the little Digimon in a dimensional void. Four years later, Kokomon, who was then Endigomon captured anyone who had a digivice, pacifically the older DigiDestined, imprisoned them in the void so they would de-age. This was just so he can find his partner, Willis, the way he remembered him.

(A/N: That is part of the Japanese version of the third movie. The older DigiDestined had a bigger role in that.)

The gang decided that creating a Digimon is a very risky and dangerous thing, and now they find this kid who created a Digimon, even by accident. But after observing the red dino, who was playing with the other Digimon out in the living room, cautiousness wasn't needed at the moment.

"Oh…it's nothing, little guy. It's just really amazing that you actually made Guilmon, even by accident." said Tai, scratching his head.

Rubbing the back of his head, Takato blushed.

Henry, who sat on a chair, rubbed his chin. "Hey, Izzy…I was wondering if you know how are the Wild Digimon entering into our world, and why."

"That's a question that I'm dying to know. We scouted the Digi-World, and the barriers that protect the balance doesn't appear to be harmed or near into depletion. We tried asking a friend named Gennai, but we couldn't find him, and the Harmonious One who protects the eastern part of the Digi-World wasn't present as well."

The young Tamer sighed in dissipointment. There was so much that might come into play because of these Digimon popping up. He had to know what it was, and more importantly, why is he a Tamer.

"Uh…Izzy…ever since I became a Tamer, I've been wondering: why me."

"Well…according to our oberservation, and theories-"

Mimi interrupted. "You mean your long and confusing theories, that really hurts my head, hon?"

Izzy narrowed his eyes at the fashion girl. "According to my theories, a child can become a DigiDestined when he or she comes across with a Digimon. Why, we all became DigiDestined because we were all witnessed to a Digimon fight, twelve years ago, which the media thought it was a terrorist bombing. Thus, called the Highton View Terrace bombing."

Takato leaped off from the bed he sat on. "So you're saying is that whoever sees a Digimon, becomes a DigiDestined?"


"Hey…! I remember seeing Imperialdramon fight that giant spider Digimon! Maybe that's why I became a Tamer!"

Henry looked at the goggled Tamer. "But I never seen a Digimon before in my life. What could that mean?"

Izzy cleared his throat for attention. "As I was saying, this would be true, but when the Rainbow Bridge battle occurred, which Takato mentioned, lots of kids and teens were all witnesses to our fight against Armagedonmon. Right after the fight was one, I did a little snooping at the kids, days later, to see if they were given the necessities to be a DigiDestined. Even to this day, none of them were given digivice and Digimon."

It was hopeless for poor Henry. If the DigiDestined didn't have the answers, who does?


Everyone, especially Tai, snapped towards the door, where a girl with red hair, a white blouse, and blue jeans stood. Yes it was in fact the leader's apple of his eye, Sora Takenouchi.

"Sorry that I let myself in, but the door was open. I hope nobody in the dorm saw the Digimon playing Digi-Wrestling in the living room."

Tai's eyes bugged out. "What!"

Sora raised a brow at her boyfriend. "You didn't hear it?"

As a moment of silence played, lots of glass breaking sounds were heard, and

Biyomon's voice shouted through the walls, saying: "Hey, knock it off!-Sora made that!-You're cleaning this place up later!" and then the familiar: "Momentai!" was spoken.

More groaning was made by the leader, knowing that he has a big bill to pay. "Aw man…and they know better!"

Henry remained silent, hoping that a certain lop-eared Digimon didn't to start it.

After that, the Tamers introduced themselves to the red head pre-adult.

"I remember you now! I saw you and Tai kissing at the park the other day!"

After red shades raised in the couples cheeks, Sora bends down to Takato's point of view with a sly smile. "Were you spying on us, little boy?"

"Uh…well…" Takato's face blushed as he gently gave a nervous laugh. But the words: Little Boy drove his mind back to the girl who, not only tried to kill Guilmon, but was in his dreams before that. How can that be possible…? How did he dreamt about Rika without meeting her beforehand? And what did that dream mean? Well…maybe he'll never know. Besides, that girl was revealed as a psychotic Tamer. He just hoped he doesn't see her again, after when she tried to have Renamon kill Guilmon.


Izzy's words pulled Takato away from his thoughts. "Finished what…?"

"I discovered information about our red-headed friend and located her residence."

Beaming, Henry approached the computer boy. "Great…I was wondering where she lives so that I-"

Suddenly, Tai's arm cut off his path. "Uh…I think it's better that you and Takato lay off Mrs. Congeniality, at least until we smack some sense into her thick skull. I mean, remember back at the park?"

The boys kept silent, seeing the logic in Tai's orders. Rika might try to delete their Digimon if she finds them.

Izzy turned to the group, away from the monitor. "Oh yes…I was hoping that I can look into one of your digivices, so we can link their frequencies to ours in order to keep in tabs with you guys. Plus it would be helpful if we learn the capabilities of your versions."

Mimi giggled. "Yeah, plus Izzy is a really silly, silly curious kitty."

Blushing, Izzy blushed, sheepishly, as he grumbled.

Takato rubbed his head. "Actually I just remembered something. I was suppose to find Guilmon a place to stay. My folks don't allow pets in the house, and I don't wanna find out how they'll react to a dinosaur dragon."

Suddenly, Henry craned his digivice to Izzy. "I'll be more than happy to let you examine it. I wanna be cautious if there're going to be any side effects in our digivices."

Grabbing the digivice, Izzy grinned. "You sound like you want to know all the facts. Sounds like someone I know."

Mimi blinked in confusion. "Do you mean Cody, or you?"

Izzy sighed, deciding not to argue against that. After all, Mimi was right on the money.

Tai lifted off the wall. "As for Guilmon, Sora you know that shaft deep in the Shinjuku Park?"

The red head nodded. "Oh sure, I'll take Takato there."

"Uh, thank you, ma'a...I mean, Sora, but I know where it is, so I can handle it myself."

Crossing her arms, Sora smiled, "You need someone to get Guilmon through the city without anyone seeing him, right? Besides, what happens if that girl finds you?"

"Yeah...I guess you got a point."



Downtown Shinjuku- 12:01 PM

Once again, we find ourselves in the busy streets of Shinjuku, where the shines bright and the citizens go out to whatever their business is. Though if some people would like to find something out of the ordinary to brighten their day, they should look down at the tiny white creature who beneath the humans' walking feet. This strange thing that these creatures were doing looked so interesting to the little Digimon; walking in different directions, like there's no stop to the number of these beings.

"Wow, I'm beginning to like this game...hey, hey, down here, down here! Culu! It's my turn!"

But the little monster had to run out of the way before he was about to be stepped on like gum.

"Culu! Okay, you can go again!"


"And then I said: The God Cards got nothing against these new Digimon cards that are suppose to gods themselves."

"Well what are they called?"

"It's not in print, right now, but I think the internet calls them the Enlighten Ones or something."

In another part of the streets, a group of your average trio of teens chatting about the average events of the Digimon cards. However, these kids are about to pass by your not so average girl.

