-Seeking Hope-

Rating: PG

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Summery: Wanting to prove to his brothers that he can take care of himself, young Estel tries to run off to Mirkwood. But the woods outside Rivendell can be dangerous, and will the twins and Legolas find him, or will someone else? Thinking of making it into a series.

Time Frame: Pre-LOTR. Takes place in TA 2938, when Estel is around seven.

Additional Notes and Disclaimers: I am not a LOTR or Tolkien expert so if some of my facts are wrong don't kill me. I also realise that I'm not skilled in the art of medicine or weaponry so if I do the wrong move or heal something wrong I am sorry. I also suck at spelling and grammar so please point out any mistakes you see. Because I live in Australia some words may seem spelt a little strange but that's just Aussie spelling. (E.g. Color and Colour) Last thing, if you see some writing like this (-example-), that is the translation of any elvish I use, but I won't use much.

Elrond was rudely woken from his slumber by a rather loud argument in the adjoining room. Turning over and blocking his ears to the sound, the elf lord tried to rest, but found it impossible. The warn sun was dancing across the clear lake and yet a rather cool breeze was coming through the open window, taunting him to rise from his slumber and close the doors. That and the fact that he still needed to organise the twin's hunting trip, scheduled for later today, and write to Lord Thranduil, asking if Legolas could stay the winter at Imladris.

A smile came to the Lord's face as he remembered last time Legolas had stayed for the winter. It had been memorable because of the prank war between him and the twins. Elrond wondered weather Legolas' hair was back to its normal colour, for bright blue wasn't really his style. Then again, the twins weren't impressed with having to wear pink clothes for a week either.

Rising slowly with a rather un-elf-lord yawn, Elrond remembered what had woken him in the first place. Slipping into his shoes, he walked quietly to the door of the next room. In reality he was sneaking, but he would never admit to sneaking in his own house. From here, the conversation could be heard quite clearly.

"No, no and NO." Yelled one of the lord's sons. Probably Elladan, Elrond thought. He should of guesses at least one of his sons was involved in this argument.

"But Dan I really want to go." Estel replied. 'I was right' Elrond thought to himself. That's two of my sons, now where is-.

"For the last time Estel. You are not coming with us." Elrohir said, answering the lord's unasked question. "You have the chance of a snowflake in Mt Doom of coming with us on our hunting trip!" This only caused uproar from Estel. Elrond had heard enough. Opening the door he angry spoke above the noise.

"Silence! Half of Rivendell can hear you three bickering. Now, what is this about?" He yelled, making his son's stop bickering. Estel was the first to react, and piped up before his brothers could.

"Dan and Ro won't let me go with them on the hunting trip. It's not fair." He complained. Elrond looked sympathetically at his older sons before kneeling down to look his youngest child in the eyes.

"Estel," He said quietly "You must understand. You cannot go with them. You are too young and it is too dangerous for you to-"

But Estel didn't want to hear it. "It's because I'm different, isn't it. You don't care, you never let me do anything. I hate you!" He cried before running out the door.

"And the day had started with such promise." Elrond muttered.

Elladan was the first twin to speak. "Should we go after him?"

Elrond shook his head before standing up. "No, give him some time alone to think over things. I only hope he sees the folly in his words before you leave."


Estel ran straight to the gardens, hoping to find some peace to calm down. The gardens were always a place of sanctuary from the worries of the outside world. Heading past the waterfall and the welcoming river Estel stopped underneath a huge oak. This was one of his favourite spots in Rivendell. It was here he and his brothers would play for hours on end. That and how you can see Rivendell clearly from the top, which is perfect when you've just pulled a prank on Glorfindel and need to hide till Elrond calms him down.

Estel climbed the tree quickly and quietly. He'd been raised by elves, so had taken on some of their skills. From his perch high in the canopy, he could see the twins preparing to leave. They didn't seem to care that he, their brother, wasn't there to bid them farewell, like he always did. He watched them for well over and hour before they finally left, seeming to not look back. If only he'd had elven sight, he might have seen the sadness in their faces that they were trying to hide.

Suddenly, an apple hit the trunk behind him. Looking down, three elven children where standing there, whispering to each other and laughing. Estel wished he could join their fun, but they always rejected and teased him because he was different, because he couldn't keep up with them. When his brothers were around they didn't try anything, but when he was along they gave him hell. The ringleader, Marveth, disliked Estel the most, for he'd once beaten him at sparing. Marveth bent over and, picked up another apple from his basket, he threw it up into the tree, hitting poor Estel in the arm.

"Please stop it Marveth." Estel pleaded, rubbing his arm, knowing that they wouldn't stop even if he begged them. He wasn't in the mood for one of their 'games', which usually involved Estel getting hurt somehow.

Marveth pretended not to hear him, instead turning to the other elves and saying loudly, "Bet you I can make him fall."

Estel's face grew pale as Marveth bent over to pick up yet another apple, but grabbed a rock instead. Estel began to scramble down the huge tree, but couldn't avoid Marveth's rock. As it hit his leg, he lost his balance and tumbled. He felt himself falling, the ground rushing up to meet him. Now any mortal would plummet to the ground like a stone, but Estel had grown up amongst elves. Twisting quickly, he just managed to grab hold of the last branch before the ground. The young elves cursed, their faces filled with disappointment.

Marveth walked casually towards Estel and whispered, "Get lost human. Your kind isn't wanted here, you freak!" With that, and one last glare, they left.

Estel could see their words were true, and it broke his heart. There had to be somewhere where he could escape to, but where? He'd never been outside of Rivendell before. Then he remembered Legolas saying that he should come to Mirkwood soon. He'd actually said with his brothers, but Estel didn't want them to come. Knowing he wouldn't be allowed to go if he asked, he made his way to his room. It took longer than usual because he didn't want to be seen. Grabbing his pack, dagger and what remained of his breakfast he passed by the kitchens before coming to a sudden stop.

A sweet smell filled the air. They'd just baked blueberry pies. Estel figured they wouldn't miss one. He carefully picked up one of the pies with the hem of his cloak, learning long ago that fresh pies from the oven are still hot, then placed it carefully in his pack. He was about to grab a second when a servant appeared. Without waiting, Estel bolted towards the stables before the servant could call out to him.

Luckily, the stables were empty. Estel didn't particularly enjoy riding horses. The elves rode bareback and didn't own saddles, so the young human was thrown from the horses many times while learning to ride. He stopped beside his favourite horse, Vorimaer, meaning faithful one. It was a gift from Legolas two years ago when he came to Rivendell. He patted the horse's neck and whispered, "Don't worry. We'll soon be seeing your old master." Vorimaer raised an eyebrow, as if to ask why, but didn't make a sound. Making sure his pack and cloak wouldn't fly off while riding, he pulled himself up onto Vorimaer's back and, with a kick to the horse's side, they were off to Mirkwood.

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