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Chapter 1

It was three months to the day since the disappearance of Darkwing Duck. Since then, not hide nor feather had been seen of the nefarious villain known as Negaduck. In fact, all crime had slowed to nearly a halt. After Negaduck had been dropped in the woods, Bushroot and Megavolt had caused some trouble, but they had been quickly dispatched by Darkwing, Launchpad, and the newest addition to the team, Quiverwing Quack. But after that, nothing had happened. It was driving the Mighty Masked Mallard crazy!

He was now pacing in front of the television set, in his alias of Drake Mallard. Quiverwing, now once again his daughter Gosalyn, was leaning this way and that trying to watch Wheel of Torture. Launchpad was right along with her.

Finally, Gosalyn gave up. "Daaaddd! I can't see the T.V.!" she groaned at him. "Sit down!"

Drake stopped pacing, but deliberately stopped in front of the T.V. Launchpad shook his head, leaned around him, and turned off the set.

"Uh…what's up, D.W.?" he asked as Gosalyn and Drake appeared to be having a stare-down.

Drake tore his eyes away from his daughter and gave his attention to Launchpad.

"There's nothing to do! Not one single crime has been committed in months! I mean, nothing! Not even a late return on videos!" Drake said exasperatedly.

He turned and sat between his daughter and his friend on the couch. Or rather, he slouched there.

"Isn't that a good thing?" Launchpad inquired.

"Well…yeah! In a way..."

Gosalyn laughed. "Aw, lighten up, Dad! I'm sure there'll be a crime here any day now. You know these criminals. They can't go this long without a crime."

Drake gave her an affectionate look. "You're just saying that to make me feel better," he whined.

"Come on, let's watch the news. Maybe they'll have something tonight."

Gosalyn nodded to Launchpad, and he turned on the T.V. He began to flip through the channels. Nothing on News Channel 1, or 2, or 3, or 4, or 5. However, on News Channel 6, there was breaking news.

"The Second Nation Bank of St. Canard has been robbed. Police say there is very little evidence to go on, but they promise the citizens of St. Canard that the culprit responsible will be caught. Now for the weather, John," the anchorwoman was saying. Launchpad turned off the television.

"See, D.W.? A crime! Uh…D.W.?" Launchpad asked, for Drake was no longer sitting beside him.

"There's not a moment to lose! Gosalyn, get dressed! We must leave immediately!" Drake, now Darkwing once more, said, hopping into one of the chairs that led to Darkwing Tower.

"Alright!" Gosalyn cried as she bolted upstairs and returned as Quiverwing Quack. Launchpad took his place in the other chair, and Quiverwing sat on Darkwing's lap. He punched the statue, and they were gone.


Soon they were zipping down the streets of St. Canard, on their way to the Second National Bank. When they arrived, the security guard led them to the vault that had been wiped clean. All was gone in the vault, except for a single dollar bill. Darkwing dashed to it, withdrew some tweezers, and pick it up. He then produced a very large magnifying glass.

"What do you see, Darkwing?" Quiverwing asked.

"Nothing. That's what," he said, pulling out a plastic bag and inserting the dollar bill. He then put away everything else.

"We're taking this for evidence," Quiverwing informed the security guard.

"Fine by me, just find whoever did this," he said. "Otherwise, I'm out of a job."

"Never fear, citizen. We will catch this scoundrel!" Darkwing said, puffing out his chest. Quiverwing shook her head.

"Let's go, Darkwing," she said.

They walked to the outside of the bank. Quiverwing opened her beak to say something to Darkwing, but then the earth seemed to shake.

"Wh-wh-wh-what is th-th-th-th-at?" Darkwing asked, as the streets and the buildings continued to shake. He was soon to get his answer.

A giant, red, yellow, and black robot came crashing around the corner. It was swinging its enormous arms about, crumbling tops of skyscrapers as it did so.

"Those colors…D.W., what do you make of it?" Launchpad asked.

"Don't they remind you of--" Quiverwing began.

"Negaduck!!" Darkwing, Quiverwing, and Launchpad said in unison.

"But isn't he usually atop a machine like this? Getting a bird's eye view of the destruction?" Quiverwing asked.

"Usually. But I don't see him this time, do you?" Darkwing responded.

She shook her head.

"We have to stop it, guys! And it's heading right towards us!" Launchpad yelled.

"Here's the plan. I'll climb up the back and undo its circuitry while you two distract it. Agreed?" Darkwing said.

"Agreed," his partners answered. The trio nodded and separated to do their duties.

"Over here! Look at me, you big ugly ape!" Quiverwing cried, jumping up and down in front of the robot. It turned downward to look at her. "Yeah! I'm talking to you!"

It lifted its foot to stomp her, but she leapt out of the way. Now, Launchpad called its attention to him. It began to swing at him, but he also dived out of the way. Out of the corner of her eye, Quiverwing could see Darkwing making his way up the back of the mechanical monstrosity. He was making good time. He was almost to the hatch at the top.

Then she heard it. A weak little cry of fear. She turned. A small, calico kitten was caught in the path of the robot, and it was almost upon the poor creature. The true, chivalrous hero kicked in somewhere within Quiverwing. She had to save that cat!

She dove and wrapped her arms around the kitten.

"It's okay. I'm here," she cooed, but as she said so, a shadow covered them.

The cat yowled again with fear. The heroine looked up and gasped. The robot's foot had lifted over them, and there was no way…no way she could get out from underneath it in time!

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