"Hey it's her…I mean it's you, isn't?" one teen asked, looking back at the little red head.

"You're comprehensible, bud." The other said.

"Comprehend this! That's the Digimon Queen!"

Though the small girl stopped and listened to their talk like she's a celebrity, it would seem she didn't like tolerating it.

"Come on, dude. She's just a little kid."

Just a little kid? What would she give to sic Renamon on them and watch their blood paint the floors? With that, the girl gave a cold glare with her icy violet eyes.

"Yeah I noticed, and she's kind of cute, too. Sort of like that Lina Inverse chick!"

"But isn't that anime girl flat-chested?"

"She didn't look flat-chested in some scenes!"

What surprised the three was that after the girl walked away, she gave them a hand jester made with one finger. Guess which one.

"Damn! Or make that a bitchy Lina Inverse."

"But isn't she always a bitch?"

"Shut up!"


"Hrmph! Anime perverts…give me a break."

Cars slowed down through the road the young Rika was going to cross. Course, like she cared if it will take time for the vehicles to part away. What else is she hurrying for? She had other things on her mind, like her defeats. She felt so humiliated by the Tamers she fought today and yesterday. The three kids in Odaiba; they were alright, especially that Flamedramon. Then this fashion girl surprised her with an Ultimate. And to top it off, when she was kicking the snot out of Goggle-head's pet lizard, an older goggled twit shows up and drags Renamon around he dirt with a Mega. A Mega! How could some Tamer have a Mega …? Unless that guy is…


It would seem that the world around her turned into a dark shade of rainbow color. Time has stopped, but only Rika was in control. It's unclear to how this happened, but it did. From the darkest shade of the realm, the fox Digimon emerged.


"I don't understand. I sternly trained you, deleted and downloaded enough Digimon-data that could've had you up to the Ultimate level. So why won't you Digivolve?"

"…I don't know."

The girl scowled, not accepting that answer. "I think it's your fault. You should try harder."

Though the fox's eyes narrowed a bit, no anger has flowed in her veins. "What are you trying to say to me, Ruki?"

Narrowing her eyes from that name she despise so much, Rika responded as she faced her Digimon. "It's not my fault you lost to some dead beats that're supposed to be fictional legends. My superior skills could've trounced over those so-called masters. You're still too weak to handle them."

The fox still remained calm, even from her Tamer's feedback of her performance. "I never said you weren't superior, Rika."

"Well see that you don't. But as much as I hate to admit it, until you do get your ass moving and Digivolve, we'll just have to lay off the DigiDestined and start small. But remember: I am the best, and won't settle for anything less than that out of you! Do you understand me?"


"Then you know I'm not kidding around here."

"… I know."

Turning to the streets, her meditated world vanished along with Renamon, and returned to normal, with the traffic light turning red for the pedestrians.

"We'll see who the best is, DigiDestineds… Cause its time for retirement, you-OOF!"

Staggering back, Rika then glared at a girl, slightly taller and older than her. She wore a purple hat over her long, blonde hair. This white skinned girl had blue eyes, a purple vest over her blue striped belly shirt, a short, purple skirt, long blue socks, and purple sneakers. The two girls angrily glared at each other with matching glares.

"WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING!" they shouted.

The girls walked around, not even taking their lion glares off from each other until they were completely separate. With that out of the way, Rika pushed away that event.

"She will be the best… like me."

On the other side, unknown to Rika, the blonde for some reason eyed at her with an evil gaze.



West Shinjuku Park: 12:18 PM

In an area where few enter, where it's filled with lush trees, Sora led Takato and Guilmon inside a concrete shed, which has an iron gate on the door. It was nothing much but a room with a dirt floor, but its not like Guilmon need a beach resort hotel to live in.

"…And as you can see here, this marvelous home has the softest soil you can find in all of Tokyo." Sora explained with giggles, since she was acting like one of those homing real-estate people. "It also has the finest iron gates built to keep out those nosey neighbors and pesky thieves, plus the purest green yard in Shinjuku, large enough to build your own pool; though I consider those cute elf statues for the front yard."

Giggling, Biyomon continued. "Buy now, and we'll throw in a free pine air fresheners to make your home smell freshly clean, even under a pit of your Digimon's waste."

Finishing their act with a bow, Takato applauded. "Wow, this is great, guys! Thank you. I'm sure Guilmon would love this place. Right boy?" A sweatdrop came down his head when he found the virus Digimon nearly asleep. Takato figured he tired himself out from Digi-Wrestling the DigiDestineds' Digimon. "Well, I'm gonna go get some more food for Guilmon, especially the peanut butter. I'll have to thank Tentomon and Palmon for introducing him to peanut butter."

"Note the sarcasm, Sora." Biyomon pointed out, making her partner giggle. "Well we're happy to help out. Oh, one other thing," Sora pulled out a Digimon card from her pocket, incase in foil. "As an honorary junior DigiDestined, I bring to you a gift."

Taking the card, Takato raised his eyes at it. "Whoa! A promo Garudamon card! Where did you get this?"

"Um...Burger King." Takato did an anime drop after that one.

"Sora, isn't that the one Tai gave you?" Biyomon asked.

"No, this isn't," Sora then turned to Takato. "I collect Biyomon's evolution line, and my boyfriend gave me the entire set."

"Wow…as in Biyomon, Birdramon, Garudamon, and Phoenixmon? That must be expensive, especially the Phoenixmon card."

Sora gave a smile at her thought. At least Tai learned his lesson after that hair-pin thing…"Yeah, and I already got another Garudamon card. I don't care about their worth; but just to honor Biyomon."

"Aww, Sora!" the bird Digimon said as she blushed.

"Anyways, just remember to try and keep away from that Rika girl, at least until we talk some sense into her."

As he stood up, Takato's face dropped while he flashed back to the dream he had about Rika. What was driving him crazy is the question: Why did he dream about her? How could she be in his dream right before he ever met her? And those eyes...


"Wha..?'ll try, Sora." leaving the sleeping dino in the shed, the three walked outside to the stairs. "Oh, hey, Biyomon, did you find out what Momentai means?"

"I think its Chinese for take it easy."

"And you take it easy, Takato." Sora said as she and Biyomon waved.

"You too...thank you!" After that, Takato looked at the time in his Digivice, thanks to Izzy programming it for him. "Whoa, look at the time! Mom will throw a fit if I don't take out the trash!"

The boy hurried home, jogging down the stone stairs. However, he failed to notice someone hiding in the bushes, spying at him with dark, dreadful eyes.

It all comes down through patience.


"Any stats on a bio-emergence?"

"Pretty quite so far, sir. The last bio-emergence that hit last night was around West Shinjuku Park. We also picked up reports of some kind of bombing around that area as well."

"Send a squad team over there. I want a personal analysis on the area. Tell them I will be there shortly." With that, the man turned to leave the dark computer to let the two women up on the tower chairs to do their jobs. No matter how much they think they're alive, they're still nothing but useless data on the net.



