A/N: This is something that I came up with while I was in school two days ago. My first attempt in a humour fic. Funny how much you can come up with while being with your friends?

(Idon't like the way is deleting lots of symbols. I'm sorry if this bothers you.)

The Boy Next Door
Chapter I: The Bad Beginning

There will always be a time in your entire life where you encounter difficulties and hardships, whether it be your friends, family members, or strangers. In this case, it's that stupid-ass Chinese dude next door who just happens to be staying with you for the next two weeks.

Mishima Residence

In the living room, we see a 19-year-old Kazuya arguing with his father, Heihachi. Can you just feel the love?

Kazuya: There is no way that guy is sleeping in my room!!

Heihachi: I've discussed this with you already, boy! Wulong is a guest in out house and you will treat him with the same respect as you have treated me! I will not have you humiliate me infront of his parents!

Kazuya: Phshaw. Since when did I ever respect you?

Heihachi: Why you!! --;; I will say this once and only once: Wulong will sleep on your bed and I don't care if you sleep on the couch, attic, or hell, you can even sleep on the roof for all I care!!

Kazuya: in a whiny voiceYou've always treated me like a dog!! Child abuse!!

Kazuya is smacked upside the head.

Heihachi: Brat! Have you not notice how much I've spoiled you all these years? Cars, women, money...Why can't you be an obedient son just this once?

Shaking his head in disappointment, Heihachi leaves. Kazuya blows an angry raspberry to Heihachi's back.

Kazuya:yawn No use sulking about this now. I'm tired.

He goes to his bedroom upstairs. On the bed, he sees Lei getting all too comfortable.

Lei: Hey.

Kazuya: Shut the hell up.

Heihachi: from outside What was that?!

Kazuya: Nothing

Lei chuckles. Kazuya glares at him.

Lei: Have you decided where to sleep?

Kazuya: Yeah, I'm -

Rethinks for a moment. If he were to sleep outside, as he had intended, his room would be wide open for Lei to screw around. That's not good.

Kazuya: - sleeping here.

Lei: Really? We're not supposed to sleep on the same bed...

Kazuya: Idiot. I didn't say that. I'm sleeping on the floor.

He took out a pillow from the cabinet and a blanket from one of the drawers. He straightened out the expensive fur rug before laying down on it, pulling the blanket up to his chin.

Kazuya: And you better not snore.

Lei: snoring

Kazuya: Great.

In attempts to block the unbearable, sound-surround noise, Kazuya buries his head under his pillow, wishing for the sandman to come sooner.

The Next Morning...

Kazuya opened his eyes, the bright sunlight creeping between the curtains. He looked down and saw Lei sprawled on top of him. Startled, he pushed him to the side.

Kazuya: What the hell is going on here?!!

Lei: muttering What do you mean?

The Chinese glanced at the bed, which was beside Kazuya.

Lei: chuckling I always fall whenever I sleep on someone else's bed.

Kazuya: Whatever. Just get your ass off the floor and - starting to make spitting noises - the hell is this?!

He removed from his mouth what seemed to be a long strand of hair.

Kazuya: Yuck!

Lei: That's not mine.

Kazuya: You disgust me!

Kazuya walks out the door, still annoyed. After taking a shower and changing into his clothes, Lei followed suit. He went downstairs to the dining room where breakfast was served. The breakfast was very traditional Japanese: steaming-hot white rice, miso soup, seaweed, and tea.

Lei: Wow! This looks delicious! I've never had this kind of breakfast before! takes a seat across from Kazuya, who was already eating

Kazuya: muttering to himself Or maybe you've never had breakfast before...

Kazuya's parents come in.

Heihachi: Good morning, kids. Did you sleep well, Lei? Or did Kazuya bother you again?

Kazuya: rolls eyes

Lei: Nah. Everything's fine.

Kazuya's Mom: That's good to hear. I'm glad you two are going along nicely.

For the next 10-20 minutes, Kazuya's parents listened to Lei's stories about himself while Kazuya randomly made faces and frowning to himself.

Heihachi: Ah, wonderful breakfast it was. Now I will assign both of you to do a small chore.

Kazuya: No! I object! We have servants to do those kind of dirty work! I won't do it!


Heihachi: You're doing it and that's final! It's about time I started disciplining you! Lei, will you help him?

Lei: Yes, of course. It's a simple task.

Heihachi: I knew you would! Now here's what you do...