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Chapter 9: Trapped pt. 1

Gojyo groaned in exhaustion and ran his fingers through his hair. He could hear muted voices talking somewhere near him. They sounded so familiar, but he couldn't place them, not now anyway. "The hell…?" he muttered and opened his eyes.

The sight he saw around him made him freeze with shock. This…this was his old home. Before Hakkai, before his days as a gambler, this was home. 'Mother…' he thought.

It wasn't long, barely a minute before a group of people walked through the door to his room. He sat up wearily and nearly fell back down in shock. His mother was holding hands with a man that was oh so familiar…his father. Even more different and odd was his brother talking easily with Hakkai. Hakkai of all people.

He sat up straight, "M-mother? Father? Dou? Hakkai!" he said in utter shock.

His family plus Hakkai looked at his strangely, "Go, what on earth are you talking about? You sound so surprised to see us." Hakkai laughed, "I can see you being in shock at being out so long, but seeing us?"

Gojyo shook his locks of hair out, "How long was I out?" he asked.

This time his mother spoke. She sat down on his bed and hugged him, "A whole week, your father and I were so worried. I love you so much, I was so afraid I'd lose you."

Gojyo stiffened at the comfort his mother was giving him, "M-mother?" he said strangely, but this feeling he was getting. He felt so loved. He put his arms around her and for the first time in a very long time, he cried.

His mother pulled away to look at him, "Darling, why are you crying? If anything, we should be crying from happiness. We thought you were fatally wounded!"

Gojyo wiped the tears, something was wrong…why was he here? It didn't feel right, but he played along, "I'm sorry, mother, what happened?" he asked, better find out about this condition of his.

Hakkai sat on his bed and held his hand, "A little boy from town, you know, the half-breed one, some of the older boys were making fun of him. He ran into the street and was nearly trampled by a horse that was spooked by his running in front of it. You were there and you dove into him, pushing him out of the way. Unfortunately, you were trampled instead." He hugged Gojyo in obvious relief.

His father nodded, "Hakkai's right! But it's that demon blood in you that kept you alive!"

Gojyo looked at them as if they had told him unicorns were taking over the world, "I can't quite out my finger on it…but you all seem different…" he wondered aloud, "May I see a mirror?"

Dou grabbed one from the table and tossed in to him. Gojyo caught it and noticed two silver rings on his pointer finger. 'Power limiters…then…?' He looked in the mirror. Purple hair, black eyes were what looked back at him. He knew he looked normal to them, but for some reason, it didn't look right to him…it didn't feel quite right.

His dad patted his purple hair, "Atta boy! Now that you're up you can help me and Dou rebuild Saki-san's house in town!"

Gojyo looked up, "Huh? What happened?" he asked. He remembered Saki-chan, she had watched him often when he was young.

His brother grinned and pretended to fall over with worry, "Mother dear! Call the doc, those hooves erased his memory!"

His mother chuckled, "No need, he's on the way for a check-up," she turned towards the kitchen, "Besides, you were crying with worry when you carried him back. Now shoo, the doctor's here."

Dou slunk out of the room, a sulky look on his face, their father and Hakkai followed with grins His mother returned and sat by him on the bed. She smiled and ran her fingers through his hair, "Oh Gojyo," she sighed, "I thought I was going to lose you, but what you did was a wonderful thing. Not many people would risk themselves for a half breed."

Gojyo sat back, "If I hadn't helped him who would've?" he asked.

His mother sighed, "No one, that's the sad part. I know anyone of our family would have, but no one else in the village will ever do that. Everyone likes Chiyo, she's a very sweet girl. Her child is only tolerated because of the town's love for her."

She stood, Hakkai dear, you can come in, I'm leaving now." She called before walking out of the room.

Hakkai entered from the other door and as soon as the door Ayumi had left through clicked, he all but ran to Gojyo and swept him into a mind numbing kiss. Gojyo's eyes widened slightly before closing and returning the kiss with a passion that matched Hakkai's.