Matsuki residence- 12:23 PM…

The hour of lunch, or brunch, has come over the realm of the humans. Young Matsuki rushed to his humble home that smelled like bread of all the colors of the rainbow. But since that's for ice cream, we might as well cut that. Entering through the automatic glass door, Takato stopped dead in his tracks. No not because he found his family lying dead in their own blood, otherwise he would've had a shocked look on his face. No, not because his mother was waiting for him, with a spoon to smack him with. If that were: his face would be cowering. Actually, his face was heated in redness because the girl he always dream about was inside, buying some bread. No not Rika, though I wish. It was the puppet girl-


I was gonna say that.

"Say hi to your mom for me." Mrs. Matsuki said to the girl who was about to walk away from the counter.

"I will, Mrs. Matsuki. It smells wonderful in here. I wished I lived in a bakery."

"You get used to it."

The goggled boy found himself unable to move. His face held stiff, staring at the brown haired girl who came by him and whispered. "Oh, by the way: Kazu and Kenta are looking for you. They're down by the park."

Takato forced himself out of his blushing trance and turned to the girl who was now outside. "Oh...I forgot. Thanks a lot, Jeri."

After giving the cutest wave, Jeri left the store, leaving Takato lost in heaven.

"Did you find a place for that cardboard box, son?" Takato felt his heart break when his father broke his train to his happy place. "I know it was hard son, but at least you didn't have enough time to get...attached...sob...!"

Takato knew he wasn't really crying, but did he have to embarrass him about the box? Oh well…better get the day old bread.



East Shinjuku/ Hattori College- 12:21 PM…

Outside of the dorm, young Henry Wong sits on a bench, laid on the side of the concrete path that led to the front glass doors. Since Izzy was studying his digivice, he decided to think things through in the fresh, polluted air.

When he became a Tamer, so many questions poured into his mind, which he was eager to know the answers of each of them. And before he met Terriermon, in person, his power was proven to be chaotic when he Digivolved. And for that, Henry got his Digimon to promise not to Digivolve.

So many responsibilities he felt he had to endure, and endure them alone he believed he must. But now, after discovering the true existents of the DigiDestined-


By shock, Henry bounced off his seat. As he breathed for his nerves to compose themselves, he found Tai waiting for him by the door.

"Izzy's done with your digivice!"


"Prodigious…this model certainly has some interesting features."

"Hmm…it would be nice if it had a built-in radio, or television program."

"You wish, Tentomon."

Tai and Henry returned to computer-wiz's room, expectantly finding their friend glued to the screen. His ditzy girlfriend was nowhere to be found, which can only mean she went shopping with Sora. With a sinister grin, Tai snuck behind his roommate and got closer to his ear.


"GAHH!" Trying to ease his heart, Izzy found his roommate behind him, laughing at his immature act. "Tai!"

"Come on, you should had seen your face -snicker-."

"That's still not funny, Tai!"

"Yeah, you're right…wait, no you're not!" and the tall boy laughed away.

"Super Shocker!" Tentomon unleashed a tiny amount of electricity, nailing Tai's butt enough to scream.

"OW! Tentomon!"

"You were laughing for it."

As Agumon got up at Tentomon's face and began a battle of angry stares, Henry approached Izzy. "So what did you call me for, Izzy?"

The computer boy handed Henry back his green digivice. "I already downloaded nearly all of the programs from your digivice. I gotta say, I never seen a digivice model so fascinating since the D-3s. The Tamers' version includes a built-in Digimon Analyzer, which I plan on upgrading that marvel into the D-3s."

"Awesome, Izzy…you think it'll work on ours?"

"For now, that's a negative, Tai. Our older models probably won't have the storage to handle any more upgrades, until I can solve that problem."


"Now then, the D-Arcs also can detect a Digimon breaching into our world, just like a D-3, plus all the data needed for the Digi-Modify ability. I would like to include that number as well, but that kind of program would way too complex for any of our digivices to handle."

Henry raised a brow. "Wait…you said…D-Arc."

"Oh, that's the name I decided to give your digivices. The reason the second branch of DigiDestineds' digivices are called D-3s is because of three main functions: Detect, Discover, Digital- hence their names. I called your model: D-Arcs because of their shape, until I can fully understand their true functions."

"Hmm…makes sense."

"Now thanks to the code of your D-Arcs, I was able to finally program my radar to keep track of you, including our little confused acquaintance. She was last detected in the middle of Shinjuku, two minutes ago."

Henry knitted his brows. Something tells me that I better get involved…again.



Shinjuku Park: 12:36 PM

In the lush green park, Takato returned to Guilmon's new home with bags of bread and peanut butter.

"Hey Guilmon! Lunch time! I even brought the peanut bu-aaahhh! What did you do to this place!" Once the shed was just a concrete room, now the further wall had a huge hole, with a pile of dirt in the middle.

Awakening, Guilmon revealed himself from the dirt pile, with a tired expression on his face. "Made it bigger… now Guilmon really small."

"I think you mean sleepy, boy." Takato gulped when the half awake Digimon stood up and approached the boy. "No Guilmon! Wait!" but when the dino rested his head, Takato was crushed under his body. "No more peanut butter for you!"


"Way a go, Kenta. You fell headfirst into my trap. SNAP!"

Laying a SkullMeramon over his Meramon, Kenta shuddered at the surprise. He hung his head, preparing to listen to Kazu's bragging over his victory.

"Hey guys." Takato joined up with his friends under the dino statue they always hang around to play with their Digimon cards.

"Come on, dude! Don't cry and look up. I am just that good!" Kazu grinned as he held his winning card in front of Kenta's face.

"You are one humble guy, Kazu." Kazu laughed from Takato's compliment.

"You're a…lousy winner!" Kenta whined as he pushed up his glasses.

"Am not! You're just a lousy loser, you hear me, loser? Anyway, you'll never win until you learn how to use modify option cards! That's where real Tamers shine, and I shine, baby!"

A thought clicked within the goggle boy's mind. Modify cards…he remember seeing Rika slashing a card through her Digivice to give Renamon some kind of a gun. He didn't know how she did it, but…

I get now; modify.

"Hey, Chumely, wake up! It's your turn to lick my feet.";

"Huh...? Oh yeah? We'll see about that!"


Another area, deep in the park, a group of black vans parked along the small parking lot, forbidding any room for any cars to park, if there was any. A team of scientists in black leather suits spread around the area where Renamon fought a Goblimon. Half of that playground was destroyed; metal bars, and broken steel everywhere.

As the scientist scanned the territory with small devices, the same blonde man with the lighter he always plays with, calmly walked across the closed area. Through the shades, the man spotted something jabbing the sand. After picking it up, he narrowed his eyes at the Digimon card.


Like always, the three boys spend to waste their Saturday playing with the Digimon cards. And like always, when Takato was about to put the finishing touches on his victory.

