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Written for the Fic For All at Twisting The Hellmouth.


"Oh my God!"

Ares felt very pleased. The beautiful mortal clearly knew who he was and knew how to address him.

"Who choice your outfit?! I hope you fired them! I mean, the leather pants are okay, but metal studs? On a leather vest? That's so last century! And is your ego so big that you think you don't need a shirt? And a beard? What, you're to lazy to shave in the morning? And long hair went out of fashion in the eighties!"

What?! She, a mortal, thought she could talk that way to him? He was Ares! God of War!
Not that he understood even half of what she just said, he understood that she wasn't complimenting him on being the best looking God this side of Mount Olympus!

"You cannot talk to me that way, mortal! I am Ares, God of War!" And he let loose a fire bold, neatly frying the bird that had been annoyingly chirping on a branch nearby.

The mortal in front of him was completely unimpressed with either his title or good aim.

"Yeah? Goodie for you. Making war keep you too busy to choose some fashionable clothes?"

Cordelia looked around, muttering to herself.
"Come on, Angel. Doyle send me to this dimension of no fashion, he can send you too. So what if he didn't actually mean to send me here? When has that ever stopped you. You had better not wait until after Buffy's anual Christmas call!"

She looked to the ground, contemplating if she could sit down in the mini skirt she was wearing.
Ares was steaming. Who did the mortal think she was? She was no Xena! She couldn't just ignore him like that! He'd get her attention!
He grabbed the beautiful girl around her thin waist, dibbed her back and kissed her deeply.
At first the girl froze, then her arms wound around his neck and she started kissing him back.

There was a crack and then;
"Uhm, Cordelia?"
Cordelia broke the best kiss she ever had and looked at the one who so rudely interrupted her. And just when she started to have fun too!
Angel managed to look both sheepish and confused. The axe and broad sword in his hands pointing harmlessly to the ground.

"Hi Angel. Bye Angel. Pick me up in the new year." And she resumed kissing the handsome man. Pity about his awful fashion sense. Ah well, she almost had Xander looking good by the time they broke up, she could fix this one as well.

Doyle had without knowing given her the best Christmas gift ever!

The End.

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