Chapter 1: Truth


"..." Speech

'...' Thoughts

Italic words 4th speaking

Bold words Kyuubi

A/N: this is my first story and will be a little out of character. I have read all the manga chapter up to 240, so I now what has happened. I also watched the anime so I know quite bit of ninjustsu and other moves that I will make up. This chapter is made to explain naurto's life as a kid. He will then come back to Konoha. Now my title for the story sucks. I need something catchy. Destiny of a Dragon Warrior. I will try to incorporate all the character form the manga and series.

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As the 3rd Hokage looks down at bundled up the boy, thinking why had the fourth had sealed up the evil spirited Kyuubi into his only son. The fourth wanted his son to be the village champion, and keep the demon caged forever. However, the 3rd knew that the village wouldn't see it that way. Even after Yondaime sealed up the demon, the villagers saw the boy as a monster. Knowing this the 3rd decided to call an old friend and former student to take the boy away, so that he may live in peace, and grow up as a strong ninja.

Sarutobi had sent letter requesting his student to respond. The 3rd got anxious, waiting for his student to appear. Sarutobi thought he would never come, so he decided to take care of the boy, while he waited. The 3rd would find time in between his busy schedule, to entertain the boy. The 3rd could already see the resemblance of the 4th. He knew deep down in his heart that he would grow to be even stronger than his father. The boy loved to pull on the 3rd's beard and chew on his finger.

It was about 5 day later, before the 3rd got news that a mysterious character riding a frog was coming towards the gate. He knew instantly who it was and ordered the guard to let him in and direct him to his office. As, the frog hermit made it to the office, the 3rd was already packing up the boy's belongings.

"Sorry that I was late Sarutobi-sensei, but the hidden village of grass needed my help."

"Plus they have a nice bath place for research."

"Jiraiya, you never seem to change, but I am glad that you showed up."

"Are you kidding, if I didn't have a mission in the grass village, I would come as soon as I got the letter?"

"Is that him?"

As Jiraiya looked at the tiny baby, seeing the seal on his naval, thinking how he looks exactly like the 4th. He could sense that the Kyuubi's chakra has already started to fuse, but very slowly. As the 3rd gave the boy over to the frog hermit with the bag of his belongings he started to explain Yondaime's dying wish.

"Jiraiya, the Yondaime wanted his son to grow up in a peaceful village, where he had hoped that the villagers would see him as a hero, not a monster, but I can still see the hatred for the demon."

"So you want me to take him out of the Konoha, and look after him."

"Yes, but when he is 12 bring him back so that he may take the Genin exam and be put into a team for the Chuunin exam."

"Alright sensei, I will train him, it's the least I can do for my student's son, and he will be greatest ninja ever in Konoha history, even stronger then his father."

"That great to hear Jiraiya, I will leave the rest into your hand and see in 12 years."

"Sensei, what's the boy name."

"Naruto, Uzumaki Naruto."

As Jiraiya smiled, hearing the boy's name. He left the Hokage's office, heading for the village gate. He knew that the boy had great potential; he could see it in his eyes they were like his mother's eyes. The little boy was sleeping soundly, sucking on his thumb. Jiraiya thought how he will explain to boy, why they had to leave Konoha and why everyone would hate the boy when they return. This only made Jiraiya worry. He thought of the 4th and realized that Naruto must be trained properly and shown that the world isn't filled with hatred. With this last thought Jiraiya summoned his toad to take them into the world.

From his crystal ball the 3rd watched as his students carries off the hero of Konoha, and wonder how the strong the boy will become under Jiraiya's training. He knew that Jiraiya may not seem the most responsible person, but he always pulled through.