"Hey Chumily… I got something for ya!" Flipping his boost chip card for his SkullGreymon card, Takato fell on his face from Kazu's victory. "Ha! And once again, the Digimon Master has kicked your ass. Thank you, come again."

"Thank you so much, Apu." Takato muttered with his mouth to the floor.

The proud Kazu laid his head and arms back on the statue's leg. "Ahh…course my shining victory would be better if we did this on that new halo stadium."

"You mean that new halo field they're building in the game center? They haven't finished it yet." Kenta reminded.

"Yeah, I know. Sucks, huh…? What was that company called… Uh…Kuba Corp…?"

"Kaiba Corp, Kazu." Kenta corrected.

"You mean that company that helps make the Duel Monster card game better with those high-tech gizmos?" Takato asked.

Kazu nodded at his question. "Oh yeah! It's supposed to make the Digimon in the card game come to life, that way, it feels real. That's where this year's card tournament is going to be held. Course…if there was a way to have Duel Monsters vs. Digimon, man Digimon would so kick their asses." Looking up above, the brash Kazu smiled.

(A/N: Sorry for that pointless two-side info, but after reading Seth Turtle's story, I couldn't help it…or is it a pointless spoiler for a future project?)

"You know, I think I'm a natural for that tournament."

"You're delusional, I mean, you're not even in their league, Kazu." Kenta warned.

The visor wearing boy rose his back up. "Am too; Listen up, boy-o, if a girl won it last year, then I can easily wipe the floor against the rest."

Shaking his head, Kenta pushed up his glasses. "That…was not just a girl."

"Yeah, the Digimon Queen, I know. Can you believe it? She even lives around here."

Takato gasped at this news.

"She'll wipe you out two seconds before you even notice, Kazu."

"Don't think so. She just never met match, that's all. Wait and see, Chumily. She'll be begging me for mercy."

The Digimon Queen; not only that name repeated in Takato's head, but so did the dream. He keeps asking himself: Why did he have that dream? Even though that girl showed how much of a psycho she is, maybe if…"I have to find her!"

"You have to do what?" Kazu asked with confusion.

"Where is she? I need her." The goggled boy demanded.

Kazu's eyes rose with bewilderment. "Dude… I can't believe what you just said. Did you say you need a girl…? Man, you're out of the club, Chumily…Hello, Takato…?"

Yep, as you figured, Takato's mind was out there. Course; to Kazu and Kenta, this wasn't the first time. The goggled boy was always drifting his mind into space. But there were a few things that can bring Takato's mind back to reality; and here's one.

"Takato needs a girl? What for? Will I do?"

A slight blush came across his cheeks when he snapped his head to Jeri Katou, who stood outside of the statue's belly.

"Not unless you can beat the Digimon Queen." Kenta said to her. "Now that's a battle I'll pay money to see."

The girl shook her head with a smile. "Boys are so silly. What's so great about fighting?"

"Show's how much you know about being a boy." Kazu said as he lay back. "That's how we keep score at any rate. I've met plenty of girls who enjoy a good fight."

"I'm sure you had…" Jeri was cut out when she heard her friends calling her. "…lots of them." The girl ran up to her friends. "Hey, Mikki, you wanna fight with Kazu, right?" the girls laughed at the sarcastic joke.

"I think we lost that round, guys." Takato muttered. Suddenly, Takato's ears perked up when he heard something interesting in the girls' conversation.

"Hey, did you see all those black vans down the park?"

"Yeah, they must be from the FBI or something."

"Maybe Kenta' socks caused the tress to wilt."


Black vans, deep in the park? But that's where I hid… "Uh guys, I gotta motor!" Takato quickly said as he scooped up his cards. "I'll talk to you later. See ya!" with that, Takato ran out of the park.

"Hey, where are you going, Chumily?"


"…Bout time we showed up to this town!"

Back downtown, the teens, TK and Kari waited near a subway entrance, where Davis, Cody, Ken and Yolei exited from. As TK noticed, Davis had a small grumpy face, and it kept increasing when he kept looking at the couple, Ken and Yolei, who were snuggling their nose at each other.

"What's eating you, Davis?" asked TK.

"Nothing… It's just that these two are annoying the hell out of me with their lovey-dovey routines."

TK raised a brow at the boy. However, he decided to stay out of his friend's problem. "Alright, we already decided how to do this. Ken and Yolei will take the north, Kari and I will take the south, and Davis and Cody will take the west. When you find that girl, contact us."

"Aw man, why do you get to go with Kari?"

"Will stop whining and just deal with what TK said?" Yolei spat.

Davis faced her with his famous grin. "I wasn't asking you. When I want to ask you something, I'll let you know, Nerd-tron."




Ken groaned loud to cut them off. "That's getting WAY too old, you know."

The youngest member tugged TK's shirt. "Sorry TK, but I was hoping I can go to Izzy's dorm to find out about those new kids." The twelve year old Cody asked.

As TK was going to answer, Davis cut in. "Go ahead, just go! At least I get kick that girl's ass all by myself."

"Davis!" Too late for Cody, cause Davis ran off the way he was ordered to.

"My god; is he impatient to fight that girl, or is it because he can't be with Kari again?" Yolei scoffed as she rolled her eyes.

Her boyfriend sounded a sigh. "I don't know. Something's been bugging him lately, and he wouldn't talk to me about it."

TK then stepped in. "We'll settle his problem, later. Let's move out, gang."


Outside the West Shinjuku Park, Takato rushed throughout the side of the streets. One the roads, Takato can see a trail of black vans leaving the parking lot of the park. Not only the numbers scared him, but so did those satellites on the roofs.

"Whoa, Jeri and her friends are right. Looks like some kind of a government operation. But I wonder if they're trying to track down criminals or aliens…Aliens like Guilmon!"


Running with extreme energy of a cat and the worries of a mother, Takato burst through the park, running up the stairs of Guilmon's hideout,

Only to find the red dino missing.

"They must have found him! I should've hidden him better!"


"Guilmon!... Guilmon!"

Takato spend the next five minutes around the park, in a nervous wreck, trying to find his Digimon. Those government guys could've gotten him, but Takato preyed to whatever god that Guilmon is hiding somewhere in the park.

They're probably doing some weird experiments on him or gutting him like a lab frog. Fatigue has caught up with him, right in his lungs, and Takato stopped for a breathier.

"No…" Hope was lost. It would seem Guilmon was captured. Why did life have to take Guilmon away from him, when he just met him? Why? He's gone,

Suddenly, Takato's Digivice went off sounding like an alarm clock. When he lifted out of his shirt, the compass mode was already activated.

"Hey… this means he's nearby!" Takato said with a slight relived smile.

Though the question was: How to work this thing again? "Here…no there…uh…over here...? Man, how does this thing work?" Finally, the arrow pointed directly in a large area of bushes. Three words popped up in his mind. Bulls eye…baby?

"Guilmon…? Are you in there?" he called, stepping through the bushes. "Come on out… Guilmon?"

"I win!" The next thing that happened, Guilmon popped up from the green bushes. "Let's play again!"

