A/N: A longer chapter.

The Guy Next Door

("Payback's a bitch")

9:00 Mishima Residence, an hour later...

Kazuya finished his chore and was on his way back inside the house when he saw his father. He looked like he was searching for something...

Heihachi: calling Kazuya Boy! Have you seen Lei!

Kazuya: lying No. And I finished washing the car.

Heihachi: Alone? Wasn't Lei supposed to help you?

Kazuya: Er-thinking that Lei might tell on him, it would probably be a wise thing to tell his dad that Lei did help he did but then after awhile, he had to go somewhere.

Heihachi: Funny. The last time I saw him he was wading about in the pool.

Kazuya: trying to keep himself from laughing Maybe he went for a morning swim.

Heihachi: suspicious With a bucket on his head and his clothes on?

Kazuya: Well, you know how the guy is. He has a quirky sense of humor. Go figure.

His dad looks at him, baffled.

Kazuya: uneasy I'll be going now...

Heihachi: Wait! I need you to do a little errand for me.

Kazuya: Naw! I just finished washing the car and now you're giving me more chores!

Heihachi: I was going to ask Lei to do it but since I can't find him, you'll have to do it yourself.

Kazuya: groaning What do you want me to do?

Heihachi: Do a little grocery shopping. Here's a short list of items so your feeble mind won't forget.

Kazuya: disregarding Heihachi's comment This is a short list! There are at least 20 items here!

Heihachi: Quit complainin'. And take the bus. I don't want you to mess up the limo.

Kazuya unwillingly agreed and made his way out across the yard. Meanwhile, back inside the house, Lei is rummaging through Kazuya's clothes in his closet. Heihachi passes by Kazuya's room and sees Lei.

Heihachi: puzzled What are you doing?

Lei: Um, nothing. I was just, uh, fixing Kazuya's stuff, that's all.

Heihachi: Oh, well, that's very nice of you. But just be careful not to damage his suit. He tends to go mad if 'anyone messes with it'.

Lei: What suit?

Heihachi: It's purple. I think it's in that closet over there points to the closet across the room.

Lei: Not to worry. I'll make sure nothing happens to it.

When all is said, Kazuya's father leaves. Lei continued what he was doing, which was trying on Kazuya's expensive outfits.

Lei:...What suit was he talking about again?

Kazuya finally arrives from his little trip to the grocery. He gets off the bus with a huge paper bag full of goods. Just as he reached the front yard, Lei sticks his head out the window from Kazuya's room and spots him.

Lei: in a sing-song voice Kazuya! Where do you want me to put your laundry? holding an armful of clothes

Kazuya: sees Lei wearing his precious suit Why you—take off my suit damnit!

Lei: ignores what he said Where do you want me to put them?

Kazuya: Takethemoff!

Lei: Where?

Kazuya: Grr...ANYWHERE!

Lei: O-kay!

Immediately, Lei threw Kazuya's newly-washed clothes out the window. Some got stuck up the tree near the window. Kazuya's jaw drops to the ground in shock.

Lei: Is that good?

Kazuya: You useless piece of!

Lei: Hurry up with the groceries, Kazuya! laughs before shutting the window

Kazuya: groaning Godamnit...

After gathering his clothes and unloading all the groceries, Kazuya went searching for Lei to "deal" with him.

Kazuya: There you are!

Lei: Aaack! runs away

Kazuya chases after Lei to his room. He successfully tackles him onto the bed and the battle ensues...

10 minutes later...

Unsurprisingly, Kazuya won. He tied Lei's hands behind his back then took one of his white handkerchiefs and blindfolded him.

Kazuya: Payback's a bitch, isn't it, Lei?

Lei: Is this the best that you can do?

Kazuya: Nope. I'm just getting started.

He then pushed Lei into one of his closets and locks him up.

Kazuya: Beg for your life and I'll spare you.

Lei: Go screw yourself.

Kazuya: How do you like my little game so far, Lei?

Lei: You heard what I said.

Kazuya: Don't worry. I'll let you out when Dad comes back...around 2 hours after.

Lei: Let me out or I'll kick this door open myself!

Kazuya: As if you could—

A loud 'bang' was suddenly heard

Kazuya: —break it open.

Lei: Kazuya!

The phone rings

Kazuya: Later.

Lei's muffled screams can be heard

Kazuya: answers the phone Hello?

Bryan: 'Sup, man? Do you think it's a little early to come over right now? You said 12:00 right?

Kazuya: What do you—oh, damn, I almost forgot. Nah, come right over. There's not much going on in here right—

Lei: Let me out!

Kazuya: —now.

Bryan: What was that?

Kazuya: Just the TV. So, you coming over right now?

Bryan: Yeah, man.

Kazuya: Don't forget the beer.

Bryan: Got it. hangs up

Lei: Who was that?

Kazuya: Bryan. One of my friends from—WHAT THE HELL! How d'you—

Lei: Just so you now, I was already out when I was screaming.

Kazuya: You're a lot better than I thought.

Lei: Told you.


Lei: Aaahh!

Lei runs away as Kazuya chased him once again.