You know, when I started this fic, it was because I thought that Digimon was coming to an end. Well, I was wrong, what with season 5, Digimon Savers. Not a bad season, though I do not like the generic looks on the human characters. And no goggles! -sob-

Well, sorry, but because of my impatience to finish the full chapter, this one is very short. But if you look closely, there are some season 5 reference in this chapter. Can you find them?


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Some stories end their cliffhangers in a very intense moment which would leave you hanging to find out more. Well in this scene, this chapter could begin like how the last chapter ended…


…With a god-like blast hurtling towards a small and weakened imp.

But to disappoint your thirst for chaotic action, this chapter will begin with a memory from a certain character.


"This is gonna be cake. I can smell that trophy in my hands now."

A young boy in a red soccer outfit, perhaps around the age of eleven, was seen by a young red-haired girl doing warm ups by just stretching his legs close to the grass.

"Care to rephrase that?"

"What's that suppose to mean, Sora?"

"Didn't you check out the competition?"

"Yeah, not even worth of a worry than a zit."

"It's not really the entire team, Tai. Didn't you see whose on it?"

Tai stood up and scanned across the green soccer field, towards a crowd of folks, which included another soccer team in white uniforms with blue sleeves. "Now that you mention it, that's Neo's team. But they kinda suck without him, Sor. Neo hasn't been seen for a month since what happened to Rei."

Sora couldn't forget that dreadful day. When Tai and Sora was told to go to the hospital, they dreaded at the sight of Rei unconscious body laying on a stretcher with a bunch of tube cords connected to her skin. She was in a coma, thanks to a bus that hit her. Tai was so intimidated by that day in the hospital, he couldn't bare to look at her. It reminded him of the time when Kari was in the hospital. He hated hospitals after that. Since then, Neo wasn't around for a month, not even to play soccer like they always do. Obvious to the two, Neo was in grief of his sister, which was understandable.

Because of this, Tai was not expecting his rival to face him in this-

"So good of you to show, Taichi."

Tai and Sora flinched in surprise. They were so surprised to see a familiar boy who had spiky silver hair, and a face so sinister, it's hard to trust it. So how could any one hang with someone like him? Hey, this is anime.

"Neo? I-I-I wasn't expecting you!"

Closing his eyes, Neo smiled like he enjoyed his rival's baffled look. "Sorry to surprise you like this, but I just had some personal trauma to deal with."

"Oh…well that's understandable."

Tai could defiantly understand. He was like that too after he almost brought his sister, Kari, to her death. She was sick and all Tai wanted to do was play soccer. He even risked her health to drag her outside, and the next thing that happened, she was in a hospital bed. Tai never forgave himself or let himself out his room for days. He was grounded after that anyways.

But Neo…well, Tai didn't knew how his trauma went down, but he knows that Rei got ran over by a bus. It seems they both almost lost their little sisters, which they now have something else to have in common, even though he and Neo sometimes have their disputes and always trying to prove their might against the other.

"Just prepare to have your game crumble before my feet, hair-boy." said Neo, snapping Tai out of his thoughts.

Tai smirked, "My game doesn't plan on losing, buddy. At least with you here, winning this match won't be so boring."

Closing his eyes, like any pretty-boy anime guy, Neo walked up to his rival. But right when he went face to face with him, Tai could see such rage in those eyes. There was anger in them that was frightening.

"Like you could ever beat me?"

With that, Neo marched towards the soccer field, leaving Tai and Sora confused about his behavior.

"Jerk-ish much?" Sora muttered, frowning at the silver-haired boy.

Confusion and worry plagued Tai's eyes. "Man, something's weird is up with him."

"Weird? Isn't he always like that?"

"Yeah, but this is more than usual."


An army wouldn't be able to stop a person so swift as the wind. Neo Saiba was one of the best, and a difficult athlete to face (Though not as tough as Ken with the Dark Spore), so it was no surprise that Neo ran circles around his opposing team towards the goal. None of the red team was a match for him.

Except Tai as he came out of no where, sliding through the grass, and tripping Neo.

Taichi Kamiya has been Neo's rival for some time. Ever since he realized how good Neo is, Tai has been training himself, pushing himself to improve his skills and be almost of a match to Neo. There was no way he would allow himself to be so insignificant to him.

Plus, he wouldn't want him to brag to his sister, Rei, how he always walk all over him. He'll never get a date with her if that happened.

Anyways, after Tai stopped Neo, one of his teammates took the ball and already made to the opponents' side of the field. Tai quickly followed while Neo tried to chase after him, growling at the large-haired boy. But he got a large head start because Neo's ankle was a little bruised.

One of Neo's teammates kicked the ball from the opponent's grasp and now it was soaring in the air. Tai had his brown eyes on the ball, following it, preparing to take charge.

The ball hit the field, and Tai took it with his feet, of course, and now he was charging for the goal.

Sora quickly caught up with him, hoping to help make it to the goal. Over her shoulder, she saw Neo trying to catch up. She knew that if he caught up, things will get hectic, and time was running out. Plus, she wanted to prove to him and Tai that she was just as good as they are.

You see, when Tai and Neo are always together, fighting and arguing over who's the greatest, Sora is always ignored. She wanted to be part of this rivalry, but Tai always tells her that it's his business. But to her, it's her business too. Neo made fun of her as well, always saying that she's not worth worrying about, or that she's a lousy soccer player, and worse of all…he makes fun of her crush on Tai, and calls them a married couple…not that Sora didn't wished that was possible, but that always steams Tai.

She also wants to prove to Tai that she exists. When it comes to Neo, Tai also has his sister in mind. Sure, Sora likes Rei, but she can't stands it when Tai drools over her, and ignores Sora.

Well today, Tai will finally notice her, and know that this is her fight too.

"Tai, pass it to me! I'm open!" she cried as Tai tried to shove off a player from the other team. But he didn't seem to notice. He was ignoring her again.

Taichi finally shoved the kid off, making Neo growl and run faster. But even he knew that he won't make it, now with Tai nearing the goal.

"Now's my chance to shoot! Here I go!"

But out of nowhere, another kid from the opposing team came out of no where and tripped Tai by his toes. The ball flew free, and Tai fell flat on his face.

Neo grinned, and he quickly rushed for the ball. Now with Tai down, and the ball bouncing towards the goalie, all he had to do is let the goalie grab it, and pass it to him, so he'll score another goal. But with a few seconds on the clock, that'll be impossible. But it doesn't matter, what with his team leading by one point, and-

But then, Sora darted for the ball, and slammed her head against it. The ball flew successfully in the net, not even the goalie reacted enough to stop it in time.

The game ended, and Sora tied it with a score of three to three. Neo stood in the opposing side, unable to move his arms, and his eyes glared at the frame of Sora and Taichi. His body was weighted down by his boiling blood.

His team…tied…tied! It was impossible to him. His team never tied. They never even lost. Taichi always lose to him; Neo tried to drill that fact through his thick skull, but his rival was just too stupid. But now…he tied. No…his girlfriend tied it. He forgotten about her…not that she was any threat.

Neo thought this wasn't suppose to happen to him. He was the best, the strongest, the invincible. There was no way that red-head could possibly tie the game against him. Of course not. She wouldn't do it without Taichi's help.

It was his fault.


"Nice pass, Tai." said Sora, as she helped her best friend up. "I thought you were gonna take the shot yourself."

He did his best straight face, hiding the fact that he was trying to take the glory. "Remember, there's no 'I' in 'team' . Hahahaha!" His happy mood dropped when he noticed an upset look on his friend. "What's wrong?"


Turning around, Sora felt her blood chill when she saw Neo marching up to them. She felt cold because she notice a very vivid mask upon the silver-haired boy's face. Though it's no surprise. Neo was always a sore loser…even though he never lost to them, but the fact was obvious. If he wanted to scream to Sora's face, she was well ready for it.

Neo angrily marched passed Sora, and stood right before Tai.

Figures… Neo never noticed her.

"Hey, you're not mad that we tied, right?" asked Tai.

It was like talking to a statue as Neo kept his cold stare.

"It was a good game. You nearly smashed us to the grass, pal."

His stare was still cold, but Neo finally started to approach. Neither Tai or Sora liked this look. Sure he was always cold, but not like this. Now it looks like he was about to loose it.

"Aw come on! That was a mean game. It would've been boring if you weren't-"

"No one…NO ONE ties with ME! No one EQUALS with ME!"

Tai was taken back by this. "Neo, what's up with-"

"Know THIS…I'm not through with you yet."

Those silver eyes burned through Tai's confidence like they were fire.

"Got it?"

He never seen Neo like this. His eyes were filled…

"Got it, Taichi?"

filled with hatred.

"Did you hear me, Taichi?"