When they pulled away they were both panting. Hakkai climbed in the bed beside Gojyo and hugged him, "I love you so much, Go, don't you ever pull that stunt again, alright?" He buried his head in Gojyo's chest.

Gojyo put his arms around Hakkai, pulling him closer. His mind was racing though, 'I love him in my arms like this, it feels wonderful, but not entirely right. Hell, this day doesn't feel entirely right.' Instead of voicing his concerns to his boyfriend, he simply relaxed and held his emerald eyed demon in his arms and they slept.

He was fighting demons. H wasn't sure why, he just knew that he absolutely had to kill them. He whirled, kicked, and swung his sickle at the oncoming demons, killing them easily. He saw Hakkai being surrounded, but before he could move in, his lover dispensed of them with a well aimed ki blast.

He spun around, his red hair flying in his face. The monk was alright, and monkey boy was holding his own. He smirked. Time to kick some demonic ass. The rest of them were easily gotten rid of and as a reward he made the monkey get him a beer. It took bickering and effort, but it worked. It always did.

Soon the four were off, Gojyo and Goku in back, Hakkai driving, and Sanzo up front. The monkey was making lovesick puppy eyes at the back of Sanzo's head, so Gojyo, never one to miss an opportunity, chucked his empty can at the monkey's head. Perfect hit.

"OW! HEY! What did ya do that for!" Goku yelled rubbing his head.

Gojyo chuckled, "Stupid monkey, can't even dodge a can."

Goku glowered, "Oh yeah! I killed 53 of those damn demons back there! I'll bet you couldn't even get one!"

Goku put up his fingers in the victory sign and smirked, "67," he said.


"Who're you calling a liar, you stupid monkey!"

"I'm not a monkey!"

"You're right, you're a monkey who can't count!"


"You heard me."


Goku and Gojyo cowered in their seats. Sanzo shot his gun again, "One more sound from either of you and you're dead. Got it?" A vein was twitching quite noticeably in his forehead.

Gojyo grumbled, "Jeez, you're such a tight ass," and grabbed another beer.

Gojyo suddenly found himself headband less. And his beer shooting out the side of the can and into the forest, "Betcha he's got PMS," he muttered to Goku. Goku giggled.

"I said SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Sanzo screamed at the two.

Needless to say, Gojyo and Goku shut their mouths.

For the next hour, the only sounds were Goku's snoring while he napped, and the occasional drag from a cigarette and fwoosh sound of a beer opening.

Night began to fall and Hakkai pulled over in a small clearing. Gojyo hopped out, as did Sanzo and Hakkai. Goku was still snoozing in the backseat., so he was left where he lie.

The half demon began to walk off into the woods, "Help me with wood, Kai?"

Hakkai rose from his seat and walked to where Gojyo was waiting. The two walked into the forest with each other, talking about trivial things, Gojyo badmouthing Sanzo and Hakkai defending the rude monk..

Eventually they came to a large oak in the middle of the woods. Hakkai began to pick up several dried branches that had fallen from it's many limbs. He heard Gojyo walking up behind him, but paid no attention to him until he felt himself straighten up and pulled into two strong arms.

"Go…?" He questioned.

Gojyo buried his face in the crook of Hakkai's neck, "Kai, something's wrong and I don't know what," he muttered.

Hakkai leaned back, "Did I do something?" he asked softly, "You know I need a little more time, I'm sorry."

Gojyo shook his head, "No…not you, never you. Just…something feels off." He spun Hakkai around and kissed him on the cheek, "You know what? Never mind, I'm just paranoid is all." He hugged his love close.

Hakkai wrapped his arms around Gojyo, "I don't know, you're suspicions tend to be right."

Gojyo shook his head, "Nah, I'm getting an overactive imagination, that damn monkey's rubbing off on me."

Hakkai laughed and wriggled away, "Very funny, now let's get to collecting wood, Sanzo will wonder what we're up to." he turned and bent over to grab a branch.

Gojyo watched Hakkai's ass for a moment before sighing and collecting wood of his own.

