Author's note: I was rather in a hurry to finish this one and messed up a bit. So here's an updated version. Nothing removed, just added.

Land Before Time: War of the Worlds

Chapter 9: Behind Enemy Lines

Littlefoot still couldn't believe that they had lost Zero only two days ago. He had told the grown-ups all that had happened, but surprise was the only response.

"Now what?" He asked his grandfather.

"Well, there is still the food cache you'd found." Grandpa longneck suggested.

"We'll have to talk to King for a plan." Littlefoot said. His grandpa nodded in agreement.

"Well I can arrange two contacts to assist, but other than Elsie taking you kids underwater, we still need more modes of transportation." King told Littlefoot and his friends. Littlefoot thought about when he first met his father, how he had fallen off a tree, with only a few vines holding him up while Bron laughed. With enough vines, they could be lowered down any wall or mountain.

"Well, that's two ways." He thought, looking up into the sky as though expecting the third way to be written there. The answer came as a tree star floated in front of him, landing on his head. "I got it!" Littlefoot yelled. "Where can we find the biggest leaves around here."

"Well, there are some really big ones back on our island." Chomper volunteered.

Littlefoot and several others stood watching a path connecting them to the island, along with Chomper, his parents, and King.

"But, an earthshake sank this path underwater." Said Littlefoot.

"Oh, that was probably just the, what is it called again? Teed?" His mother growled something Littefoot couldn't quite understand. "Oh sorry," said Chomper. "Tide. It was probably just the tide. It comes and goes once everyday." With that he started across, though, Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, and Spike moved with extreme caution.

"How do we get them down?" Asked Ducky, looking up at the trees when they got to the island.

"Perhaps I can help?" Pterano landed in front of them.

Littlefoot stood atop a hill, a gigantic leaf tied to vines, tied to him, inflated in the wind nearly pulling him with.

"It's working great!" He shouted to the other dinosaurs that'd been watching him. Looking more than a little windswept with dirt on his face, back, and chest, while his cheeks were red from the wind, Littlefoot concluded the training.

"Alright we all know what to do, we'll leave tomorrow. And those of us who have it, will be wearing bones for protection." He announced.

"Are you sure this will work?" Ali asked Littlefoot later that night.

"Of course this will work." He said, drawing out the plans on the ground. "It has to."

"What will we do when we get there?" She asked smiling, as she knew the answer.

"Well, I haven't thought it out that far." He replied.

"Typical." Said Ali.

"Hey, could you do any better?" Littlefoot asked.

"Maybe." She said licking his face.

Cera, Ducky, and Spike, were lowered down the rock side by several vines. Upon reaching the ground they removed the vines and ran off without looking back.

Following Mo and Grey Fin underwater, Elsie's head broke the water. Three heads, two of which were wearing skulls, appeared next to her, as Petrie, Chomper, and Hyp, swam waded towards shore.

Littlefoot looked down. Flying on Petrano's back, they were way up in the air.

"If something happens, don't follow." Littlefoot said, turning to Ali and Shorty, on the other flyers. With that he jumped, holding the giant, folded, leaf close to him. After a bit of free falling, he let go of the leaf, which opened up and pulled his vines taunt, slowing him down. Ali and Shorty jumped after him, doing the same. As each of the three landed, they ran to the sheltering trees.

The three teams met up, and proceeded to follow Littlefoot to where the food was.

"There it is." Said Littlefoot, when they arrived, hiding in some bushes. However, something big caught his eyes. "Oh no. Sailbacks; two of them."

"What? How do you know?" The group asked him at the same time.

"King warned me we might encounter them, but didn't want to worry anyone in case it didn't happen. But, it's happening." Littlefoot provided.

"Didn't we see one before, when first coming to Great Valley." Asked Petrie.

"No. That was a Sailcrawler. These are different." Littlefoot answered.

"How different?" Questioned Cera.

"Besides being taller, stronger, and faster?" Littlefoot began. "Lets see, there's their stronger jaws, powerful claws, strong tail…"

"Okay, we get the picture." Said Hyp nervously.

"All we have to do is find a way past them." Said Littlefoot.

"That's where we come in." The group turned to see two tall, red, sharpteeth with horns on their heads standing right there. The group gasped and Ali opened her mouth to scream, but Littlefoot pressed his mouth to hers.

"You the two red Hornhead contacts?" He asked when sure Ali wouldn't scream.

"Yeah," Said the second one. "Its our job to help you proceed."

King knew the teams were taking longer than they should, and that the adults were growing restless.

"Well, why aren't they back yet?" Asked Littlefoot's grandpa.

"Yes they're taking way too long, where are they." Mr. Three-horn demanded.

"I'm sure they're all alright, they might have run into a few sailbacks, but the two dinosaurs they were meeting can easily take care of the problem." King replied, but the moment he said sailbacks, the grown-ups started whispering amongst themselves.

"Can't you send another team?" Asked Grandma longneck.

"Not without putting the current one in danger." Said King.

"I don't care, just bring our children back." Said Mr. Three-horn. The others muttered in agreement. King nodded.

The two red dinosaurs charged through the trees, ramming the two sailbacks. As the battle ensued, the hornheads led their opposition away from the food; the children took the opportunity to sneak over and start dumping the food into the river. After a while, the last of the food was gone.

"Okay everyone lets go home." Said Littlefoot. But something on a small hill caught his eyes. "Hey, did anyone see that?" Littlefoot just had time to jump out of the way as a rock hit where his head was seconds earlier.

