Tó hwát ma no wære,
Tó hwát naefre wæs.
niht, swift weaxende
Tó lufe, naefre cúðe.

To what is no more,
To what never was.
To night, swift growing
To love, never felt.

Twilight and Shadow

A deepening shadow,
A darkening sky,
A world set for battle,
A war looming nigh.

She saw and she sensed it,
Just before the fall
From threatening violence
To ruin for all.

The wind had turned colder,
The air tense and still,
A feeling of waiting
For the closing kill.

The horror was growing
With the fading light,
The terrors that haunted
Her slumber by night.

She tried not to let him
Discover her fear,
But still he persisted,
Always standing near.

His gaze was compassion,
His words sympathy,
His pity unlooked for,
His silence mercy.

Abyss lurked before them,
They stood on the brink
Of final destruction,
When all men would sink

Beneath the great ocean
Which grief never quells,
Númenor found'ring
Under ceaseless swells.

This was not her nightmare,
But his, often dreamt,
A vision unending
Of Paradise Bent.

Her courage retreated,
The towering wave
Of darkness swept o'er her,
For none left could save

A girl brave but downcast.
Her hopelessness swelled,
For love was denied her,
And death was withheld.

She had wanted glory,
For others to sing
Great heroic ballads
Of her and the King.

But in the swift dimness
All pride disappeared,
Her heart fled within her,
Despairing and seared.

Time froze like her spirit,
Her unease elapsed;
Yet all was not static,
For then her hand clasped

The hand of another;
He stood by her side,
And watched the horizon
For the giant tide

Of imminent danger.
Her heart could not stay
Forlorn on the ramparts,
Forlorn on that day.

But he shared her suffering,
He too was alone,
He nearly had perished;
Though he lacked a throne

She felt a communion
With his quiet soul,
He too had known sorrow
And played at a role

That cruel fate had dealt him.
Her fingers held fast
To his own, still trembling;
This peace could not last.

But darkness receded,
Shadows fell apart,
Twilight slowly ended,
Sunlight cleansed her heart.