Disclaimer: I don't own Star Trek, but I do own Database and Roxanne. I wish I owned Data though, but I don't. This story takes place near the end of theseries, before any of the movies. Just FYI.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard sat in the Captain's chair of the USS Enterprise. In front of him was a screen displaying thousands of stars.

"Captain, we are approaching Sernus 9," Lt. Commander Data said from his position at the comm.

"Thank you Mr. Data," Picard said.

Commander William Riker stood to look at the viewscreen. "Isn't this exciting Captain? The colonies of Sernus 9 are ready to become part of the Federation and share their knowledge with us. It should be quite interesting to see just what they know."

"Yes number 1. I agree," Picard said standing. "Data, what is known about the Sernusians?"

The android turned in his chair to face Picard. "The Sernusians are a private race usually remaining out of contact with many cultures. Those that have come into contact with them have returned changed in some way, for the better. Not much is known about their culture except that they live similar to humans circa 2004. Their technology is the only thing about them that is advanced."

"Well, number 1, it seems that we are traveling into the unknown yet again."

"Well, Well, Well, Captain Picard…we meet again," a strange voice said. The crew turned to the captain's chair to see a man sitting there in a Starfleet uniform. He has brown hair and a big nose.

"Q," Picard said. "Get off my bridge."

"Temper, temper Captain. I am here to assist you in this little endeavor since it does have a personal quality for me."

"Personal quality? You?" Riker said. Q nodded and stood. "Of course. Why else would I join you humans on this ship? I wish to go with you to Sernus 9."

"You could just transport there. You do not need our help," Data stated. Instantly Q was next to Data. "Ah, you're right Commander, but you see this way is going to be so much more interesting."

"Now arriving at Sernus 9 Captain," Ensign Smith said from the other comm. position. "Standard orbit. Q, if you insist on staying, you will…"

"Say no more Captain. I will remain quiet. Aren't you going to contact them?"

"Open hailing frequencies," Captain Picard said rubbing his head.

"Frequencies open sir," Security chief Worf said. "Sernus 9, this is Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise."

The view screen flashed and a young woman appeared on screen. She looked no older than 20. She had long brown hair and brown eyes. She was dressed in a white dress and had a gold crown on her head.

"Captain Picard. My name is Roxanne, Queen of Sernus 9. I would like to welcome you to Sernus 9. Please feel free to…"

Suddenly a bright light flashed above the Captain's head. Picard backed up away from the light. Suddenly a scream was heard and someone fell out of the bright hold.

"Damn," the person said when they hit the ground. The person had short brown hair and was about 5'7" tall. The person stood and rubbed their head. A familiar voice spoke out. "That hurt, Base."

"Wesley Crusher?" The person turned around in response to his name. Wesley eyes widened. "Captain?" Suddenly a ball fell out of the hole and hit Wesley on the head. "Hey, what was that for?"

Wesley turned back to the hole looking for a response for his question. Slowly a person began to float out of the hole. They could hear a girl laughing. A girl slowly began to appear. She landed on the floor, but the light was so blinding that no one could see her.

Wesley recognized her. "Base, shut that light off already before you blind us."

"Okie dokey," the girl said. Instantly the light was gone. Picard removed his hand from his face to look at the girl in front of them. Riker did the same. Both dropped their jaws. The girl in front of them was indeed beautiful, around the age of 18 or 19. She had long brown hair up in a ponytail and wearing clothes similar to those worn in the early 21st century. She stood at about 5'3" tall; she was floating about 2" above the ground. In about two seconds she touched the ground and lowered her right hand. She was smiling.

The only thing unusual about this girl was the fact she had yellow eyes and android skin. She looked like an android.