Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter and Friends.

A/N: Each chapter stands alone. They may be short, they may be long, but they are each special, and I promise the first one is the worse, the rest are really good. You try talking like a house elf and see how easy it is!


I is Dobby the House elf. Missy Hermione not like house elves work for wizards, but I not mind. I like Harry Potter because Harry Potter rescue Dobby from evil Malfoys. Now I is working in Hogwarts with friend Winky.

I is knowing about the Order. Dumblydore tell Dobby lots. I is very happy knowing about Order, it make me feel special.

No one is knowing more than I about Hogwarts students. I is hearing everything.

No one is knowing the importance of Dobby and friends. Dobby is protecting students. I is dying for Hogwarts, and I is never felling better, because I is finally having something to die for.