"Trap, its an ambush! Everyone fall back!" Littlefoot ordered, as rocks started falling like rain. Looking right, he saw Shorty jerking as rocks hit his chest, head, back, and a particularly sharp one to the knee, drawing blood, and he went down. Littlefoot skidded to a stop next to Shorty, under heavy fire.

"I can't standup!" Said Shorty. Littlefoot started putting Shorty on his back. "What are you doing?"

"No one gets left behind!" Littlefoot shouted. Checking to see that Shorty wouldn't fall off, Littlefoot ran to catch up with the others, while rocks ripped into the ground all around them.

The enormous tail of the sailback whipped the hornhead and as his head snapped to the side, his footing slipped on the edge of a cliff and he hit the ground. The other hornhead rammed the second sailback, with his head and horns, straight into the mountainside. As the sailback tried to stand back up, the hornhead's claws were on his throat, picking him slightly off the ground, before slamming him back down with an earth-shattering boom. The hornhead stood panting over his fallen enemy, just to notice the first sailback charging him. However, it missed and hit the mountain with his face, when the first hornhead hit him with his shoulder. Wrapping his tail around the sailback's leg, the hornhead gave a loud groan and swung the sailback into the second while it tried to stand. The two hornheads roared and continued to thrash their opponents.

Littlefoot knew the other were in a low clearing and there'd be a lot of jumping which would slow them down. He looked back to see several sharpteeth chasing them. Ahead was a clear in the dense foliage. Picking up speed as he went, Littlefoot shot out of the trees and jumped into thin air. The following sharpteeth skidded and slipped to a stop at the edge where their prey had escaped.

The fall was so sudden there wasn't time to scream out. The two longnecks splashed in the lake at the bottom of a waterfall escaping from a cave opening. Rock streaked by forcing Littlefoot to twist and turn until depth slowed them down. Surfacing Littlefoot found Shorty floating to the surface soon afterwards. Placing Shorty on his back again Littefoot swam out of the lake and shook water off themselves and his bone-armor. Looking back he laughed at the sharpteeth jumping up and down in outrage.

"Over here hurry!" Ali called frantically to them, as they reached the rendezvous. "The others have already left."

"Where are the flyers?" Asked Littlefoot.

"Attacked. I'm the only one still here." Said Pterano.

"What happened to Shorty?" Asked Ali.

"We were attacked." Shorty answered.

"Littlefoot, your injured too." Ali added with concern.

"Its nothing." Liitlefoot said unsure if it was true or not.

"Okay, who's going first?" Pterano questioned.

"We're all going now." Said Littlefoot.

"But, I can't take three. Its too heavy." Pterano complained.

"You'll just have to try harder." There was no denying the firmness in Littlefoot's voice.

Pterano ran and flapped his wings hard, jumping at irregular intervals in attempt at flight. They were near the edge when two of the larger sharpteeth burst through the trees behind them. Pterano jumped, tripped, landed on his stomach, slid a bit, and got up to running again. Now their pursuers were a lot closer.

"Move, move, move!" Littlefoot shouted. They went over the edge and took a sharp nose-dive. At the last second, Pterano was able to pull up, his feet gliding on the water. The group looked back laughing, as the first sharptooth stopped at the edge but the second slammed right into him and the two fell into the water.

After much struggling they were airborne just below the clouds. After a while Littlefoot noticed several flyers pursuing them.

"Fly close to the water, and when I say flip, flip upside down." He instructed. The first flyer dove on them. "Flip!" Littlefoot yelled. The first flyer hit the water. They flew upwards skimming a mountain when Littlefoot ordered another flip. Upside-down, Pterano easily flew over the mountaintop, while the second flyer plowed into an overhanging tree. The final flyer was smarter and more maneuverable then the other two had been. It chased them up high past the clouds, without giving-up. Littlefoot however had one more plan in mind.

"Alright we have to flip over again." Littlefoot said.

"What?! Again?! It won't work, I'm not as I once was." Pterano complained

"It will work. Just one more flip, trust me." Said Littlefoot. As the flyer zoomed forward trying to hit them, Pterano flipped, so that they were upside-down over the attacking flyer. Holding onto Pterano with his front paws, Littlefoot dropped his back half on the enemy flyer. He felt his back feet on the other flyer and he half kicked, half pushed off.

"See ya!" Littlefoot called, smiling as the enemy flyer plunged,

Too startled to pull-up, Littlefoot and friends saw their final attacker spiral and hit the water.

"Hey, why are they readying a second team?" Littlefoot asked. They were now soaring over the Great Valley and were startled to see the grown-ups preparing a second team of kids, this one obviously very unprepared.

"Dunno," Said Pterano. "But hang on." Pterano aimed and dived towards a river.

"I just can't stay out of the water today!" Littlefoot groaned.

Littlefoot felt the water lapping his feet, before a loud sploosh and they were in the river. Shaking his head and skull helmet clear of water, Littlefoot heard several grown-ups talking.

"Oh Littlefoot?" Grandpa was surprised to the last group of the first team there. "We thought something had happened."

"So we noticed." Said Littlefoot "I thought we'd agreed on only one team. Any more would be too risky." As he said that King grunted, though Littlefoot got the meaning of it. "And you didn't listen to one of your own!"

"How was it there?" Grandma longneck changed the subject Littlefoot knew it was pointless to argue.

"And so, with so many different types of dinosaurs," Said Ali when Littlefoot had finished. "They can keep fighting on and on."

"This war ain't over, and we're not beat yet." Littlefoot encouraged.