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Yes me. The lynx who likes ice. Brr.... no tolerance for it though, lol! Hmm... here's the story info;

Title; Who You Let In

Author; Ice Lynx

Genre; Angst/Action/Adventure... sort of, lol.

Rating; PG 13 for language and violence.

Summary; Set after "Milana, Daughter of Mystery", way before "Stripes", Milana and Remy are living on their own, but a certain lack of judgment in partners could ruin everything and lead it all to deadly end.

A/N; This story is 3 chapters long I t'ink... yes. Chapters will come with reviews or weakness on my part, whichever kicks in first! Lol. So review, because I withstand a load of pressure and if I self-implode I still can't post chappies!


Ice Lynx


"Petite?" Remy called, walking through the door.

"Kitchen," Milana called back, and Remy could smell chicken, his stomach growling as he walked in and put his hands over Milana's eyes.

"Miss me?" he asked playfully. Milana waved a spatula menacingly.

"Hands off, LeBeau, or I'll... burn your food," she said. Remy yanked back his hands immediately, which made Milana laugh. "And if I had threatened to kill you?" she asked, and Remy grinned.

"Den I go t' Heaven eatin' good," he said. Then he looked at the frying pan and licked his lips. "Smells great petite- dis a new recipe?" Milana nodded.

"Good ol' Martha Stewart- I could throttle her," she said innocently. "Anyway, she did give me the basis for a bunch of those foods you like... so you'd save her right?" She grinned and Remy also laughed.

"Maybe," he said. "If she helpin' you learn t' cook like dis- I would."

"Well we couldn't eat pizza every night," Milana said, rolling her eyes.

"N' why not?" Remy asked.

"'Cause," Milana replied. "Pizza makes you fat, and you couldn't be a fat thief, could you?"

"Nope," Remy laughed. Milana nudged him in the ribs.

"Go sit down- I think it's ready," she said. Remy nodded and sat down in his usual chair around the small table. Milana put the food on the table then sat down and arched an eyebrow at Remy as he started to reach for the plate of chicken.

"Oh yeah," he said, closing his eyes. "Dear Lord, t'anks for all de great food, and for havin' me meet Lan, and for having her change Remy's life forever. Amen, now we eat!" As he reached for the plate again Milana chuckled.

"You thanked Him for meeting me?" she said, "But you complain about me all the time, silly Cajun!"

"Yeah- but you cleaned up my life, even if it take a prayer once a week t' stand you petite," Remy laughed. Milana nodded.

"Your right- it does take a prayer to live with you," she giggled, then looked at her watch. "Man, I need to go get ready, I'm meeting up with Jacob tonight," she answered Remy's unasked question, and he nodded, frowning.

"You goin' out every night wit dis... Jacob," the brown haired man said unhappily. "He's stealin' away my Lan from me!" Milana laughed as she got up and walked by him, ruffling his hair affectionately.

"No one could steal anything from the best thief in town," she said.

"Unless de girl gets up and walks away," Remy murmured moodily. Then he spoke louder, following Milana as she went to her room to get her outfit put together. "And I don't like him chere, I don' trust him." Milana smiled at him.

"You wouldn't, would you?" she asked, turning back to her closet. Remy leaned against the doorframe, his arms crossed.

"What?" he said. Milana grinned.

"Nothing, Rem," she said, walking over and pushing him gently out of her doorway. "I've got to change now, or I'll be late." She closed the door, but Remy didn't give up.

"You ain't eatin' petite," he spoke up through the door. "You never eat wit me anymore, an' girls don't eat on dates."

"I do," Milana replied defensively from inside.

"No- you're getting' skinnier and skinnier," Remy replied bitterly. "You were always thin chere, but now Remy'll be able t' see through you!"

"I have breakfast with you," Milana muttered. "Besides, I was never that skinny, still not, Jacob points that out frequently enough."

"What?" Remy said, straightening. "You starvin' yourself 'cause he told you to?" Milana opened her bedroom door, the more human image of her face creased in a frown that mirrored her own face beneath the hologram. Remy almost gasped when he saw how truly thin she had become, almost half of her old weight, and dressed in a one piece black dress that was far more revealing then he was happy with.

"No- I don't starve myself for anybody," she said. "I just don't eat as much, that a crime now?"

"He shouldn't say t'ings like dat," Remy growled. "Not t' you, not t' anyone."

"Everyone has their quirks," Milana reasoned. "Including you, believe it or not."

"No!" Remy said, chuckling he spread his arms out as if presenting himself to his closest friend. "What's wrong wit Remy?"

"You're a thief, for one thing," Milana said. "A bit of an idiot frequently, a pushover, arrogant, a womanizer at times, no sense of home d├ęcor or cooking abilities-"

"Alright, alright!" Remy laughed, waving his hands now, trying to protect himself from the verbal assault.