Takato gave the deepest exhaled breath he ever threw. "You scared me! Guilmon, I thought I would find you floating in a vat under green water like on TV!"

Takato threw his arms around the Rookie, hugging him with all his strength.

"Can I do that?"

"You're crazy, boy. Guilmon, you can't go wandering around by yourself. There's no telling what bad stuff might happen."

"But…there's no bad stuff…you're here, Takatomon.."

Sighing, Takato petted the baby dino. "There must be some way to bring you around. We can't have you dress as a box all the time, and Tai and Sora took back the costumes since you barely fit in them...Dresses…Costumes? Guilmon, I got an idea!"



Downtown Shinjuku: 1:32 PM

The district of Tokyo, still as busy as always and as usual the Asian counterpart of New York City. Within the moving crowd of citizens, the dark female Tamer, Rika, trailed down the sidewalk with headphones on and not even caring if she bumped into a pedestrian. Like Takato's Digivice, hers, strapped on to her belt, went off like an alarm clock. She didn't bother to pick it up because she knows what that sound means.

The girl motioned her violet pupils, seeing if she can find a digital field. But like a magnet, the eyes led over to a certain goggle boy and a red dino, walking by from down the road on the other side. She grinned coldly, smelling the scent of opportunity to bring pay back on that boy. Now all she needs is a private location.


"Man this is boring, and me without my Nintendo DS. Where is that crazy brat?"

The grumpy goggled DigiDestined, Daisuke Motomiya, marched over a street bridge. From the boy's bag, which was strapped from his shoulder, DemiVeemon could see his sour mood. Throughout the years the little Digimon had known him, Davis' chance for being with Kari had been down the drain many of times. But usually he doesn't act like this after those. Something was really bothering his human partner, but he just couldn't put his-

As if his eye was in auto-pilot, DemiVeemon spotted something further down the road. "Davis, look over there!"

Doing what he said, Davis leaned on the left side of the bridge, and spotted a girl with a red haired ponytail, running across the busy streets, without even waiting for it to clear.

"There she is! We better follow her before we lose that brat!" Davis said as he exitted the bridge.

"Couldn't you track her down with your D-3?"

"I can't…. Her Digivice can't be picked up, and neither can those other two kids Izzy talked about! Don't worry, pal, we'll get her, and then its payback time!" Right after he made it down the stairs, the young Chosen spotted another person crossing the streets, only it was a red dino, and another was a kid with golden goggles. "Hey…looks like a Digimon! Maybe he's the guy Tai found."


Around when that happened, Takato tried to take a chance and take Guilmon around the city, with no disguise. The boy figured: Since Guilmon is the right size to pass off as a kid; maybe he can say that he's a kid in a costume. And it actually worked; people bought it like Duel Monster cards, even though they aren't as popular here as in most places, and especially in this one town, which shall remain nameless.

Anyways, after proving his theory, Guilmon just ran off for some reason, across the streets. Takato ran inside a garage lot, after Guilmon, who headed to a quieter part of the town close by,

"Man…I need to stop cutting out of gym class…GUILMON! STOP RIGHT THERE!"

When entering the lot, he took a breather. At first, it was a good thing the virus Digimon stopped, but the bad thing is, he only stopped to face Renamon, who waited in a darker shade of a pillar.

"Aw nuts, that can only mean," his voice trailed for a minute when Rika revealed herself from behind a closer pillar. "That girl is here too."

"Can't get anything past you, huh?" she asked, sarcastically. "And I do have a name, but enough small talk. Are you ready to fight this time, or you need any other chump to fight your battles, again?"

"Man what's this all about? Why do we have to fight? Guilmon didn't do anything to her!"

The girl gave a sigh, irritated by the boy's lack of knowledge. "Let me praise it again: This is what Digimon do; they fight. And when they fight they get stronger, and when they get stronger they Digivolve. You two are just our stepping stones for the bigger meat out there."

"She's going to cream him! This isn't even a fair fight! You can't let her attack!"

Like the word passing through his ears, the red dino activated his nerves. "ATTACK!" And began to dash into battle.

"Guilmon! I didn't mean you!"

Renamon taunted the dino as she jumped back on a car. "Bring it on, big boy!"


Renamon leaped off from the car before the fireball caused it to explode in fire-burst blaze; gasoline involved grantee.


Rika grimed in anger, and not to mention wondered to why the Diamond Storm still had no effect on Guilmon. That attack always destroys all Rookies and some Champion Digimon, yet this Digimon doesn't feel a thing.

"What's going on in here?"

All eyes then turned to a door of light, and through that door of light, came a boy with a rabbit thingy on his head.

"Thank goodness!" Takato sighed in relief when Henry came in.

"You again…? Jeez, Gogglehead, can't you rely on yourself, and not to some clown with a weenie little rabbit?"

"Who you calling a weenie?" the vaccine Digimon shouted irritably at Rika. "Henry, I think that qualifies as rude!"

"Yeah, that seems to be going a lot around here. There's a lot about this I don't understand, though. It's true that on the net Digimon are born to fight, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't fight here. Don't you get it, they came to our world for something they can't get on the net, what is it? And why did we became Tamers when the DigiDestined are available for hire, again?"

Rika rolled her eyes after that. "When you figure it out, Socrates, let me know. Until then, Renamon, you know what I expect."

"As you wish."

As the hopped on cars to cars like a frog on lily-pads, Rika figured that the reason Guilmon didn't get hurt that much from her attacks was because he was a virus. So…


"Oh shoot, this is bad," Takato muttered, nervously. That card is a vaccine type, meaning viruses are weak against vaccine.


After the X formed on to her chest, she blasted a white beam that rocket toward the virus type.



Rika pressed her lips in frustration when fireballs intercepted the beam in a huge blast. "What the hell!"

Behind Takato were two beings that stepped out of the shadows. One was a teen with messy brown hair, silver goggles, brown eyes, a brown jacket with a white fluffy collar, a white t-shirt, blue baggy jeans, and gray sneakers. The other was a large, humanoid blue dragon with fire armor that had large claws on the egg shaped gloves, long sharp toes, and a blade that stood on its snout.

"I can't believe you started the party without me, kid!"

Rika growled, irritably. "Oh you again…? Where's the rock you Goggleheads crawl out of, so I can smash it?

"Kid, all I can say is: stop what you're doing…and…uh…help me out here, Flamedramon."

"Not the voice of reason, are ya, lame-brain?"

"I had my better days."

Rika slapped her forehead. "Well it looks like you're looking for a fight. This Gogglehead was just a warm up, but since you're here- Renamon?"

"Very well…" Wasting no time, the yellow Digimon tread away from Guilmon like yesterday's lunch, and charged for the bigger meat: Flamedramon.

"Boy you sure talk peace into her, Davis!" Flamedramon muttered.

"So sue me! Negotiation ain't my forte. Just kick her ass, Flamedramon!"

Just as the Armor level Digimon was about to suit in battle position, Flamedramon barely blocked both of Renamon's paws. The two fighters were in a lock struggle, using all their might to push each other off.

