Chapter 6


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-Chapter 6

"Hilary where are you?" Tyson thought. He had taken a walk to get away from everyone; the noise was just not helping. He had even lost his battle to Max which made the whole thing much worse.

Tyson had shoved his hands in to his pockets and slumped as he walked. "God…where are you!"


"Tyson!" Hilary shouted, "COME BACK HERE! Give me my notebook now!"

"Got to catch me first!" Tyson yelled back while laughing. Suddenly a gust of wind blew his hat off, "Dude! MY HAT!"

Hilary jumped up and caught it. She looked at it for a minute and then smiled. She placed it on her head backwards and made a victory sign. (that would be totally cute don't you agree, RandomnessRox-)

Tyson cracked a smile. "This is a good look for me!" Hilary said pushing her hair back, "Can I keep it? Wait a minute…you need to cut your hair it's a tad bit too long. Are you sure this won't give me lice or something?"

"Positive. What's wrong with my hair? I think it's cool." Tyson whined. "You know what…I think it suit's you just fine." Hilary said smiling, her ruby brownish eyes twinkling merrily.

"But wait…didn't Hiro give you this? Here, never mind." Hilary said sadly removing the hat.

"You can keep it…" Tyson said, "I bought that one…Hiro gave me the other one."

"Thanks, Tyson!" Hilary said happily hugging him before he knew what happened.

"Uhh…" Tyson said patting her back feeling awkward. When Hilary let go she said with a smirk, "This still doesn't mean you can copy my homework."

"Hilary!" Tyson whined.

-end flashback

Tyson stared up at the sky in misery wishing that Hilary would appear and land in his arms so he could tell her how sorry he was.


Zakuro smiled merrily at Toji as he grinned. "HEY Z!" He practically yelled causing quite a commotion with the customers before his eyes widened quite a large deal when he saw her.

Zakuro smirked and twirled around. "Like what you see?" she mouthed. "Oh yeah…" Toji said as he started to drool.

Meagan reached over and hit him on the head. "Shut your mouth, it's not polite to drool in front of a…Lady!" she said with a smirk as Zakuro looked like she was about to growl at her.

"Ha ha, so funny," Zakuro mouthed, irritation clearly on her face. "Now come on you two, get out of here! You're holding up the customers." Meagan said gently shoving Toji towards Zakuro.

Zakuro looped her arm with the blushing Toji and pulled him out the door. "Come on, impress me…" she mouthed.


"Is he always like this?" Ayu asked Ray as she pointed at Kai who was sitting near the pool with a brooding expression. "Uh, if you mean brooding yeah, if you mean worry, no." Ray said staring at Kai thinking how awkward it was.

Kai just sat there staring in to space with a blank look. Yes, he was brooding, what moody person didn't? But he was worried about Zakuro, an instinctive feeling bit him in the throat.

"I wonder what Toji is doing with her…" Kai thought.

"Hey guys, let's go inside, I mean it's kinda chilly." Julia said. Kai didn't even look at her. Everyone except Kai got up and started walking in.

"Hey Kai? You coming?" Julia asked hesitantly. "Yeah whatever." Kai muttered as he stood.


Zakuro stared at the theater with a smile. Toji pulled her arm like a child as he grinned. "Come on!" he whined. Zakuro nodded as he pulled her to the ticket counter.

"Can I have 1 extra large popcorn and 2 cokes?" Toji asked as he gave Zakuro a questioning stare. She nodded.

"Now she wants to order," Toji said with a grin as Zakuro gave him a disgusted look, "Heh, just kidding Z!"

They went and sat down waiting for the movie to start. They had chosen the Aviator. (A/n: I haven't seen the movie so I won't be describing anything. Sorry…)

"So…" Toji started. Zakuro raised an eyebrow as to say 'so what?'

"I was wondering, what do you think of Kai? I mean I know he's famous for beyblading and all but…do you like him?" Toji asked hesitantly.

Zakuro's other eyebrow shot up saying 'when did this happen to come up?' but then she nodded, "Yeah sort of I mean, he's nice and all." she mouthed. (You're forgetting that she can't speak aren't you?)

"Why?" Toji asked suspiciously. "He just is! I mean…wait are you jealous?" Zakuro mouthed with a smirk.

"No! I was just curious! It's nothing like that." Toji stuttered. Zakuro's smirk widened. "Don't worry, I won't leave you." She mouthed before taking a sip of her cola. Toji smiled.


After the movie Toji walked Zakuro back to Julia's house since Julia was having a sleepover. Zakuro had left her stuff there earlier.

"Thanks Toji, I had a great time." Zakuro mouthed before leaning up and kissing his cheek. "Oh my…" Toji muttered in awe as he touched his cheek. Zakuro grinned before waving goodbye and walking up the stairs to Julia's door.

When Toji was sure the coast was clear he pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number.

"Yes? This better be good." A female voice said.

"Don't worry, it will be. She bought the whole thing!" Toji laughed.

"Excellent, you seem to know what you are doing." the person replied.

"Don't worry sweetheart, I'll have her soon enough. She'll be on my bed in a couple of days." Toji said grinning.

"You just might receive a higher price then we bargained for…see you later." The female on the other line broke off.


"Oy Zakuro! How was your date?" Ayu inquired grinning mischievously. "Shut up." Zakuro mouthed as she slapped Ayu softly on the arm.

Ayu grinned. "The guys are coming over with and their stuff." Julia informed plopping down on to her bed.

"Wonderful…" Zakuro mouthed with a smile. "I know for a fact that Hilary is coming over." Loretta said softly. "I hope Tyson and her settle things through." Bridget said smiling weakly.


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