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New Beginnings

" I don't understand Nuetron! How am I involved in this?" he clicked on the search page. RICHARD MARIGOLD.

Names popped up like daises.

' Richard Marigold.. Genius.. Engaged..'

" JUST AS I THOUGHT!" he yelled happily. He clicked on it.

" What is it Nuetron? What did you find?"

" This!" he said as he pointed to the screen. Sure enough there it was in bold print.

' Richard Marigold, engaged to Brea Felon from Retroville..'

" His uncle.. Must've known about the money.. Since they were Breas legal guardians. Well somehow he found out.. And out of selfishness...Richard asked Brea to marry him.. And she accepted.."

" WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH ME?" she yelled. He smiled brightly. He walked towards her.

" Then, he met you..."

" He didn't say he was engaged.."

" Exactly!" she looked at him coldly.

" Don't you get it? He killed her.. Not only for her money, but because he met you! "

" But, what about her legal guardians had to suspect!"

" They trusted him! He 'loved' her! He wouldn't have hurt a fly in their eyes.." he moved closer to her.

" But I denied him a long time before she committed suicide!"

" He loved you... remember? He was probably insane Cindy! He would stop at nothing.. He's a genius! You said so yourself!"

" I don't get it! She was single.."

" They kept it secret.. They would be condemned.. That young.."

" What? But why would he kill her? And cover it up?"

" MY GOSH CINDY! DON'T YOU GET IT! HE LOVED YOU! LOVED YOU! HE WAS CRAZY ABOUT YOU! YOU DENIED HIM! HE WAS GETTING REVENGE! HE knew.. That... she was dark.. No one would suspect.. He was planning this.. Ever since you denied him.. He had to have been.." she stood in awe. She moved towards him.

" Of course.. How did.. I not..." she said sadly.

" I have caused so much pain.. How is this possible?" she started to cry softly.

" Cindy, it's alright.. It's not your fault!" he calmly said.

" YES! YES IT IS! If I had accepted him.. No one would've died.. You wouldn't be dying.." She said crying more freely.

" CINDY! You couldn't have! You didn't love him! You loved Nick! No one blames you for this!" he said his voice slightly raised.

" No Neutron..."

" What? What did I get wrong?"

" I never loved Nick..."

" What?" he asked confused. She walked towards him again.

" Nick was never marked was he? I told you.. It's people I cared about.. That I love..." she said quietly. He looked at her confused.

" Look at your arm.." she said moving even closer. He could begin to see her green abyss's of eyes more clearly now as she moved from the shadows. He looked at his arm. He bore the mark..

" So?"

" Oh Jimmy.. You would think.. It would be obvious.."

" It's not! Did I do something to him?"


" Yes.."

" I SAID I COULDN'T I LOVED SOMEONE ELSE.. ANOTHER BOY!" she said tears falling from her eyes. She now stood so close to him, he could smell her Vanilla perfume very easily.

" I told him.. I loved..." she blushed. " I told him I loved... you..." she said the blush on her cheeks was now evident.

" WHAT?" he asked his jaw dropped.


" Why? Why did you do that?"

Through her falling tears she sniffled.

" Because.. It's the truth.. I LOVE YOU JIMMY! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! More then the stars.. More then air! I LOVE YOU DAY AND NIGHT! 24/7! I LOVE YOU! I think of you! I KNOW YOU! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! You can't possibly.. Know.." she said as her tears continued to fall. He didn't even respond. He just smiled and pulled her into a warm embrace... he pulled back a little bit. His hand on her face.

" I love you Jimmy.." " I mean.. I know you can't feel the same..and and and.." she was stuttering..He didn't even respond.. He lowered his lips.. the magnetism was stronger then he had ever felt with anyone ever before. His lips softly then brushed up against hers. The swirling colors surrounded him once again... he glided his hand to support her neck area. Her hands had found there way to the back of his neck. Honey dripping silently from her lips onto his.The passion began to build in the moment... HE LOVED HER... She pulled away softly and gently. Reluctant for her moment to end.

" What was that?" she asked blushing. He kissed her forehead. Lowered his lips to her ear. " A kiss..." " There's something you should know..." he kissed her cheek. " I love you to Cindy...I have loved you since the day I met you.. Since then.. I've loved you so.." she gasped.

" You can't be serious!" her voice cried.

" I am.." he kissed her neck softly. She moaned in pleasure.

" Thank you Jimmy! I LOVE YOU!" she nearly screamed as she pulled his lips to hers. Passion hidden in it. He felt so wanted, so loved, unlike he ever had before.

" Aww.. How cute! The couple has solved the mystery!" a boy's voice spoke.

Cindy pulled away. Jimmy looked over and from the shadows emerged a boy with red hair and blue eyes. Randall...

" But I believe you missed a few details!" out of the darkness a girl that looked almost identical to Brea stood to the side of him. She pushed Cindy to the floor and grabbed Jimmy in a fast moment.

" JIMMY!" she cried. Randall smiled at her.

" Hello my darling miss me?" he laughed coldly.


" Ah but why? You denied me love! Why can't I kill the boy who stole it from me!"

" I LOVE HIM!" she cried as the girl behind Jimmy pulled a knife.. The knife. Breas knife.

