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Chapter 19

Kyome sighed, looking at herself in the mirror. She had on a pink school uniform, hair down around her shoulders. I can't believe we have to go to school…she thought. It had been a month since all of their excitement. Since then, Koenma had gotten the girls a house near Yusuke's and allowed them to adjust to human society.

Which included going to school with Kurama. Kaori was ok with that, and Kyo too, since Hiei was going to be there, but the thought was still daunting.

"KYO!!" Kaori screamed from downstairs. "THE GUYS ARE HERE!!"

With a sigh Kyo headed downstairs to see Kaori bobbing up and down at the door, shoes already on. "This is gonna be fun!" she cheered. Kyo slipped on her shoes and walked outside to see Kurama and Hiei waiting for them.

"Let's get this over with…"Kyo groaned, walking past them. Hiei fell in step next to her while Kurama and Kaori walked behind them.

"You seem excited," Kurama said. Kaori beamed at him.

"There's gonna be a ton of people there, and people mean fun," she said. Then she took his hand. "And you're gonna be there too, so that'll be even cooler. And we get to meet more of your friends." Kurama smiled at her.

"At least someone enjoys this torture…" Kyo mumbled. Hiei smirked.

"It'll be fun!" Kaori piped up.

"There are science labs," Hiei added. Kyo looked at him slightly confused.

"What's a science lab?" she asked.

"You do experiments for the class," Kurama explained. "Mixing chemicals, studying reactions-"

"You get to cause destruction and get a grade for it," Hiei said, an evil glint in his eyes. Kyo's eyes lit up.

"COOL!" she cheered. Kaori snickered while Kurama and Hiei sweatdropped. Kyo turned around to realize they were at the school gate, and she was being stared at by half the students in the courtyard. Kyo lauged nervously, rubbing the back of her neck.

"Nice one," Kaori laughed, following Kurama and Hiei into the building. Kyo blinked once before running in after them. She met them just as they were heading into the office. After registration they headed off to science.

"Class, we have a couple new students joining us," the teacher was saying. "Kaori Kaze Tsuki and Kyome Urameshi." Each girl bowed as her name was called. Kaori then took a seat next to Kurama by the window. Kyome sat behind her, next to Hiei. The girls in the room were slightly bothered by the two new girls, while the guys seemed quite entertained.

This occurred throughout the day in each class. A couple guys tried to talk to the girls, but Hiei and Kurama politely sent them on their way. The four ate lunch on the roof together to avoid the girls that were concerned over the close relationship between Kurama, Hiei and the girls. They finished up the day in English. Kyo yawned with the ringing of the final bell, standing to stretch, when a boy bumped into her arm. Or she elbowed him in the chest. Whichever way works for you.

"Oof!" he said, falling back and catching the air that was just lost. Kyo spun around.

"I'm sorry!" she said. "I didn't see you there! Are you ok?"

The boy adjusted his glasses and smiled a bit. "Yes, I am," he said. "I see Shuichi has some new friends. Or are they acquaintances of Kurama?" Kyo raised an eyebrow while Kurama and Kaori walked over to them.

"Kaito," he said rather cooly. Hiei just rolled his eyes, not enjoying the presence of Kurama's rival. Kaori however was oblivious to the whole thing.

"Hi!" she said, putting out her hand." My name's Kaori."

"Yuu Kaito," he said, shaking it. (A/N: Did I spell it right? Sorry…can't remember…)

"OH! You're that guy who's number two right?" Kaito chuckled.

"I always seem to be one step behind Shuichi," he said, glancing at the now annoyed fox demon. "You seem to be pretty smart yourself. I thought Shuichi was the only one who could pull off looks and brains."

Kaori blushed, looking down. "Thank you…I'm nowhere near as smart as Shuichi though."

"But you and your frined are quite lovely," he said, smiling at Kyo. She too blushed slightly at the compliment, but there was something weird about him that had both girls nervous.

"We should get going," Hiei said bluntly.

"Bye," Kaori said as the group walked out of the room and down the hall. When they were out of earshot she leaned over to Kurama. "He's creepy." He chuckled.

"Yes, and a psychic," he told her. "That's how he knew my real name. We met before, on…unfriendly terms."

"Oh…" Kaori said.

"You were doing pretty well in there though," Kyo said, nudging Kaori. "I think you may give Kurama here a run for his money." Kaori giggled.

"I learned a lot from books Jin and me took," she said. "You should've looked through em, kyo." She rolled her eyes.

"You couldn't catch me dead in a book," she said. "I'll coast like Hiei here." She yawned again as they got through the courtyard.

"Tired your brain out already did we?" Hiei asked, a smirk tugging at the corner of his mouth. Kyo glared at him.

"What does that mean!?" she yelled as he flitted away to a tree. Kyo ran after him through the park til neither could be seen by either Kaori or Kurama.

Kurama chuckled, knowing the two of them were due for a spar anyway. Kaori slipped her hand into his as they continued down the street. "This school stuff isn't so hard," she said after a block. "I might get used to this human world stuff."

"It will be nice to have you around," Kurama said. "Will Jin be able to visit?"

Kaori nodded. "And I can visit him too," she said happily. "Kyo's already used to the idea of me cooking all of the food anyway, so we can make it."

"That's good," Kurama said. "Would you like to come visit my little brother? He misses you."

"OF COURSE!" Kaori cheered. "He's adorable! And he needs his butt kicked in a game or two before he forgets how amazing I am." Kurama chuckled, pulling Kaori into a warm embrace.

"I'll never forget how wonderful you are," he said, looking down at her face. She smiled softly at him, as he pulled her into a soft sweet kiss. After a moment he pulled away, gently stroking her cheek.

She smiled up at him once again. "Glad you're admitting defeat," she said before they continued the walk to his house. "If only your brother was so wise." Kurama cocked an eyebrow.

"Defeat? I'm just telling you what you want to hear," he said. She stopped and gawked at him while he laughed, knowing well what was coming.

"Are you serious!?" she nearly yelled. "I can take you on anyday, baby! Bring it on! You couldn't beat me if your brother helped and I played with Kuwabara! I can beat you all! Name the time and the place and let's get this dance going!" Kurama laughed as she continued. He could get used to this new human life as well...

The End