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After school they had agreed to meet Nurse Chuck in his office Tohru and Uo showed up first, Chuck greeted them with a smile. "Why hello Miss Tohru," Smiling wide at the girl, then he turned to Uo. "I don't believe I caught your name earlier, Miss. . ."

"Uo." She said slightly apprehensive at being called 'miss'

"Miss Uo, a beautiful name." He said, laughing very much in the same way one would imagine Santa Claus might.

Slightly puzzled as to why he was so jolly, Uo took a step backwards toward the door, and nearly walked into Kyou.

"Watch it clumsy Yankee." He said in an automatic response.

"I don't have eyes in the back of my head, why don't you watch it." she said, ready to start a fight.

Luckily Chuck intervened. "I know that Miss Tohru is a wonderful cook, but how about you two? Do you cook, Kyou? Miss Uo?"

"Some." Kyou grumbled.

"Can't be hard." Uo, had never even made a sandwich.

"Course not," Chuck laughed loudly. "Course not. Lets get going then, we'll stop at the store and then head to my place."

Yuki occupied himself in the library after school. Preparing himself for a meeting with the teachers about graduation next month. He'd collected old periodicals about past ceremonies, and was browsing through the more recent ones. 00 Was it wrong to decline that invitation? I know she be safe with Kyou there, but he may have forgotten that Uo could still turn him into a cat. I suppose he wouldn't want me to be the one reminding him though. Besides, with me there, she could turn me into a rat, she isn't exactly the most cautious person. At least they both aren't there, I can't imagine Nurse Chucks kitchen is all that big, he'd be bound to bump into one of them. I wonder why Hana decided not to go, she's usually right by Miss Honda's side. 00 He sighed and rubbed his head. 00 I'm not concentrating on the task at hand, maybe I should postpone this research for another day. 00 He closed the book he'd pulled from the shelf, "Event planning for beginners" and replaced it in the section.
At the supermarket Tohru looked closely at the apples, and explained the best kind to buy for an apple pie. They also picked up flour, sugar, butter, shortening. Nurse chuck never cooked for himself so he needed to buy most of the ingredients. Tohru also grabbed some nutmeg, ground cinnamon, and her secret ingredient which was really just artificial vanilla which she brushed on top of the crust with a bit of sugar ten minutes before the pie was finished. After the supermarket they all headed back to Chuck's house. Tohru had had enough foresight to bring along measuring cups and spoons, as well as a copy of the recipe and an apron.(she only owned one, so they drew straws for it, she'd won although it would have been interesting to see Chuck, Kyou or even Uo in the pink frilly flowered apron that really only could suit Tohru herself.)
Yuki put away some notes in his locker. 00 At least I made some progress before I lost concentration. 00 He thought walking to the exit. 00 It's going to be lonely walking home alone, to no one. 00 Shigure was going out today, but he didn't mention where. He sighed as he pushed open the door. 00 Maybe it'll be good to have some peace. 00

Hana stepped out of a shadow from a near-by tree and fell in step behind him. 00 He seems to be deep in thought, I'll bet he'll be surprised if I say hello. 00 She thought, in a slightly bemused way. "Hello Yuki."

He jumped and turned to see Hana. 00 Where did she come from? How does she always sneak up on me like that? 00

Hana laughed in side her head. 00 So predictable. 00 "Mind if I join you?"

"N-no, but isn't your house in the other direction?" Yuki was slightly puzzled, he and Hana, never really spoke to each other. Why did she want to walk home with him?

"Yes it is, but today I wish to go home with you. I'd like to strengthen our relationship. Get to know you a bit better." She was being slightly secretive about her complete intentions, but she wasn't even completely sure what her plans were.

"Um? Okay." Yuki slowed his pace to walk beside Hana, really only because it was the polite thing to do. 00 I wonder what I'm supposed to make of all this? 00 "What exactly did you want to talk about?" He asked.

She looked up at him her head tilted slightly. "You've given up on love." She stated, so matter of factly that Yuki responded immediately.

"No! No I haven't given up. I'm just not sure I know what love is. I thought I loved Miss Honda, but it was the love between lovers, it was the love of and older brother, for a younger sister. You know Hanajima, since I was born, I never even knew that kind of love? Meeting Miss Honda has changed me, but even so I think it'll take me some time before I fall in love with someone." He felt sad saying it out loud to someone he hardly ever spoke to. He was also a little confused as to why she made him feel compelled to tell her.

"You're a brave man, Yuki." Hana smiled. "That you lasted so long without love, I wonder what would have happened if Tohru never pitched a tent on your property, what if she hadn't felt it was an imposition to stay with me or Uo. What if you cousin hadn't invited her to stay with you? Do you think you'd even be alive, in any sense of the word? I can see why you'd be upset about her and young Kyou, despite the fact you know you hold no romantic feelings for her. You are a very brave person indeed Yuki." She finished there although she could have gone on. There were things she wanted to say, but she knew it was useless to say them now.

