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Chapter Five: Together Once Again.

"Ohhhhhh." I exhaled erotically as I awoke to the greatest pleasure for the first time in so long. I could feel his touch radiating around me as I opened my eyes heavily feeling too absolutely at peace to move. I felt Tidus' bare chest covering my back as his hands linked around my stomach holding me close to him protectively. I had never felt so beautiful or so… sexy when I was not with him, but he had this un-explainable ability to make me feel like a Yevoness and it only made me want to flaunt my body more… to only him.

Tidus knew that I was a shy person… and that it took a lot of courage for me to make the first move, be his sexy woman or roam his body freely like I wish I could. There were so many things I wanted to try with him, now that I had him back I didn't want to waste a minute, but if anyone could bring me out of my shell it was him…

He trailed his finger down my sides sensing that I had awoken and ran along my curves with his finger as I lay on my side, my body slightly covered in sand. I rolled my head back slightly to let him know I approved of his taunting touches. Tidus propped himself up on his elbows and took my current state of complete paralysis to his advantage. He leaned over from behind removing his fingers from the side of my body to trail it down my neck. He leaned over slightly kissing my jaw line softly and I rubbed my legs together slowly feeling the sand in between my thighs as I did so. Tidus once again wrapped his arms around my middle linking his fingers over my stomach, it was amazing how no words could pass yet we could completely understand what we were feeling after three years of being apart.

I moved my hands from the sand in front of me and ran it through his hair as he dug his head into my neck, nibbling, sucking and kissing the place he knew I was weakest. I exhaled heavily as his breath tickled my neck, only wishing I could turn around and gaze into his eyes. I ran my fingers over his face slowly as he sometimes unlinked his hands to rub dangerously low on my stomach causing vivid and lustful sensations to run through my whole being. He dug into my neck again after my fingers hand ran over his lips feeling the surface they wanted, and I began to breathe heavily as I ran my own fingers down my neck feeling my fingers tickle my skin as I ran them down. I rubbed my breasts heatedly as I felt Tidus' member grow behind me. I finally ran my hands down to rest upon his, linking my fingers with his over my stomach. I looked out over the beach with glazy passion filled eyes as Tidus began to repeatedly kiss my shoulders tenderly, to observe the environment.

I noticed my boots a little to the distance, noticing how far I had thrown them in my haste to have what I wanted. Then my barley opened eyes ran over something horrifying… the sunrise. Just as I was about to scream with horror, run around like a mad woman and die, Tidus' hands become a little naughtier.

I arched my back with a loud gasp as he forced his hands between my legs placing his fingers over my now quite wet womanhood. "Mmmmm." I moaned grabbing onto the arm that had been a little daring tightly. He chuckled into my ear and attempted to move his fingers while his hand was clamped between my legs. "No… Tidus not good." I whimpered unable to stop breathing heavier every second that passed. He had never touched me down there before without permission, or without me begging him too and it felt too rough… almost forced but I couldn't deny how much I loved it.

"Do you want to tell me something Yuna?" Tidus whispered softly into my ear brushing his lips over it causing me to once again shiver. He placed his fingers at the tip of my opening and I completely melted from the sound of his voice.

"We have to stop." I said weakling turning my head to look at him with some difficulty. He was in one of his playful teasing moods again, and I hated those because I could never will myself to stop but he never ended up fully satisfying me either claiming he would give it to me passionately later. Sometimes I wish I had it in my power to do that to him, but I never had the courage to tease him, being too afraid I wasn't even capable of turning him on like he did to me.

"Well I don't want to stop." Tidus said pushing further up against me and rubbing between my thighs.

"Ohhhh." I moaned as his fingers traced my entrance pushing down hard on all my buttons he knew sent me wild with desire. I groaned in frustration turning around to face him. He grinned evilly and I dug my head into his chest as he rubbed me in the exact stop it sent my crazy. "But I want to stop…" I moaned placing my hand over his shoulder delicately.

"If you want to stop… stop me." Tidus said softly into my ear awaiting something. But I just rolled my head back forgetting what he had just said when he pushed down again causing me to shiver.

