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Chapter 1

He sat on a branch overlooking the valley. His silver hair was gently blowing with the wind as his ears moved from side to side trying to detect any enemy that might be approaching. His claws were digging into the bark of the tree as his frustration showed. His golden eyes were surveying the land of his father and of his father's father. A look of disgust fell on his handsome face when he saw that the settler's had made their village on their sacred lands. Once again the barrier had failed to keep them out. Inuyasha growled with disgust. He knew he would have to get rid of them as soon as possible. The barrier that had been raised in this area had weakened for some reason and it was now allowing settlers to settle on this land.

A long time ago when the settler's first started showing up; the barriers were set up to keep them from making villages on their sacred lands. The Indians, human, and demons alike fiercely protected the lands; it was their last chance to keep what was sacred to them, and they would fight to the death for it. With the settlers coming in and building their villages the animals had been scared away. Food became scarce and the Indians protected what little land they had left. They had gathered together and put barriers around their sacred lands to keep the intruders out. But there have been cases in the last few years where the barriers were weakening and letting these people settle on their land.

Inuyasha was the strongest warrior his tribe had. Chief Togo had put him in charge of making sure that the settlers did not invade their land. But they hadn't had a powerful enough spiritual leader to put strong barriers around the land. The last one they had died over 50 years ago. Kaede was a strong spiritual leader as well as a strong healer. The tribe is lacking in these two areas, the women of the tribe were young and strong but with the cycle of giving birth to the next generation many had died of complications. Children were being raised without mothers and women were becoming scarce.

His job was not only to make sure that he kept the lands clear but also to plan attacks where the women from the settlers could be captured and brought back to the tribe for breeding.

Inuyasha never participated in the capturing of females. They were beneath him and they were weak and whinny. He wanted a mate that was strong, that would calm him when his temper got out of hand, and that could put up with his rude behavior. Yes, he knew he was rude but he had to be. He had a certain image that he had to project to the rest of the tribe, his pack. He was second in command and he had to act like it. He had responsibilities to all of them and being weak was not in the job description. Soon the mating season would start and they would be coming to him asking for permission to mate. He hated this time of year he would do his part and let the population mate while he spent his time in the forest away from all the scents that were driving other males insane.

His ears twitched and he turned his head around as he heard approaching foot steps. He jumped down from the tree and waited for Kouga and Ayame to approach. He had caught their scents in the air along with the wolves that traveled with them. His pack as Kouga liked to call it. Kouga had mated with Ayame a year ago and were waiting to have pups. 'I guess its time for them to mate and they have come to ask permission.' Thought Inuyasha, then with a whip of the wind they had appeared in front of him. Kouga stepped forward and greeted him, "Hello Inuyasha, Ayame and I have come to ask permission to mate this year." "Feh, what do I care go ahead and mate just don't do it around here. I don't want to hear you guys." Kouga turned bright red from embarrassment but had a big smile on his face. He turned to his mate and walked back into the forest along with the wolves, happy that they have been given permission to mate. This meant that Kouga would not be fighting for a while as his family was growing. Wolves tended to stay close to home when the breeding bitches were about to give birth. He sighed, 'Kouga is one of my fiercest warriors it's going to be hard to fight without him' but there was nothing he could do about it. (Jinx: you could hit him on the head and knock him out! Cindy and Mike: sigh)

Inuyasha went back to looking down into the valley and contemplated on what to do to get these settlers out of the sacred lands. They never killed anyone when they attacked. If anyone ever died it was because they themselves did it not because of his tribe attacking. They always captured the females and burned the villages down but never killed. They had no reason to. All they wanted was their land back and to do this they had to drive off the men and take the women.

Inuyasha sighed again and said, "Come out here Miroku I know you're there." Miroku had been hiding in the bushes watching his friend from a distance. 'Hmm, he must have picked up on my scent in the wind that's why he knows I'm here.' He slowly got up and made his way over to his friend. "How did you know that I was there? I was down wind from you." "I heard your heart beat you can't hide that from me." Inuyasha said as he walked past him looking at him over his shoulder, raising his eyebrow at his friend's stupidity. "What's wrong Inuyasha? You haven't been the same for weeks, what are you thinking about?" Inuyasha sighed and then replied, as he sat down on a near by rock.

"Mating season is approaching and we still have to get these settlers off our lands. We also need to bring the women back to the tribe. It's hard enough traveling with all of you but dragging whimpering, crying females along will make the journey back a living hell." Miroku laughed at his friend, and sat down next to him. "So are you going to mate with anyone this year?" he asked in his perverted voice. Inuyasha looked at his friend with disgust. "HELL NO! Those females are beneath me. They are not worth my time." It was his chance to get back at his friend. "How about you" He smirked. "Are you going to capture any females and take them back with you?"

The look on Miroku face was priceless. He knew that his friend could not capture any more females. His mate would eat him alive; Miroku captured Sango over two years ago. She had proved to be a good mate and was very jealous so his capturing days were over. Miroku hung his head and said, "If I do that Sango would kill me on the spot. You know her temper and I want to live a little while longer." Inuyasha had to laugh at his friend yes he knew his friend's mate's temper and even he wouldn't do anything to get on her bad side. He then jumped back into the tree and sat down with his back against the tree's trunk and began to think, watching as Miroku shook his head smirking, and walked back to the tribe. 'Why am I acting this way? It feels like there is something missing in my life. I know that I will never find a mate no one will ever accept me for who I am a hanyou. Neither demon nor human, I'm in a class all my own. No one wants a half breed to be their mate.' He sat there looking up into the night filled sky, as his heart grew heavy at the thought of being alone for the rest of his life. (Jinx: I'll take you! Cindy: wait! Aren't you mated to Sesshomaru? Mike: I do believe she is. Jinx: no I mean I'll take him as my pet. giggle)

The next morning Inuyasha woke up and headed toward the village. He wanted to see if they had any decent women for them to take plus he also wanted to get a first hand look at the village. He was looking for weak points in which they could approach and drive them away from the land. He made it a point to notice all of these things as he eyed the women from the tree branches. They were decent looking, none looked too old and they seemed strong this was good at least they would provide good strong pups. Too bad they didn't have a healer among them. That would be the catch of the day. He then picked his nose up into the wind and sniffed. The scent that he caught was amazing. It made his head spin, it was the scent of wild flowers and its aroma was intoxicating. He had to know where that scent was coming from so he leaped from branch to branch following that wonderful scent all thoughts of attacking the village leaving his mind.


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