"Come on, buddy! Show her how much of a rookie that girl is, and I'm not talking about Digimon level!"

Rika's face scowled greatly from that remark from Davis' mouth. Drawing from her belt was a card. "Rookie? I was going to go easy on you, but you had to piss me off! DIGI MODIFY! POWER ACTIVATE!"

Flamedramon gulped in his throat when he felt his arms losing the will to fight back. Renamon suddenly gained stronger, and pushed her opponent down to his knees. Then his chin met her coming knee, which made him cough out some spit and digital blood. With a swift movement, Renamon released his arms and gave him a fierce kick to the side of his head that forced him to fly into a car.

"No fair! You have those cards!" Davis whined.

"Well its like they say: If you can't take the heat stay out of the kitchen, Goggle-Face!"

The fire Digimon rose from the large dent he made at the front of the car, and

wiped the dirt off his face.

"Not bad…not bad, for a newbie. FLAME FIST!"


The two blasts of shards and flames collided in a smoky blast, which almost reached to Takato and Henry, who ran across the lot to get to Davis.

"You must be one of the DigiDestined." Henry said.

"So you're the new kids, huh? I'm Davis. I'm sure you know Flamedramon over there."

Takato nodded. "Yeah, but don't you think we should try to make a get away?"

"Uh…oh alright, I'll pound her to the ground, later. Flamedramon, finish this off for an exit!"

Rika smiled with coldness. She knew he was gonna make a smokescreen for their escape. Don't count on it.


Flamedramon leaped up high as his claws focused pyro energy. "FLAME FI-!" But his stomach felt as if something jabbed him with a battering ram. Renamon used her increased speed to quickly catch him with a knee to the gut before he launched the attack. While airborne, Renamon spun her leg around Flamedramon, and smashed it on his spine, which gave him a force to hit the pavement hard.

"Well so much for that plan!" Takato shouted.

The Armor level Digimon struggled back on his feet. With his blood coursing through his veins, and his stomach feeling great pain, Flamedramon screamed in a battle cry as he rushed towards Renamon with his claws ready for the kill.


Once again, Flamedramon launched like a fiery comet towards Renamon, but this time, Rika was prepared.


"HYDRO CANNON!" As if she threw a bursting soccer ball like a super strong goalie, Renamon tossed a powerful blast of water upon the flaming Digimon. Flamedramon's Fire Rocket was drenched from the water as it blew the fire Digimon to crash his back on a cement pillar.

Rika smiled at the fight as if she enjoyed it. Skilled as a fighter, my ass.

"Rika, this guy is a DigiDestined, and this whole fight is so stupid! Please stop this!" Takato pleaded.

"Oh please. You expect me to listen to a Gogglehead to stop hurting his fellow Goggle-Face's pet dragon?"

"Man, what's your problem, kid?" Davis shouted.

"Simple enough, just trying to be the best. Though, you're proving to be a disappointment, and you're supposed to be a DigiDestined? No doubt, by my observation, that you're the weakest of the group, am I right?"

Davis grimed angrily as he curled his fist at her. "Wanna say that again when my-?"

"Don't bother try to make empty threats. You're about as weak as that pathetic Gogglehead next to you."

Takato suddenly pressed his lips as he felt heat within his throat.

"I mean, he's a sorry excuse for a Tamer, I don't know how he became one in the first place. And his Digimon is not even a challenge."

Takato grinded his teeth like a wild animal. All his instincts led his hand to draw out a card from his pocket and slide it down his D-Arc. As if he felt his anger, Guilmon dashed forth at the battlefield.

"Renamon, finish this off." The Ice Queen simply ordered.

The fox Digimon slowly approached the fire dragon Digimon as sparkling shards

surrounded her. Flamedramon stood up with his back touching the pillar. As much

as he tired, his wet body made it impossible for him to produce flames.

"Flamedramon, get out of there!"


The fox Digimon felt a cold gush pass by her nose. She quickly turned to her left and found Guilmon coming at her as he leaped his into the air, with orange energy coursing around his arms.


Slashing away his crossed arms; a flaming bird launched from Guilmon and rammed Renamon. Her body scratched the floor before it exploded on her.

"WHAT…?" her angry eyes directed itself over to Takato, who held his D-Arc in a tight grip and glared back at the female Tamer.

"I tried to ask nicely. I didn't even want to bring it down to this…;but if fighting is the only way for you to stop…then FINE!"

Renamon was able to get up from the rocky ditch after that attack. After all, even if it was an Ultimate, it was still a vaccine attack. Soon, Guilmon held his guard by a wet Flamedramon who stood in his battle pose.

Rika smiled at this event. So you're finally using your brain, huh Gogglehead? "Alright Renamon, looks like they're finally gonna fight for real."

"Takato, what are you doing? This is not the way to settle this!" Henry shouted.

"I wish there was another way, but she's not giving us a choice! Guilmon, take her down…but don't destroy her!"

Davis grinned at his new young friend before bringing his face back up to his Digimon. "You heard the man, Flamedramon!"

Flamedramon agreed, but he felt that he needs to get his flames up first. After shaking as much water as he can off of him, Flamedramon focused with all his might to let out his flames, but they still won't come out.

"Argh…damn this water…Flames…COME OUT!" Like a motor bursting in overheat, Flamedramon flared in intense fire. "That's more like it! Bring it, Foxy!"

"Two against one? Oh you shouldn't have," Rika sarcastically said. "Make this quick and sweet, Renamon."

Like fighters in a street fight, the Flamedramon and Guilmon stood their stance at Renamon; waiting for her to make a move. As the fox Digimon focused a white orb between her palms, Guilmon slouched down while Flamedramon flared his flames more.

Though Henry did not like how this was handled, this was not the least of his worries right now. "Uh…where's Terriermon?"


"Boy do I look good." The dog-rabbit muttered as he admired the reflection on a car's tire frame. "Hey…where did everyone go?"


Right as Renamon sprung into the air with shards already forming around her, Flamedramon launched in after her with the flames gathering around his gauntlets, while Guilmon emitted energy in his throat.




"Whoa, where's the party?" Terriermon asked as he made himself step in between the fight.

"What… GET BACK!" Flamedramon and Renamon shouted.


It was too late for the three to call back their attack. Already, the shards and the fire blasts made their way at each other, but in their way was the little beast Digimon: Terriermon.

"Uh oh!"

When the fire was a foot closer to Terriermon, it was as if time slowed down in Henry's eyes. He couldn't respond until the blast nailed each other upon the little Digimon.

"NO!" the Chinese/Japanese Tamer cried as he shoved Davis and Takato out of the way. He then felt warmth on his right arm, and then grabbed that light which was coming from his D-Arc. "No…not again,"




The little bunny rabbit grew to about the size of a football player. His appearance didn't change much; he now wore a green mask that also covered his ears. His arms extended like his legs that worn baggy jeans. Around his waist and left shoulder was a belt containing bullets. In addition, upon his hands were large barrel-guns with five barrel cannons.