"My body, is a traitor." Tidus began to rub faster as I said those words, and thoughts screamed through my head. About how sinful and lustful I was being, how wrong this was, things that people could see, but I couldn't even tell him how I felt yet due to the fact his hands could very well be seven deadly sins themselves. "Stop it…" I whispered softly, almost dangerously to him, in a way that told him I would be his sex puppet if he wanted… but in a way that asked him… did he really want that? I felt like crying as his brilliant skilful touch came to an end and I closed my eyes tiredly still running over his return to me in my mind.

"Y-Yuna I just wanted…" Tidus said with difficulty feeling reluctant as to where to place his hands. "I wanted…" Was he crying? "To make you feel… I thought… maybe you didn't mind… I…" He dug his head into his hands. "I didn't even ask you… Yuna I'm sorry please I didn't mean anything I just wanted you to feel good." I opened my eyes slowly realising why I was in such a hurry to stop him in the first place and smiled weakly at him.

"People come to the beach early morning… they will see." I said softly reaching for my underwear over his back and holding it in my hand as he stared at me curiously.

"So? You have never cared about that before." Tidus said handing my pants that I also hadn't been able to reach. I snatched them from him angrily and stood up in the sand to brush it off my body before I got changed, and his eyes following my every movement as I brushed the sand from my thighs only made me more pissed off.

"Yeah well I care when one of those people are my daughter!" I hissed chucking my shirt over his eyes as I changed feeling uncomfortable as he gazed upon me. Yes I was having a mood swing but the thought of Akemi seeing me with Tidus like that only screamed how much of a bad mother I was. "Yevon if she saw!" I sighed running a little further to grab my boots. Tidus seemed to get the picture and held the shirt over his face as I changed and I only felt like a hypocrite because I could freely admire his body without feeling embarrassed since he couldn't see me.

"A-akemi?" Tidus stuttered ripping my shirt of his face just as I had finished dressing everywhere else.

"Yes Akemi!" I said while rolling my eyes and snatched my shirt away from him. He also began getting dressed much to my disapproval and I grunted which he instantly took the wrong way.

"I didn't know Yuna." Tidus said trying to fix a mistake he didn't make in the first place while I found my eyes watching his body approvingly, but this didn't seem to bother him like it bothered me, so I continued.

"She wants to be a Blitzer Tidus…" I smiled walking over to him, to help him finish of his blitz uniform. Tidus beamed proudly which caused me to giggle. "She's really good too, she comes down here every morning with me usually and I know she has dragged Wakka and Lulu out of bed before… this is around the time she starts just after sunrise… she is so determined Tidus… I love her so much." I fell into his arms when he completed dressing himself with a big smile on my face.

"Just like her mother… Wait Lulu and Wakka?" Tidus said with shock running his hands through my hair.

"Maybe they will sleep in even if she does scream and yell like she does with me, but I mean it's not like I had anything to sleep in for." I grinned looking up at Tidus from his chest.

"Lulu and Wakka…" He repeated with a confused look.

"Yeah they are together now, even have their own baby boy Vidina, about the same age as Akemi, a little younger but they are both big on blitzball and every morning they want to come to the beach to train together." I smiled proudly. "It reminded me of you I was so happy." I grinned moving closer to his still shirtless chest.

"Well now that I'm here she can become a star player." Tidus grinned, all I could do was stare at his lips longingly and I suddenly shook myself from my day dream.

"Sorry what did you say?" I looked up shaking my head. Tidus sighed and told me not to worry about it.

"Come on let's hurry and get there before they come here, maybe have a shower since this sand is annoying me." Tidus laughed, I found myself laugh when he laughed and held out my hand for him to take. When we finally reached Besaid Village I knocked on Lulu's door.

A very tired woman answered the door and I could see my beautiful daughter and Vidina chasing each other around the room dressed in their blitz gear. Lulu almost fell backwards with shock as she saw Tidus and he merely raised his hand nervously and waved while saying Hi. "Lulu… its Tidus, look we want to go have a shower could you please bring Akemi home after her blitz training?" I asked realising I really wasn't providing Lulu with much information. She nodded with her eyes wide open.

"How in the?" She started

"Look I'll explain to you later ok?" I smiled politely grasping Tidus' hand tighter.

"Sure okay… I hope you two behaved yourselves…" Lulu said before shutting her front door.

