"Right, I'll go prepare it," Harry said. He left, carrying the potato in his right hand. It was dark brown from the dirt.

He was peeling the skin from the potato when Hermione came down. "What are you doing?"

"Making chips," Harry answered.

"Can I help?" Hermione inquired. She wanted to learn how to use a peeler, since she'd never learned before. She'd had plenty of opportunities but had always been doing her schoolwork.

"No, I said I would be glad to do it on my own," Harry muttered. "You can watch. Where's Ron, by the way? Oh, and why did you say Lupin wanted to show me his catch when all he wanted to do was show me this potato?"

"Potato?" Hermione asked, embarrassed. "Oh, sorry. I must have misheard. Ron is by the lake, telling stories to little sprites. I know, it's so sweet."

"Telling stories?" Harry asked, confused. "God, he has grown up so much. He is really different now."

He finished peeling the potato and started to chop little sticks, which he would then cook in oil to make chips. Hermione watched him with a smile on her face. "We're all different now."

Harry frowned. "Yeah, but Ron's changed the most. Two years ago you would've found him drowning sprites in the lake, instead of reading to them. I mean, how could a person change like that?"

"Genes," Hermione whispered. "Harry, what's happening to that potato? The bit you haven't cut is pulsating and changing colour."

Harry looked at the vegetable in his hands and dropped it on the floor. "Shit, you are right."

Hermione raised her eyebrows.

Harry concentrated on the potato, not knowing what would happen next. It might explode. It might come together and put its skin back on. He didn't know and did not want to find out.

Lupin saw them both staring at the floor, from outside, and dropped his spade. He rushed into the kitchen, and looked at them instead of at the floor. "What's wrong? You seem to be frightened."

"Of course we're frightened, your stupid potato is trying to suck us up," Harry said. He was trying his best to keep calm, but there was fear in his voice. "Idiot potato. Why did you grow it?"

"I didn't grow it because I knew it would turn out to be evil," Lupin said innocently. "I thought it was a normal potato until a few seconds ago. Why is it trying to suck you up anyway?"

"I don't know, thought you'd have the answer," Harry yelled, holding onto the table with two hands. He had a very firm grip and he thought that might be enough to save him.

A wind was starting in the kitchen now.

"That's one strange potato," Hermione shrieked as the toaster descended into its flesh.

"It'll only get bigger with every item it eats," Harry guessed.

"Yeah, let's hope it doesn't turn on us," Hermione shrieked again. "I hate you, you stupid potato. I don't want you to eat me. At least take us to safety if you suck us into your skin."

Harry stared at her.

"Please," she whispered.

With that, the hole in the middle of the potato grew until it was just big enough for a person to fit through. The hole was larger than the potato. The potato gave one last gust of wind and Hermione was sucked through.

Harry was next, and Lupin.

Then all was quiet.

The potato had lost its hole and was now lying on the floor, unharmed, where no one would guess who was trapped inside.