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Chapter 31

They made it back to the forest of their home within two days. Inuyasha took Kagome to the god tree and got her to lay down after the long ride home. He made sure a fire was going to keep the teepee warm as he went to return the horses they had borrowed from Chief Togo. Kagome agreed and stayed in the teepee getting some much needed rest after their journey.

The time passed and soon the snow started to melt as spring was approaching. Kagome knew that her time for having the pup was getting close. She was not feeling well and stayed in the teepee all the time.

Inuyasha was worried that something was wrong but she assured him that everything was fine and that she was just tired from carrying the pup. The pup was taking a lot of her energy now that it was full-grown and was waiting to be born.

Kagome had shown Jinx everything she knew on birthing. They had traveled to Chief Togo's village to help Sango with the birth of her pup. Kagome let Jinx do everything as she stood by watching to make sure she understood what she needed to do.

Miroku was beside himself as Sango was giving birth. He kept pacing back and forth until Sango finally gave birth to their daughter. As luck would have it he now had a daughter to take care of and he himself knew of all the lecherous ways a man could get to a woman.

Maybe it was fate that stepped in and gave him his daughter. But her birth had diffidently cured him of his lecherous ways. He now protected Sango and his daughter. Always keeping a watchful eye on any males that came close to his family.

Kagome knew that she would require some help when the time came because Inuyasha would just go to pieces if he had to deal with it. She had convinced Inuyasha to let Jinx come and visit her in the tree because Jinx had earned the right as Tsa-li had and Inuyasha agreed.

Spring arrived and Kagome was ready to have her pup. It could be any day now and Inuyasha was sticking close to home.

On this day he had to go out and hunt so Kagome could have some food, he didn't want to go but he had too.

Kagome was lying in the nest as he came towards her and kissed her on the forehead as he said, "Kagome, I'm leaving now I will be back in a little while with some food."

Kagome nodded her head that she understood and fell back to sleep. Inuyasha moved the hair away from her face so he could look at her beauty. She was so beautiful to him and he loved her deeply. They had been through a lot since they had meet and now they were living the life they had always dreamed of.

Inuyasha left the teepee with something nagging at the back of his mind, as he made his way into the forest to hunt. He knew he would soon be joined by the wolf pack as they always hunted together to feed the pack.

Kagome was sleeping in the nest when she started to notice that she was having pain around her belly. It was a dull pain at first and it only bothered her enough to wake her from a sound sleep. As time went on the pain was increasing in its intensity and she finally realized what was happening.

She gently got out of the nest as she made her way towards the opening of the teepee, clutching her stomach in the process. She looked around hoping to see her mate returning from the hunt but he was nowhere in sight.

Kagome tired to make it back to the nest when her water broke and she went down on her hands and knees as the pup shifted into position to be born.

Kagome was panting, she had to try and remain calm if she was to give birth. She needed help and the only people who knew where she was located were Jinx, Tsa-li, and of coarse Inuyasha.

Kagome closed her eyes as she sent out a silent plea to the god tree to locate her mate and send him back to her before it was too late. The god tree heard her request and sent out feelers to see if he could locate her mate somewhere deep in the forest.

Inuyasha had traveled a lot further than he wanted to. Most of the big game had left the area and they now had to travel deeper into the forest to find them. They had just caught an elk when Inuyasha heard a familiar voice speak to him, "My son, you must hurry back, your mate is about to give birth to your pup and is in need of help, you must hurry."

Inuyasha heard the trees words and fear started to fill his body, he turned and left as he raced through the forest, leaving the pack behind to bring the meat back to the den.

Tsa-li saw as Inuyasha left in a hurry not even taking any meat for Kagome. He wondered why he had to leave so fast and not say a word to them, and then it hit him, something must be wrong with Kagome. The wolves gathered the meat from the hunt and headed back towards the den at a very fast pace.