5 years later Naruto turned into a dexterous boy. He was learning the basics of Taijutsu, from Jiraiya. They would spar, Naruto was good for a 5 year old, and his strength was that of a genin level. Jiraiya was surprised by Narutos' sheer determination; he got that from his father. Jiraiya was also monitoring Naruto chakra level, already about 5 percent of the Kyuubi's chakra had merged with Naruto's own. The hermit thought it would the right time to tell Naruto of his special gift, before he would learn about Ninjutsu. So he decided to teach Naruto about chakra, it was about time he learned about the ninja world.

"Naruto, today we will talk about Ninjutsu."

"What is that Jiraiya?"

"Ninjutsu is the art of making hand seals and kneading chakra to perform a technique. When you make the appropriate hand seal, your desired technique comes forth! Performing Ninjutsu techniques require full concentration and if interrupted, it will not work. It only takes a few seconds to successfully execute a Ninjutsu technique."

The look on Naruto's face showed Jiraiya, all this information just flew past him. He though of another way to explain to the young boy, so he decided to explain what Ninjutsu was the way his sensei thought him.

"Naruto, chakra is energy to do everything in life. Some things require more chakra and training. When you learned to walk, you had trouble at first but now it's effortless. This is the same when trying to do Ninjutsu. It requires a lot of training and concentration to summon the chakra to do what we want."

The confused look on Naruto's face had disappeared, as he began to understand what chakra was. He paid more attention to Jiraiya as he taught him how chakra worked, before he decided to would teach him any Ninjutsu. Jiraiya began to explain the tree climbing technique, knowing the importance of controlling chakra.

"Naruto you want to start focusing all your attention your feet, use this to form suction between your feet and the tree then walk as high as you can."

Naruto puts his hands together and starts to focus all his energy to his feet. You could see the green aura starting to surround him. This was first for Naruto, and walking around became harder due to the suction. Naruto kept on practicing gather chakra before Jiraiya let him climb the tree. Already Naruto had a huge amount chakra and stamina. After his fiftieth time he passed out in exhaustion. Jiraiya was surprised by how long he lasted and took him to the motel. He left Naruto there and decided to do some research.

"So, you want to be a shinobi, like your father?"

Naruto woke up in dark and scary place not knowing where he was, he called for Jiraiya's name, but he didn't get an answer. He started to cry feeling alone and abandoned in this cold and dark place. Then Naruto saw big red eyes filled hatred and remorse in the darkness.

"Come here little one we need to talk, don't be afraid."

The Kyuubi trying to get Naruto to come closer, thinking of a ways to destroy the Naruto's mind and finally be free from this prison. Naruto started to walk toward the voice; he felt a familiar aura around.

"So this is what you look like, little one? You're wondering where you are, and whom you are talking."

Naruto still confused by this place; however he felt he knows this place, as if he knew that it existed ever since he was born.

"Come here little one, I will give you all the power in world."

"Who are you, and what is this place?"

"We're inside your soul."

"Then who are?"

"I am Kyuubi the nine-tailed demon fox, trapped within your soul little one, know that I have you in my sight, I can finally get my freedom."

Naruto looked very confused, and then he felt a strange aura starting to surround him. He felt trapped as if the Kyuubi's energy starting to take over his body.

"So you think you can take over my boy's soul that easily, how stupid you do think I am?"

Naruto looked as he saw a man in a white Hokage cloak appear and attacked the Kyuubi.

"Dam you Yondaime, you just don't know when to quit!"

"Do you think that I would make it that simple for you to take his soul, you think I would let my sacrifice be in vain?"

Naruto looked very confused; he never knew who his father was always thinking it was Jiraiya.

"Who are you?"

Naruto looking at man as he makes a hand seal and causes the Kyuubi tremendous pain as the seal over his forehead starts to glow.

"Naruto I am your father, Yondaime"

Naruto very shocked when he heard the news, he had never seen his father.

"I know we never met, but I had expected that the Kyuubi would try to capture your soul when you are young, so a part of my soul was trapped within the Kyuubi. Think of it as a message that will answer your questions," saying sadly as the 4th spoke. Naruto looked at his father seeing that he cared made Naruto cry.