By the time they returned, night had nearly fallen and Sanzo and Goku had apparently gotten into some kind of fight; Sanzo was sitting in the jeep while Goku sulked by a tree. Hakkai cheerfully dropped the wood on the grass, "Goku! What happened?" he asked.

"Sanzo's mean. He hit me with his fan." Goku muttered.

Hakkai smiled, "I'm sure he doesn't mean it!"

Goku looked at Hakkai, "He hit me 10 times! Ow…."

Hakkai grinned and moved away.

Meanwhile Gojyo was talking to Sanzo, "So, Sanzo, what'd the monkey do this time?"

Sanzo glared at him, "He talked. In fact, that sounds an awful lot like what you're doing right now."

Gojyo raised an eyebrow, "No need to wedge that stick in your ass in there even more," he said jokingly.

Sanzo's gun was out in a flash, "Unless you wish to die, I suggest you either go away or find me some headache medicine."

"Fine, fine, I'm leaving!" Gojyo exclaimed, backing off, "Bastard…" he muttered.

It was night now and everyone was getting ready for bed. Gojyo set up a blanket on the ground with another on top of it. He burrowed in between them and sighed. Nice and warm, just how he liked it. The camp was silent except for the sound of crickets. Suddenly, Gojyo picked up the sound of chattering teeth, "Kai?" he asked.

"W-what?" came the stuttered reply.

"You cold?" he said back.

"N-no, I'm fine, Go."

Gojyo sighed, "You're a horrible actor today, Kai," he said.

He gathered his blankets and stood up. He walked to where Hakkai was burrowed in a thin sheet, "No wonder you're cold! You're gonna kill yourself!" Gojyo exclaimed. He lay down next to Hakkai and spread all three covers over both of them. Gojyo then pulled the shivering Hakkai to his chest and snuggled against him.

"Hakkai wiggled his body as close to Gojyo's as he could, "Thank you, Go," he whispered.

Gojyo sighed, "You're impossible, you know that?"

Hakkai nodded sheepishly.

The half-breed held him tighter, "And Gods do I love you for it."

Gojyo sat up with a start, rudely throwing the sleeping Hakkai from his resting spot on Gojyo's chest. Hakkai sat up sleepily, "Go…what's wrong?"

Gojyo looked around wildly for a moment before laying back down, "I don't know…I had a dream, but I can't remember much. You were there, so was this kid…I think his name was Goku. There was blonde guy too, a priest I think. I can't remember his name. Maybe Sage. I dunno."

Hakkai held the frazzled demon for a moment, "Well, it was just a dream, right? No harm done." he yawned, "Now, you are my patient, and due to your recent comatose state, I order staying in bed with your boyfriend for the rest of the day."

Gojyo grinned, "You'll never change, will you, Kai?"

The demon smiled back, "I certainly hope not, dearest, I certainly hope not."

Gojyo sighed happily, "You better now, 'cause you're my bitch." he smacked Hakkai lightly with a pillow.

"Oh ho ho, now I'm your bitch?" Hakkai questioned, an eyebrow raised, "Last time I checked you did anything I say." he hit Gojyo back.

"Really now? Hey! Stop looking at me like that!" he exclaimed.

"I'll look at you however I want to!" Hakkai pounced on his patient and kissed him hard.

Gojyo gave up the struggle with his limbs and continued with his tongue. The two men battled for control, each putting up an excellent fight. A sudden noise came from the doorway. Without bothering to detach from each other, they glanced over to see Dou standing there, a slightly disturbed image on his face.

"Dear Gods, I did not need to see that," he groaned.

Hakkai had the sense to remove his mouth first. He looked innocently at Dou, "Doctor's orders!" he exclaimed cheerfully.

Dou looked at the two skeptically, "That, I doubt. No sane doctor would prescribe vicious attacks on the mouth for a post-comatose demon."

Gojyo sat up, "Well, I think dear Dr. Hakkai's medicine is working quite well. In fact, I think I'll go back to sleep, that's how re-energized I'm feeling."

Dou sighed and left the room.

Hakkai grinned down at his lover, "So, shall we pick up where we left off?"