Inuyasha was moving so fast that the only thing you could see was the gentle bending of tree limbs as he raced by to get to his mate. He reached the god tree as he jumped up to the teepee in one leap.

When he entered he found his mate on the ground with a strong odor coming from the inside of the teepee. He rushed to her side as Kagome was curled up in a ball trying to keep her breathing even as the pain subsided once more.

Kagome heard when Inuyasha entered the teepee. She felt his gentle touch as he was trying to soothe her pain. Kagome was concentrating on what she was doing that his efforts went unnoticed by her.

Once the pain subsided she looked up into his worried face and she said through clenched teeth, "Inuyasha, take me to Jinx quickly, the pup is coming and I need her help."

Inuyasha picked her up and jumped from the god tree, making sure that he wasn't too rough, as he ran towards the wolf's den.

Inuyasha arrived with Kagome in his arms as he yelled for Jinx to come out of the den. Jinx heard the worried call from Inuyasha and moved as quickly as she could to meet him. When she walked out of the den she saw that Inuyasha had Kagome in his arms.

She quickly walked up to him as she asked, "What's wrong Inuyasha?" Inuyasha looked at her with worried eyes and said, "The pup, it time for the pup to be born and Kagome asked me to bring her here."

At that moment another contraction hit Kagome as she curled up in Inuyasha's arm. She was breathing hard as she tried to work through the pain to allow her body time for the birthing process.

Jinx led Inuyasha to the very back of the cave as she set up some furs for Kagome to lay on. Jinx asked Inuyasha to leave that when the pup finally arrived she would tell him.

Inuyasha started to growl, he didn't want to leave his mate but Jinx held her ground, "Inuyasha, remember when we went to the village to help that woman deliver the pup. We warned you then to leave but you didn't. When we turned around you and Miroku were both gone."

Inuyasha had almost forgotten about that experience. The woman had screamed so much that his ears still hurt from it. Inuyasha sighed, he knew he was defeated as he stood and got ready to leave, as he said, "You will let me know how she's doing, right?" Jinx nodded her head yes as he turned and left them alone.

Inuyasha walked outside of the den as he found a spot and got comfortable to await the birth of his pup. The wolves that were guarding the area picked up on Inuyasha scent as they returned to the den. They gathered around him to see what was wrong and they saw the concerned look on his face. They smelled the air and caught Kagome's scent in the cave and understood what was happening. They all found a spot to sit, to await the blessed event.

The wolves returned from the hunt with the meat to feed the pack. Tsa-li approached Inuyasha and asked, "Why did you take off like that? Did something happen?"

Inuyasha looked at his friend and said, "Kagome is having the pup, I found her on the floor of the teepee in pain. She asked me to bring her here to Jinx so she can help her. Jinx told me to leave because she didn't think I would want to see what Kagome was going to go through to give birth."

Tsa-li had a smile on his face as he said, "Well my friend, the only thing we can do now is wait for its arrival."

Kagome was breathing hard as another contraction hit her. They were getting closer, which meant that soon the pup would be born.

Jinx got everything ready that she needed. She had warm water to bathe the pup once it was born and some warm blankets to wrap the pup in. She had a bowl of cold water with a cloth that she was using to put on Kagome's head to keep her comfortable. Kagome had given her some herbs to put on the fire that allowed her to breath easier when the contraction hit.

The day turned into night as Inuyasha paced back and forth waiting for any news of Kagome. He was worried that something was wrong and he was helpless to help.

Tsa-li tired to calm the nervous hanyou but he wouldn't be calmed. It was going to be a long night if Kagome didn't give birth soon to their pup.

Jinx never heard Kagome scream in pain not once during the contractions, she had to find out why, "Kagome, why don't you scream when the pain comes? I know it hurts but you just lay there controlling your breathing."

Kagome looked at her with tired eyes and said, "I can't scream, if I do then you will have Inuyasha back here in a heartbeat ready to strike you dead, because he will think you're hurting me." Jinx had to laugh, Kagome knew her mate better than anyone.

