This is a one shot that I did in MS Office.

Summary: Harry is running away from Dudley's gang, and loses them in the woods, and meets The Dark Lord, having had an idea, he tries it out, but will it defeat the Dark Lord?


Harry James Potter was running once again. Always running and never stopping. He looked over his shoulder to see the large forms of Dudley's gang chasing him. Despite Moody's warning, Harry's summer hadn't been going well. Harry had taken to spending his time split between the park, where he would swing aimlessly, and his room, where he would memorize the pattern of the cracks on his ceiling.

Once, on his ceiling, he had found a dog that resembled Padfoot. Harry hadn't cried that hard in days. Harry gasped for air, they didn't look it, but Dudley's gang seemed to be able to run. Harry would have to quit running soon. Not noticing where he was running, Harry jumped over a brook and around some trees in a small wooded area. Listening behind him, he couldn't hear the gang chasing him anymore.

Collapsing against a sycamore tree, Harry breathed a sigh of relief. Until a cold laugh reached him.

"My, my. The boy who failed to protect his god-father thinks he's safe?" Tom Riddle, more commonly known as Voldemort asked Harry, stepping out from behind a tree.

Harry rose to his feet in an instant, his hand going for his wand in his pocket.

"Now, that wouldn't be fair." Voldemort said, snapping his fingers, and Harry's wand reappeared in his hand.

Harry glared at Voldemort.

"I'd like to offer you an alliance. Dumbledore hasn't been fair to you. Join me and you can have friends, money, and anything you want." Voldemort said in a persuasive tone.

"What if I want a world free of you?" Harry asked, stepping nearer to Voldemort.

"That would be the one thing you can't have." Voldemort replied, tossing Harry back his wand. "We duel then."

Harry caught his wand in his hand and pointed it at Voldemort. It was suicide, doing what he was about to do, but it just might work. "Blood taken forcibly from me, feel the love that flows through me, let the love flow freely, let it manifest, and let it conquer all evil. Blood from me, I call upon you." A pure golden light shot from Harry's wand and hit Voldemort surrounding him.

The light was glowing golden, lighting up the surrounding trees and the growing dusk. Voldemort had been unable to deflect the spell that Harry had come up with, and it was doing what it was meant to do. The wand that Voldemort had been using dropped from the pale hand and fell to the ground, screaming. It emitted a black flash and burst into flame. Voldemort was rising above the ground slowly, and the golden glow was increasing. Harry had to close his eyes, but the light seared through to it.

The shape that Was Voldemort was being infused with the golden light, it was binding itself to every part of Voldemort, his spirit, and his magic. One the binding was doneā€¦ There was a great golden flash that light the sky for miles. Where Voldemort had stood, was a phoenix, that appeared to have just had its first burning.

Harry laughed at the irony, and picked the bird up, cradling it in his arms, and set off for #4 Privet Drive. He'd have to owl Dumbledore, and the Order, but it appeared that his sixth year would be one free of Dark Lords.