"Leave him alone, Neo!" Sora screamed, but as usual, Neo ignored.

Tai never saw such hate in someone like this.

"I said, did you hear me?.!.!"

"Taichi, wake up!"

He felt something tapping his forehead, and it was starting to itch. Tai opened his eyes and found Rei, above him, with a pencil in her hand.

"Sorry that I woke you up like that, Taichi, but you looked like you had a nightmare."

Tai massaged his temples, trying to release all the stress. "Thanks, Rei." The pre-adult removed himself from the foot of a tree in the campus, wiping the dust off of his brown pants.

"Have you been getting any sleep lately?"

"Sometimes…when I'm not wasting my soul behind the TV."

With a smirk, Rei rolled her eyes. "Taichi, you're gonna grow old before you know it if you keep that up, and I don't think these nightmares are helping your health."

"I know, I know. So, whatcha doing here?"

"You promised that you were gonna take me to lunch."

Tai chuckled as he picked himself up. "I knew that, I was just testing you."

A suspicious yet playful look from Rei aimed at Tai.

"Really, I was."

Still staring him with that look.

"Rei…you honestly think I would forget something important like that?"

"There was that time when you almost forgot about that festival thing. I never seen anyone so soaked when he's twenty minutes late, and it didn't even rain the day before."

The pre-adult sighed. "Whatever you think, Rei. Come on, let's chow down."

Right as he took a step, his foot got caught under the root of the tree. "ACK!"

Rei gasped as she watch Taichi fall flat on his face. "Taichi! Are you alright?"

With his face on the grass, Tai can only mutter, "Ow-chi."

Rei held out a hand, waiting for Taichi to reach for it to pull himself up, cause let's face it, it's hard to bend with those stilts she uses. But as she helped her friend up, her eyes spotted an object on the grass, near Taichi.

"What's that?"

"What's what?" Tai asked as massaged his face.

Rei reached for her bag, over her shoulder, and pulled out a strange device that looks like a small garden gate with a claw attached to it.

"What is that?" Tai asked, peaking over his fingers.

"My father calls it the Reacher. It helps me grab anything I drop." as the name says, when Rei pressed a button on the handle, the device reached for the little box.

"Oh yeah, your pops is an inventor. What did he made that made your family rich?"

"Um…the deli toothpick whatcha-ma-call-it." the Reacher grabbed the box and reeled it back to Rei.

"Oh, that seems simple enough. Hey what are you-?"

"Who's little box is this?" Rei asked, taking the black box from the Reacher.

"Oh it's mine, and---uh, Rei, give that to me!"

The girl arched her brows. "What could be in this…hey, this looks like… -gasp-…Is this what I think it is?"

Quickly, Tai snatched the ring box. "I-I-I-it's just something out of a bubble gum machine!"

"From where, Beverly Hills?"

"Uhh…" his face became nearly as red as Takato's digivice.

Rei happily bit her knuckles. "You're planning on proposing to Sora? Aren't you? Aren't you?"


Rei's jaw dropped as her lips smiled. "Oh that is so romantic!"

Now his face matched Guilmon's skin color.

"Are you gonna pop the question tonight?"


"Did you already did? What did she say? No wait, she would be wearing this ring by now."


"What's your wedding going to be like? Will it have lots of flowers, and Sora come down the aisle in a gorgeous silky dress?"


"Can I be the flower girl, or the maid of-"

Taking control of things, Tai grabbed Rei's shoulders and gently shook them. "Rei, snap out of!"

"Oh…sorry, Taichi. I guess I kind of, sort of lost it there."

"Sort of? Rei, you were about to win the trophy from Mimi and Yolei on the biggest romance looney."

With a smirk, Rei narrowed her eyes…before she blinked. "I know Mimi, but…Yolei?"

"You know, Miyako. I told you about her."

"Oh her." Her stern eyes faced the tall pre-adult, getting back to business. "You didn't ask her, didn't you."

"Well…I'm just not ready."

"But you bought a ring."

"It's a cool ring. It can shoot a laser when you hold it up the sun the right way."

Rei rolled her eyes. That's Taichi for you. Always thinking with his ten-year old head. "Taichi, didn't you tell me that you almost lost the chance to tell her how you felt, and almost lost her to Yamato? Well you don't want to make the same mistake, again."

"I know, I know! Give me a break here. I'll pop the question…uh…maybe next year or something." Tai turned towards the sidewalk. "Come on, there's a sushi meal calling your name."

"Not anymore." she roared as she grabbed his arm pulled him the other way. "We are going to find Sora, and you will live happily ever-after."

With that, the two marched, or at least Rei, through the campus, with all confused eyes aiming at them.

"Rei come on, I just-OW! Rei, your stinkin stilts are-OW- hitting my ankles-OW!"



Well now, wasn't that a nifty bowl of cherries? Now back to the main scene where Impmon is about to be crushed by a powerful beam of destruction and doom. This would also be the part where Terriermon sings the doom song for Impmon's end.

"Doom doom dooooom doom. Doom doom, doomy do-doom! Doom, doo-"


"Momentai Henry! Just singing an honorable song for Impmon's grave."


The menacing beam, able to blast a hole on the moon, was inching towards the stubborn purple Digimon.

"Yeah, pour it on me, baby! I can take it!" he roared.

Terriermon, a few good feet away from the bomb-field, shook his head. "Can I sing Doom-song again, Hen-"


"A simple no would've been enough. Sheesh!"

The giant blast, that's taking a freakin long time to approach, was just inches away from its tiny target, but the purple imp didn't seem to make any hints on evasion.

Kyuubimon rushed to his rescue, but that blast would beat her to Impmon. "Impmon, you nimrod! Get out of there!"

BOOM! Chunks of rocks and concrete, and even cars soared like the waters of the ocean.

"Impmon!" Takato cried.

Veemon, who de-Digivolved back from Exveemon after being tossed through a building, winced. "That'sh one headache that never will go away."

The smoke was clearing away, thanks to the wind, and there was Impmon, still standing, but with his eyes closed, as if he was trying to withstand the pain. But, there was no sign of pain. The purple virus slowly opened his eyes, wondering when the blast would hit him. But the first thing he saw was some kind of steel wall. Then he found that wall to really be a big hammer.

Zudomon was there, shielding the tiny Digimon, and loads of burnt marks and scraps were all around his body.

"Gee…pal…" Zudomon weakly muttered. "Thanks…a lot."

With that said, his body gave out and fell on the damaged street in a thundering thump. The minute it did, Zudomon's body glowed and shrank to the size of a small little seal; Gomamon.

"Aw no! I hope Gomamon hasn't suffered any skull-cracks or brain-damage, or-"

Rika snorted, "What are you complaining, doc-quack? You were suppose to be keeping an eye on him."

"Hey, I was focusing on the battle, you know."

Rika nearly laughed. "What's there for you? All you Destined-dweebs do is Digivolve and just sit back like little-"

"Rika, trust me, we do more than that. You know our energy helps our Digimon Digivolve, right? So, as long as we focus our energies to them, you know, believing in them and keep strong, the stronger our Digimon gets. Haven't you tried that?"

Her eyes searched around the area like she was looking for an answer. "Um…of course, I just-"

"I'll take that as a no."

Davis and Terriermon, whom sat on Henry's shoulder, laughed. "Ooooh! BURN!"


"Hey, fatso! If I needed a living shield, I'll ask for it." His angry eyes turned back to the giant Deva. "As for you…"

With a force of a cannon's fire, Impmon launched as high as six stories, right up to Indramon's face. He unleashed a barrage and fury of reckless punches and kicks on the Deva's snout, even if it was like punching a steel wall. But sadly, Impmon's stubborn mind won't yield to that.

"I'M-GONNA-POUND-YOU-INTO-DOUGH!" He roared as he attacked between the words.

The DigiDestined and Tamers were tensed, fearing for Impmon's painful punishment that has let to come.

"Impmon, stop!" Kyuubimon pleaded to deaf ears.

"DON'T-YOU-FEEL-ANY-THING-YOU-BIG-SADDLE-FACE?" However, his stubborn brain at least noticed the force below pulling him back on the floor…fast. "Oh boy…GAAAAAH!"

Even the kids and their Digimon felt that hard drop.

The bones, if he has bones, felt like they wanted to cave, but like Impmon cares. His strange horn-things were nearly displaced, but like Impmon cares. He had a lot of bruises and cuts around his body, but like Impmon cares.

All he wanted was this porker to at least give some lousy punch, something to make him feel like a threat. Because if there's one thing Impmon hates, it's to be ignored.

"Why won't you FIGHT ME?"

Rumbling sounds were heard when Indramon reeled back his might arm. "Very well."

BAM! Impmon was batted like a golf ball, high over the cityscape. His little frame flew and landed so many block away, the gang could see a smoky geyser rise over the buildings.

