By Seniya

The sun had faded into the night. His soul had faded into the dark abyss that calls to all souls once their bodies have rejected them. Misty had cried; more out of pity for her own loneliness that out of genuine sadness.

The funeral had come the next day, for as the wife had put it, "she couldn't bear to have that dead…thing near her for much longer."

There had been now viewing of the body, the mortician took one look at him and with a large frown decided that his features had become too misshapen. Misty ad chosen a large black coffin, and he was buried early in the morning, underneath a massive Pear tree with her, the Mayor, the servants and the sun as the only witnesses.

By the next week Misty had moved, she had always hated the house, and their much smaller property back home seemed to be a far more pleasing location, and also, the lure of an (mostly) unblemished reputation called to her as well.

This child would have the life that she always craved.


And so the rooms of the Manor stood empty, save for the shadows that huddled together for warmth, the darkness that made its own comfort, far away from the reaches of the suns rays.

If you dared to ask these shadows, merely ask them about what they thought of the past few months, then perhaps, if your manner was pleasing, the would explain to you the story of a boy and a girl, finally free to run together in the land of dreams.

A land free of pain and suffering; where the only thing to fear was the thought of losing each other. It was here, in these dreams that love was born, it was here that hatred was vanquished, in this land where the sun was a merciful master, rather than a despicable enemy.

It was here, in the arms of this girl, that Ash finally found…himself.

But of course, that was only if you asked the shadows. Because in truth, this land is a secret…

A strange secret, because somewhere, deep inside of our heart of hearts we all know of its existence. It is merely our mind…our bodies that keep us away.



Author: This is for MMT, the story was actually finished, but I'll do an epilogue to clear things up.

Ash died. Misty moved. Mae is some sort of ghost, and they're together now in heaven.

Happy Holidays, that's it. I also fixed the punctuation in the first few chapters.

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