"I picked you to be the hero for Konoha village, however Sarutobi still senses hostility in the villagers and I can't blame them. Many of the villagers have lost loves one and that feeling of sadness, anger and loneliness make them see only the demon within you and not the loving, charming, and determined boy."

Everything in Naruto's mind seems to click. Feeling as all this information was coming to him. It made sense now. Why he had to leave the village with Jiraiya. He always felt that his heart was missing something; where ever they went it never felt like home. He was always homesick but he never knew.

"However you have been put into good hands as Jiraiya was my sensei. I don't want you to fell like you're alone. You will always have friend that will protect you and Kyuubi will help. Now my son I have to leave and I know you have a lot of questions but I think the Kyuubi will answer them, as he has also witnessed something. You and the Kyuubi are linked, if one feels pain so does the other, and as you grow so does the Kyuubi."

As Naruto sees his father fade away, however it cleared many question for Naruto. He knew that his father loved him. Now the only thing that was left in Naruto's mind was to talk to the Kyuubi.

"Why do you want to capture my soul so badly?"

"For freedom little one, I want to go back to the demon world. It was heaven for me; I could do anything I wanted," saying the Kyuubi, while looking at the curious look on Naruto's face.

"However your father was too strong and trapped me in this cage. Your body has great potential; I can see why he caged me into your body. With you I can become more powerful."

"What is that seal on your forehead?"

"This is the seal that your father gave me, allowing him to stop me from devouring your soul. However, now I will help you little one. You will understand what I truly am. Even your father confused me for a wild demon bent on destruction."

Naruto was shocked when heard this sudden change in the Kyuubi: the feeling of an evil aura had disappeared after his father attacked him. The aura went from dark red to emerald, filled power and care.

"I am not a fox demon, I am a dragon, or used to be."

"Back in the demon world I was a dragon guardian protecting my country as the shinobi's of Konoha did when I attacked," said the Kyuubi with hatred, thinking of the battle he went through. He hated his fellow warriors as they betrayed him, even his closes friends didn't help.

"However what you see now is from a treachery within my own clan. I was punished for revolting against my clan. They wanted to wipe out another clan, because they were treated as nobles and we weren't. They ordered a mass genocide, and I was the only one who stood in their way. I was strong, but to fight an entire clan was suicide, however I held my own and troubled them greatly. It wasn't until the elders used their transformation technique and turned me into a fox demon and banished me from the demon world. However, I left them a before I was banished I stole their source of power."

Naruto saw as the Kyuubi pulls out an emerald stone no bigger than his hand, however it was filled enormous power. Naruto went to touch the stone; immediately he saw what the Kyuubi had told him was true just by placing his hand over the stone.

"This is the power that the elder were blinded by. It was their egos that made them so jealous. I vowed that this stone would never be used again, but I was banished into the human realm and landed right near Konoha village. I was confused and the stone fired right at the village. I tried to stop, but my appearance just fueled the suspicion for villagers. The stone controlled my mind like the elders. I wasn't in control and started attacking. It wasn't until your father sealed me up inside your body. Naruto I want you to destroy the stone so it may never cause harm again." as the Kyuubi handed over the stone, Naruto heard his name being called.

"Naruto, Naruto, Naruto?" as he heard Jiraiya calling his name and started to wake up, he didn't know if it was a dream, until he saw the emerald in his hand.

"Naruto are alright, when I came back I saw the seal glowing bright green and you holding that stone in your hands."

As Naruto explained to Jiraiya what had happen. Jiraiya was shocked at what he heard. He knew the jutsu that was used, Fuuin Jutsu Shiki Fuujin (Sealing Skill: Dead Demon Suicide Seal). The technique pulls an opponent's soul from the body and seals it in the user's body. This kamikaze attack sacrifices the user and opponent's soul to be consumed by Death. The souls will mingle, hating each other and battling for eternity.