"Yeow! Right outta the park!" said Terriermon, scanning the distant sight.

The Deva marched for his next targets, the weakened DD and Tamers. All they have now are Growlmon and Kyuubimon, and even they know that those two won't be enough.

"I am the servant of the sovereign, here to load all data of this world. You should be grateful."

Davis snorted. "Well forgive us that we forgot to be grateful, dude."

A light slowly revealed through the funnel of the giant shell, focusing its aim on the gang.

"Growlmon, stop him before-"


From the sky, a great blue beam crashed into Indramon's head, forcing his side to meet the street with a loud bang. The light in the seashell vanished.

"What the-?" Rika shouted.

But Joe smirked. "You really gotta work on your attendance, Matt. I don't how you're passing your classes."

A robotic wolf simply lowered towards the city with his rocket, like a spaceship from a movie. The said person, Matt, stood on his back, like a typical composed anime character, with his arms folded an everything. As the angry Deva climbed back to his hooves, the boy, who wore gray khakis with chains hanging out of the belt, and a green worn-out shirt over a black sweatshirt, smirked at the giant Digimon.

Takato had one great smile, seeing not only a DigiDestined, but one of his favorite Digimon he only seen in cards, and a few days ago.


Cyborg Digimon. A robotic creature with weapon systems installed in nearly every part of its body, and energy that at full power can turn a land into a sea of fire and ice. Sensors in its snout allows it to lock on to data or life signals of its opponent.

Type: Data

Stage: Mega

Attacks: Ice Wolf Bite, Metal Wolf Claw, Giga Missile

"Man, it's Matt and MetalGarurumon!"

Rika rolled her eyes. "Good eyes, Goggle-brain."

As the cyborg wolf nearly touched the damaged freeway, Matt jumped off of his back. "This is as far as you'll go, pony-tail! Don't make this any worse. We don't want to hurt you."

Indramon's guffaw sound more like a hard one. "Hurt me? You dare mock my kind? I believe you retched humans already caused enough suffering to us."

"I don't know what you're talking about, but we can't let you harm any more of this city. So turn back, now!"

"You are in no position to give me orders, human! No one dare command the Devas except the mighty sovereign himself!" With that, the giant horse Digimon lifted his mighty arm, preparing to hammer it with a force of god.

"Look out, Matt!" MetalGarurumon scooped up Matt with his neck and rocketed away before Indramon's arm split the freeway in two. The Mega traveled about 160 yards towards the others in about two seconds, slamming his feet on the road for a stop, and letting the blonde pre-adult dismount.

"Well he's not leaving us any other choice, MetalGarurumon!"


"So give him some authority!"

"You mean author-a-tah?" like a rocket, MetalGarurumon blast off to battle, heading for the giant Digimon that stood before the damaged freeway. Within his mouth, was a sphere of blue light. "METAL WOLF CLAW!"

A powerful blue beam erupted from his mouth and ripped through the air towards the calm Indramon. Speaking of the Deva horse, he held out his horn and sucked the energy, just like he did against the other Digimon.

"HORN OF DESOLATION!" and he threw it back in a much greater power.

The cyborg quickly swept to the side and circled around the beam as Indramon tried to aim for the airborne Digimon. As this happened, MetalGarurumon, compartments around his robotic body opened up, revealing a number of missiles and bombs.

"ICE WOLF BITE!" With one launch, the Mega unleashed a barrage of missiles and bombs. Indramon now got caught in the series of explosions like something out of World War II. But even through the sharp and burning ice stings he felt from the bombs, the Deva still held up his large horn and absorbed the incoming bombs.

"Boy, would mom kill for a vacuum cleaner like that?" Takato muttered.

"HORN OF DESOLATION!" Instead of a powerful beam, his weapon launched a large energy ball at the rocketing wolf. But while he soared, MetalGarurumon looped around the rising shot and dived towards the giant horse.

"Begone, mongrel!" with a pull of the triggers, Indramon unleashed the rest of the energy, blowing away his Mega opponent.

The robotic Digimon crashed through a bunch of cars that were abandoned on the freeway, smashing and crushing them, flat. The horse wasted no time to just march over there and squash the cyborg like a bug. MetalGarurumon rolled away from his crushing hove and rocketed away to a safe distance down the freeway.

"Okay, so energy and bomb attacks won't work! I might as well use my HEAD!"

Before Indramon knew it, MetalGarurumon already traveled through fifty yards and rammed his head into his gut.

"Now that's using your head." Terriermon giggled.



Hypnos- 4:05 PM…

Energy readings flared almost halfway across the giant blue dome. On the other half, a window shown the mighty battle between the Deva and the Mega Digimon. On the twin chair cranes, Talley and Riley, with all their focus, typed away on their fancy keyboards, trying to keep the systems focused on the battle.

"Sir," Riley called through the ear-phone as she was still working on her keyboard. "We have a lock on the one of the Devas that entered through the Juggernaut core. Southeast of downtown Shinjuku."

"What about the other one?"

"Unknown sir. We still have no idea if that reading isn't here or somehow is hiding from radar."

"Never mind. Just keep feeding us data on the located one."

"Yes sir,"


Number of researchers stampeded around some generator pit in every direction. However Yamaki stood calm in the middle of the chaos, just staring at the pit in the large generator room. And always, he has that annoying lighter, just flipping the lid around.

"This time, we'll show these parasites that the Juggernaut isn't some revolving door for them into our world. Just wait until they get a load of this."




From the clouds, a rain of rocketing missiles hurtled toward the Deva who kept his horn ready. The rockets never had a chance to touch the ground or Indramon for they were sucked into the seashell.


The mighty beam erupted from the shell like a volcano, soaring towards the skies where MetalGarurumon plummeted through the clouds. With ease, the beam washed through the cyborg wolf.

"You fought well, mighty one. But as the universe states, only the Devas are-AGH!"

From out of nowhere, MetalGarurumon brought him down hard on Indramon's back by ramming his gut in blinking speed. The Tamers gawked at the magnificent blue aura surrounding the Mega, just flowing upward like smoke.

"That glow…isn't that the Hi-Crest power Izzy talked about, Joe?" asked Henry.

The in-training doctor nodded. "Oh yeah. It's the crests to its highest potential, which doubles the power of our Digimon. Tai, Matt-"

A thundering sound was heard when Indramon planted his hooved arms on the floor to stand. But the cyborg Mega quickly gave room while his chest revealed a huge bomb.


The big one blasted out of his chest, and from impact on the fallen Deva, it unleashed a powerful explosion that can be seen throughout the cityscape. Indramon's scream barely could be heard through the roar of the blast. The shockwave shattered anything that was glass like windows from the buildings and cars…and even Joe's glasses.

"Oh great, thanks Matt." Joe muttered as he tossed away he broken glasses.

"Come on, you always keep spares."

Frowning, Joe pulled out another pair. "They don't come cheep, you know."

Takato's fingers curled with excitement as he watched the battle. "Man, with MetalGarurumon around, these Devas will go down in a blink."

Rika snorted, looking the other way. "Renamon could do that."

A huge smoke bank crossed between a measurement of two blocks in the freeway, covering the huge damage dealt on the road; the freeway was ripped apart, and Indramon was buried in the rubble. That is until a purple arm broke through the pile.

The chunks and rocks catapulted out of the rubble when Indramon poked most of his body out. His body was nearly covered in scraps and bruises, and his armor cracked like a cookie. Loud breathing played from his mouth.

This is impossible! I am the most supreme out of all the Devas. My power should even be mighty than even those Dark Masters. How could I be beaten by such a human-loving filth?

Gradually, MetalGarurumon descended towards the weakened Deva. "This is your last chance. Give up, now, cause this is gonna hurt me more than you."

"Summit to you? I'll die, serving my sovereign!"

With that said, numbers of cannons and guns sprouted from MetalGarurumon's body. "Why must you evil people be so stupid? ICE WOLF-Huh?"

All of a sudden, and before MetalGarurumon knew it, he was trapped inside a bubble.

"Hey, where that bubble came from!" Matt shouted. "MetalGarurumon, get out of there!"

The cyborg kept ramming the walls of the bubble, but by each ram, its force looked weaker. "Matt…I'm feeling too…tired."

Henry studied the bubble and the exhausted look the Mega was quickly getting. "That bubble must drain a Digimon's energy…but…" Henry looked over at the holographic data that floated over his D-Arc he held. "…There's in Indramon's data that matches to that ability."

As MetalGarurumon was trapped and drained in that bubble, Indramon finally removed himself from the rubble. His waist even passed the edge of the damaged freeway that the Mega floated over.

"I'll free him from that prison!" said Kyuubimon before she dashed off.

