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Land Before Time: War of the Worlds

Chapter 1: The Gathering

Littlefoot ate silently by his grandparents thinking about his day. He'd played ball with his friends Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Hyp, Nod, and Mutt; just a casual day in the valley, nothing to predict the events that would soon be happening. Suddenly Littlefoot's face was lit up by a strange blue light in the approaching dusk.

"Huh?" said Littlefoot looking up. "Grandma, Grandpa what is it?" he asked his grandparents.

"We don't know Littlefoot" said his Grandpa, also looking up.

"It looks like a blue flying rock," said Grandma longneck.

"But, it can't be," said Grandpa "It doesn't exist."

"Looks like it does now." said Grandma.

As the three watched the blue rock came closer and closer to the valley.

"Looks like it's gonna…" Littlefoot started, but was cut off as, just like he thought, the rock hit the Great Valley sending a huge shockwave knocking some dinosaurs down, while others were launched off their feet.

"Whoa." Littlefoot stated being thrown over onto his back.

"Are you alright Littlefoot?" asked Grandma.

"I'm fine, grandma" Littlefoot replied, standing up and looking around at the valley with several dinosaurs only now getting up.

A few miles away, in the Mysterious Beyond, a young longneck who looked like Littlefoot and was about his age, awoke with a start. As she looked in the direction she knew by heart to be where the Great Valley was, her mother stirred next to her.

"What's wrong, Ali?" She asked.

"Nothing." replied her daughter. Still as Ali stared in the same direction, she couldn't shake the feeling something was wrong.

"Sure you won't stay Doc," said an adult longneck to the other who had a long scar running down part of his neck, behind his right eye. "I think we're all going in the same direction." He was referring about his herd.

"Nah, like I said before, I'm a loner too late to change now. Besides I do okay on my own, move a lot faster too." Said Doc looking at some dinosaurs still asleep, as it was barely sunrise. "Suppose your herd will get there a few hour after me, eh Bron?" Said Doc. As Doc was starting to leave, a strange feeling struck him like someone calling his name, and he quickly stared in the direction he would be heading, towards the Great Valley.

"I sense it too." Said Bron with a questioning glance in the same path. With that Doc left to travel for the valley while Bron awoke the rest of his herd.

On an island away from the Great Valley a young sharptooth groaned and turned in the sunlight. A strange thought like he was needed somewhere, invaded his dreams and awoke him. Chomper lifted his head to look across the big water, which he remembered his friends from the Great Valley had crossed twice before. Out of the corner of his eyes he was surprised to see his parents looking the same way as he, their eyes reflecting the story few others could see. Little did they know that a water-bound longneck named Elsie had also been awakened by the same reason.

A yellow and purple swimmer who resembled a dolphin leapt out of the water.

"Mo sense trouble," he told his kin. "Mo thinks Great Valley needs help." Before the others could argue, he'd swam away.

Perched on a tree in the Mysterious Beyond, a brown flyer awoke to look up at the distant form of the Great Valley. As he shifted his feet, he knew he'd be needed soon, very soon.

"Tippy feels trouble in Great Valley." Said a young spike tail looking behind him where miles away was the Great Valley.

"I quite agree." Replied his mother. "Stay here, I'm going to talk to the leader about this." With that she walked to the front of the laying herd.

Littlefoot ran across a field to where his friends were gathered.

"What hit us last night Littlefoot? Asked Petrie.

"Well, uh, I saw a blue flying rock hit the valley not far from here." Said Littlefoot.

"Oh not that dumb old Stone of Cold Fire again?" Groaned Cera.

"Maybe." Said Ducky.

"Well what ever it was, it landed hard." Complained Hyp rubbing his arm.

"Yeah really hard, really hard." Agreed Nod.

"Duh, yeah." added Mutt.

"Hey Littlefoot," Called an adult longneck named Pat. "Some herds you know are approaching the valley from the east and west sides."

The group looked at one of the valley walls to see a tall longneck there. As he came closer recognition dawned, first on Littlefoot's face then on everyone else's.