The contractions were coming closer together and she said, "Jinx, I think it's time we meet the new member of our pack." As Kagome took in one more breathe and pushed.

Jinx was ready for the pup. Kagome knew what to do, so Jinx didn't have to say a word in order to encourage her to push. Another contraction came and Kagome barred down on the pain.

Jinx told her sister she was doing well and on the next one she would have a brand new pup. On the next contraction Kagome pushed and you could hear the sigh of relief as Kagome heard the sound of her pup crying. She was still breathing hard but the pain was gone.

Jinx quickly took the pup and placed it on Kagome stomach so that her scent was imprinted on the pup. Kagome looked down happy to see that it was all right and that it had everything it needed.

Jinx got the pup cleaned up and wrapped it in a nice warm fur as she handed the pup back to Kagome. Jinx tended to Kagome's wounds and when she was done she smiled and said her congratulations to her sister. She walked away exhausted, but happy that both mother and pup were doing fine.

When Jinx emerged from the den she noticed that it had gotten dark. She didn't think that it had taken Kagome that long to give birth but maybe she was wrong. She was greeted by a very super hyper hanyou as he said, "Kagome? How is Kagome doing?"

Jinx smiled and said, "Mother and pup are doing well. Congratulations, Inuyasha, you have a son."

Howls went out through the forest as they told everyone within hearing distance of the birth of the supreme rulers son. Inuyasha was so shocked that he had a son that he couldn't move.

Jinx touched his shoulder and said, "Inuyasha, you can go and see her now." Inuyasha snapped out of his daze and slowly made his way toward the back of the den.

Inuyasha arrived at the place where his mate was located. He saw her sleeping with a little bundle in her arms holding it against her chest. As he got closer he noticed the scent of her blood and got worried as he rushed to her side.

He brushed away the hair on her face so he could look at her to make sure that she was unharmed. Kagome eyes slowly opened and she was greeted with golden orbs staring right back at her. She smiled and said, "Inuyasha, we have a son."

Kagome moved the bundle away from her chest as she slowly revealed his new son. He was small. He had silver hair like him with blue streaks running through it. He had one ear that was silver with golden streaks and one ear that was black with blue streaks that sat perfectly on top of his head. His feet were small and Inuyasha saw the little claws on his little fingers. He had a small tail that was wrapped around him as Kagome covered him back up to keep him warm.

Inuyasha leaned in and breathed in deep, he wanted to get the scent of his son so that it would be imprinted in his mind.

He was the most perfect pup he had ever seen and then he leaned in and kissed his mate. Inuyasha was happy that his mate was all right from giving birth and even happier that he had a son.

Once they broke from the kiss Kagome said, "Inuyasha, please take me home."

Inuyasha nodded and picked her and the pup up in his strong arms. He cradled Kagome against his chest to protect her and the pup as he made his way out of the den.

Jinx was surprised when Inuyasha emerged from the den with Kagome in his arms. She didn't know why he was leaving with his mate as she said, "Inuyasha, why are you leaving? Kagome needs to rest."

Before Inuyasha could answer Kagome said, "Jinx, I asked him to take me home. I will see you in a couple of days. If you go into labor have Tsa-li come and get me and I will be here." With that Inuyasha bounded into the night with his mate and new pup in his arms heading home.

Jinx wondered why Inuyasha would leave so quickly with Kagome. She was even more confused as to why Kagome wanted to leave.

Tsa-li saw the expression on his mates face and said, "Jinx, the reason Kagome wanted to leave is because Inuyasha will become more protective now that he has a new pup.

Kagome is weak at the moment and he would protect her viciously. Plus there is the fact that when the pup wakes up he is going to want some food and she wants some privacy."

Jinx didn't think about any of this. But she guessed she would soon find out for herself when her own pup arrived. The pack entered the den to get some much-needed rest.

