Official Fanfiction University of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Author: Hellfire

Author's Notes: This is a spin-off of OFUM, written with the prior permission of Camilla Sandman (Miss Cam), fellow GAFFer and friend. I've also had to re-upload this first chapter to make a minor change. Mini-Balrogs and now Mini-Tribbles.

DISCLAIMER: Star Trek is the property of Paramount/Viacom, nothing to the contrary is being expressed or implied, this is written for entertainment purposes only and no money is being made. Caitlin and any other original characters are my own creation.

Chapter One: A breach in the Space-time continuum

One day, a girl sat down to her computer. She logged in and opened Microsoft Word as she contemplated her plot. She was going to get Bashir in bed, just as it had been before, just as it would always be. She was part way through her story; she had impressed the Doctor already, and now was the time to do more.

He would invited me 2 teh holowdek, and I said I goes w/ him. He looks soooooo sexy stand their w/ his chesie grin. Jadzear is getting jelos as she scowlz me cuz she wanna 2 time worf we got 2 the holowdec an he asks if I wanna hav sex w/ him an I says yea!!!!!

Just then the computer shorted out, leaving nothing but a black screen. "DAMN IT" she cursed as she turned the chair around. She was going to get herself a cup of coffee and maybe a chocolate bar or two. She needed a sugar-high to write much more. She'd also need considerable patience to re-boot the computer again. So as she stood up to head towards her bedroom door, she froze dead in her tracks. Right by the door was two junior Starfleet Officers.

"Hold it right there Miss Caitlin Barker." One of them said.

Okay, I've gone mad. Star Trek is fiction, and here in my room are two fit security officers. She thought to herself as she made a run for the door.

The officers held her back. "Wait a minute, we don't want to stun you ma'am, but there is something here we want you to see."

"What the hell are you doing in my room? How did you get in here?" Caitlin asked.

"How we got here doesn't matter, it's what why we're here that will interest you the most."

Caitlin was puzzled. Two fictional characters were standing right in front of her, in her bedroom no less. There were only a few plausible explanations: she could be dreaming, she could have been going mad, or the Star Trek universe was real and that those men were from the future. She really hoped that it was the former. "Why?" She asked weakly.

"Miss Barker, we were here to invite you to the Official Fanfiction University of Star Trek Deep Space Nine. All courses are run at Utopia Planetia and include field trips to popular resorts around the galaxy. You do not have to enroll, but if you choose not to then you will not get your certificate at the end. The same goes for if you quit, which you are within your rights to do at any time."

"Why do I need a certificate?"

"The certificate is a license to write Star Trek DS9 fanfiction."

"Since when do I need one of them?" Caitlin spat angrily. The fucking nerve! I can already write it, I have been doing for months!

"I know what you're thinking." One of the men said, "It makes no difference, your fanfiction has been found to be substandard to say the least. At OFUST: DS9, you'll learn everything you need to know. Lectures cover a wide variety of topics from the latest in Technobabble and Technology to Intergalactic Politics and Cultural History. There will also be lectures on mini-Tribbles and shipping."

Caitlin though for a moment, "But then what happens to my life here, I can't just go my mom will think I've been abducted or something. Shouldn't I ask her first?"

"The course doesn't take place in real-time. You will be returned to this exact moment in time upon completion or termination of the course. Therefore, it will in no way affect your life in the early 21st century. There are no fees either; Federation citizens do not use money in the 24th Century."

Caitlin didn't know what to do, if this was indeed a dream, then why not go to this University? "I'll go." She said.

"Okay, we'll just need your signature on this piece of paper, and then we can take you to full enrollment."

Caitlin signed the document and felt a strange tingle in her body as the transporter took her to another place and time.