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"La la la la la, hey Tohru let's hold hands!" The skipping youth exclaimed.
"Oh, that sounds fun I guess, okay!" Tohru grabbed onto his hand, and they continued on down the path, Momiji skipping slightly ahead of his friend, humming to himself.

After going along for another half hour Tohru was beginingg to get tired, "Momiji? Will we be there soon, I'm afraid I'm starting to feel tired, and I certainly wouldn't want to faint out here, you wouldn't be able to catch me if I collapsed"

"Don't worry Tohru, I'd find a way to help you no matter what! But we're really not that far, it's just over that hill and through a couple of trees. I'm sure you'll love it, it's my special place I'm the only one that knows about it in the whole world"

"Are you sure you really want me to see your special place Momiji. I mean if this place is special to you then it's a really big deal for you to share it with me isn't it? I'm not so sure I deserve such an honor."

"Of course you do Tohru, you're my bestest friend in the entire world, I want to share this with you! Besides," He said suddenly covering her eyes and pulling her forward past the trees towards his special hideout, "It's more fun when there's two people to keep a secret!" He said happily, but that was short lived as he tripped over a root and stumbled backward, Tohru just behind.

Tohru lifted herself up and started wiping the dirt from her clothes. "Oh, are you okay Momiji?" She asked picking up a slightly dazed rabbit, "Somehow I feel like it was my fa-Oohh, is this your special place Momiji?" She looked around in wonderment at her surroundings. "It's so beautiful!" And it truely was a masterpiece (8 Created solely in this authors imagination! 8) a small lake next to a large rock, perfect for jumping from, and a water fall, vines sheeting from the trees cutting it off from the rest of the world.

"Yep, told ya it was great, didn't I?" the rabbit smiled happily at her.

"Yes you did." She hugged him to her chest then put him down on the ground. "With a special place like this, I guess I understand why you aren't home much. I'd be here everyday too!" She smiled .

"You can com anytime you want to Tohru, I don't mind. You're welcome even if I'm not here."

"Really? That's so-" ::Poof:: she turned quickly. As Momiji got dressed she continued. "That's so nice of you Momiji, thank you, I promise I'll be really careful when I come, and I promise I won't tell anyone where it is, not even Hana and Uo!"

"I trust you Tohru! That's why I shared this with you."
After they left Momiji's special place, they went back to the main house for hot cocoa at Hatori's. "Hey, Ha'ri!" Momiji called from outside. "Can me an' Tohru come in."

Hatori appeared, holding his head in the doorway. He looked at the two youths, still dripping after a fully clothed jump in the pool. "Uh." he turned closing the door.

"Ha'ri, must not be feeling well today." Momiji said, sadly.

"Oh, that's okay, I have to head home and get dinner ready for the others anyway. This'll give me some extra time to change." She smilled genuinly at her friend.

"Okay, do you want me to walk you home?" He volunteered.

"That's okay, besides if you walked me home, who would walk you back, it'll before you get back here, and I'd worry if you went by yourself"

He did however walk her back to the front gate, where they said their goodbyes.

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