However when he heard what Naruto said about the Kyuubi, it surprised him. However, when heard about the emerald stone, something clicked in his mind.

"Naruto, that isn't the only stone in the world. I've heard that there are many stones that offered powers to demons. Each clan had the same fate as the Kyuubi's clan; they were wiped out due to the evil heart of the stone.

"I believe that to destroy the stone one must simply resist its corruption and the stone will die. The stone is evil, but if someone with a pure heart resists the stone then it dies, thinks as if the stone is alive. So Naruto you must enter the stone and destroy it with your heart. I know that you are thinking why me, but a child has the purest of hearts. Call out the stone for a battle of sprit, and don't be worried the Kyuubi will help."

Naruto thinking about what the Kyuubi said and what Jiraiya wanted him to do. 'Great what I am supposed to begin, I don't even know what to call it let alone how to battle it. Jiraiya told me to call out the stone so why not try calling the emerald stone.'

"Emerald stone, I challenge you in a sprit battle, to see which one of us will prevail," yelled Naruto holding the stone in his hand. As he said the words the stone began to shake violently, as if it hungered to duel the spirited little boy. Being sealed up within Naruto and the Kyuubi for the past years made it hungry for power, like a parasite feeding off the host.

"Very well human, I hunger for energy." With that the stone transported Naruto to another realm. It was not in the demon realm or human realm but in between, more as a stopping station for travel between realms. You can feel the sheer amount power being generated to keep a barrier between two realms.

"You are the first human to enter this realm. It is the realm of Dracos, where dragons come to train. It helps you train your chakra control and endurance."

Naruto looking at the stone now seeing it transformed into a drake, a little bigger then Jiraiya. However he was still terrifying for the 5 year boy old to see. The drake was well built, this biceps where the size of Jiraiya's legs. The most frightening thing for the little boy was full spread wings and those evil green eyes. Ready at any instant to strike and devour the boy's soul and mind forever. He knew nothing about being a ninja, only what Jiraiya taught him about Taijutsu and what Ninjutsu was. Thinking back what Jiraiya told him about chakra and Ninjutsu, and suddenly something clicked in the boy mind.

'Kyuubi you have to teach all that you know about this stone. It was in your clan, you must know something about it.'

"Well, little one, this drake is completely different from our clan, it's made of spiritual energy, it's not solid as it seems. You have hit with a spiritual attack that is something that our clan forgot on how to do and lead to our downfall. I will teach you a technique that I saw in the battlefield of Konoha; Chakra no Mesu (Chakra Scalpel).

A/N: I will try to use as much of the Japanese names and keep them in that style, but if I can't find the name or make up my own jutsu, I will simply put them in English. I know this technique is a bit advanced for a 5 year old. However he was doing the tree climbing exercise, he does with team 7 in the battle against Zabuza. So he good chakra control. It's like Sasuke doing Katon Goukakyuu no Jutsu (Fire Element: Grand Fireball Skill) with his father, in chapter 223 pg 6, I believe. Naruto has decent training and the Kyuubi so it a weak Chakra no Mesu, nothing like Kabuto's when fighting against Tsunade.
This technique is what medical ninja specialist used instead of scalpels in surgery, because they had better control. However to use this Ninjutsu you have to concentrate the chakra to your hand. However you have never done anything like this. Remember what Jiraiya told you about chakra, and you will understand the Ninjutsu. The scalpel can act as a weapon for close combat and your Taijutsu skill are decent. Aim for the heart, but don't forget he won't be defenseless: dragon is hide is incredibly strong. You must concentrate all the chakra into one spot, like a needle. This will lead to your success."

Naruto absorbing the information the Kyuubi was giving him, as he was finally taught something that can be used for real combat. The Kyuubi was right, Naruto's Taijutsu was good, training with Jiraiya has made him a strong warrior, and with his incredible supply of chakra and stamina, he will become a great shinobi.