"Wait!" Henry cried when he saw that dreaded seashell floating towards its master, and it was still filled with glowing energy. "Its too far away for you! You'll never make it in time!"

"Maybe without this!" said Rika as she swiped a card through her digivice. "DIGI-MODIFY! HYPER SPEED ACTIVATE!"

The kitsune traveled in rocketing speed that blew anything not nailed down flying. Launching off the street, Kyuubimon soared towards the bubble like a speeding bullet.

"Hang on!" still shooting, the fox rolled like a ball…a flaming blue ball that is. "DRAGON-"

A silver orb suddenly rammed Kyuubimon's left side, smashing her hard against a building.

"Kyuubimon!" Rika cried, as if trying to reach her fallen body, blocks away.

"Dude, I think I seen that shot coming from the left! Horse-face has some punk backing him up!"

Like a heavy machine, Indramon planted his hooves against the seashell and aimed for the trapped Mega. "HORN OF DESOLATION!"

A mighty and shiny blast of god erupted from the horn, engulfing over MetalGarurumon. The beam lowered and burrowed through the road, shedding chunks rocks from the man-made path.

Matt and the other gawked with anxiety at the holo-screen that was briefly loosing form like a TV screen. It showed the smoke clearing from the scene, revealing Gabumon lying dead-like on the scratched freeway.


Chuckling, Indramon marched towards the tiny Digimon. Each of his steps shook the road and weakening it. He aimed his weapon as it was still charged with energy.

"Now, prepare for the end of your-"

Suddenly, his body was filled with static, the kind you find in a TV screen.

"What is this?"

Even the DD and Tamers were caught off guard by this sight.

"Why does this look so familiar?" Takato asked.

"That!" shouted Henry as he pointed over to a familiar Tokyo landmark in the distance…

…The Tokyo Metropolitan Center, and right now, giant green beams were rising from the rooftops.

"Oh great." Rika muttered. "Looks like your pal, Yamaki, is playing with his toys again!"


Indeed he was, for a great blue light grew from the pit in the large research lab in Hypnos. A beam with such power, a normal person, and even the researchers in the facility would tremble in their feet before this dreadful power.

But not Yamaki, as he kept playing with his lighter. The head of Hypnos stared at the beam with marvel and arrogance.

"Heh, heh…show me the magic."

"Sir," a random researcher called. "Power's a forty percent. Fifty…Sixty…"

But the mighty beam just simply…cut off, which shocked the blonde man.



The static around Indramon froze him. He was feeling a little weak as well…wait. Now the feeling was gone. The blue static faded away.

The DD and Tamers discovered the green beam from the towers vanished as well.

Indramon couldn't conclude what just happened, but that feeling drained the power out of his horn. He also felt more weak than he felt after MetalGarurumon kicked him around the curb.

This sickens me but…I better retreat.

With that, the shell quickly vanished like disappearing data. Soaring towards the air, Indramon did the same.

"Whoa! Did that thing…destroyed him?" Davis asked, staring at where Indramon vanished.

Joe shook his head. "Davis, when was things that easy?"


The signal in the blue radar faded away.

"The wild one…" Riley pointed out, confused about the readings she just witnessed. "It self-destructed."

"Are you sure?" Talley asked. She, as well as most people knows that things aren't that easy.


Numbers of researchers in white coats ran all over the place, either in confusion or nervousness. Yamaki though stood calmly in the chaos as he was speaking with his ladies in his ear-piece.

"I see. Well keep in touch if anything comes up." Hanging up, Yamaki then grinned at the pit generator. "I underestimated it. It worked after all, and before it reached full power."

Placing his lighter in his pocket, Yamaki then pulled out his gold locket. Opening the lid, a colored picture of a young man with a woman in a wedding dress was shown together in front of a beautiful lake scenery.

"Don't worry. Once I get clearance from those fools, you and I will finally have our revenge!"



Southside Shinjuku- 5:05 PM…

Orange paws with thick claws balanced over an aged fence in some alley. Although these paws looked more like gloves. A soft and happy hum was heard as these paws walked across the fence.

The paws finally stopped and perched. The feline creature just stared at a door, wagging her long tail that had a gold ring wrapped around it.

"Meow! Meow!"

A man with shades peaked over the open door. "Oh…heh-heh…it's that time again, huh?"

"Meow!" the cat answered with glee.

"Hang on, let me find your special." The man in a fishing outfit took a step out the door, with a cane in hand. He tapped it on the floor, like a blind man…which he is. Turning around, the man finally went back inside.

A few seconds later, the man poked out of the door with a wet fish in hand.

"One special coming up!" He shouted before tossing it in the air.

Launching off the fence, the strange cat dived for the flying fish and caught it with a mouth. "Meow!"

"You're very welcome. I even gave it some meat seasoning."

As you may guessed, yes that's Gatomon. Every week, she comes to this particular fish store in Shinjuku to have her free fish from this kind blind man. Sure, it was kind of rude to take advantage of this man's poor condition, but the DigiDestineds can't let the public know that there are still Digimon around. Lot of them are still skeptical about them.

"Meow!" she cried as she walked off with her four legs.

The blind man waved, in the wrong direction. "Come back again, girl. Heh-heh."

After Gatomon left the alley, the man took off his shades and looked at the right direction where Gatomon went. As you may guessed, he's not blind.

"Ah, what a nice Digimon." he said, smiling brightly.

"Mr. Daimon, help me out here." a person called in the shop. "Sho slipped on a fish again."

"-groan-…Doesn't he ever watch himself?"


In another alley, Gatomon hid in the shadow, perching on a garbage can. She licked her lips, savoring her great delectable.

"Ooo-yeah! A kitty's only joy!"

Just then, her ears picked up some angry grunts deep in the alley.


She was curious, just like the cat that she is, about who was that, and what he was doing. If it was a human, then she needed to get away before she's seen.

But as she explored the alley, she found out that voice to be a Digimon. A purple imp who was trying to open a manhole lid, but had difficulty. And she can see why. The Digimon was so bruised, and full of scratches and such.

The Digimon finally dragged the heavy lid out of the hole, but he then dropped to his knees, shaking in pain.

Gatomon quickly approached the Digimon and gave out a paw. "What happened to you? Here, let me-"

Impmon slapped her paw away. "I didn't…ask for a pick-up service from a flee-face!"

With a growl, Gatomon snapped at the imp. "Hey, jerk, I was trying to help ya!"

"And I don't want it, puss-n-boots!"

In an instant, Gatomon's claws with an inch below Impmon's nose. "Care to say that again?"

"Gladly, puss-n…erk…" Gatomon crushed his small neck.

"Now I remember you! You're that creep that kept scaring people in the park the other week."

"Yeah…grck…dat was fun…erk…which reminds me to pay ya back for knocking me to next week. You just got lucky that time."

"Wanna see if it was luck?"


Gasping, Gatomon instantly released Impmon. She turned around, hoping that Kari wouldn't start down at her with those creepy eyes. But luckily, she found her partner rushing towards her, and it didn't seem that she noticed Gatomon mangling an injured Digimon…even though he deserved it.

"Kari? What are you doing here?"

The young teen caught up, but took a moment to catch her breath. "I…-pant-…was gonna ask you that. I was gonna go get you when I found your signal."

"Just out for a little…stroll." she never told her about her little fish pick-up. Repeat, they're not suppose to let the public know that there are still Digimon around.

"Listen, Izzy informed me that another Deva is loose. We need to head to Tai's college and wait for the others."

"Alright, but just let me deal with this---"

Turning around, the purple Digimon was gone.

"Hey, where did that jerk go?"

"What jerk?"

"That purple creep that scared all those people in the…hey…" Gatomon looked at her paws. "Where's my fish? That creep! He took my fish!"

Her angry feline eyes shot at the dark manhole.

"He took my fish!.!"

"Gatomon, forget about seafood. We gotta-"

Quickly, Kari grabbed Gatomon before she dived into the manhole. The angry kitty kept clawing the air, trying to break free.

"It's just fish! We have bigger things to-"


"Gatomon, calm down."

If you were to look at her face, you would see that it's frightening enough to make the entire US army shake in their knees.


Car alarms sounded, traffic stops, babies cried, mothers covered their children's ears from the loud and VERY dirty words that echoed across the vicinity. The words held such vulgar swears that even gangsters wouldn't touch.

Somewhere in the city, two young boys that wore a cap with goggles on them, and a boy with blue hair and a baseball cap heard the screams as well.

"My…such language."

"You tell me, Kouchi. And your brother say I have a big mouth."



Shinjuku Tunnel- 5:36 PM…

The Armageddon has halted…for now. But the signs of danger that set foot has given the citizens a paranoid shoulder, as they fearfully kept an eye for approaching danger or anything related to the incident.