Inuyasha arrived at the god tree as he jumped up to the teepee. He walked in and placed Kagome in the nest along with the pup. He had forgot that she had not eaten since this morning. She needed to eat in order to provide nourishment for the pup now that he was out.

He looked at her as he kissed her on the forehead and said, "Kagome, I have to go and hunt. You haven't eaten at all since this morning and you need to eat to keep your strength up. I won't be gone for long." He kissed her again as she nodded that she understood. Kagome was so tired that she fell asleep before he had left the teepee.

Inuyasha jumped from the tree and started to look for some small prey. He found a couple of rabbits that were still in the god's tree protection barrier and the wolf pack hadn't noticed that he was hunting.

He went to the river and quickly cleaned the rabbits as he headed back home to be with his mate. When he walked in he noticed that Kagome was still asleep. He went over to the fire pit and put some more wood on the fire to keep the teepee warm and started to cook the rabbits he had caught.

By the time he was done cooking he heard his pup start to move and fuss. Kagome instantly woke up from her slumber as she brought the pup to her chest and let him start to nurse.

Inuyasha came over to see what she was doing and was amazed at what he saw. Kagome was feeding their pup with the milk from her breast and the pup was eagerly eating.

Inuyasha smiled and said, "He has a very good appetite." As he saw his son nursing, Kagome had to smile, yes their pup had a very good appetite and good strong jaw muscles judging by the way he was eating.

When the pup was done he fell asleep as Kagome wrapped him up in his furs once she got him cleaned up. Inuyasha then said, "Do you want something to eat? I think the rabbits are done."

Kagome said yes as he went and got her some food. Kagome ate, never forgetting to share her food with her mate. When they were done eating they both laid down together with the pup in Kagome's arms and Inuyasha's arm around both of them. His tail was draped over them to keep them all warm.

Inuyasha found comfort in his mates scent as a new one join their family. He was happy that he finally had a family to call his own as he snuggled closer to his mate and fell asleep.


The god tree noticed the new addition as his children returned back home. He was happy now that they had the little one with them. He knew that their love would continue to grow.

Their love for one another was feeding the land to provide for his children. His children never knew that such a simple thing could provide for their well being.

The god tree stood tall as he waved his arms in the air to signal that the birth had happened and that the supreme rulers now had a son. The land rejoiced at the news as all the trees were spreading the news of the birth. The land would be protected for all eternity and everyone was happy.


Kagome and Inuyasha slowly got into their roles as parents. They had to get used to the different feeding times for the pup. The pup always seemed to be hungry, in Inuyasha opinion, and was eating about every three hours. Inuyasha would only hunt within the god trees barrier not wishing to see anyone at the moment, but soon they would have to gather to name the pup.

Tradition said that they could only name the pup in the presence of family and friends in order to introduce the pup to the pack. Inuyasha had been thinking about this for a while and he would have to speak to Kagome and soon. They had to decide what they were going to do and when.

Inuyasha had caught some pheasants and was returning to the god tree when he ran into Tsa-li on his way to get Kagome. Jinx was in labor and needed help. Inuyasha told him to go back to his mate that he would bring Kagome. Tsa-li thanked him and left in a hurry to get back to his mate.

Inuyasha wondered if he acted like that when Kagome was about to have her pup and he wondered if he looked as worried as Tsa-li looked. He shook his head to clear his mind and ran back to the god tree to get his mate.

Kagome was feeding the pup when he arrived. He placed the pheasants on the ground near the fire pit and made his way towards his mate. "Kagome, Jinx is having her pup and they need your help."

Kagome looked up from what she was doing and said, "alright Inuyasha, the pup is almost done then we can leave."

Inuyasha smiled and waited for his son to finish. It didn't take long and he was back asleep in Kagome's arms as she placed him in her shirt and then got her basket full of herbs. Together they left the tree heading towards the wolves den.

When Kagome arrived she saw a very nervous Tsa-li pacing back and forth as he eagerly awaited her arrival. When Tsa-li saw Kagome coming he breathed a sigh of relief.

