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Ice Lynx

- - - - -

"Glad you stopped crying, it was stupid anyway," Jacob said, looking over at Milana. She glared at him, feeling a hatred that was burning and uncontrollable inside of her. She had only felt like this once before, years ago, when men seeking to re-enslave her had attacked her home, the first home she could remember anyhow. Her knuckles were cracking, but Jacob didn't seem to notice, keeping his eyes on the road, the gun held loosely in hand not on the wheel.

"He's trash anyway, baby," he said. "Not to mention a freak; and I don't just mean a mutie. Not with those eyes. It's made the world a better place with him gone, you'll see." Milana was just about to leap at him and hopefully strangle him before he shot her when she suddenly heard an urgent voice in her head.

- Milana, don't do anything rash, Logan's on his way, - Xavier said. Milana managed to shove down the urge to rip Jacob's throat out when she realized he might not know about Remy.

- Professor, Remy- Jacob shot him and he might be.... - Milana shuddered, unable to say it as the tears swam back into her eyes.

- We know about Remy, Hank's taking care of him now. Milana, you can't throw away your life because of your anger, stay calm. - After a moment he repeated - Logan's coming. -

- Oh God, is he dead? - Milana gasped, still thinking of Remy.

- He'll be- -

- Don't say that, - Milana interrupted angrily. - Tell me the truth. -

- We don't know, - Xavier said after a moment. - He's not in the best condition, but Hank's taking care of him now. Who is the boy? - Milana looked at Jacob, who had turned on the radio now, completely ignoring Milana. She curled up again as close as she could to the door, ignoring the startled expressions and angry looks that drivers and passengers in other cars were giving her.

- His name's Jacob... he was my boyfriend until a few days ago, I think he thinks I was cheating on him with Remy, - Milana shook her head slightly and shuddered again, thinking of her best friend and how she had last seen him. Another tear slipped down her cheek.

- Just stay alive, - Xavier said, picking up her thoughts and projecting comfort. - Logan's catching up, it will all work out. -


"We're going to California," Jacob announced a little bit later as they reached an open highway, glaring at the road ahead of him. "You'll listen to me and do as you're told, and you won't say no."

"And if I don't want to go cross country?" Milana said scathingly. "I'd rather die then be your slave." Jacob turned to her, a cold smile on his face.

"Oh no- that would be too easy," he said. "I'm not going to kill you, baby."

"I'll get away from you, a cross country trip? I'd love to see you keep looking out for me that whole time." Jacob laughed as if she had just made a joke.

"I know, I know, I won't forget how slippery you are again," he promised. "That's why we're heading south, see? If I even get a feeling you're scheming little mind is running again, I'll take you to visit a familiar place, I looked it up. We can even probably find some old friends of yours."

"What are you talking about?" Milana asked, suddenly feeling sick to her stomach.

"I believe the place's called Elington," Jacob replied. Milana's heart leapt into her throat.

"No- you wouldn't," she breathed, staring at him fearfully. Jacob smiled at her.

"Guess what, babe? I would." Milana shook her head, starting to shiver. She would kill herself before she went back to that hell hole, what if Logan didn't catch up before they made it?

- You won't make it halfway, look out your window. - Milana turned away from Jacob's satisfied face and glanced out the window, to her relief and almost surprise she saw Logan looking at her through the glass, riding Scott's motorcycle and, she noticed, only wearing pants. He gave her a small nod, then glared past her at Jacob, who was watching the road again. All at once he accelerated and took off ahead of them.

"Indecent lunatic," Jacob muttered as Logan shot ahead of them. Milana opened her mouth to ask why he could call anyone else an indecent lunatic when she remembered she was supposed to be staying alive. Reluctantly she closed her mouth.

Looking out the window she watched as Logan waited for a few cars to move, probably with a bit of mind coaxing from the professor. When there was a clear path between the two vehicles Logan suddenly swerved to one side, spinning around in a 225 degree angle and stopped so he was facing Jacob and Milana, a look a grim anger on his face.

"HOLY-" Jacob yelled, slamming the brakes. Milana hit the dashboard as his sports car swerved, cars screaming by and horns blaring. "What the hell?!" Jacob yelled, Logan was just inches from the bumper. Milana smiled at him.

"You just got stopped by the Wolverine," she said smugly.

"The who?" Jacob asked, staring at her now.


Logan's fist went through the windshield, and Jacob's gun went off into his chest. Logan didn't flinch as the bullet re-appeared and fell out, the wound healing instantly. Instead his hand reached in and grabbed Jacob, yanking him through the windshield, which shattered, and he growled, holding one hand up to the young man's throat, his claws gliding out smoothly and pressing just hard enough to make a trickle of blood run down his neck.

Jacob gasped, squirming as Logan brought his face an inch away from his own.

"The Wolverine, bub," he snarled.

"Don't hurt me!" Jacob pleaded, shaking uncontrollably while sweat dripped off his brow. Milana bolted upright so quickly she hit her head on the roof of the car.

"Don't hurt you?" she repeated. "Don't hurt you?! You abused me! You broke into my home and shot my best friend! You kidnapped me, and now you say 'Don't hurt me'?! You're lucky I don't kill you!" Logan looked at her as she jumped out of the car, then shook his head.

"Calm down kid-" he said, but Milana had gotten past her fear a while ago. Shoving Logan away she grabbed Jacob by the neck of his shirt and started to shake him violently.