That is why the Tamers had to hide inside the red tunnels that they once ventured.

"Man…why does it always have to be me to babysit?" was the words Takato spoke of now as he sat next to the sleeping Champion and Rookie Digimon that bravely faced the horse Deva.

"Oh come on, goggles-in-training. You don't mean that you don't like to be around Mr. Lovable and Fun, do ya?"

"GAAHH!" the unexpected voice threw Takato off his butt. "Ow…man, Gomamon…!"

The seal Digimon seemed to be the first awake, giggle at Takato's embarrassing tumble. "You're rather a tense one, aren't ya? You remind me someone I know…a funny one at that."

"Gee, I should say thanks, but no…I am a little edgy right now. We got a Deva stronger than the first one still out there, which he easily kicked our can."

"Yeah but he did hit and ran like a wuzzy pansy. Relax, we'll get him next time. After all, you're the human partner of some Super Digimon."

Super Digimon? What made him say that? Sure Guilmon is strong, but Takato never thought they could be in the same league as the DigiDestined.

At that moment, Takato found Rika, Henry, Matt, and Joe approaching him through the tunnels. Takato bounced back on his feet, eager to hear the news.

"Did you find him?"

With a solemn face, Rika shook her head. "Purple's hard to find, for someone with a big mouth. Gogglehead 2 is still on the prowl, though."

Matt stuffed his hands in his pockets. "We should leave him alone for the time being. Being a guy fighting for his pride, losing like that would really effect him hard."

"Besides, Digimon heal fast, and we have bigger problems at hand." said Joe.

Henry nodded. "You're right. In the meantime, we need to be ready for Indramon when he shows up, so we'll need all the help we can get."

Joe put away his D-Terminal. "I contacted Izzy to keep an eye out for him on radar, and the younger kids are on their way…but Ken's out of town right now with a relative, so don't bother expecting Imperialdramon to help."

"Hmph!" all eyes turned to Rika who turned away from the gang. "Good timing for them. Shows how serious they are about this crisis."

Matt narrowed his eyes at the girl. "Look, it's not his fault his visit is at the same time as this Deva's destruction spree. Besides, we have enough members to help stop Indramon."

"Gee, well I'm sorry that I figured that you guys would rather play ball and let-"

In a bold and crazy move, Takato covered her mouth. "Sorry, Rika, but can we settle this some other- AAACK!" The boy felt like his bones were about to break apart as Rika twisted his fingers. "UNCLE! UNCLE!" And, thankfully, Rika let go, letting Takato nurse his poor fingers.

Matt decide to drop whatever rude thing Rika was about to say. "Alright, we DigiDestined will head out and wait for Izzy to give us any info. As soon as your Digimon are rested up, keep an eye out for that Digimon. Izzy will call you on Rika's cell phone incase he spots the Deva himself."

Takato nodded. "No problem, Matt. We won't let you down."

"I'll hold you to that, kid." with that, Matt, Joe, and their Digimon head out through the red tunnel, leaving the Tamers alone with their sleeping Digimon.

"Zzzz…Takatomon, Digivolve…" mumbled Growlmon in his sleep.

That was embarrassing enough for the young Tamer. All his friend heard that. Man, he really does think I'm a Digimon; he even dreams that he's my Tamer.

Rika snorted. "You're hopeless, Gogglehead. You can't even get your Digimon to know who the real Tamer is?"

Takato pouted. "It's just a faze. I'm sure he'll grow out of it…eventually."

"Right…and does eventually starts in the day after never?"

"It's just nothing! Why do you always have to make fun of me?"

"Cause you're funny."

Takato would've retorted if it wasn't for Henry stepping in, gripping his shoulder. "Knock it off, you two. We should concentrate our energies to figure out how to deal with this Deva."

Shrugging, Rika rolled her eyes. "Please, there's only one obvious and easy strategy that'll work, and it can easily be described with two words."

Henry could just easily guess. "Don't tell me…the blue cards."

"Yeah, is that a problem? Look, every time our Digimon Digivolves to Ultimate, they pulverize the Devas. The DigiDestined easily could reach to that level, but their Digimon are WAY too rusty and weak."

Takato shot a scowl. "You take that BACK, Rika!"

"You know it's the truth, Gogglehead. The only ones that are a bit decent is blonde boy. His Mega Digimon would've smashed Indramon to the pavement, if it wasn't for some coward attacking from behind. And as for your older twin, I haven't seen him go all out. He's probably too chicken to use his full power like Blondie."

"Well at least Tai is careful not hurt people!"

"Oh please, the guy hasn't been much help at all. If he's so powerful, then why doesn't he…?"

"That's enough!"

Takato and Rika's heart skipped a few beats before Henry's scream. The Chinese/Japanese boy breathed steadily to calm his stressed nerves.

"Okay…Rika has a point. The blue cards could help, but we still don't understand them. We don't even know how to acquire them."

Rika frowned. "Well we have to learn right now! The sooner we get those things, the quicker those Devas will be gone."

Suddenly, Takato snapped his fingers. "Oh man, I can't believe I forgot!"

Rika narrowed her eyes at him. "What, your underwear?"

"Uh…No…look, I need to pick up something, but I promise that it may help us!"

Henry was now curious to what Takato has planned, but just when he was about to ask, Takato began to run through the tunnels. "Wait, what is this that's going to help us?"

"I'll tell you later! Can you bring Guilmon back to his house? Thanks!" with that, he disappeared in the darkness.

"What's that all about?"

"Don't bother. He's too goofy to understand, anyways."



Hitori College- 5:23 PM…

A soda appears inside the slot of a vending machine. A delicate hand grabs it and opens the lid, letting out that hissing sound most people love. The can tip against some lips, that belonged to Sora Takenouchi.

Sora stood alone by the end of a hall, looking out the large window. Many thoughts plagued her mind, like her relation with Tai right now. Ever since they started going out, it was like a perfect paradise. Their dates were mostly like how spend together as friends. Play soccer, go to the arcades, eat at the mall, see how much hot dogs Tai can stuff, all those great things. It was the same, like friendship but only better, with the kissing and make out moments. Their long friendship beforehand was a perfect foundation for their relationship. They were always happy together, no matter where they are, no matter what dangers they involve themselves in. They always loved each other.

But now, since a week or two ago, they haven't been hanging out that much. Tai kept declining most of their dates, and he won't tell why. It kind of felt a little like Matt, only a little worse, and at least he would tell why he cancel their dates, ie: Band Practice.

Even before Tai started canceling their dates, he acted a little weird…er, more weird than usual. Most of the time in their dates, or when they're just hanging around, Tai sometimes looked hesitant or nervous. It was almost like he wanted to ask her something, but he just wouldn't spit it out.

Then a couple of days ago, Mimi told her that she saw Tai hugging Rei…romantically. Sora didn't really take her seriously. After all, she kind of over-exaggerates some things. But then Sora saw Tai with Rei the other day. Though they were just walking together, but it was on they day they were suppose to have their date, but Tai canceled.

This got her thinking. Tai used to have a crush on Rei before going to the Digital World. Could it be possible that those feelings came back the moment Rei came back?


"Rei, come on! I still wanna eat some good ole ramen!"

"How can you think of food over eternal love?"

"Easy, first I think of how tasty and juicy the noodles are. Then, that thought tingles my tongue like-"

"Forget I asked!"

Tai could not believe how smoothly Rei can walk on those stilts while dragging him across the campus, and most of the neighborhood. For a while, they've been searching for Sora, but no luck. Rei kept nagging Taichi to call her on cell, but he said that the 'batteries are dead'. Throughout this search, Tai mentally kicked himself dropping that ring. He forgot how much Rei likes to involve herself in people's problems, and once she starts, she will not stop.

"Come on, Rei, we looked everywhere, and you do have to go home soon. If I remember your mom, she ain't a happy customer when it comes to curfew."

She was going to counter, but Taichi did have a point. Her mother was kind of strict. "-sigh-…yeah, you got a point. But I'm gonna come back tomorrow so we can try---oh wait, there she is!"


And like she said, there was the red-head, way down the end of the quiet hall, where the vending machines are.

"Oh uh…" Tai never felt this nervous since he found out how much he liked Sora. "There she is. Mission accomplished! Let's go already."

Right he was about to make a run for it, a steel stilt blocked his way.

"Taichi, you march right to her and say those three magic words!"

"Uh…I think that's um…one, two…four words!"

"Oh, I mean the OTHER magic words!"

It was hard to ignore that commotion down the hall, but Sora noticed Tai and Rei there, but she couldn't tell what they were saying. But she was worried about why they were together, and right in front of her too.


"Okay, okay, but you should go home."

"Yeah," Rei stepped near the entrance to the stairs. "But I can deal with my mother. I'm gonna stand right at the only exit around here, until you pop the question."