"I - Thank you Hanajima, for some reason, you make me feel much better. But you make me sound like a much stronger person than I really am, I'm not that strong, I was just too weak to end it, before I met Miss Honda. And after I met her, I didn't want to."

00 He is a truly remarkable person, I think just this once, I'd like to hug him. 00 She threw her arms around Yuki's neck. Yuki was surprised, but returned the embrace momentarily before remembering, that he should be turning into a rat about now.

00 What's going on? How is it possible that I didn't change? 00 He thought, still holding on to Hana. 00 She feels so fragile. She doesn't look it, but Hanajima feels so feminine. 00 He pulled her even closer, hugging her tightly to his chest.

"Ha ha ha. You guys look ridiculous." Tohru laughed so hard it felt like her sides would split. Chuck and Uo had managed to explode flour all over themselves and the counter. They'd also managed to completely mess up the first part of the recipe.

"Why don't you two just go clean up, we'll finish the pie." Kyou groaned.

Uo couldn't help but laugh at how silly they both looked right then, "Fine, but it better taste good, this is a new skirt."

"I guess maybe cooking isn't for everyone." Tohru smiled at Kyou 00 Finally alone. 00 She rubbed her head affectionately against his chest. Causing him to push her against the flour covered counter, kissing her passionately, risking a hand up her shirt.

"Do you realize how beautiful you are in that apron?" He said in her ear.

"Ah-hem." Uo cleared her throat. "Last time you two will ever be in a room alone, if I'm around." She vowed. "How dare you compromise my dear sweet Tohru's wholesome image.

Kyou blushed and looked at his feet. "I didn't do nothing" he said, suddenly feeling like a child who had been caught eating a cookie before dinner.

"Oh really?" She said. "And I suppose Tohru wanted to become one with the pie, and asked you to help smear her body with flour?" She asked, shaking Tohru's shirt causing flour to drift to the floor.

Tohru blushed madly. "He, um, well he is my boyfriend." She protested shyly.

Uo sighed deeply. "Fine, but I'm watching you." She glared at Kyou.

"Go wait in the other room, we finish the pie." He glared back.

"Fine." She left in a huff.

"What did you want to talk about, that you couldn't tell me before?" Shigure asked sipping tea in the small lab.

"Didn't see it before, because I wasn't looking for it." Hatori said. "Yes both the samples were the same, but it goes beyond that. I can't be sure till I take the next test, but I'm 80 percent certain that it will tell me what I already believe to be true."

"You sound serious, it's not like she pregnant." Shigure laughed.

Hatori stayed quiet.

"Why am I the only one laughing, I mean that's ridiculous, that sweet little flower has certainly never had sex, so she couldn't be . . . Ha'ri what's that look for, I mean she isn't . . . But how?" Shigure found himself very confused at this point .

Hatori sighed. "It was confusing enough for me to understand, I'll try to explain it so you can understand it. Have you ever read the bible?" "Of course, I get some of my best extra curricular story ideas from that. You just replace god with an alien, change the names, and bang instant profit." Shigure felt comfortable sharing his secret with Hatori, although one couldn't say Hatori was equally at ease with hearing it.

"Then you must remember the immaculate conception of Jesus Christ. Mary didn't need to have sex for the child to be born. I believe that the introduction of two new bloods into her body, two bloods from two different zodiac members, has caused Tohru to become, pregnant. It makes sense why I couldn't see the zodiac cells taking over, which was what I assumed would happen. They were creating a child inside her. It is developing normally I assume because she would have begun to show already, if it was developing at the accelerated rate of the zodiac cells. But Tohru is three weeks pregnant."

"Then she is still a virgin?" Shigure said complete ignoring the important part of the conversation.

"Don't you pay attention?" Hatori sighed. "Simply through the act of immaculate conception, we are all cured of this curse. Temporarily we are cured, but the moment she gives birth we're free. We've been tittering like fools, cowering around Akito as if in the presence of God. When in reality the true God, of the zodiacs in any case, is about to born, and Tohru will be it's mother. As soon as that child is born, the curse will be permanently removed, and Akito will no longer hold any control over our lives." He finished triumphantly, nearly hysterical with joy.

"I knew it would be her. From the very second I saw her grinning at those silly clay animals I made and wondering why there was no cat. I knew that someone that loving and warm, had the power locked away within her, to save us all." Shigure smiled reminiscently. "I wonder what she'll name God?" He mused.

