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Data and Roxanne walked down the corridors with smiles on their faces. Roxanne could barely remember the last time she was this happy, and it was when Data last had his emotions.

Q appeared before them suddenly, with both Base and Geordi in tow. Both Geordi and Base looked shocked and slightly embarrassed.

"Hello father," Roxanne said with her usual anger behind the words. Try as she might, she couldn't stop smiling.

"Ah, hello there my dear daughter," Q said with a wide smile. Base looked up at her parents, both were smiling and seemed happy.

Geordi looked at his happy friend and was suddenly afraid of his reaction, now that he had his emotions back.

"I have good news," Q said with a wide smile.

"More good news? I think that you have done an awful lot of good news deeds lately," Roxanne said resting her hand on Data's arm affectionately.

"I think that this is probably the best news ever. First, Sernus 9 has been destroyed."

Roxanne paled instantly, her smile gone. Base sighed. If this was how she reacted to this news, then how was she going to react to the other bit of "wonderful" news Gramps had for her.

"What do you mean?"

Q continued to smile. "Well, I created it for you and now I have gotten rid of it. Don't worry, all the children were taken off the planet by your daughter well before I destroyed it."

"But what about…"

"The other people? I also created them. Don't worry about it. Now for the best news of all."

"More 'good' news?" Roxanne said with shock. "What are you going to tell me now? That my daughter is pregnant?"

"Not yet," Q said with a smirk, causing Base to sigh, as she got slightly paler. "She has recently been married."

"WHAT!" Both Data and Roxanne looked at their daughter in surprise. Base looked at them with a slight smile before hiding behind Geordi.

"It wasn't my idea," she said loudly. "Gramps did it in the way of his people and neither of us had a choice in the matter."

"You didn't do that ceremony father?" Roxanne asked in surprise. Q just smiled.

"Of course I did," he said.

Roxanne sighed. "And just who did you bound my daughter to for all eternity?"

It was at this point that Geordi joined the conversation. He slowly raised his hand like an awkward teenager on his first day of high school.

Everyone just stared at Base and Geordi with surprise in their eyes, except for Q who already knew of the news. Then Data went crazy.

"You went behind our backs and married our daughter off to my best friend?" Data yelled passionately. Q nodded with a smile.

"It wasn't like it wasn't going to happen eventually. These two have strong feelings for each other and would have done this on their own at some point. I just sped up the process."

Base was in shock. Geordi has strong feelings for her?

She didn't get a chance to explore it further cause her mother appeared at her side and turned to look her daughter in the face.

"It's true isn't it?" she asked Base calmly. Base looked over at her grandfather, her father, and her now husband, before looking back at her mother and nodding.

Roxanne smiled before pulling her daughter into a strong hug. Base was shocked. This was not the type of reaction she was expecting from her mother.

Data smiled at the scene of mother and daughter hugging each other before turning to his best friend, now son-in-law, with a smile.

"Since Roxanne can approve of this, I can as well," he said holding out his hand. Geordi looked at the hand before placing his own in it. The two men shook hands for a second before Data pulled Geordi close and whispered into his ears.

"If you ever do anything to hurt my daughter, I will make you regret it."

Geordi gulped as the grip on his hand tightened. Data laughed before letting Geordi go and walk over to his daughter and give her a hug.

It was quite a day. Word spread fast on the ship that Geordi LaForge had married Data's android daughter and that Data and Roxanne were planning their own wedding, to human traditions rather than the type of ceremony Geordi and Base had gone through.

Once left in their quarters, Base turned to Geordi.

"I'm sorry about all this," she said quietly, "but Gramps has always loved to mettle in other's lives. I do love you, Geordi."

Geordi looked at his wife with a smile before pulling her into his arms and kissing her with all the love and devotion he could.

"I love you too," he said pulling back to look into her eyes. Base smiled before kissing Geordi again.

Roxanne and Data were sitting in his quarters, now theirs, talking about Base and Geordi.

"I think that they will be really happy together," Roxanne said gently petting Spot.

"I would like to know," Data said causing Roxanne to look up at him, "what kind of ceremony Q did to make Geordi and Base marry each other."

Roxanne laughed. "He read their emotions and sensed that they truly cared for each other. Then he took their hands and bound them together and said a few words, and then announced them married. He must have shocked them bad to get through the ceremony without either of them saying no."

"Or maybe they didn't want to say no?" Data said with a smile.

"I know that I wouldn't," Roxanne said looking directly at Data.

Data stood and lifted Roxanne into his arms. "Neither would I," he said before carrying her into the bedroom.