There was no way Tai could get out of this one. Rei maybe sweet like Kari, and selfless too, but unlike her, Rei can act aggressive when it comes to fixing people's problems.

So this is it, the moment of truth. It's so strange, though. Sora is his sweet-pie, his apple of his eye, his girlfriend! Tai couldn't figure out why this was so difficult. There's no way she could say no. She loves him as much as he does with her. But then again, didn't that red hair in the Spider-Man comics refused his proposals twice? Wait, this ain't the comics, this is real life…er, you know what I mean.

But he is ready. Tai know he is. He didn't buy that ring for nothing, which cost him a heavy load of paychecks. Sides, Rei will never let them leave.

"Hey, um…Sora?"

Sora briefly looked at him, trying to pretend that she just noticed him. "Oh…uh, hey Tai."

"Um…" Come on, Tai. Just break the ice. "Uh…whatcha doing?"


"I see, but whatcha doing?"



She rolled her eyes. "Maybe because I'm thirsty?"


"Because I just finished playing tennis."


"Would you stop that, already?"

"Okay, I love you, buh-bye!" Tai twirled around, acting like her was about to leave. His goofy smile showed.

Smirking, Sora folded her arms. "Alright, Mr. Warner Brother, why are you here?"

"What? Can't I see my girlfriend?"

Her eyes narrowed. "Wrong answer."

Tai dropped his head and arms. He knew he couldn't stall much longer. "Well…um…"

Sora was getting nervous about this. Tai's hesitant behavior, and Rei waiting down the hall just pointed really bad signs. She was afraid that Tai maybe breaking up with her…but that's just stupid, not after what they been through, and that's enough to fill the Great Lakes in America.

Come on Tai, don't make the same mistakes like last time.

Why is he acting like this? What is he trying to tell…oh please don't let it involve Rei. No, she wouldn't do that to me and Tai.

Sure the Crest of Courage doesn't give him courage, but the thought of it always helps him get himself confidents. He always tell himself that he has that crest for a reason, and he would dishonor it if he acted like a coward. I am ready do this.

Hiding his right arm behind his back, Tai wiggled his long sleeve and let the ring-box fall into his hand.

"Sora…I need to tell you something…I…"

Suddenly, came an electronic sound; a sound that played a familiar beat (Try to think of the original Digimon theme song in cell-phone tone.).

Tai shut his eyes tight, annoyed that this just had to come. Nice timing, Izzy!

He picked up his cell.

"What now, Izzy? I'm doing something…Matt? Great, I can whine to you too…! Yeah well same to you, pal, now what is it…? Okay…yeah I heard about that Digimon; Izzy's radar barely misses a thing…a Deva…? Well did the Tamers…? Huh, some guy named Impmon tried to fight him? Was he nuts? He's okay right…? You can't find him…? They're resting in the tunnels…? Stop calling me a parrot, Matt…Fine, me and Sora will keep an eye out for that Deva." Tai switched the phone off.

"Another Deva alert?"

"Yeah, another buffed-up one too. This one even trashed MetalGarurumon!"

Sora's jaw fell from this. "What! He's that powerful?"

"Not really; this one seems to have a partner hiding in the shadows, so we better lend the others a hand on this one."

Both Tai and Sora headed towards the stairs, where Rei was waiting.

"Hey guys?" she said in a cheerful mood. "Where's the fire?"

"Sorry, Rei, can't talk." said Sora as she dashed by her. "Business to take care of."

"Oh…" Rei used her stilts to block Tai's path, before she whispered, "You didn't tell her. I didn't see you kneeling to her."

"Not now, Rei!" Tai said, gently removing her slits without making her fall. "There's something important we have to do. I'll tell her tomorrow."

With that, Tai and Sora hurried down the stairs, leaving lonely Rei to watch them leave.

"Oh…doesn't anyone believe in romance any more?"



West Shinjuku Park- 5:51 PM…

"Hello…Mrs. Shioda? This is Takato…Hi, is Kazu around…? He went to my house five minutes ago? Well, thanks anyways, ma'am."

With that, Takato hung up the pay phone.

Hmm…oh yeah, I told him to meet me at my house with the special deliver I told him to make. Lucky thing my house is just across from the park...and a couple of blocks away.


"Okay, start back from the top. What is this…thing you want me to make?"

Minutes later, the crazy duo, Kazu and Kenta were waiting for their friend to show up at his parents' bakery. To kill the time, they were trying to explain to Takato's father, Takehiro, how to make this new bread.

"You should make Guilmon Bread!" Kazu stated. "It should have wing-like ears, and maybe raisins for eyes!"

Kenta nodded, excitedly. "Yeah! And his snout should have the hazard sign on it!"

"Dude, I think people will think it's toxic if he put that."

Outside the window, Takato arrived just in time to hear the boys bread-idea. But he didn't know just what they were describing, but some the details sounded familiar.

Takehiro knitted his brows, trying to figure what this…bread is suppose to look like, or what its suppose to be. "Uh, tell me, just what is this…Guilmon?"

It was at that moment that ten-year old Takato Matsuki felt his throat dry up because of his hanging jaw. His stiff body felt cold; he couldn't move. At least that's how he felt, but his body somehow found a way to turn up the throttle in his throat, giving it gas for his vocal chords to pick up high tone. If you were to push the pedal down to the floor, the car's engine would roar as loud as a lion. Well same thing with the foolish boy as his mouth emitted a high definite scream that got Kazu, Kenta and his father's attention.

"AaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" He kept it up as he entered the store, swing his arms like a madman, grabbed the two idiot boys and reeled them outside.

Takehiro didn't know what was that all about, or what problem his son was suffering, but he sure was glad that his voice wasn't loud enough to break the large window before him.


"God damn, chumley! Why the hell you went psycho on us? And I thought Rika had issues."

"Duh, I didn't tell my folks about Guilmon."

"Oh, real smart, goggle-brain. Thanks for warning us, sooner."

The boys retreated to the park, the only place where they feel its safe to talk about Digimon stuff. Right now, Takato can receive the secret weapon he told Kazu to make that may help them defeat Indramon.

But just as he was about to ask, soft bell music played, and Kenta was the first to hear and follow. "Oh boy! Ice cream!"

"Hey, wait a minute!" the Tamer cried as chased after his friends.

The ice cream truck stopped first, but a blonde girl with pigtails, and a black dress was the first to get there, with Kenta behind her. This at least gave Takato the chance to talk to Kazu.

"Kazu, did you make it?"

"Make what?"

"The thing I told to make! Come on, you're the only person I know that can sort of use a Photoshop!"

"Alright, alright! Hang on." Kazu reached into his pockets and searched for the special object he created…but he stopped fishing.


What Kazu did that made Takato nervous, he evilly smiled. "Well…seeing how desperate you need my product that I produced is probably affected by the event, involving with a Digimon, that I witnessed on the news. By the look from your eyes, this product seems to easily put itself high on the value chart, which could be worth a large amount in maybe in the stock market."

Since when did Kazu learn big talk? He's scaring me, now.

"Now, I could just give this product to you for free so you can liberate the world, but maybe it'll be coherent for me to put a price on it."

"But…I don't have much money!"

As mature and calm as he can, Kazu placed a hand on Takato's shoulder. "Ah, Takato my friend, money isn't needed here. We are not savages or greedy sharks, you see. What I'm requesting is easily given, say…uh…you let I, Hirokazu Shioda, and my associate, Kenta Kitagawa, accompany you on this Digimon mêlée."



"Uh…? I don't think there's a video game called Digimon Melee."

With a loud thump, Kazu did an anime drop to the floor. As he shot back up, Kazu shot a scowling face. "No, stupid! We wanna see cool Digimon fight, NOW!"

"WHAT?" Takato quickly forced himself to calm down, since there's a ice cream man and some girl close by. "How many times do I have to tell you? It's too dangerous!"

Shrugging, Kazu took a few steps away from his friend. "Well, if you're gonna be like that, then I guess humanity is doomed."

He wouldn't…he wouldn't risk the lives of a billion people until he gets to see Digimon bash their heads apart one by one…right?

"I'll let you think about it while I scarf down some rocky-road ice cream." Chuckling, Kazu stood in the short line, behind Kazu. "Come on, loser, move it!"

Kenta frowned. "Hey, I have to wait until she's finished."

Frowning, like a little eight year old brat, Kazu crossed his arms. He always hated waiting in lines more than anyone else. Plus, his patience was about the size of an apple. Just when he was about to tell the girl to move it…

"Hang on a minute!" Takato rushed up to the two, cutting in front of Kazu. "Alright, alright, you can come, but you gotta promise me that you'll-"

"Yeah, yeah, we'll stay out of your way, goggle-brain."