Jinx was in pain and he didn't know what to do about it. He hurried towards her and said, "Hurry Kagome, the pain is coming closer together and Jinx is saying it would be soon."

Kagome heard his words as she turned to her mate and said, "Can you watch the pup while I go and help Jinx?"

Inuyasha smiled and held out his arms in order to get the pup, as Kagome got him from the inside of her shirt. The pup whined at being pulled away from a nice warm place but quickly settled down when his father's scent reached his nose and he felt warm again.

Kagome hurried to go inside the den to where Jinx was located. Inuyasha settled on the ground to wait as he saw Tsa-li pacing back and forth. It brought back fond memories of when he was waiting to see his new pup.

Kagome rushed towards Jinx as she heard a muffled scream coming from her. She quickly made her way to the back of the cave and found Jinx laying on a whole bunch of furs.

Jinx was panting from the contractions. Kagome quickly looked and saw that she had arrived just in time. Jinx was about to give birth and she didn't have much time to prepare.

She quickly got her herbs from her bag and threw them in the fire. She got some warm water ready and the blankets to wrap the pup once it was born. Jinx gave a scream and Kagome told her to bare down.

About a half hour later Kagome came out of the den with a smile on her face. She walked over to Tsa-li and said, "Congratulations, Tsa-li, you have a daughter."

Cheers could be heard going around the area congratulating Tsa-li on his new daughter. "Jinx is doing fine, you can see her now."

Tsa-li nodded his head and headed towards his mate. He found her resting with his pup in her arms. She was beautiful just like her mother. She had dark blue hair almost the color of black; she had small little wolf ears on the side of her head with little feet and hands. He leaned down and kissed his mate and she woke up to greet him. He laid down next to her as he held onto his mate and new daughter.

Inuyasha and Kagome left the wolf pack to celebrate the birth of Tsa-li daughter and headed back home. When they arrived at the god tree Inuyasha said, "Kagome, we have to talk. Soon we will have to name the pup. Tradition dictates that he's to be named in a ceremony with all of our friends and family present. I want to know what you think about this?"

Kagome looked at her mate and smiled, then she said, "Inuyasha, that's fine with me. Do you want to do it at Chief Togo's village and invite your brother to come to the ceremony?"

Inuyasha smiled as he put his arms around her and said, "Yeah, that's what I want to do. Chief Togo has been like a father to me and I think he deserves the right to be at the ceremony. As for Sesshomaru I can have him send word to him and he can come if he wants to."

Kagome laughed as she said, "When are you leaving?"

Inuyasha thought for a few minutes and said, "Well, you have food so I don't have to hunt, I guess I can leave now and be back before it gets dark." Kagome agreed and Inuyasha took off to go to Chief Togo's village.


Inuyasha moved with speed through the forest. He didn't allow his scent to even reach the wolf pack as he traveled. He wanted to get to Chief Togo's village and back before nightfall. He knew Kagome would be waiting for him so he wanted to hurry.

He arrived at the village and found Chief Togo sitting in front of his teepee resting. Chief Togo opened his eyes as he heard someone approaching him and greeted Inuyasha when he saw him. "Hello Inuyasha, to what do I owe the honor of your visit?"

Inuyasha greeted Chief Togo as he sat down and said, "I need you to send word to Sesshomaru and invite him to a naming ceremony for my son. We would like to hold it here if that is alright with you."

Chief Togo couldn't have a greater honor than to host a naming ceremony for his friend. "We would be honored to host the naming ceremony for you. How about a week from today to get everyone here in time."

Inuyasha agreed and left the details of the naming ceremony to him. Inuyasha gave him his thanks as he headed home to be with his mate and son.

A week passed and it was time to go to the naming ceremony. Kagome and Inuyasha traveled with the wolf pack to Chief Togo's village. They were greeted by Chief Togo when they arrived and taken to the place where the naming ceremony was to be done.