Henry now knew that Terriermon is still alive, but he prayed that the unthinkable didn't happen. Too bad now that it did because from the cleared smoke stood a bigger rabbit with guns, standing from where Terriermon once stood.

He promised me he wouldn't do it.

"Dude, is that Gargomon? Man, I haven't seen him in a while!" Davis said.

All of Flamedramon's guard was down when he spotted this familiar Digimon; the one he met back in America.

"Gargomon… Is that you? Is Wills here?"

(Play Night of Fate, from Kingdom Hearts soundtrack)

Right as his eyes locked on with an instinctual look, Gargomon fired his guns at the dragon Digimon.

"WHOA!" he went as he rolled away from the shots that jabbed through the concrete. "What are you doing?"

"Can't…stop…it…" his body was doing all the work for him, but in ways he didn't want to do. He continued blasting his cannons at everything he sees, namely Guilmon and Flamedramon, who then dashed out of the way to let the shots hit and destroy a car that burst into flames. "Uh…sorry."


"What's wrong with him…why is he going nuts?" Takato asked.

"This is what I was afraid of!" Henry answered without even hearing Takato's question. He was more like mumbling to himself. "He's just not ready for that kind of fire power."


Smoke rose from subway entrances outside the park. But in that park, the couple:

Ken and Yolei spotted the smoke from about a few meters on a bridge.

"Kenny, look!" Yolei pointed out.

"I see! Come on, I bet Davis must of found our girl."

"How can you tell?"

"This is Davis we're talking about."

"Oh…right. Let's go, I'll e-mail the others!"


"JANE! STOP THIS CRAZY THING!" the trigger happy Digimon cried as he continued to fire at random directions.

Renamon hopped on walls to reach to the ceilings for safety. But from there, she can spot the Champion Digimon creating havoc.

He's out of control.



Beast man Digimon. His shoots a round of vulcans with his gatling. The

accuracy of his barrage is unparalleled. He has the power to break even the


Type: Vaccine

Stage: Champion

Attacks: Gargo Lasers (Gatling Arm), Bunny Pummel (Dum Dum Upper)


After viewing the stats, Rika motioned her eyes to the gun crazed Digimon. Now Gargomon was laughing like an insane killer. It would seem Terriermon lost all control.

The yellow fox traveled on the pipes above, making her way towards Gargomon. I have to stop that crazed gun bunny…Before he hurts Rika! Bouncing off the wall, Reanmon hopped onto Gargomon's shoulders and grabbed him by his neck…if he has one that is.

"Way to go, Renamon! Now's your chance!"

The boys however hid for safety behind a car. They can see from the distant of the fox Digimon trying to hold off the Champion level Digimon, but the gun bunny was still able to shot about and cause chaos. Rika on the other hand was still cheering for Renamon to finish him off and upload his data like she wasn't aware of the danger.

"Man, doesn't she realize what's going on?" Davis asked with irritated confusion.

"Or Gargomon for the matter?"

Henry on the other hand felt so much grief and guilt as he watched his Digimon go on a rampage with his guns. "This is just… so wrong!"

Gargomon whirled around like a spinning top, which threw the fox Digimon off of him. Twirling her body as she flew, Renamon was able to catch herself, but then she quickly leaped back into the ceilings before the fire shots took hit at where she stood. The insane Digimon rapidly blasted the ceilings to catch the running fox, but it was like trying to shoot down a speedy rat. All his fire power caused most of the ceilings to collapse and crumble down on the cars to create a hellish blaze of explosions. Now fire was everywhere, burning the damaged cars and the garage. Though the flames were far enough for the smoke to stay clear of the kids, it was still enough to make the kids feel like they're in Hell, but Henry believed he was the one who created it, not Gargomon.

"Renamon, what are you doing? Fight back, now!"

I'm sorry, Rika, but right now is no time for games!


Fear and sadness drew within the little white Digimon. He has already seen such carnage from where he came from, and he does not want to see that here.

Don't they know they don't have to act like this?


"Gargomon, calm down!" Flamedramon shouted as he burst through the fire. Lucky thing his Armor form feeds on fire.

Hearing his name, his mind clicked to a new target, Flamedramon. Immediately, the beast man fired away at the Armor Digimon. Flamedramon cartwheeled to the sides, avoiding the lasers; flames formed out from his path. The dragon answered back with some shooting fireballs, but Gargomon parried them away with his barrel guns, like a tennis racket. Using this chance for action, Flamedramon howled as he gathered fire from the flames into his armor. His fire armor lit up like flaming neon.

"I'm sorry to do this, buddy! FIRE ROCKET!"

Flamedramon shot out in flames at the wild Digimon, but the spot he once stood burst out like sand. Gargomon skipped away from the flying Digimon with a little 'whoops' and 'whoas'. With every spot Flamedramon lands or launches, the concrete crushes and rise like it was dirt. But this Fire Rocket seemed more powerful then any that Davis seen before.

"Man, I never have seen Flamedramon go all out like that. He's like he's a Pinball!"

"I guess maybe he used all that fire Gargomon made." Takato answered.

Henry was still zoning out; kicking himself for what Gargomon is doing. "It's like he wasn't Terriermon at all."

"Dude, of course not! He's Gargomon now! It's called: Digivolve, dude!"

"I don't think he meant by that, Davis."


The bouncing and flaming Flamedramon still had trouble trying to hit Gargomon; he kept moving out of the way. This presented a problem, because the dragon's flames were burning out. As Gargomon spotted Flamedramon charging at him one last time, he cackled wickedly as his guns opened up a little to let green light flash out.


Right as the Armor Digimon neared, Gargomon thrust his right arm up, as the green charge shined brighter. As his gun smashed into Flamedramon's jaw, fire exploded like a splash. The flames cleared away to show Gargomon still up in the air, but having his gun still rising upon the dragon's jaw.

(A/N: Think of Ryu and Ken's Rising Dragon. If you seen the movie: Street Fighter Alpha, picture Gargomon doing that move Ken did to that biogenetic fighter. But less powerful.)

While still hovering in the air, Gargomon can see Renamon's shadow approaching him from the ceiling. Gargomon quickly spun around, holding his guns together as both of them lit up from the open sockets. He smashed the guns right on Flamedramon's chest and shoved him hard at the ceilings. When Flamedramon crashed there, the force caused the ceiling to collapse where Renamon now stood, and the two Digimon fell hard to the pavement, buried by the rubble.

"Flamedramon!" Davis cried.

After he landed back on the ground, Gargomon gave a grin that shook like a maniac. He stood there watching the two trying to dig out of the pile. Both Renamon and Flamedramon poked their heads and arms out, but they were too weak to defend themselves from Gargomon, who now aimed his guns at them.

"What's wrong with you, Renamon? How could you not see that?"

His eyes automatically followed the sound of that voice. The fox's Tamer, Rika, howled angry shouts at her Digimon, but these shouts gave memories in his mind.

