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Chapter 6: Rebirth




Kyuubi/Creature talking

As team 7 walked back to Konoha with Haku, after a very traumatic mission, they were excited to be home. Haku on other hand was still wondering what she could do now that her precious master was dead with his killer walking right in front of them. Knowing she was no match against the famous Copy-Cat Kakashi was burning her inside. Feeling useless, Haku couldn't understand what to do next

"Haku-chan are you alright, you seem quite," as a perplexed Naruto asked. Naruto knew that Haku was still sad for her master's death, and since Sakura switch back to a fan girl, annoying Sasuke.

"I'm alright Naruto-kun," answered a sad Haku. Naruto wasn't convinced, and nobody noticed the sad voice either.

"Haku-chan is this about what happened on the bridge," as Haku flinched as Naruto said the taboo word, bridge.

"I don't know what to do anymore Naruto-kun. My master's killer is right next to me and I can't do a dam thing about it! What the hell am I suppose to do?" almost on the verge of tear, Haku was confused and hurt.

"You know that is how I felt when I found out how my father died, didn't know if my mother is alive or dead. However, my sensei told me, that one must be happy for ones we love. We can't let, what they fought for in life disappear. So I strive to become the best Hokage that Konoha has ever seen. We must continue living with the memories and what they loved in life to help get back our life on track." This seems to make Haku feel better and almost smile.

"However, Haku-chan you should know that Zabuza-san and Kakashi-sensei fought for what they believed on that bridge. Kakashi-sensei fought for his friends, family, and his pride as a Jounin of Konoha. Zabuza-san fought for you and his ideal for the hidden mist. Haku-chan you have to grow stronger so that one day you can return to the hidden mist and show them that Zabuza-san's way of life wasn't a mistake." Now Haku had a happy smile but her eyes showed the fire of inner determination ready to prove her way in life.


Sasuke froze; Sakura saw Sasuke flinch and was all-tense. Thinking it was something she said, even though talking about what his favorite type sock was seemed strange to anyone not in Sasuke's fan club.

"Are you alright Sasuke-kun," giving Sasuke a warning look.

"I'm fine," it came out with more of struggle then Sasuke hoped for, thus making Sakura worry even more.






Who are you?


Come and Seek


Strangely the voices stopped. Team 7 could now see the gates of Konoha, while Naruto and Haku were happy to the see the gates, while Sakura gave a worrying look to Sasuke.


Sasuke froze; the ancient scriptures in the Uchiha library say two things: the Sharingan and fire. However, they spoke of a flamed bird that would restore the wheel of flames, but they all the scripture that explained more were burned or couldn't be read. However, Sasuke train of though broken when he heard a girl voice.

"Onii-chan," as a little 5-year-old black haired, purpled eye, short girl came running toward them.

"Onii-chan," again she yelled. Team 7 was confused, well all of them except Naruto, who was trying to remember the voice of the little girl running toward.

"Himiko-chan," as Naruto ran toward the girl. The little girl jumped onto Naruto and gave him the biggest bear hug and smile that anyone has ever seen, well except Kakashi who just puffed away in a cloud of smoke.

"Hey runt, what are you doing here?" ask a happy Naruto, but that disappeared when he saw Himiko break down and started to cry in Naruto's arm. Naruto started to panic.

"Hey what the matter, you know that can talk to me about…," Naruto stopped to seeing his little princess asleep in his arms. Deciding it was best to let her sleep, Naruto decided to take her home.

"Well, Sasuke, Sakura-chan see you guys later, I have to see what's troubling her," as Naruto disappeared toward his apartment. Sasuke and Sakura were still wondering. While Kakashi-sensei and Haku left to see the Hokage. Leaving his two confused teammates on who the little girl was if Naruto was the last member of his clan.

Blazing Fury

Now a little freak out with the voice, Sasuke decided to head to the library of his clan to answer some question.

"Sakura, see you tomorrow and no date." Many would find that if you saw Sasuke talking to you in a nice way, would saw that the Hyuuga had black eyes.

"Hmmm, Sasuke has been acting weird once we stepped into Konoha. Who was that girl and why was she calling Naruto, onii-chan, Naruto said that he had nobody left in his family. She also didn't seem happy, something must be wrong for her to break-down like that. Dam it, this is so frustrating, ill ask Naruto later. I need to head home and take a bath," as Sakura headed home.

Scene Change

"So I'm guessing your team was successful Kakashi, but who is that," as Sarutobi pointed at the pretty girl next to Kakashi.

"Well, Hokage-sama let me introduce you to Haku-san, and Haku-san this is our Hokage," getting rid of all the formalities and introduction, Kakashi let Haku talk.

"Good afternoon Hokage-sama," as Haku gave a formal bow.