"Uh we sure did Lulu." Tidus said to her closed door causing me to burst out in laughter. He smiled back at my laughing and suddenly stepped closer. I looked up at him with happiness still evident on my face, but that quickly changed when I saw his expression.

"What?" I asked suddenly being taken in a bone crushing hug. I smiled weakly and hugged him back sighing with content.

"I want to see you laugh more often… like we did on the pilgrimage…" Tidus said softly running his hands through my hair. I noticed Lulu peeking through her curtains and suddenly felt embarrassed at Tidus' sudden show of affection and pulled away with a crimson blush adoring my cheeks.

I lead him to my house silently and watched his eyes light up with amazement. "Wow Yuna this is beautiful." Tidus said falling onto the white couch quite comfortably. Normally I would have gotten angry since he was covered in sand but I didn't really care to tell the truth, he was back, that's all I cared about and it wasn't the time to start nagging about the couch. I felt like jumping on top of him and making love to him right there, we had time, but the sand all over my body was starting to become a real discomfort.

"Okay well I only have one shower, so just wait there and I'll be quick okay." I smiled placing my guns on the kitchen bench. He stared at me like I was insane, and I stared back at him with equal confusion. "What? Do you want to go first star player?" I smiled ruffling his gorgeous blonde hair.

"Hah, no, no it's okay go ahead." Tidus said shaking his head as if I was insane once more, but this time I ignored it and headed for the shower. Once inside I felt so relieved and quickly peeled my sandy clothes from my body. I combed my hair before I went in getting out as much of the sand as I could and finally stepped in to the warm water of the shower sighing with relief.


I screamed with shock, so high pitched I think it burst his ear drums, he covered his ears and finally when I realised who the man was I sighed with relief. "Yevon." I breathed out heavily covering my body on instinct. There always something about me exposing my body without warming up first. When you made love you eased into it, and concentrated more on the way you felt, but right now I was just exposed for him to stare at and I didn't like it. I backed against a wall as her smiled approvingly closing the shower door behind him.

"Don't look at me." I said frantically closing my eyes. I was so conscious of my body it scared him, but I didn't feel I looked good enough for him, and I didn't want him to stare and find out. I felt like crying for some reason, I just felt so exposed it scared me.

"Are you mad how could I not look…?"

"Tidus please do you mind if I just shower by myself, I can't stand showering with someone else, I like to feel free." I smiled nervously clutching my breasts tighter.

"Hey look at you, your free, I'm free." Tidus grinned running his hands through my semi wet hair.

"Yeah well that's because you're gorgeous." I muttered under my breath. Tidus stared at me curiously and I raised my eyes nervously hoping to Yevon that I hadn't some how offended him.

"Yuna… have you had any past were people made fun of you? Told you that your weren't beautiful, or something like that?" Tidus said placing his hands on my shoulders. I thought of all the times I had been teased when I was young and shut my eyes tightly. "Tell me Yuna." Tidus said holding my cheek in his hand.

"Well… I used to get teased about my eyes…" I said looking away from him. He tilted my chin up, and I raised my eyes to gaze into his sadly. His eyes were beautiful like the ocean, and mine were just freaky, what could he possibly think when he gazed at me with so much love.

"They are the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen, one sapphire, reminds me of the ocean or of the sky, and green reminds me of one of the most rarest gems, and emerald, your eyes sparkle with so much passion, fire, determination, and love… I find myself getting lost in them." Tidus whispered leaning closer, while gazing deeply into my eyes. I smiled happily hearing truth in his words and blushed. "That better be all or I'm going to track your childhood friends down and kill them." Tidus laughed.

"No… it's not but it's okay I don't want to trouble you." I said very glad his attention was on my face. He gave me one of his looks that told me to go on so I sighed. "Well they used to say I was so skinny I'd fly away."

"But look at you; you have a beautiful woman's body that I can't keep my hands off." Tidus grinned running his hands down my stomach. I furrowed my eyebrows with frustration, I had to get him on something he couldn't truly think I was beautiful.

"They boys used to tease me about my breasts being too small." I told Tidus slightly embarrassed when his other hand moved from my shoulder down to my hands over my breast. He fought a silent battle for my chest but finally I let my hand drop and gasped as he took it in his hand.