"And," Milana said, grabbing her purse and jacket. "You're overprotective and a worry-wart. See you later kid." With that she gave him a kiss on the cheek and, still smiling at the dumbfounded expression on Remy's face, walked out of the front door, pulling her coat on as she stepped out into the hallway, bracing herself for the harsh winter air waiting for her down the hall as she pulled the door closed.

Remy stood rooted to the spot, then turned sharply and looked down the hall at the closed door. Milana was one of few girls he had ever met who could dumbfound him, the smooth talker of the Big Apple, and leave with the last word and usually the last laugh to go with it.

"Girls," Remy said to himself, rolling his eyes and going into the small living room, collapsing on the sofa and turning on the TV, waiting for Milana to come home like he did every other night she went out.


Remy never heard the front door open or close, but the squeaking of Milana's door woke him up immediately from the light sleep he had drifted into while watching the late night sitcoms. He didn't hear any footsteps, but that meant nothing, Milana could be dead silent if she wanted to.

"Petite?" he said groggily, getting up and knocking on her door. "You back? Or is dis an invasion I need t' wake up for?" Nothing. Complete silence, Milana hadn't drifted off that quickly, Remy knew for a fact. Something was wrong.

"Hey chere- you decent? Remy's comin' in," he called a warning, then walked into the black room, hitting the switch for the small lamp by the door. Milana, still in her black dress, was laying in her bed, under the thin sheets that she only used for the comfort of something wrapped around her- her fur made anything heavier too warm to use.

Then Remy noticed something wrong; her shoulders were trembling, and her breathing was sharp and irregular. Then she gasped and Remy could hear sobs, the next second he was sitting down on the bed and reaching out a hand, putting it on her shoulder.

"Chere- what's wrong?" he asked softly. Milana buried her head into the pillows, her sobs becoming more audible and trembling more pronounced. Suddenly, quicker than his eyes could follow, she had sat up and buried herself in his chest, holding onto his shirt. Remy hesitated for a split second before he put his arms around her, looking down at the top of her head, confused and agitated. What had dared made his Milana cry? Whatever- whoever had, they wouldn't get away with it, he knew that for sure.

"Oh Rem," Milana finally said something as Remy stroked the back on her neck.

"What happened Lan? Who did dis t' you?" Remy asked.

"He got drunk- I don't know why- but he was mad," Milana sobbed, and Remy knew who she was talking about. The Cajun's blood began to stir.

"Jacob?" he asked. Tears were now staining the tops half of his shirt and Milana nodded. "What happened, petite? What did he do t' you?" Milana took a deep breath and then slowly, so slowly, looked up, and for a moment all Remy could do was stare. Even through the purple fur on her cheek, the young man could see the massive bruise covering the left side of her face, it was swollen and reddish blue under the fur.

"He was yelling and throwing things- it was bad," Milana whispered, eyes watery. Remy reached a hand up and moved Milana's face gently over to one side so he could see the rest of the bruise. "...a chair hit me." Remy took a deep breath- then another, and tried to take a third, but failed.

Someone had hit her. Someone had screamed and cursed her. Someone had been starving her. Remy lowered his head and glared at the bruise. Someone was going to pay.

"Oh Rem- don't," Milana said, looking scared again. "I know that look- don't go after him, let him rot in that stupid bar, he deserves it." Remy was finding it hard to say anything now, his blood boiling and seething, how could he not do anything?

Then Milana carefully put her slender hand over his, which remained on her neck, just below the bruise and her chin.

"Don't Remy, he's not worth it," she said again, and Remy bowed his head fully, feeling all the anger leave him. Looking back up he embraced Milana again.

"Let's get some ice for dat," he suggested. Milana was relieved that the anger had left his eyes, she had seen enough anger tonight to last her a long time, and it had brought back memories far worse than unpleasant.

"Hold on," she said as Remy helped her off the bed, looking down at her clothes. "Let me get into something more comfortable, I hate this stupid dress."

"Den why'd you wear it?" Remy asked, already knowing the answer. Because Jacob had told her to. He nodded and turned, reaching the door, turning to say something else when he gasped, Milana had already slipped off the dress. She looked up, embarrassed, then grabbed the sheet off her bed and wrapped it around her.

"Yeah Rem?" she finally said. Remy found his mouth was open and he quickly used the opportunity to break the tension.

"Can I say, Remy tol' you so?" he asked, grinning. Milana laughed.

"Go away, let me get comfortable, then you can make fun of me," she said. Remy shook his head, turning and leaving the room.

"Remy never makes fun o' you petite," he said. "Jus' how dumb you can be." Milana stuck her tongue out at him as he closed the door.