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Integra sighed. She changed into her nightclothes. He was never like this before, or was he? I haven't paid attention to him lately... She slipped between the covers of her bed and laid her head down. She closed her eyes, and all she could see was him.

A tall man in the garden looked up at Integra's balcony window. He climbed up the ivy-covered walls with ease. He unlatched the door and stole in without disturbing her. He silently stood and watched as Walter came in and took away Integra's dinner. She hadn't eaten any of it, she'd been doing that a lot. No wonder she's so thin. He move to the bed's side as Walter walked down the hall, he took out a chloroform soaked clothe and covered her face with it. Integra jerked and tried to fight him off, but the chloroform was already affecting her. The last thing she saw was a bright white smile...