" How did you get in here?"

" I'VE WATCHED YOUR HOUSE EVER SINCE SHE TOLD ME!" He laughed coldly. Tears were freely running from Cindys eyes now.

" Randall stop this nonsense! PLEASE!" she screamed.

" NO! He is going to die! My vision didn't kill him!"

" Why didn't it work Randall? Why didn't it kill him?"

" Duh! I created it out of revenge and hate for you! He loved you! He beat it by that.. And that alone..." Jimmy stared in unbelief.. It made sense. Brea.. She was telling the truth..

" NO! I won't let you hurt him!" she said.

" Either agree to marry me or die!" he said forcefully as he took her wrist. And threw her to Jimmy. " Say goodbye to him!" he said again."

She was standing right in front of him. She touched his face with her hand.

" I can't let them hurt you.. I love you!" she paused" I can't let them hurt you!" she smiled devishly. She kissed his lips passionately. He kissed her right back. Shepulled him farther into the kiss... He couldn't even remember where he was at. But, then he heard Randall shift uncomfortably. He could feel her tears. Then he knew what she was going to do.

" CINDY NO!" he yelled as she turned to Randall.



" JIMMY AND I.. WE WILL BE TOGETHER IN HEAVEN!" she yelled back. Tears still fell from her eyes. He pointed the gun at her. His finger on the trigger. Jimmy struggled with the lady behind him.

" NO! DON'T HURT HER! I DESERVE TO BE THE ONE SHOT!" He yelled. Randall froze his finger still on the trigger. He then clunked Cindy over the head.

" Your right Neutron.. After your dead.. She.. Won't have you to love anymore.." he faced him. He took the knife from his accomplis. " I will make it look just like the others.. And Cindy.. Can be.. Brainwashed.." he laughed coldly.

" You will never be remembered.." he said.

" And she will never love she loved me!" he responded. Randall raised the knife and was about to stab when all of a sudden a bright light surrounded him. Brea in all her glory appeared in front of him.



" Yes! And people missed the signs! The mark was your family's symbol. The heart with the dagger at least. YOU wrote death on my arm! YOU did it all! YOU WROTE THOSE ON MY NOTEBOOK... YOU DID IT ALL. YOU READ MY POEMS AND WROTE BURNED OUT STARS!"

" They never found prints!"

" Because you invented those invisible hands! I will not let you kill this boy! He loves her, and she loves him!"

" NO! SHE doesn't.. she loves me!"

" NO! NO ONE LOVES YOU! YOU ARE TO COLD!" she yelled back at him. Her glory burned brighter. " I LOVE HIM! GOD LOVES HIM! WE LOVE HIM! CINDY LOVES HIM! HIS FAMILY.. HIS FRIENDS.. THEY LOVE HIM!" her voice spoke with a deep authority now. Randall shook with fear.

" Go! And never return!" she spoke fiercely.

" NO!" he ran at her... she touched his face. He began to burn as though he was being touched by flames. But these flames weren't orange.. They were bright white.

" BURN! BURN IN THE PAIN YOU HAVE CAUSED! THIS IS LOVE! THIS IS LOVE ! TRUE LOVE! NOT SELFISH LOVE!" she called as finally Randall fell to the floor and was engulfed and in a bright flash.. Was .. Gone.. Jimmy realized that Randall's accomplis had run for it. His hands were free. He looked at her. Mouth hanging open, and for a moment, he was speechless. But he broke the silence with a small cry.

" Brea!" he said and he hugged her tightly.

" There, you are free..." she smiled and touched his cheek.

" How can I thank you?"

"Jimmy, I am love.. I am love.. Don't you understand?" all of a sudden the Brea in front of him disappeared. Instead stood a beautiful angel with golden hair and blue eyes. Like the one he had seen burn up in his vision.

" But Brea..."

" Simply a vision... I can not reveal myself until my mission is completed.."

" But why her?"

" So you would let me get close to you... you knew her partially Neutron.."

" I still don't understand.."

" Your not supposed to Jimmy..In this life you never will..." she smiled kindly at him. She kissed his cheek. " Now go.. And check.. On the future Mrs. Neutron.." and in a flash she was gone. He raced over to the lifeless body of Cindy. He held her in his arms. She groaned.

" Jimmy? JIMMY!" she sprung up, " YOUR ALRIGHT!" she cried as she embraced him tightly.

" Yes. Every things all right now Cindy.. Everything is over..." he whispered into her ear.

As he held her she whispered. " I love you.."

" I love you to Cindy.. So much... Will you go out with me?" he asked nervously. She smiled.

" Yes, I would love to.." she said softly. He kissed her softly. She had wrapped her arms around him tightly. And he held her waist. He loved her. He loved her so much. The future Mrs. Neutron..? He laughed. He would see.. See what happened.

No one was told what happened, they only knew that no more deaths had taken place.And no one remembered the scare.. of the suicide note...Years later, sure enough, Love's prediction came true. Cindy and Jimmy were married on a beach. With six people. One of which.. No one could see but Cindy and Jimmy... it was a girl.. With blonde hair.. And sharp blue eyes.

Hate had destroyed so much

now love..

Had replaced the destruction

with beauty and new beginnings...