"No need to be so formal my child, now could you explain what happened on your mission Kakashi." Now Haku lost the little shine in her eyes as Kakashi went into mission report mode.

"Well it seems that Tazuna lied about the mission statement, and tuned into a Class-A mission. Tazuna was targeted by the high and mighty drug lord Gatou," as the Haku listened to Kakashi replay everything that happened on the bridge, including Naruto's transformation and his own use of his family sword. Hokage went into serious mode as he listened to Kakashi's report, but then he eyes were filled with sadness at what Haku had to endure the death of a father figure and mentor can be devastating.

"So Haku-san what would you like to do now?" seeing Haku on the verge of tears, reliving the hole mess on the bridge.

"Well, Naruto-kun said that I could be a medic-nin for Konoha and learn to become stronger so that one day I can fulfill master Zabuza's wish." As the look of dread and sorrow disappeared from Haku's face, now showing a face of determination. Yup Naruto had a way of inspiring hope inside the lost.

"Alright, I'll write up the papers and take care of your missing-nin status. Then we will have to test you, to determine your proper ranking. And, since you want to be a medic-nin, we have great program started by one my pupils." Haku was a little surprised that she was accepted so easily. She willed herself not to let one tear fall from her eyes, but Naruto was right the Hokage is a very caring person who can see the pain of others and help lessen that burden.

"Thank-you Hokage-sama," as Haku gave a formal bow and left to find Naruto.

"So what do you think Kakashi," as Sarutobi went back into business mode, and so was Kakashi.

"I don't know Hokage-sama, Naruto's used of Kyuubi's power was incredible. He defeated a scroll summoned boss, the great leviathan, even though he was weaken because it wasn't a blood summon for Naruto to defeat is amazing. If his chakra reserve increase at the rate they are then his chakra level will out do mine easily and all his skills are extremely deadly. That fact that he unlocked his bloodline limit makes him even more dangerous of an opponent," as the Hokage had a look of shock on his face, dropping his pipe from his mouth.

"So he unlocked his eye ability, the council will be pleased that the Uzumaki clan dou-jutsu has returned, which animal has he merged with."

"I think it was the dragon, since Jiraiya-sama said that Kyuubi is really a dragon, but I think he had some fox like attributes as well. But Naruto is definitely at Chuunin level." Sarutobi was impressed; it seemed Naruto was coming along nicely. Sarutobi wave Kakashi to continue with his team's report

"Sasuke has awakened his dou-jutsu as well and with his ability to predict and attack have increased. However, his ego and stubbornness still make hard for him to let his team help him out. He has the strength of a Chuunin, but doesn't have the mind set of one. "

Sarutobi was playing close attention to the development of the lone Uchiha survivor.

"Well hopefully Sasuke come out his tragedy, but what about your last member of your team Kakashi, Haruno Sakura?"

"Well, Sakura has the best chakra control I have seen in a long time, but she also gifted in Genjutsu just like Kurenai-san. Nevertheless, she has a will of fire and strong sense of determination but that has been clouded due to her fawning over the Sasuke. However, thanks to Naruto she has become a hard worker and becoming very strong."

The Hokage was surprised that Kakashi's team was doing nicely and here he as thinking that Kakashi was slacking off.

"Well it seems that you aren't as lazy as they say you are Kakashi." With that comment the prodigious copy-nin blushed from embarrassment that the strongest person in the village though he was lazy. He thank god that he had his mask on.

"Well, I take my job seriously Hokage-sama," with that the Hokage chuckled.

"But most of the development of team 7 comes with the help of Naruto; with out him Sakura wouldn't have pushed her crush for Sasuke aside and train harder. Also, Sasuke has become more open; however he still has his avenger sides lurking in his mind. Hopefully, they can pull together into an even tighter team. But they're coming along nicely. "As Kakashi finished praising his team and saw the look of pride in the Hokage's eyes.

"Yes, Naruto has the same talent as his father, but with Kyuubi it seems that Naruto will surpass even him. Jiraiya can do wonders as a teacher." With that comment, Sarutobi sighed.

"Out of the three of my students, the one that goofed off the most and had the worst habits turned into a very powerful shinobi and a great teacher. The other two ended up on a more difficult road. Orochimaru is clouded by his obsession for power and his jealousy toward the fourth. Tsnusade has suffered tremendous emotional lost and pain, snuffing out her great will of fire. And finally, their sensei, an old man holding onto an ideal that he can't secure for the next generation." As the Sarutobi gave a sad smile and though of the old times

Kakashi knew that the he meant, with Orochimaru's betrayal and Tsnusade lost in her own sorrows, Jiraiya is probably the only one that can be used as backup. But with his hermit life style, it's hard for him to stay in one place for a long time. However, Jiraiya does more for Konoha than any shinobi, with this spy network Jiraiya has monitored all five ninja nations.

