Chapter 7: The Color 'Urple

A few days after the application forms had been submitted; many students had a very rude awakening – literally. DarkLegate woke Caitlin up by banging on her door screaming blue murder. Caitlin woke up in a daze and let DarkLegate in. The girl was barely recognizable and clearly traumatized. She had become a Cardassian, literally overnight. She had the facial ridges, the hair, and the neck. Caitlin was stunned speechless for a few seconds.

DarkLegate screamed, "I can't leave the building like this, what happened to me?"

I'd like to know the same thing. "Dunno. We could take you to sickbay."

"HELLO, I can't leave the flat in this state." She wailed.

They were silenced by a piercing scream from next door; it wasn't from Cassandra, but from room C. Jack who lived in there came running out of his room, he had become a Trill. "Look!" He yelled, "What the fuck is this? I look like a Pizza face or something."

DarkLegate felt a bit annoyed at him, he was complaining about a few spots? "You think you've got it rough? Look at me. My wardrobe had been changed too! All of my clothes are Cardassian Military attire. At least you still get your Starfleet Cadet uniform, and why is it so cold in here?"

Cassandra emerged from her room to see what the ruckus was about. She was bright blue and had ridge running down the middle of her face. She had become a Bolian. "You lot too?"

Jack asked Caitlin, "What species did you put on your form?"


"That explains why you still look Human. Do you feel any different?"

"Actually, I do. I just feel confused, not like just about how you've all changed. I mean I feel confusion that doesn't feel like mine. I know that probably made no sense whatsoever, but that's the best way of describing it."

Jack said, "I remember now from an episode of TNG, you're becoming telepathic."

"Holy Shit!" That's all I need, other people's baggage wafting round in my head. I can barely cope with my own right now.

Cassandra said, "Well look, if we don't go to class, we'll all end up in detention, and I don't fancy an evening in the Brigg. Hopefully other people will have ended up in a similar situation."

So they went into class after all, only to find that all classes had been cancelled for the day. Instead, there was to be an assembly for the morning in the main Hall. So they made their way there. There were people appearing to be of all races. DarkLegate was quite pleased to see that she wasn't the only one. Cassandra was taking her blue skin much better.

Hellfire walked into the Hall, and addressed the crowd. She was still wearing 'Urple clothes. "You may all be wondering what has happened to you last night. I processed your application forms, and let me say that you have just what you asked for.

"Something however does baffle me, why there are so many male lesbians. I can honestly say that during all of my time as a course coordinator, I've never seen a male lesbian before.

"I will add now that the offender who dyed all of my clothes has struck again. My whole office is now this horrendous color. Whoever you are, I will find you, and woes betide you when I do."

Captain Picard spoke, "Unfortunately, there is another not-so-small problem. The mini-Tribbles have been either kidnapped or are on the loose. The Bog Kween and Dater are extremely fertile and will breed like mad if we do not find them soon. If any of you find a mini-Tribble, please return it to my office immediately. We don't want to become overrun by them. If you are Klingon, please disregard this, otherwise you may get bitten. They don't like Klingons you see."

With that Hellfire wrapped it up, "I'll give you today off to get used to your new species. I will however insist that each of you look into the customs and beliefs of your chosen species, and hand the assignment in to a lecturer of your species. Classes will be on tomorrow as normal."

That was all, the assembly was over. They all headed back to their quarters to recuperate and to get used to what they'd just learned. Something still puzzled Caitlin, who was spreading the color 'Urple? She didn't mind the color herself, but the lecturers appeared to hate it.