"You've ruined my life enough- and you'd better start praying that Remy makes it or I'll rip you limb from limb, you see if I don't!" the look in her eyes was more than enough to convey the truth of her words, and Jacob looked even more terrified of her now than he had of Logan, who was just staring at Milana.

"What's going on here? Who's Jacob White?" Suddenly three armed police men were surrounding the three, and Logan grabbed Milana, pulling her off.

"I'm Jacob," Jacob said, running over to the three of them. Immediately one spun him around and clasped handcuffs on him.

"Jacob White, you're under arrest for breaking in and entering a private apartment, kidnapping, and attempted homicide. You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law," he said. Jacob looked at him numbly.

"How'd you find out?" he asked.

"I'll advice you to keep your silence," the police officer said sternly, leading him away. The other officers looked somewhat shocked at Logan and Milana.

"Who are you?" one asked.

"Milana Wagner," Milana said, her anger fading. She suddenly felt hollow.

"Logan," Logan grunted. "She's the one he kidnapped."

"And you are?" the officer asked. Logan crossed his arms and scowled.

"The guy who woke up t' rescue her," he said.

"What was going on just now? Where you attempting to strangle Mr. White?" said the other officer. Logan shook his head before Milana could say "yes".

"Nah, she was makin' a threat," he growled. "Her friend's been shot n' she was mad- she wasn't really gonna kill 'em. How'd ya know 'bout all this?"

"We got a call a few minutes ago, from a Mr. Scott Summers, if he a friend of yours, sir?" the young man asked. Logan nodded, but when they waited for an explanation he looked over at Milana, who was trembling, and then at the sun.

"I've gotta get 'er back home," he said. "Thanks fer the help." The officers nodded slowly and one held out a sweater.

"This was in the car," he said, eyeing Logan again. "You don't wanna be arrested yourselves for indecency, sir. We'll be in touch about White." Logan took the sweater and scowled at it, but then pulled it over his head. The officers nodded and left, and Logan picked up the bike, turning to Milana before he climbed on.

"What?" Milana asked wearily after a moment of being eyed by the short man.

"Ya really were gonna kill 'im there, weren't ya?" he asked. Milana nodded.

"Yeah," she said softly. Logan nodded and picked up his bike, climbing on and waiting while Milana climbed on in back of him, holding on carefully as he started up the bike.

As they made their way down the highway Logan felt Milana's grip around his waist tighten and her head bury into his back, shaking slightly. A moment later her could feel the tears through the fabric of the sweater. He could almost hear her worry for her friend in the sharp whistle of the wind.

- Hey Chuck.... -

- Yes Logan? -

- The kid still hanging in there? -

- For now. -

- - - - - -

Milana sighed as she poked at the eggs in front of her, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. She had to wake up, she'd be going down to help Hank change Remy's bandages soon.


She pushed the plate away, accepting defeat and getting up. For over two weeks she had been attempting, with Hank's help, to wake Remy up again, but it didn't seem like it was doing any good at all. He just kept bleeding and sleeping and bleeding more. It was one of those rare nights where Hank would force her to leave Remy's side and make her sleep. Otherwise she'd gladly spend all of her time watching over her best friend.

Walking down to the medbay she stretched her arms, and was greeted by a grim-looking Hank, who was just coming out.

"Hank?" Milana said immediately, seeing his usual jovial face now anxious.

"Dear Milana," he said, sighing. "I have some bad news-"

"Is it about Rem?" Milana said. She felt her heart clench and she jogged down, the threat of tears welling up in her eyes. "What happened? Hank! What happened?!"

"He woke up and will not stay put until he finds you," Hank said, shaking his head and looking disturbed.

"He can't be- wait, he woke up?" Milana said, about to get hysterical before catching herself. Hank nodded and she glared at him. "You terrified me, Hank! I thought he had died! Don't you ever do that to me again, or I'll-"

"Petite?" came a weary, slightly on edge voice from inside the medbay. Milana forgot Hank immediately and ran into the room to found Remy sitting up, holding his chest and the edge of the table and obviously struggling to not fall over.

"Remy!" Milana gasped, rushing over and grabbing him just as his grip slipped, causing him to fall into her arms.

"Hey petite," he whispered, a grin attempting to hide the pain on his face. "Den dey get you back alright? Dat boy- he didn't hurt you at all, did he?"

"Shh," Milana said, placing a finger over his lips. "No, I'm fine, oh Remy, you're going to kill yourself! Calm down!"

"Couldn't," Remy smiled, eyes still closed. "Not wit you in danger."

"Well, we're all safe now, but you're still shot in the chest, I won't let you get up until it's healed," Milana said sternly, but unable to hide the relief in her voice.

"Yes chere," Remy said tiredly as Milana carefully turned him around to laid him back down, pausing and giving him a gentle kiss on the lips.

"You, Remy LeBeau, are possibly the most impossible to deal with, most caring man I've ever met," she said, looking down at him. Remy's eyes were bright and the smile on his face genuine.

"Give me ano'der kiss, petite, so I know it," he grinned. Milana rolled her eyes and gently brushed a strand of hair away from his face unnecessarily.

"Go to sleep and don't die first, you womanizing little thief," she teased, pulling a blanket up to his chin.

"I know," he said contently, almost at once drifting off to sleep.

Milana sighed happily, stroking his finely chiseled cheek for a moment before turning and finding Hank nodding at her.

"I am glad Remy is tamed by thine sweet touch," he said. "Otherwise he might do himself more injury."

"He just likes my chicken," Milana said, smirking.