The Quetzal's Fire

Harry Potter

Part Seventeen: The Once and Future King, the Wizard, and los Indios

The young initiate had walked hundreds of miles, from Lake Toxoco to what we know as the Yucatán. The Spaniards had not made it this far, it seemed, but the Maya were not exactly ignorant of their presence on their continent. Each of the small villages the acolyte had passed through had heard strange rumors. Aztec refugees were fleeing the encroaching Castilians with great haste.

Finally, reached Tikal.

Yet the great city of the Maya was not so great any more. The initiate met a platoon of soldiers marching out of the gates to do battle with a nearby city. All of the Yucatán, it seemed, was fighting itself. knew they would be doomed when the Spaniards arrived.

Yet he still made his way to the temple of Quetzalcoatl and sought the advice and assistance of its sages.

The highest priest there listened to the story of his plight and studied the sunburnt boy, his own leathery forehead wrinkling in concentration.

"We have heard a great deal about these conquerors. I do not think we will survive them. The prince refuses to take an audience from any of the other cities' princes unless they swear allegiance to him. We will be crushed remorselessly."

As grim as they come.

"You must flee to the south. A group of merchants will be going to Cuzco in a week."

"Cuzco? Is that one of your southern cities?" the initiate was baffled.

The priest looked at the floor guiltily.

"No. The Inca tribe owns it. Do you know them?"

looked at him blankly.

"They are as great as the Aztecs. Go."

The mysterious events of Centroamerica described here could not have meant anything to a Briton, much less ones that lived hundreds of years before.

Yet they did.

When Quetzalcoatl sailed across the sea, he came to Britain itself. The Romans had just left. A new kingdom was rising: England. Its king, of course, was Arthur.

It shouldn't take much for you to realize that Quetzalcoatl was somewhat endowed magically.

The tales of Arthur and Merlin have been described many times. Doubtless we all know that Merlin went into a deep sleep somewhere in Britain. What we did not know, until this legend was related, was that he also left a small canister of fire in the hands of the Aztecs, who then left it in the hands of the Inca.

Thus, the legend of the fire of Quetzalcoatl.

Unfortunately for those living at the tail end of the twentieth century, the order that had formed in the Andes to protect the fire from any madmen had been usurped and their sacred treasure had been taken by the Dark Lord, Pacahuti Mirabál, and sold to one Dark Lord Voldemort for the purpose of an insane genocidal campaign against all those without magic. What Voldemort did not understand was in fact that unleashing Quetzalcoatl's Fire would in fact kill just about everyone on the earth.

What will be done?

Well, that, of course, is the story that is unfolding before you here.