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A/N: I'm afraid of Shigure's extra curricular stories, but I'm pretty sure that all smut comes from the bible, it just uses more illicitwording, and changes the names. I'm an athiest, so nothing I say about religion, needs to be taken as fact. I've prepared an interesting little skit from the charactors, below in which they discuss me and my story, I hope you'll enjoy that as well.


Kyou: Isn't enough she left us in the air, now she wants us to star in her stupid skit too?

Tohru: Oh come on Kyou, It'll be fun, I think this skit idea is cute.

Uo: Well I agree with Orangy, this has got to be a huge waste of time.

Hana: Maybe she's gone mad because of all the benedryl she took for her allergy related ear-ache

Aaya: Nonsense dear, I've taken benedrly everyday of my life for allergies, and it's never made me act strangely.

Yuki: Miss Fruitsbasketcase, might I warn you, not to take that stuff anymore. I mean you know how Aaya turned out.

Shigure: Aaya turned out just fine, I think he could have turned out much worse.

Hatori: He could have turned out like you.

Shigure: You can't mean that Ha'ri.

Hatori: Yes I do.

Kagura: Weren't we supposed to talk about the story? Hey how come I was only in it like one chapter?

Momiji: I didn't get much time either. Do you hate us Fruit-chan? Do you? Do you?

Yuki: I'm sure she doesn't hate you.

Tohru: Miss Fruitsbasketcase, just has trouble writing you into the story some times

Kyou: Plus she hates whiney brats like the two of you. Personally I can't blame her. Hey nice work on leaving that bastard Akito out of it too.

Haru: But what about me? You always loved me Fruit-chan. I know you love me more than Kyou sometimes, so howcome I don't get to be in the story more?

Hana channeling the spirit of Fruitsbasketcase: Whenever I try to put you in longer it turn into a smutty story so I have to erase it to keep the story PG13

Uo: Hana I didn't know you could channel authors.

Hana: Neither did I, this could come in handy, imagine the mischief I could cause writting stories, in which Kyou's pregnantwith Yuki's baby.

Kyou: You sick witch!

Yuki: I thought you were falling in love with me.

Hana: It would be very amusing. I have to gonow, things to do you know.

Kyou: Things to do? They'd better not include me and Yuki.

Yuki: I would have to side withKyou on thatmatter. Um... you know what, I just going to follow her to make sure, you guys go on without me.

Tohru: Hana has such an interesting sense of humor.

Uo:I think I going to go with them, I can think of a few interesting situations, I'd like to see those two in.

Haru: Maybe she'll put me in a few, wait for me.

Kagura: What about the skit, we were supposed to talk up the second installment of Fruit-chan's story.

Momiji: This is my chance to shine, I happen to know, that it's even more ri-ri, hey Tohru what does that word say.

Tohru: Riveting, it means exciting.

Momiji: Even more ri-ve-ting than this story. Hey is that true? Does that mean I'm in it more?

Kyou: Knowing her, it means you get kidnapped, and we don't find you till the last chapter.

Momiji: Kyou's being mean to me!

Kyou: Of course I am. And you annoying the author again so c'mon, I'm taking you home, you come too Kagura, she's tired of you already.

Kagura: Okay, can we play yatzee? I haven't played that in forever.

Kyou: Fine! Lets go.

Aaya: Oh I love yatzee, Shigure would you like to play too?

Shigure: Yes! lets!

Hatori: I'd better go along, there's no way Kyou can handle all four of them. Do you think you can handle things while I'm gone Tohru?

Tohru: Sure go have fun. . . .Um, hi everyone.

Kisa: Sissy?

Tohru: Oh Kisa, have you been here all that time?

Kisa: Yes, but I didn't want to talk and confuse the author.

Tohru: How cute of you!

Kisa: Do you think the author will put me in more next time?

Tohru: Of course she will Fruit-chan likes you but Hiro scares her so she'd rather exclude you both, than be rude to Hiro.

Kisa: Oh that's good. Auntie Fruitsbasketcase? I promise if you let him be in the story more, Hiro won't be mean to you. Thank You.

Tohru: Oh you're so cute, come on I'll bake you some cookies.

Ritsu: Um...Excuse me. I hate to bother you but I can't help but notice I'M NEVER IN ANY OF YOU STORIES! Do you find that annoying that you can't even stand to write about me? I APPOLOGISE TO YOU! I APPOLOGISE TO THE WHOLE WORLD! I KNOW I AM A BURDEN UNTO YOU ALL!

Fruitsbasketcase: I can't help it you'r too off the wall to write, so rather than do you an injustice, I just send you on a trip to Paris

Ritsu: Really! I was wondering where I'd gotten all those Eiffle Tower statues and mugs. I'm Sorry to have bothered you maybe you should end this skit without me.

Fruitsbasketcase: I think I'll just end with an authors note, so anyone who wants to skip the skit will still read the important part.

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