Gojyo shook his head, "Nah, I wasn't lying, I'm still pretty tired. I need sleep."

Hakkai nodded, "I'm sorry, I should have known." He hung his head in shame.

Gojyo didn't say anything, for some reason seeing Hakkai in that position looked oddly familiar. Much more…normal that this aggressive Hakkai he loved. Whatever he was feeling, albeit normal, he still felt bad he had caused that reaction from his lover, "Hey, it's not your fault, I was into it as much as you.. It's not your fault, kay, babe?"

Hakkai nodded, but didn't look up.

The purple haired demon grasped his chin, "Yo, when I say it's not your fault, you accept that, got it?" he lifted Hakkai's face for a kiss, "I love you."

Hakkai smiled, "I love you, now let's get you some rest, I'm still kind of sleepy too."

Gojyo lay down and held Hakkai against his chest once more. He frowned as he drifted off, something wasn't right and damned if he wasn't going to find out.

Thankfully he slept in peace and when he woke once more, it was not from sitting straight up in a rush, rather, he was on his side, spooning with his dearest Hakkai. He opened his obsidian eyes slowly and inhaled the scent of the smaller demon, "Beautiful," he whispered into Hakkai's hair.

Hakkai continued to sleep, so Gojyo rolled over and got up quietly, he had just realized how full his bladder was. As he walked to the bathroom (for a moment he forgot where it was) he reveled in his life. He had everything he could ever, and would ever, want. Hakkai was here, with him, as were his mother, father, and older brother. Life was good.

He pulled his pajamas back up and stealthily walked back to his room. Hakkai was still sleeping peacefully and Gojyo watched him for a moment. A weird thought came to him, 'I can't believe how peaceful he looks. Heh, that seems to be happening more and more often…good.' He frowned at the thought, there was nothing that would cause Hakkai to lose sleep over. Hakkai had held a wonderful childhood with his adopted parents in the next village over. 'Weird…' he though, then shrugged it off and climbed into bed.

He tried to sleep again, but he couldn't. His eyes wouldn't stay shut and his breathing refused to even out. He was pissed. He didn't know why he couldn't get to sleep. He had only been up for a minute, and the effects of sleep were still hanging on him, so why in the seven hells couldn't he sleep!

He sighed and got out of bed. The sun was beginning to rise and he wanted to go watch it. He tucked this long purple hair (why was that so odd sounding to him?) behind his ears and headed outside.

The pinks, yellows, and purples were in the early stages, so for the time being Gojyo sat on the porch steps. He listened with his demonic hearing as the neighbors began to rise and get ready to go into town before the morning rush and he smiled. This was perfect, nothing strange in this town, nothing to worry about in the world. Hell, not even that weirdo dream could bug him, it was just entirely too peaceful.

As time passed he saw two figures, one tall and one tiny, walk up over the hill. The sun was directly behind them, so they were only silhouettes to Gojyo. However, he could hear a child laughing and guessed that it was one of the mothers taking her child to visit someone.

He watched them draw closer and was vaguely surprised when they turned to his home. Now that they weren't backed by the sun, Gojyo could see Chiyo and her apart child who he really had no memory of. The child was running around his mother and in every which direction, but all she did was smile and talk to him kindly. No scolding, he knew Chiyo was a kind hearted girl.

They approached the porch and Chiyo smiled, "Oh, Gojyo-san! I was hoping you would be up, you've always been an early riser."

Gojyo ran his fingers through his hair, "I suppose I have been. Is there anything you need? I'd be glad to help."

Chiyo's eyes widened and she bowed her head, "Oh no! I came to thank you for saving my baby's life! He means so much to me…" she watched him as he chased after a cricket in the front yard, "I don't know what I would have done if he had been killed."

Gojyo shook his head, "I don't need thanks, I'm just happy to see him running around."

The woman looked up, he eyes were glittering with tears, "Oh Gojyo-san! Thank you so much! He's the only reminder I have of his father! I miss Goku so much! I wish he would come home, he's been in Shangri-La for so long now. I know he wants to make money so we can all live in comfort, but I can't help but miss him. Thank the Gods for you, Gojyo-san."

