Short Karel/Eliwood one-shot (crack on my end). I changed the rating because someone made a suggestion that I should. If anyone thinks otherwise, tell me.

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He's not yours

Eliwood didn't belong to him...

Whenever their lips touched, each time he stared into his deep blue eyes, every time he bit the lord's inner thigh...

He knew he wasn't his.

When the redhead would moan his name, he would be filled with rage. And with this anger, he would take it out on his 'beloved' Eliwood.

But...he still loved him.

Karel had known he had taken the boy from his...'lover' Ninian. But all he needed was his strength; he demanded that Eliwood love him. Which worked in Karel's favor, Eliwood had–quickly, easily–fallen for him.

But...what lingered in the Swordmaster's mind–whenever Eliwood bit his neck, whenever the Pheraen noble would lie naked waiting for Karel to make love to him–was that Eliwood didn't belong to him...

He never did.

And he never will.