Ya, I know another mixed up story line is Saving Love.. But it will get easy to understand in the end, just stick with it... ( if your reading it) and this is hopefully going to be better! Hope you enjoy my story, The Suicide Note -kTe-

Messed Up

No one considered her to be much of an anything... her name was Brea Felon. She dressed in all black, and was thought to be pure evil. It was rumored you could find in her in the darkest alley, of the narrowest street, muttering what seems to be spells and curses under the dark sky. They said she drew violent pictures of killing people , or a person, and they said she was depressed and suicidal. She was at all the sporting events in those black clothes, with her CD player playing what people said was dark, devil music. She could always be found by her locker, muttering under her breath.. Spells and incantations of sorts.

No one considered it much of a step when they found the body of Brea Felon with 5 fatal stab wounds through her chest. They were even less surprised when they found the suicide note.

Whoever is reading this, you are wasting your time, there is no saving me now.. See you on the other side.. I am worth nothing.. Nothing..................

And then the note ended. No one cried.. No one could cry. Not even our hero Jimmy could. She was a nobody.

He stood in the hallway. There was no sound today, after all, that girl had just died. That seventh grader everyone thought was a witch. He felt guilty that he could not be sad. It made him feel worse knowing that everyone else felt the same way. Even Cindy Vortex. He stared into his empty locker, and on the other side of the hallway was a blank locker being searched. It was that girls. No one even really knew her name. A dog started barking, but it was just some meat that the girl had hidden in her locker. Why would she hide meat of all things? Oh well, who cared? He did, he wanted to know why this girl had never been thought of before.. But isn't that the way it goes with everyone? Only when you die you are really recognized. It was a vicious cycle. If only people would appreciate people in life... 'wow' he thought to himself. ' I sound like one of those help guides you pick up at the funeral home' he laughed to himself as he started to his next class. No one flinched as they passed the now being emptied locker. Nothing weird could be found. The team of investigators couldn't find anyone that knew anything about her.. Except that she drew. She drew all over her notebooks and her books. They all looked the same. A heart with a large black dagger through it and in the center was written the word. 'Death' they stared at the book. They had found the cause of her weirdness, she was one of those obsessed with death.

About three days after she was gone, and buried a local basketball game was going on. And the star player Brady O' Conner was dribbling the ball, when all of a sudden, he started to scream. "BREA!!!!! I'M COMING FOR YOU BREA!" and then he fell to the floor. He was fine, but he said he saw Brea, her black clothes, her stare, those eyes were telling him to come with her. To die, to leave the world and come with her. He had agreed, but then she left him and he got very frightened. The police thought it was very odd. And then they noticed something engraved on his arm.

It was a heart, with a black dagger running through it, with the word 'Death' written in the center!!!! They immeatiatly transferred him to the local hospital. He started slowly to go insane. Screaming "Brea!!!" in the middle of the night. Cold sweats. And then one Saturday morning they entered his room, and found Brady in his bed, with five fatal wounds through his chest. And a suicide note in his hand.

Whoever is reading this, you are wasting your time, there is no saving me now.. See you on the other side.. I am worth nothing.. Nothing..................

The suicide note curse had begun.