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Author's Note: This is my first try at a fan fiction, so please be gentle, heh. Being a big fan of Neji from the Naruto series and loving his character dynamics I decided to write this story. The story takes place around 7 years after Sasuke left Konoha and over time will fill you in on some of the events that took place in the meantime. Please read and review, and if anyone would like to help edit, it'd be very appreciated (usually I'm the editor, so making up my own story is new territory for me).

P.S. Bear with me in this first chapter also, it was meant to be flashy and quick paced.

P.P.S If you only read one chapter, read chapter chapter 2, this is just the prologue!

It was a crisp spring day in the woods surrounding Konoha, and the wind rustling through the leaves made a light whistling sound as he made his leaps from branch to branch. Chasing after comrades that seemed to get farther and farther away, he turned as he heard his name over his shoulder, "Neji". It wasn't more than a whisper in a low tone. He turned towards the voice to see its origin only to find the endless sea of green; leaves on leaves. Turning back he picked up his pace to keep up with Naruto and the crew. They were at the edge of his vision as he flew through the air, finally landing on the next wooden platform.

"Did you guys hear that?" He called out to his teammates, trying to get their attention. No one turned. No one stopped. They seemed completely oblivious to him.

"Neji." The whisper was louder but had the same tone. It was a beckoning, a calling meant only for him to hear and when he turned again he saw it. The darkness. And it was coming for him. Trees in the distance were being swallowed whole by it. For a second he was shocked; he had never seen anything like it before. It wasn't genjitsu, or at least it wasn't any that he could detect. It just was, and it was approaching quickly.

Spinning back, his team was gone; completely out of sight. He began jumping from tree to tree as fast as his feet would carry him. But it was too fast, and after he activated his Byakugan he noticed a figure in the center of the darkness chasing after him. "Kukukuku," filled the air until it was a loud echo drowning out everything except the sound of the wind violently passing by him. It only took a moment before Neji realized that the laughter was familiar. The laughter that would always be with him, it belonged to a person that guided the Hyuuga on his first encounter with death. "I'm coming for you boy!"

The spear, he saw, shot towards his back. And though he saw it, he was helpless to avoid it. It traveled slower than he expected; a yet he knew it would catch him. It always caught him with unfailing accuracy. Strange, he could already feel the pain that was coming for him. Before Neji's feet touched the next branch he was caught by it. In mid air, the object speared him, right through his heart. It seems that destiny would not be so kind this time to the boy of white eyes.

Neji fell, and the Sound ninja with six arms chased right after him. The spider like nin dove in yelling, each hand wielding an instrument of death. The sound Neji's body made as his back hit the earth was a sickening wet crunch, and paralyzed there, Neji looked up he saw his fate. His eyes could see everything clearly, they were rarely ever wrong. This time he saw his death. All he could do was close his eyes and accept it.

The violent wind and battle cry of his opponent died down into nothing. Everything became black. Everything was still. Everything was quiet. This was death, his final freedom.

"Neji." The voice was back, and when he opened his eyes, it wasn't the darkness that he expected. It was his father, standing over him. Neji, now merely a young boy stood too, looking up into his father's face. The trees expelled their coverings in the dying of autumn and the brown leaves danced around them as if they moved to an unseen melody. His father placed a hand on him tenderly and spoke gentle words deep into Neji's soul. "You Live." His father shot him a smile that was tinted in sadness before turning and walking away through the trees.

He didn't know what was happening but his father was there, but not for much longer. Neji tried to chase after him, but his legs wouldn't budge. He tried to yell out, "Father! Don't go! Father, don't leave me! Father! Father!" but the words were caught in his throat, choked up by his sadness. Tears welled up in his eyes as he speechlessly watched his father disappeared into the woods. Neji fell to his knees and wailed out in emotional pain and anguish. He let go all of the sorrow that he kept locked in his heart for all of those countless years. His heart, he felt, was being squeezed. He lost his father once and that stripped him of his happiness. Losing his father again near took his will to live. After an eternity of weeping he reached up and wiped away the wetness of his eyes with the back of his wrist.

"This is the Genius of the Hyuuga clan? I'm not impressed."

Neji, no longer a boy, turned and saw the ominous eyes of a man with the sharingan. This sadness quickly was replaced with rage. The traitor was back. Three swirled dots in the eyes of the Uchiha began spinning wildly and then fractured, the red eyes splintering
away to reveal blackness. The darkness of those eyes only matched by the darkness of Sasuke's heart, whose lust for vengeance wasn't satiated with his brothers split blood. "Let's see whose eyes are better," challenged Sasuke, "Mangekyou Sharingan!" The leaves that were falling stopped instantly, hanging in time, and it seemed as if the whole world was spinning.

Neji quickly closed his eyes, not wanting to be taken by the power of the Sharingans' genjistu again. The last time it was used on him the mental pain that Neji endured couldn't even be described. Torture was a word that lacked in definition for what had been done to him. With his eyes closed Neji activated the power granted to him through his blood and saw his opponent as a wire frame of chakra pathways. As quick as a blur, Neji lunged towards his opponent, attacking with the famous gentle fist style thrusting a deadly amount of chakra through Sasuke's heart. As the blue glow of his opponent began to die down, Neji opening his eyes and looked into those of his opponent. Sasuke's eyes slowly dulled from a mix of red and black shapes to a pale shade of grey.

"Neji!" The voice was urgent. "Save me!" It was the pleading voice of someone needing to be saved. Bodies were littered everywhere and looking around he saw the familiar pale eyes of his family. Their corpses seemed to all be looking in his direction. Neji almost couldn't bare it as each lifeless husk seemed to already be looking back at him; looking back through him. "Save me Neji!" Hinata pleaded. He ran through the house trying to catch up with her and her assailant only to arrive seconds too late as Hinata was pierced through her chest with a kunai. The attacker looked over to Neji as Hinata's body slumped to the floor. The man's clear full black eyes shined like black mirrors in the moonlit darkness.

"So we finally meet..."

Neji awoke suddenly, bolting upright in his bed. There was a banging on the door to his room and Tenten was calling out to him. "Neji! This is the last time I'm calling you! If you don't wake up now I'm going to leave without you. Hurry up! We've got to go!" He could tell by the impatience in her voice that this had been going on for a little while now, and by the sound of things today was going to be a very rough day around her.

Falling backwards onto his bed, he noticed it was slightly damp with sweat. "Just a nightmare," he said reassuring himself.

"What did you say!" shot Tenten, who was pouncing on any sign of life after hearing his little comment.

"I said give me a minute, I'm not even dressed yet!" retorted Neji, who was still trying to orient himself from his disturbing dream. Waiting to hear her reply, Neji got nothing as Tenten only responded with silence. She always acted a little odd around him early in the morning so it always made Neji wonder why she continually came over to wake him up. Neji grabbed his shirt and opened the door to find Tenten staring right at him. Once Tenten took in the sight of Neji shirtless, she blushed for an instant before getting angry and punching his chest. "Geez Neji, get dressed before you come out of your room! Baka!"

Neji put on his shirt and walked in front of Tenten as they left the Hyuuga estate. The bright sun that made his eyes squint reminded him that it was a brand new morning. He would be free of the nightmares for another day.