Takato then pulled out his D-Arc from his shirt. "But can you let me try it out? I wanna be-"


Luckily, Takato's eyes were flexible enough to spot someone diving for his digivice. "HEY!"

When he missed, the thief bumped into the girl up front, making her crash against the truck.

It was the strange kid they met this morning, the one with no nose, and he tried to take his D-Arc. The irregular boy growled in defeat and then took off, diving into the bushes.

"That is one weird banana." said Kazu, shaking his head in disgust.

Kenta nodded as he adjusted his glasses. "Banana just described it. Did ya see the way he moved? I think he's part monkey."

Takato stuffed his digivice back in his shirt. "If that kid didn't try to take my D-Arc, I would've told you not to make fun of him."

"So now?"

"Talk behind his back, it is."

Grinning, Kazu turned around to focus on his quest for an ice-cream…until he saw that Goth girl staring at the floor. Curious of what she was looking at, Kazu found a gunk of ice-cream on the floor.

"Aw man," Takato muttered. "That kid made her drop her ice cream."

"Hey," Kenta whispered. "Can we up the 'Talk behind his' a notch for that?"

"With pleasure." the goggled-one came up to Kazu, "Give her some money, Kazu. She looks really bummed."

"Me? Why not you, chummily?"

"I don't have any money, otherwise I would've."

"Then you do it!" he said to Kenta.

The young boy shrugged. "I only have enough for bubble gum. Not much for that green ice cream, whatever flavor that was."


Kazu took another look at the Goth. He can see her fist vibrating like she wanted to punch someone, and that was giving Kazu the creeps. She gives him the creeps, period. But as he sees her turning her head enough to get a look at the side of her face, she really does look sad. The girl looks like she's trying to keep herself from crying.

Man, and this is the last of my money! Sheesh, why do I always have to be nice to the creepy girls? Even Yaka looks like a sweetheart compared to this…girl.

Wet eyes of fury stared at the dirty ice cream on the floor. Stupid people! Why are people so mean and rude and-

"Hey you!"

The blonde turned to Kazu.

Without looking at her, since he's afraid she might have as much of a temper as Rika, Kazu held out a dollar coin. "Here."

The girl was confused by this. "Wha-what's this?"

"What does it look like?"

As like most people in the world, she's not used to someone just giving away money. "For me?"

"No, for your grandmother. Of course it's for you!"

The girl shot a deep frown, making Kazu hid behind his arms.

"Please don't hurt me!"

As rude as this boy is, the girl can overlook that since he's giving her money. Though it feels strange, accepting a stranger, but maybe he felt a little sorry for her. But still…

Slowly, the girl grabbed the coin. "Um…thank you…"

Kazu turned away, rubbing his hair. "Eh whatever." He muttered as he walked away with his friends.

Wow, even the rude and stupid people can be nice.


"See, Kazu? Wasn't that nice?"

Kazu rolled his eyes in disgust. "Man, chummily, you gotta stop watching Nick Jr. or something."

"Um…what makes you think...I do?" Takato asked, looking really suspicious.

Suddenly, a loud, alarm-clock sound was heard.

"Man, do you bring your stupid alarm-clock too?" Kazu shouted, covering his ears.

"Aw man!" Takato pulled the digivice out of his shirt and checked the readings. "I think that Deva is coming back!"

Looking to the right, he watched the tall building that stood far behind the trees nearby him. A huge cloud, blanketing the skyscrapers, was getting bigger by the second.

"Man, I hate it when I'm right about these things."

"Alright, show time!"

"But…" He just remembered the deal, but he still was skeptical about it. "Fine, but just stay out of my way."



Hypnos- 5:45 PM…

Where Yamaki left him, Janyu Wong sat near a table in a lecture hall, waiting for some employee to show him his new work place. It was different from where he used to work. It was so different, that even Janyu is unaware what kind of place this is. It was also very quite, which was making him uncomfortable.

There were still a lot on his mind since the day he visited the DigiDestined. He knew as the moment he thinks that his son is out battling Digimon. But that's something he knew he can't stop.

Also, he thought about all those Digimon attacks that happened throughout the decade.

Twelve years ago, a so-called terrorists bombing took place in Highton View Terrance. But Koushiro Izumi, aka: Izzy, revealed that it was actually a Digimon fight between a Greymon and some other Digimon.

Four years after that, Myotismon and his army came and invaded Odaiba, and covered the town in a digital-field-like fog that cut all communications and anyone from entering.

Then four years after that, Digimon appeared all over the world, which the DigiDestined took care of that.

And now this…and all of that, all of what happened was all because of him, Janyu Wong. He wondered if it was a mistake to make the Digimon. But then again, seeing the DigiDestined, he was having second thoughts about that.

As he took a sip of his coffee, he heard a buzzing alarm. His curiosity took control as he peer around the frame of the door and found a couple of scientists rushing through the dark hall. Is there a fire?

As a child, he could never resist the urge to find answers of what hits his face, and today he hasn't changed.


"It's a Wild One!"

Readings showed in a large portion in the dark blue dome above the dark lab. Riley and Talley studied this reading, typing on their keyboards without even looking at it.

"It's the same pattern as the one a few hours ago, sir!"

"Just great. I just approval from the boards."

"Yes sir, but Juggernaut needs for its systems to-"

"You don't need to tell me that, I manage the system! Just get that under control, I have some matters to attend to."


Curiosity lead Janyu to a automatic door. When the man entered, the first thing he saw in the dark room was some kind of monster. Looking at it closer, after nearly falling off his feet from the shock, it looked like a generator connected by loads of think wires. It looked like a brain, and judging by its abnormal appearance, it looks illegal.

"Nothing to fear. This project is completely sanctioned by the government."

Janyu jumped a bit when Yamaki just snuck behind him like that.

"What is all this!"

Without a care, Yamaki walked away from Janyu, marveling his weapon. "This was all made to monitor these so-called life forms you and your college buddies worked so hard to create. We call them Wild Ones. Others may call them… 'Digimon'. They evolved and multiplied throughout the net. These mistakes found their way into the real world for the past decade."

"I don't understand. What are saying about some project I did in college? It wasn't meant to cause any trouble."

"Oh is it?" Yamaki motioned him to follow him towards a elevator in the hall. "Do you not remember the so-called alien global invasion four years ago, or the first giant Digital field that hit Odaiba eight years ago?"

"Yes, but-"

"That was all thanks to you, my friend."

A coldness of shock and confusion ran down Janyu's spine as they entered the elevator.

As the elevator made its way through the lower levels of the complex, Yamaki leaned his back against the walls. "As they breach the barrier through our world and bio-emerge, clouds of fog-like particles begin to appear. A field of energy resulting earth's natural electrical rays responding to the digital information emitted from the beasts. Inside the fog molecules begin to rearrange themselves into false proteins, taking on physical forms in our world."

After their ride in the elevator, Yamaki led Janyu to a large room; the same room that had the scientists, the number of computers, and that big pit.

"All this exists just to clean up after you."

At that moment, Janyu's blood felt cold. He never thought that his simple project would make anyone panic enough to do this. The government spent so much money on this all because of him. It's like his project is starting a war.

"My god…what have we done?"



Somewhere in town, a girl with brown, thick, and curly hair strolls around the streets, carrying a number of books in a bag. This girl wore a green shirt and skirt that looked like something from the military, and boy did she had a angry face that could rival Rika's.

And right now, she waiting behind a blonde girl with a purple hat who can't decide which order to buy at a local fast food place.

"Okay, okay…uh I'll have the…wait…no…uh, just give me…hang on…"

"Would you hurry up?"

The blonde child frown at her, over her shoulder. "Hold on a minute, I'm thinking!"

"Well think faster!"

Shoving the guy behind him away, the girl walked up to the older woman with fury. "Hey, you can't tell me what to do!"

As the customers watched, Jun and the girl were shooting spark out of there eyes, itching to make the first punch.


"Stupid blonde slut! Getting me kicked out of the place. Wait until I find her!"

As you may guess from her muttering, Jun was kicked out of the fast food joint as well as her young opponent. Right now, the female searched around the neighborhood for another place to eat. Though she knew of another place, so she took a empty alley as a short cut. Though it was alright for her, for she taken this path before. Nothing but a quiet alley that has some garage storage doors. It's near the busiest parts of town, and it's not like any dangerous people hang around here.


"Huh!" the girl named Jun shuddered with a cold breath as she checked every corner around her. Just…hearing things.

The young woman continued her road to home, keeping herself cautious than before, but telling herself to relax. For a second there, she thought that voice came from someone she hoped to never see again. But that couldn't be because-


She dropped her books, feeling the sting of cold fear wash over her body. Someone was calling her, very dreadfully by the way, and with a name she hadn't heard in a long time.