Chief Togo really outdid himself, as the area for the ceremony looked beautiful. The area was in a clearing; they had placed flowers everywhere to make it look peaceful. There was a special place in the middle for him and Kagome to stand to present their son to everyone present.

The moon shone down on the area giving it an eternal glow. It looked like a dream as all of them came forward and everyone took their seats.

Sesshomaru had arrived to be at the ceremony and he had brought a special person with him. "Inuyasha, Kagome, I would like to introduce you to my mate Rin."

Kagome smiled and said, "Nice to see you again Rin."

As she turned her attention to Sesshomaru and asked, "Did you find what you were seeking?"

Sesshomaru inclined his head and said, "Yes, I did find what I was looking for and more, thank you."

Inuyasha and Kagome went to the front and stood, as everyone got quiet to listen.

Inuyasha was nervous he was never any good being around people but he knew he had to do this; it was his responsibility to present his son. Kagome had agreed to the name so, "I wanted to thank everyone for coming to the naming ceremony of our son.

For generations the naming ceremony has been done to present the newest member of the pack. In this way you will all know his name and who his parents are. We wished that our parent were here to witness this ceremony for without them this wouldn't be possible."

Inuyasha looked towards the moon and said, "Father, I take great pride in presenting to you our son, Do hi yi, which means peace. We hope that he would provide peace for as long as he lives and that he would protect the land the way we do." As Inuyasha spoke he held his pup up for all to see as everyone in the area repeated his name in unison.

As he pulled his son back into his arms the heavens seemed to open as the angels started to sing. Four golden orbs descended from the heavens as they encircled the two hanyou's.

Inuyasha and Kagome looked at each other and smiled, they knew who they were as the golden orbs turned into his mother and father along with Kagome's mother and father.

Inuyasha's father was the first one to speak. "My son, you have given us the greatest gift of all. Your son will be strong and peace will remain throughout the land for as long as he lives, this gift I give." A golden dust encircled the boy as it settled on him. The pup yawned as he fell back to sleep not caring about anything at the moment.

Inuyasha's father smiled as he turned to the man next to him. De-ni-li stepped forward and said, "My daughter, you have proven yourself to be strong but there is someone missing from this ceremony that must be honored. She has proven to be a great protector and a true friend. If I'd had another daughter it would be her. Jinx, could you please step forward along with your mate."

De-ni-li waited for Jinx and her mate to come to the front and then said, "Jinx, you have proven yourself to be a true sister to Kagome. For this reason we ask that you present your daughter." Jinx looked at her mate with tears in her eyes.

Tsa-li knew that she was happy to be called his daughter and that he wanted to see their pup. Tsa-li reached for his daughter and said, "I present to you Ho-qui, which means hope. She is the hope for the future that we all live in peace and safety."

When Tsa-li was done De-ni-li spoke, "I'm honored to see her, I give her the gift of sight and healing so she may continue in my foot steps." He raised his hand and a blue dust was spread over their daughter as it settled around her.

Ho-qui fussed but quickly settled back down when she was held once again by her mother.

De-ni-li then said, "May she bring you happiness and hope. Together these two will keep the peace throughout the land and protect it. Remember everything that has happen and live in peace." They all turned back into the golden orbs as they said their good byes and returned to the heavens.

Everyone stood and cheered as the pups were presented to the tribes. They celebrated for the rest of the night until the time came for all of them to leave. They said their goodbyes and promised to always be there if they were ever needed.

The years passed and the tribes lived in peace. Never again did the supreme rulers had to rid the land of evil, for its people understood the importance of keeping it pure.

They were never bothered from the settler's as the barriers kept the lands safe. When they looked upon the land from the outside all they saw was a barren wasteland that no one wanted to settle. In this way the land was kept safe for generations. It is said that the supreme rulers live on and that their children travel the land bringing hope and peace.

They say that peace comes at a price, but if it's worth fighting for then it is achievable. You have the power to make peace and keep the lands safe for future generations to enjoy.


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