"They're perfect." Tidus said moving closer to me, while fiddling with my nipple. I tried to think straight but when he made proper contact with my body I never could.

"They called me a freak because my hair was so long, I was always teased, I'm ugly, I'm ugly, I'm so-"

"Shut up Yuna." Tidus said to me and before I could open my mouth he took my lips with his greedily. I enjoyed the kiss while it lasted and felt my arms forget about covering my body, and start to want to hold Tidus' instead, I wrapped my arms around his neck and arched my back as he cupped my breasts again. "Yuna you are so beautiful it makes me ache inside when I look at you." Tidus whispered pulling away.

I blushed almost to the point I thought my face was going to burn off and looked away shyly, but I couldn't deny that a wide grin was spreading across my face and I think Tidus could see it too.

It took us a while to shower, which didn't surprise me. Not being able to keep my hands off Tidus was either one of the greater pleasures in life, or terribly annoying since I just didn't want to leave his side. My hands longed to be on his body, to explore it, and I could tell he felt the same way. His touch gave me that kind of feeling… that he adored me, and it was a wonderful feeling. Our kisses were soft and gentle, yet full of longing, passion, and desire. The way his fingers traced my face as his gentle lips came into contact with mine made me shiver and more than once I had leant against the shower wall, sliding down it slowly when my knees just couldn't hold me up anymore. But Tidus followed and soon I would be lying down on the floor with Tidus kissing me tenderly. All these sensations were bombarding me and I found it absolutely impossible to resist. The way his hands ran through my wet hair when he pulled away and looked into my eyes made me completely melt, I don't think I could manage to keep my eyes open for longer than a few seconds due to the fact I was so incredibly at peace. I had slowly felt all discomfort flow away with the water that ran into the drain hole. It felt so right with Tidus, so natural.

Tidus was now leaning against the wall with his legs up to support me, I was sitting on his lap my breasts coming into contact with his chest as I rested on his shoulder pushing my hands between his back in the wall so I could gently run my fingers over his masculine back. The water from the shower fell onto my back and tickled me as I pressed against Tidus. I was aware of how much water we were wasting, but I didn't care, I finally had him back after three years I was entitled to a long romantic, touchy-feely shower with him.

"Yuna…?" Tidus said softly running his hands up my back. I turned my head on his neck and leant up to place a kiss on his jaw line to let him know I was listening. "I love you."

I grinned un-controllably, the butter-flies returning to my stomach as he said those words. I think the feeling would always be the same. "I love you more." I replied with a sigh kissing his beautiful neck a few times before returning to his comfortable shoulder.

"Well that's only certain, I mean come on, I'm a loveable guy." Tidus laughed running his hands through my hair. I smiled again at his comment but found no reason to reply and only reinforce his ego.

"No I love you more." Tidus said after a moment of silence his once playful voice becoming deadly serious, and I could just smell the passion in it from a mile away. It only told me what he wanted, and what he was thinking. So I rubbed myself against his manhood which was already in contact with my most private of parts and leaned back against his legs.

"You know Tidus, if you want sex you don't even have to ask." I sighed running my hands over my breasts. "You don't have to make me melt with your words, you already have me." I told him truthfully liking the expression on his face as I rubbed my chest. Even if I didn't think making love was necessary to feel high or close to him at the moment, I always wanted to give him what he wanted. This time with him had been perfect, gentle touches and kisses, somehow… it didn't feel like the right time.

"No Yuna, I don't want sex." Tidus said leaning forward to take my lips in another one of those perfect kisses which froze me to the spot. I didn't know whether to feel offended at his comment of complimented, it either meant he was happy to just be with me, or he didn't want me, and I seriously didn't know what he meant. The look of confusion in my eyes said it all for Tidus and he kissed my neck gently.

"I mean of course I want it, I want you so bad it sends me insane but lets wait for tonight, what do you say?" Tidus said in between his kisses that were already beginning to make me shiver.

"Alright." I replied with a smile.

"I mean… we can stay up all night with Akemi... put her to bed." Tidus said seductively moving his attention to my breasts. "Then I can take you to bed… and we can celebrate being together with a wonderful daughter." After saying that he sucked on my breast gently enjoying my soft moans as he did.