"Don't make me laugh. You honestly think that weenie little rabbit will stand a chance against Renamon?"

Weenie? That word sound like an insult.

"Renamon, come on! That thing is a pansy, just…-gasp- !"

Rika's heart gave a loud pump when the Champion rabbit-dog twisted around to face her. It was like a bear was eying at a prey and if you move, you're dead.

Rika couldn't help but feel so cold the minute Gargomon slowly made his move to her. He approached the girl like a robotic drone, aiming his guns at the little girl. Rika tried and tried to tell herself to stop acting like such a girl, you're a Tamer. Do not act like a weak coward, she mentally yelled to herself, but the fear was consuming her as she slowly walked back from the crazy Digimon, but now she was cornered in front of a pillar. This is a similar thing to feel if a psycho thug corners you in an alley and points a gun at you, threatening to kill you if you don't give up the money, or… things to do with rape. Rika always believed that she would never be scared and not act like a helpless girl like you see in television, but now trapped in this predicament, she doesn't care any more.


"Ruki! NO!" Renamon cried, but the rubble on her was holding her back.

"GARGOMON DON'T DO IT!" Henry cried.

He might not notice it or so, but time moved so slow in Takato's eyes. There in the purple mist, was Gargomon cornering Rika. Not only can he hear his own heartbeat, but also Rikas and her breathing. He saw Guilmon far from the side, just standing there, like he either doesn't know what's going on, or that if he does not know what to do.

He thought back hours ago. When he met her, she tried to kill and upload Guilmon. She seemed like such a heartless witch, with no guilt of who she hurts.

But… he did not understand how he could dream about Rika before he met her. She seemed so strong in that dream, like the monsters fighting beneath her feet did not bother her. But now…she's scared…frightened…almost as if he saw that when he looked into her eyes back in that dream.

Yes, she was so cruel, but nobody deserved this fate, not even Rika. He can't allow this to happen. He won't watch someone get murder in cold blood.


He never wants to see anyone in pain.



Those echoed cries coursed inside Guilmon's winged ears. Without even thinking, Guilmon raced throughout the lot towards Gargomon.

Takato jumped over the car and nervously ran to Rika's rescue. But as he saw Gargomon's weapons charge in green light, he figured that he or Guilmon won't make it. He had to use a card, anything to help Guilmon stop him. Without

looking, Takato pulled out a card from his pocket and slashed it through his Digivice. He prayed to whatever god that it was the right one.

The virus Digimon treaded both his feet and claws on the floor when gust of wind burst from him. He lowered his head as he slashed his claws in a cross.


Guilmon launched like a cannon ball, and rammed through Gargomon. As both Digimon flew away, Gargomon released the blast from his cannons and accidentally fired a part of a ceiling above Rika. With that done, the two Digimon crashed into a wall, making the area shake a little.

"Dude, and I thought me and Veemon had hard heads."

The part Gargomon blasted started to crumble right above the shocked Rika. Takato slowed down when Guilmon handled Gargomon, but he dashed away when he saw the ceiling about to fall on Rika.


Takato dived forward, and pushed the red head with him, before the ceiling gave in and fell where Rika once stood.

(Music fades)


It took a while to get around the park, but Yolei and Ken made it up to the entrance from where the smoke raised.

"Hurry, Ken! It's over this way!" Yolei shouted as she almost slipped from the turn she made before running down the stairs. Davis, when I get over there, you got a lot of explaining to do!


Silence painted the scene. No sound from the fighters or the children where made. Only the noise of flames, dancing on the edge of the lot was heard. Davis and Henry still hid behind the car, trying to gather their nerves from that intense moment. The first thing the blue haired boy saw through the smoke was Guilmon pinning down an exhausted Gargomon. He and Davis ran up to the two to see if they were fine.

Meanwhile, Takato stood from his hands as he coughed out the dust within his mouth. Then some breathing guided his attention over to Rika, who had her shoulders up. Takato felt a little frightened about Rika's expression. Her eyes were full of shock, and her breathing was shaky and loud. It was like she been on the scariest roller coaster ride and it knocked most of her air out.


Davis paled at that familiar scream. He twisted his body around to brace himself for Yolei who approached him with an angry march.

"Uh…what's up, Yolei? Heh heh…uh…something bugging-?"

But suddenly, Yolei pulled him up closer by his collar and shook him like a ketchup bottle. "I'll tell you what! You're smashing things and starting to attract the cops! We're not supposed to fight! This is a peace mission!"

"It's…not…my fault…she started it!"

Ken caught up with Yolei and gently broke the two up. "Alright, calm down, Yolei. Now's not the time. You two get the Digimon out of that rubble and I'll go check on those two kids."


He only knew her for a few hours, and already he felt used to her coldness and boldness. But she looked so scared; Rika was still breathing loud, but slowly, she relaxed. However, Takato couldn't help himself to get his eyes off of hers. He doesn't know why, but finds them kind of interesting to look. They look exactly like the ones in his dream, but he never saw them up close. They looked like they were made out of purple jewels. It seemed like those eyes can reflect better than any diamond could. Those eyes didn't seem to say what Rika acts. It was like it was crying…no…giving out-


Before he knew it, his right cheek felt a hard hit that knocked him on the ground. Rika stared at his fallen body as she tightened her left fist. Her breathing now spoke anger at the goggled boy, but her red cheeks were hard to tell what they mean.

"Stupid Gogglehead! Stop…staring at me like that!" with that said, Rika quickly stood up and shoved Ken out of the way for her to run.

As Davis and Yolei dug Renamon and Veemon out of the rubble, the violet haired girl spotted the female Tamer making her get away.

"Hey you stay right there, sister!" she shouted.

Rika slowed down, but not for Yolei. She plucked her fingers in her lips and gave a loud whistle. Like lightening, Renamon emerged from the rubble, quickly grabbed Rika and treaded out of the lot, while almost running into TK and Kari.

"Hey…there they go!" Gatomon shouted as she watched the two dashed away from sight.

"Leave them. We better see if the others are alright." TK said.

Takato held his bruised cheek as he stared at the way Rika escaped. It did not matter to him what the DigiDestiend were arguing about at Davis. All he wanted to know was…Rika.



Downtown Shinjuku: 3:04 PM

The rising smoke from the lot weakened. Police cars and firemen wagons surrounded the entrance of the lot, which of course the DigiDestined and Tamers made it out before they came. Rika sat on a rooftop, watching the scene. Her

gatherings didn't feel like they were returning to full strength yet, so she decided to rest. She was so confused about the Gogglehead, though. She was so surprised about him saving her, after how she treated him. No…she couldn't think about that. He's nothing. But…what of Gargomon? A Digimon attacking her never happened. She thought Digimon were more interested in Digimon. That's what they were programmed, right? But…

Are all Digimon like that when they Digivolve?



End of part 1



For those of you who remembered the whole story, this is chapter 1 and 2 combined. Well, that's it for this one. I'll fix up the rest, just as soon as my work is finished. Later, cause I have class!