Naruto started to think of what Jiraiya told him about chakra. He was thinking about the tree climbing exercise, before he passed out. Naruto focused his hand together and started to gather chakra to his hand and found it to be easier. Then it finally clicked in Naruto's mind what the Kyuubi meant. To use this Ninjutsu all you have to do was focus the chakra to the hands and make a chakra fist and aim for the heart of the drake. His speed was impressive for someone his age. As Naruto gather more chakra to his hand, green chakra became visible. The emerald drake looked surprised at the amount of chakra the little boy had. Then what really surprised him was the speed at which Naruto came charging at him. Before the drake could even react the fight was already over. Naruto's chakra fist blasted right through his defense and hit his heart, obliterating the stone. Then right before Naruto's eyes appeared an emerald warrior. As soon as Naruto saw its eyes, he knew it wasn't a foe.

"Well done little human," said the emerald warrior. Looking down at the little ninja filled potential and courage.

"You have broken the curse of the dragons, they have longed for this day and so have I. even though one dragon remains from his clan, I shall give this gift for your victory." Before Naruto appeared an emerald colored staff, it seemed light, but when Naruto felt it in his hand, he couldn't even swing the staff, let alone use it in battle.

"You have to train yourself to be stronger, that staff will adjust to your chakra level and strength and will increase as you do." As he gave words of wisdom to Naruto, the staff changed size to about Naruto's arm span, which wasn't much of a staff more like a rod or short staff. However, the little ninja was excited being his first victory against a strong opponent. With this last thought the emerald warrior disappeared and Naruto was sent back into the human world where Jiraiya saw the staff and Naruto him told about his victory.

"So you won, got a new Ninjutsu and a prize, man I wished I was as lucky as you are Naruto."

"Jiraiya, when were you going to tell me about the Kyuubi and my father?" Jiraiya's face went from joking to a serous one filled with sadness in his eyes.

"Was that the reasons we left the village and never talked about, you think I would forget about being loved, having friends and live a normal life with you training me?" As tears began to run down Naruto's face

"Naruto, I was going to tell you about Kyuubi right after you had mastered the tree climbing technique. I thought that if you saw the seal then you would believe me when I told you," said Jiraiya looking a little angry at himself and sad for the boy.

"As for your father, his was my student and friend. He told me and the 3rd strictly not to tell about him. He wanted you to be a hero however, Sarutobi-sensei saw the malice in the eyes of the villagers and ask me to train you until you were 12, when we would have returned to the village of your father and learn to be a shinobi with the other children of the Konoha," Jiraiya looking at the boy with proud eyes, seeing his former student and friend in his eye.

"The 4th and I believed that the children will be the only ones that can save Konoha from upcoming dangers. Many of the parents are strong ninja and so are their children, from what I have heard from the 3rd. Now I know you fell alone and sacred, but you are never alone, especially now," Naruto looking at his sensei, with tear filled eyes.

"Also never tell anyone about the demon or that you are the 4th son, only time will tell when the villager will be ready for the hero of Konoha," Naruto looked shocked at what Jiraiya said/

"As for your journey through life, remember this, as I told your father the same thing, never give no matter what the situation is, as courage will your opponents panic, however having courage is half the battle. Remember that everything you learn will help you in life, little stuff you learn will help you through unexpected events."

With that last quote Naruto finally had some question answered and now was sleepy from his training and battle. As he shut his eyes, he saw the 4th standing on top of Kyuubi as they looked at him with a big smile. Naruto had a pleasant dream. As he was ready for another long day of training, Jiraiya was getting out a scroll and starting to write down what he wanted Naruto to learn before the genin exam and few extra surprises for Iruka. Jiraiya knew his parents and the courage Iruka. When he was little he had tried to face the Kyuubi all alone. As Jiraiya started write down a plan for Naruto, the boy was sound a sleep. Jiraiya was smiling to himself of what was accomplished by Naruto and what he had in store for him.

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