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Chapter 12

Quiverwing struggled against her bonds in vain. She simply wasn't strong enough to break them. She sighed and hung in a helpless sway, unable to even call out for help. The vine was still tied firmly around her beak. Moments ago, the Fearsome Four had flittered away off into separate dark corners of the factory, eagerly awaiting the arrival of Darkwing Duck and Negaduck.

The young heroine had thought that she had heard the familiar sound of the Ratcatcher a little while ago, but seeing as her father nor her friends had shown up yet, it must've just been her imagination. Sighing, she allowed her eyes to drift off in the direction that her captors had disappeared in. She could only hope that Darkwing and Negaduck would prevail…whenever they got there.


"Are they here yet?" Bushroot whispered hoarsely from his hiding spot.

"Ssshhh!" came Megavolt's sharp reply.

The sound of crazed, excited giggles erupted from the same place the warning "ssshhh" had come from.

"Quiet, Quackerjack!" Megavolt hissed.

"Sorry," the insane ex-toy maker replied sheepishly.

"So…when they come in, we jump them, right?" Bushroot whispered.

Megavolt sighed. "Yes! Now…quiet!"


Darkwing and Negaduck exchanged glances in the shadows, having heard every word of the Fearsome Four's conversation. Slowly, they crept along in the shadows, positioning themselves behind the sources of their enemies' voices. Finally, Darkwing threw one of his smoke pellets at them and began, "I am the terror that flaps in the night!"

"Where is that coming from?" Quackerjack asked, turning all around.

Darkwing had chosen not to appear within his smoke, as was his usual action. Instead, he chose to intimidate them from the shadows. Negaduck caught on quickly to this, allowing a menacing, maniacal laugh to issue forth. Launchpad had not missed his cue either. Darkwing felt his sidekick brush past him and engage one of the Fearsome Four. As for Honker, Darkwing had not heard nor seen nor felt him. He decided to take this as a good sign.

Suddenly, the lights in the factory came up. Launchpad had taken out Quackerjack--who was now unconscious at his feet--and the remaining three stood before Darkwing and Negaduck.

"Dad!" came Quiverwing's voice.

Darkwing stole a small glance behind him to see that Honker had pulled her to safety and was now undoing her bonds.

"Be careful!" she finished.

Megavolt growled, sparks flying from his hands. "They cannot beat us! It's not fair! KILL THEM!!!"

And for the first time in history, Darkwing and Negaduck were thinking about the same strategy. The Mighty Masked Mallard jumped left while Negaduck jumped right. One was followed by Liquidator while the other was followed by Megavolt. When both the assailants lunged at them, they flipped overhead, causing them to collide. Megavolt short-circuited, and Liquidator lay in a steaming puddle on the floor. Both Darkwing and Negaduck then turned their attention to Bushroot, who was making a run for it out the door.

"Not so fast!" came Quiverwing's defiant voice.

One of her arrows whizzed by over Darkwing's and Negaduck's head, opened into a net, landed right on top of Bushroot, and closed up.

"Job well done, team," Darkwing said, puffing out his chest once again.

"Yahoo!" Quiverwing cheered, joining her father at his side, while Honker was at hers.

"I knew you'd save me, Dad!" she said, hugging him.

"Aw, I can't take all the credit. Actually, some of it belongs to Nega--" but Darkwing was cut off by the sound of Launchpad "ooffph-ing."

Turning, Launchpad was on his knees, clutching his stomach, and Negaduck was no where to be seen. Quiverwing sighed.

"You know, I have no idea why he does this," she said, helping Launchpad up.

"Does what?" Darkwing asked.

"Helps me out, then either runs, tries to kill me, or both."

Darkwing chuckled.


"Aw, Quiver, you're just going to have to ask him that yourself one of these days. Come on, let's go home."

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