Under the Mistletoe

Chapter 1- Starry Santa

Robin woke to the smell of Christmas cookies baking in the oven. He lifted an eyebrow. Robin decided to skip his morning stretches and jogged down to the recreation room. He peered into the kitchen to see Cyborg busily taking cookies out of the oven. Beast Boy was tottering on a ladder attempting to hang up something in the doorway. Even Raven was sitting sociably at the table drinking tea. Well, sort of sociably.

He scanned the room for the remaining titan but his search was in vain. The pretty Tamaranian was obviously sleeping in. "Where's Starfire?" He inquired. The sitting empath looked up.

"Merry Christmas to you too, Robin," she stated dryly but a flicker of amusement crossed her violet eyes. Robin flushed.

"Ah, sorry. Merry Christmas guys," he rubbed the back of his neck. Cyborg grunted and Beast Boy attempted a mumbled reply. Obviously talking and doing whatever he was doing was too much and he toppled off the ladder. A flicker of black magic shot out and grabbed the falling green teen and replaced him on the ladder.

"Thanks Rae…" he seemed more startled than appreciative.

"What, I have to be at least a little nicer today… if not it'd be a civil offense or something," Raven blinked and took a delicate sip of tea. Robin fidgeted and then with an exasperated sigh he turned to go upstairs. He went to his room and collected his gifts. He bounded back down the steps. Robin placed the gifts beneath the tree but on second thought grabbed the smallest package and replaced it in his pocket. Raven lifted an eyebrow at his behavior but said nothing. At that moment the steel doors slid open to reveal her.

The others stared with eyes just as wide as Robin's. She broke the silence with a bright voice.

"Merry Christmas!" she said with much joy and gusto. It was not her cheery face that caused the Titans such a shocked expression. It was her appearance.

Her eye-lids were painted a frosty blue and her cheeks dusted with a golden pink. Her lips were colored deep cranberry and black eye-liner and mascara accented her long, beautiful lashes. Her usually straight hair now fell in ruby coils about her face and she was crowned with a red velvet Santa hat. A black leather choker with a gold buckle replaced her neck guard. Robin coughed.

Her arm bands were replaced with silken white gloves up to her elbows and her uniform was replaced with a rather unique ensemble. A red velvet tube top that clearly exposed her toned stomach graced her torso and it was trimmed at the top with white cottony fluff. Her red velvet miniskirt had the same fluff lacing the bottom. Her silver belt had been exchanged for a black leather one that donned a large golden buckle.

Her purple boots had been traded for ones of black leather and thin spiked heels. Zippers ran up the backs and the boots themselves stopped mid-thigh. She giggled and twirled around. "This appropriate dress for such a festive holiday on your planet, yes?" she inquired brightly. Robin nodded absently. "Friend, your jaw, it is… injured?" Starfire asked in concern.

While the others had remotely regained their composures, the usually quick-witted and alert, Robin had not.

"Wha? Oh, uh, no, I'm… fine," he stuttered in an idiotic fashion. He turned from his friend. She smiled, her relief so profound she was oblivious to the deep flush which had risen to the Boy Wonder's cheeks. Raven cleared her throat.

"Where did you get your obnoxiously happy little hands on that?" the dark beauty asked as gestured disdainfully at the outfit. Starfire smiled, taking no offense.

"I was informed this day was a holiday of much celebration on your planet and I learned all I could about it. I found out about the Santa and made my own costume!" It was then that the Titans allowed their large eyes to trail over to the large sack slung over the girl's bare shoulder. VERY bare shoulder if you had asked Robin.

As if understanding the curious looks from her teammates she placed the sack on floor and produced a wealth of brightly wrapped packages. She placed them beneath the tree.

'Oh, man I need to train… I can't be thinking about her like that. Of course the staring is logical with those long, luscious legs and that… wait, crap! Don't stare, don't stare… she's just a friend, pull yourself together Robin, you can do it.' Robin was doing his best to avert his eyes from those tight boots, and skirt… and top…

Starfire was humming slightly off tune as she waltzed into the kitchen. "The cookies are of edible temperature friend Cyborg?" she asked. He nodded and she took one and daintily bit in. She chewed thoughtfully and then with shinning features declared "Mmmm!" quickly taking another she marched over to Robin and stuffed it full into his mouth. The boy was startled but took it in stride, chewing the large treat and giving thumbs up to Cy.

"I need to train a little and then I'll be back when we open gifts, k?" Robin said casually. He tried to leave the room but Starfire zipped in front of him and blocked his path, her expressive face stricken with horror.

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