"You see, Gabumon? That there is the most beautiful work of art man has ever created."

"It sure is, Matt."

It would seem Matt was window shopping outside of a music store. His sight drooled over the most shiny and fancy piece of product ever witness; a blue, sleek guitar with yellow shaped fire embezzled on it.

"The 3000 Blaze-Guitar. It's suppose to let you slash tunes easily as stroking a woman's hair."

"How would you know how a woman's hair is suppose to feel, Matt?"

The blonde smiled. "Remember, I used to go out with Sora. Man, her hair could beat the pants off of any expensive pillow. I swear, Tai's one lucky son of a…"

Just then, a cell phone ranged.

"-sigh-…that's probably Izzy." He picked up the phone. "Yeah Izzy?"

"Matt, did Gabumon rejuvenated his strength?"

"With all the junk in 7-11 I can find. Why?"

"A Digimon close in your district has bio-emerged. It kept appearing in different locations, just like IceDevimon, but it seemed to rested near your area for now."

"Is it that Deva looking for a rematch?"

"I'm not sure. The readings don't match Indramon's, but you still need to check it out. It should be deep within the block you're on."

"On it."


"Who's there…? Stop scaring me like this!"

It was so foggy, Jun could barely see where she is. There were walls imprisoning some path that she was on, along with trash cans and garbage. It looked like an alley to her. She was so scared, she raced through the fog, hoping to find a way out before something could get her.

BAM! But in the process, she slammed herself against a wall, and dropped to the floor.

"Juuun…" Before her fallen body, a large, shaded figure appeared itself within the fog. It was a humanoid being with large demon wings. "Juuuun…."


"I never seen such fog before in my life. I thought you said only England gets this treatment, Matt."

"Regular fogs, Gabumon. This one comes from Digimon."

"At least from a different Digital World. I don't want to think what it means if Digimon from my world can do this. Probably means bad hygiene or something."

Well the good news is because of this fog, The Digimon can't be too far behind. The bad news is, this Digital Field is so thick, it's hard to see through this maze of an alley. Thanks to Izzy theories about these fogs, they can easily be seen through with shaded eye-wear. So, with some styling shades Matt pulled from his pockets, he used them to venture through the fog.

"This way, Gabumon. We'll try-"


Gabumon's heart practically jumped two stories from that scream. "Whoa, what was that?"

"Someone's in trouble, unless that was for the largest phone bill in the world."


The frightened girl crawled as far as she can from the devilish beast, but a wall stopped her. "Leave me alone! What the hell are you!"

The monster gave a drooling sound. "Ehhh…Digimon…"

Actually, she wasn't surprised. Ever since she found out about them, Davis' little pet, Veemon, keeps eating her snacks when she wasn't looking, and she had to beat him up for it. "I know that! What- ARE YOU!"

The monster growled, as if he was exhaling, deeply. "Juuuuun…remember meeeee…?"

Unfortunately, her mind was too drowned with fear to think. But there was enough room to help vaguely identify its voice. It did sound monster-like, but it also sounded like someone she knew.

When the creature drew itself closer to the terrified girl, it finally revealed its full appearance. It defiantly looked like a monster. But thanks to that mask, it reminded Jun of Jason, from that movie. Six green eyes were on that mask, and behind it was spiky orange hair, and thin horns. Its skinny body had golden button coming from its waist to its left shoulder, and it has a shoulder pad on its right one. Its arms were long, and it had long claws. Just as she figured, it did have demon wings.

"Time to finished…what we started long ago, Juny."

Long ago…? The only thing that she could remember was something that was painfully stuck in her mind for all eternity. And it was all because of this someone that this creep's voice reminds her of. "N-n-no…it couldn't be…"

When she saw the monster's hand reach for her, Jun rolled away and ran dearly for her life.

"GUILTY CLAW!" The Digimon's arm stretched like rubber and grabbed the girl with its large hand.



A streak of blue fire torched the long arm that trapped the older girl. Jun quickly took the time to crawl away from the monster like mad.

"Jun, is that you?"

That familiar voice, and never before she predicted that she would be glad to hear that voice.

Matt and Gabumon emerged out of the fog, and right when Jun saw them, she quickly coward behind the blonde.

"Jun, what-?"

"That!" she whispered with fear as she pointed at the frightening Digimon.

"Yow! That guy will give drill sergeants nightmares. You know about this Digimon, Gabumon?"

The lizard squinted his eyes, trying to identified this strange Digimon. "No, never seen this Digimon before."

"Really?" the beast said with a voice that sounded like a teenaged boy. "Then let me introduce myself. I'm Neo Devimon, and to save you time for your retarded face, I'm an Ultimate level."

That brought up Matt and Gabumon's guard even more. That level is nothing to take lightly, especially with the Digimon popping up these days, like those Devas.

"What do you want?" Matt demanded.

"Heh, none of your business, pretty boy, but I have some unfinished business with my girl back there, so getcha hands off her before I paint this joint red!"

"Huh?" Matt eyed Jun with a disgusted look. "Jun, I know you're weird, but were you that desperate for-"

Shuddering, Jun pressed herself against Matt's back. "P-p-please make him go away!"

Neo Devimon growled when he saw Jun doing that. "She's MINE! Don't touch her you…gck…"

Gabumon arched his brow when he noticed the tall Digimon twitching his head. "Whoa, are you trying to get water out of your-"

"You fool!"

"What the…?"

The orbs in his mask changed to the color, purple. "This weak female is useless you fool! We are here to slain the bearer of Hope!"

That and the voice got Matt's attention. "That voice…"

"So nice to be unforgotten. Yes, bearer of Friendship, it is I, Devimon.. As you can see, I Digivolved to my powerful form."

Matt gritted his teeth. If there's one thing he truly hates its someone threatening his brother. "Yeah, well there's no way you're gonna hurt my brother…or Jun while I'm at it!"

"The girl has no meaning to me. She is…grck…" Once again, his head twitched again, and his mask changed color. "I beg to differ, old geezer?"

"Alright…what's with the freaky Two-Face thing?"

Responding, Neo Devimon's masked changed color again. "Yes…well, in order for me to escape the abyss and Digivolve, I had to…allow a…shall we say…spirit-mate. Which is something I do NOT enjoy…Heh, like I do, old punk? Now then, since you and that Losermon won't get the picture, I guess I'll have to rip your skulls open to help with that."

With that, Neo Devimon dashed over the floor, like he was hovering, as reeled his claws to shred. Nothing was heard but the shrieky screams coming from Jun, and it was killing Gabumon and Matt's ears.

I don't know what will kill me and Gabumon first…this two-headed Devimon, or Jun's horror-film screams.


"Stupid simpleton. I told him not to go after his hormones!"

Some place dark, some being was looking at the only source of light, a tiny laptop. In the monitor, it showed Neo Devimon rushing for Matt and Gabumon.

"-sigh-…oh well, this mere miscalculation can work to our advantage. He can keep the one who owns the MetalGarurumon away from the Deva."

Typing some commands, the computer shown some pictures of Davis and Ken. "The holder of Kindness is away from the city for the time being, so no Imperialdramon. At least that's less work for me."

Now the computer shown a video of Tai walking in the campus with Sora.

"Now all we need to worry about is the boss' main target; keep him away from the Deva."

From the darkness, a figure barely could be seen behind the computer. The only thing that can be seen in this being was a face that looked like a horrific mask.

"Yes…that will be my job."

"We need to keep him alive." the owner of the computer warned. "You know HE would be very pissed if anything happened to Taichi before the time comes."

"But can we have a little fun with him?"

"Well…oh, why not?"

Suddenly, light began enter the dark room, like windows opening like eyelids. The sunlight reveled the room to be some kind of a control room for a blimp.

"Blimpmon, proceed to Shinjuku, close by to Taichi's coordinates. We're going to have a little fun with him." This being was still hiding in the darkness, but like his associate, his face looked like a sinister mask.



End of part 11


There's a lot of stuff I need to take notice in this story. Like the relation between Rika and Jeri. Their friendship, a few people understands, and sadly, I'm not one of them. So I need to keep in mind with them, because it will be very important later on.

Tai/Sora/Rei…I feel it's kind of…forced. But I don't want Tai and Sora to be too carefree right now. Though I'm good when it comes to couples trying to admit their feelings for each other, but not when they're already together. But I do have plans for Rei Saiba, though I'm not sure if I'll use them.

The scenes with Jun. Much later on, Jun will be a main character in the sub-plot during the Digital World saga. The sub-plot will feature some of the International DigiDestined like Rosa and Willis, and such, as they keep an eye on the city while the Tamers and main DigiDestined are away.

And as for the Frontiers, Bokomon and Neemon, and (Patamon)…don't worry, they won't be cameos when the pig Deva chapters come.

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