"Sounds like a plan, a plan I can't wait for." I sighed knowing he would have something amazing in-store for me, and even if he didn't, he was enough to blow my mind every time we made love.

We soon dressed together our hands wondering as we placed clothes on each other. Our kisses longing when we knew we only had a certain amount of time before our daughter returned.

I led Tidus out into the lounge room and sat on the edge of the couch hands in my lap as I waited for Lulu and Wakka to pass our Window and knock on the front door. Tidus was nervously pacing around the place muttering to himself in practically an un-known language. When I had asked he had told me it was nothing more than Zanarslang. Which I took was slang for Zanarkand Slang.

"Tidus calm down." I said with a slight amusement to my voice. Observing him pace up and down the hallway.

"What if she doesn't like me?" He said stopping in his tracks with a nervous expression on his face.

"I thought you told me no-one was immune to your charm?" I replied rolling my eyes. It was not that I was trying to pick on him more like reassure him that he was being stupid. Of course Akemi would like him. He was her father and he was perfect. Why wouldn't she?

"But she is my daughter of course she is smarter than normal people." Tidus grinned.

"I suppose I didn't have any part in that? Did I?" I sighed and shook my head at him.


There was a slight pause in time as Tidus turned his head to lay his eyes upon his daughter for the first time. I mean in real life.

"A-akemi?" Tidus stuttered looking upon our creation with awe.

Who knew how filled with joy I was that day. Who knew how beautiful life could be. Through the storm is always the sun. I definitely saw the sun today shining brightly through my most treasured ones.

Time had passed so quickly Akemi and Tidus had got on like a house on fire and he stared at me with confusion over some of the things she said. How smart is she? He would ask with his eyes as I prepared the meal. She was gifted that was for sure. She had already formed an opinion on the way Yevon was run at the age of three. It only made me proud and happy to listen to her ramble on about her theories which even struck me as something people would never think about.

I cooked dinner as I watched Tidus explain to his daughter the number one blitz techniques.

"But if you do it that way daddy it doesn't get the appropriate amount of speed it would if you threw it at an angle." My daughter stated matter of factly. I cooked the dinner with a slight giggle and watched as Tidus stroked his chin in contemplation.

"That's right who taught you that?" He asked with amazement nuzzling into her neck with affection.

"Mummy of course!" She smiled proudly jumping up and down on her daddy's lap.

Tidus and I discussed why I was so knowledgeable in Blitzball over dinner. "I practised for so long hoping if I got good enough you would return to me." I replied simply watching Tidus' face soften with slight sadness as I said it. But he would always force a smile and return back to his dinner silently.

There was some mindless mucking around after dinner where Akemi and Tidus fought over a ball inside the house. It only made me cover my face with shame and smile. Akemi was the winner of course and almost collapsed in her father's arms after they had finished playing. "Tidus it's late don't think your will keep her up this late every night." I said with a soft sigh stroking my barley awake daughter's hair while she rested in my lover's arms. "Take her to bed." I said with a soft smile contemplating the situation. For the first time in my life I was able to say, put our daughter to bed, it felt wonderful.

I watched as Tidus laid our daughter down to sleep and kiss her gently on the cheek. "Hey papa, can you tell me the rest of the story?" Akemi asked. I gasped and held my hand over mouth knowing immediately she was referring to the story of the pilgrimage I told her some of every night.

"Story?" He replied with confusion sitting on the edge of her bed. I held my hand over my mouth to stop a soft sort of giggle and peeked through doorway.

"Well the woman was in the spring, and she heard foot steps behind her. The woman was extremely upset but the man she loved came after her." Akemi sighed bringing the covers up to her nose with excitement.

"Oh that story." Tidus said with a slight chuckle before throwing me a mischievous look in the doorway. I instantly blushed and stepped away a little. "Well that man felt upset because the woman he had come to love so much was throwing away her life… but they shared something so special that night that kept them together ever since." Tidus smiled placing his hand over Akemis's hands.

"Was that a kiss?" She laughed her eyes growing wide with excitement.

"It was something much more special." Tidus said softly almost going off on his own train of thought. Akemi closed her eyes with satisfaction.

"Yes something very special. That night in Macalania."

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