"Doc!" shouted Littlefoot. "I knew you'd come back."

"It's good to be back." Doc said arriving where Littlefoot and the others stood.

"What brings you here?" Asked Cera shortly.

"Trouble," said Doc simply and turning to Littlefoot, he added "Your father's herd will be here in a few short hours." Everyone gaped at this.

"Your father?" asked Hyp.

"He's coming here?" Littlefoot asked.

"Yep." Was Doc's reply.

"I think that the east herd will get here first, though." Said Pat.

"Lets go welcome them." Said Littlefoot leading the way.

The group stood watching the herd enter the valley. Though only the leader seemed familiar, they felt they knew the entire herd.

"Littlefoot?" called his grandma. "We have guests."

"See you later." Littlefoot told the others and left through a nearby forest.

"I wonder who it can be." Littlefoot thought, dodging trees here and there as he ran. He was so deep in thought that the next thing he knew, he was on the ground. "Oof." He said standing up.

"Ouch." Said whoever he hit.

"Sorry," he said. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm okay." She said, and they looked at each other. "Littlefoot?" She asked.

"Ali?" Asked Littlefoot.

"Wow its great to see you again." Said Ali nuzzling him.

"When did you get here?" Littlefoot questioned.

"Just a few minutes ago." She replied.

"Come on, my grandparents will want to see you again." He said.

"Great," Said Ali. "My mother will probably be there already since I left to find you. We're 'the guests' your grandma said." The two left side-by-side recounting their adventures since they last met.

"Ah, finally." Said Grandpa longneck, spotting Littlefoot and Ali.

"I see you two bumped into each other." Said Ali's mother.

"You could say that." Replied the Ali.

"Um, Grandma, Grandpa?" Asked Littlefoot.

"Yes, little one?" Replied his grandma.

"Doc arrived and he said dad's herd is coming here." He said causing the three adults to look at each other.

"Your dad's herd?" Asked Ali.

"Well," said Littlefoot's grandpa. "Lets go meet them." And the five longnecks left.

"Dad! Shorty!" Littlefoot exclaimed running to meet his dad and 'brother'.

"Told you we'd come visit." Said Bron. "Who are they?" He added seeing Ali and her Mother by Littlefoot's grandparents.

"Oh, this is my friend Ali, and that's her mother." Replied Littlefoot.

"Nice to meet you." said Ali's mother.

"Same here." Said Bron.

"Littlefoot told us all about you." Ali added.

"Well, at least he hasn't forgotten us." Shorty joked.

"Very funny." Littlefoot frowned.

"So," Said Bron turning to Littlefoot "When did you get a girlfriend?"

"Dad!" Said Littlefoot. Bron smiled seeing not only Littlefoot, but Ali too, blushing deeply at this remark. Someone cleared their throat behind the group.

"Chomper!" Said Littlefoot turning to see his sharptooth friend and parents standing there near the forest.

"We followed a herd in here." Said Chomper.

"Is there something wrong?" Asked Littlefoot.

"We felt we were needed here" He replied.

"That's what I felt." Said Bron.

"Me too" Said a voice. Once again they all turned, this time to see Doc. "Something summoned us all here. Now the question is why." He finished.

The group met with Pat and the rest of Littlefoot's friends down by a river.

"So, like I said," Littlefoot continued, "My grandparents and I saw a blue flying rock hit the Great Valley." This sent the grown-ups muttering.

"That's not possible, is it?" Someone asked.

"I think it is possible." Someone else agreed with Littlefoot.

"What else could have brought us all here?" Came a third voice from the river.

"Elsie, Mo." Littlefoot called as the group turned to the speaker. "How did you get in?" Littlefoot asked the two swimmers.

"Under water tunnel." Mo answered. After some more introductions, Doc spoke up.

"We're all agreed about how we're here, but still not why. That's the mystery." Everyone nodded and muttered in agreement. No one really knew what was going on.