A/N: It's like this. I'm not saving drabbles as separate stories. I also don't quite get what's up with the word count feature here as opposed to the one in my word processor. According to WordPerfect, they're 100 words each. Anyway, I hope you enjoy. - N.B.

Twenty Twenty

Most of their pictures of the team burned up with the old Watchtower, but Wally has a handful tucked away at home: random snapshots, a few newspaper clippings. He saved them for the cool "I work with superheroes!" factor. Now he pulls them out and thinks about the Good Old Days.

Only here on film does he notice how Diana carries herself like a queen, how Batman looks constipated, Superman not so much, J'onn's quick and careful smile. Only now, in every single picture, can he see how John always stood beside Hawkgirl.

He must have been blind.