A/N: Okay, this is my first, and probably last, attempt at writing a poem. I just felt like writing something, and here it is in all its unspectacular glory. Guess who I'm writing about?


Quickly dash throughout the halls

Grasp the finely chiseled stones

Jump across the hidden pitfalls

Cut through all the flesh and bones


Lure an innocent into the dark

Sink the claws into the skin

Have your way without leaving a mark

Fall deeper, deeper into sin


A hunt, a chase, finally caught

What was a hunter is now prey

A life taken, another bought

The human grows, the demon at bay


What was silver is now red

What was gold is now verdant

Brand new habits, old ones dead

The skilled, now un-conversant


A new black bird perches on the tree

So strong, beautiful, callous, forsaken

Fifteen years since he felt such glee

The demon is soon to reawaken

A/N: Okay, is it as bad as I thought? I'll take any constructive criticism. And the Xs in the middle of the poem is so I can separate the verses. I hate what fanfiction has done to the editing.