Gojyo smiled sheepishly, "It was no problem, anyone would've done the same."

Chiyo shook her head, "No they wouldn't have. Maybe Dou or Hakkai, but no one else. They don't like him because he's a half demon, half human child. He's just like any other boy, the only difference are his red hair and eyes. I love him, I want to give him a good life…but…but I can't. He will always be made fun of, I can only tell him to be strong.

Gojyo's eyes widened, for some reason, he couldn't fathom why, those words…they triggered something. A defiance to the world? And why on earth did Shangri-La seem to have more importance to him that any other city? God damn was life confusing now.

He nodded, "He's a good kid, he'll grow up to be a good adult."

Chiyo smiled, "Thank you, Gojyo-san," she turned to where her child was playing, "Honey! Come over here, please!"

The child bounded over, his hands cupped and a radiant grin on his face, "Mommy! Look what I did!" he opened his hands to reveal the butterfly, which promptly flew away. He frowned, "I'm sorry, mommy, he flew away."

She smiled and hugged him, "Hajime, say thank you to Gojyo-san, remember him? He saved you last week."

Hajime looked at Gojyo, "Thank you Gojyo-san!" He said happily, then squirmed out of his mother's arms to look for his escaped butterfly.

Chiyo smiled, "Thank you once again, Gojyo-san, Hajime and I will be on our way now. Hajime!" She called, directing her last word at her son.

Hajime, knowing that they were leaving, ran ahead of his mother.

Chiyo turned to leave when Gojyo said something, "If you meet the Buddha, kill the Buddha. If you meet your father, kill your father. Attached to nothing, bound by nothing, live life for the sake of life itself."

The human turned, a questioning look on her face, "Where did you hear that?"

A flash of that blonde guy in his dream came into his head, "I…I don't know…" he said, more to himself than her.

Chiyo gave him a last glance before following her song over the hill and back to town.

Gojyo leaned back against the porch just as Hakkai exited the house, rubbing his eyes, "G'morning Go, why're you out here so early?"

Gojyo shrugged, "I dunno, felt like it I suppose."

Hakkai sat next to him and leaned against him sleepily.

Gojyo spoke, "Hey Kai? Do you know any blonde monks?"

Hakkai shook his head, "No, not personally, but I do know one of the Sanzo's that lives at the temple in Chang'An has blonde hair, the other brown."

Gojyo looked down at him, "And how on earth do you know that?"

Hakkai turned red, "Um…no reason?"

Gojyo raised an eyebrow, "Tell me."

Hakkai sat up, his face bright red, "Alright, so I do know him personally. He's a sarcastic guy, we had a fling some years before I met you. I did use to live in Chang

'An. We haven't talked much over the years, but I suppose if you want to meet him I could contact him again."

Gojyo grinned, "I see how it is, he's a hottie, isn't he!"

Hakkai jumped back, "No! Not at all! I mean, uh…you tow wouldn't get along very well! That's it!"

Gojyo hugged him, "Of course, Kai."

They sat back in silence until Gojyo's mind was plagued again, "Kai? Did your blonde monk friend ever used to preach shit? Like earlier this proverb-type thing popped into my head."

Hakkai frowned, "Was it something like… 'If you meet the Buddha, kill him' or something like that?"

Gojyo nodded, "Yeah, it went 'If you meet the Buddha, kill the Buddha. If you meet your father, kill your father. Attached to nothing, bound by nothing, live life for the sake of life itself.'"

"That's it…Go? What's going on? Until you woke up from your coma, you had no idea that there was even a temple in Chang'An. You've been acting different."

"Honestly Kai, I have no idea what the hell's wrong with me. All I know is that I need to figure it out and I need you to help me by contacting Sanzo. He's important to something, I just don't know what."

The brown haired demon nodded, "I'll go write a letter now." he got up and went in the house.

Gojyo looked at the sky, the sunrise was almost over. Another sun, another start. Time to find coffee.

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