"Don't say that Hokage-sama, you have done what you had to do to ensure the peace and safety of Konoha. Because of that, the citizens have forgotten about the Kyuubi sealing and thus allowing Naruto to find a place among his peers. But, if they find out that he is the vessel for Kyuubi, then will use him as a scapegoat for any future problems. However, due to his training with Jiraiya-sama, Naruto is quite strong and has a father figure." After Kakashi finished saying his opinion the sad smile on Sarutobi's face turned into a chuckle.

"I can see why the fourth liked you some much Kakashi, you were always a good listener, but I must thank-you for listening to an old man's sorrows. However, I think we still have a potential problem with Sasuke. With the awakening of his dou-jutsu, Orochimaru will likely be very interested in him, from what I gathered from Jiraiya's reports. However, Orochimaru doesn't know that the heir of Uzumaki clan was trained by Jiraiya and that he is the Kyuubi vessel. But that doesn't mean that Naruto is safe, Orochimaru started his own village, the hidden sound and they plan attend this years' Chuunin exam," As the third Hokage gave an exhausted sigh.

"Yes that is going to be tough. However, we should be all right if we can get Jiraiya-sama to be here during the exams, and if Tsnusade-sama was also here then the other nations wouldn't think that Konoha has become weak after the Kyuubi attack.

"Yes, Orochimaru doesn't fear anymore, since the creation of his Kinjutsu. With my ageing body, he doesn't fear me anymore, however if Jiraiya was to be here than we might have a chance against. He fears Jiraiya more than he fears anyone else in the world. (This is just my way of showing how cool Jiraiya really is when he doesn't act like a pervert ). However, finding Jiraiya isn't going to be easy, the last time I tried was a long and grueling guessing game. I doubt that Naruto know where he is, since he doesn't a summoning contract yet."

As the meeting between Kakashi and Sarutobi continued, somewhere in the Uchiha compound Sasuke was lost.

"Dam it where are the voices coming from," as a very frustrated Uchiha yelled.

Follow the Fiery Path Young One

"Who are you, show yourself," yelled back an angry Sasuke.

Slightly tired from no sleep, Sasuke was pissed. Hearing voices throughout the night and day was very creepy to most people, but to Sasuke it was annoying.

Seek the altar of flame young one

"What the hell are you talking about?"

Seek the altar of eyes young one (A/N: I don't know if that is the real name for the Sharingan shrine.)

Then it clicked, the altar of eyes was where his brother told him to go after he killed clan, and supposedly, it held the secret of his brother's plan. Running quickly to the altar, Sasuke saw that it was glowing red unlike before.

Use fire young one

Wanting to get rid of the annoying voices, Sasuke quickly did a few hand seals for a small Katon Ninjutsu, and then all hell broke loose in the Uchiha compound. Elsewhere in Konoha, in Naruto's apartment, Naruto was having his own problems. Himeko had stopped crying long ago but then feel asleep shortly after. The thing that was plaguing Naruto's mind was that why she was here and why was she crying. Last time Naruto saw here was in a small village in the middle of Stone and Thunder country. She is the daughter of a scroll writer that Jiraiya was friends with. Her father had fallen ill, so Jiraiya decided to head and see his friend.

To say that Naruto and Himeko started on a rocky start. Himeko like Naruto was a prankster, thus when Naruto first entered the door was surprised to see eggs launched at him and a bag of feathers fall at the same time. However, due Jiraiya saying that a shinobi should listen to there instincts, allowing Naruto to barely miss the eggs. However Jiraiya wasn't as lucky because he was checking out a pretty clerk across the street, so was pelted with dozen of eggs and feathers. They spent a week trying to get out all of it out of Jiraiya's hair, but Naruto was impressed with prank and skill Himiko possessed, thus beginning his more creative pranks on Jiraiya with the help of Himiko.

So for Naruto to see a frown on his Hime-chan was very frustrating indeed. Naruto was broken out of his trance when heard a knock on the door. Leaving the room quietly, Naruto opened the door to see a very happy Haku. However, Naruto was more worried about that lack of oxygen going to his brain as Haku was giving him a massive bear hug. Haku being oblivious to that fact that Naruto's face went to a nice shade of violent, and until she looked up to see his face did, she finally let him go.

"Well I'm guessing that the meeting with the Hokage went well," as Haku nodded excited.

"I'm also guessing that you don't have a place to stay and since I was your biggest support in coming to Konoha, you wish to stay with me in my apartment." Again all Haku did was nodded excitedly.

"Well, unfortunately, I don't have a big enough apartment for another guest, and since you being an older girl it would make it awkward. I suggest you ask Sakara-chan if you can crash at her place," again Haku nodded.

"However, I'm sorry that I can't take you there personally since I have to figure out what is wrong with my little princess, I'll have my shadow clones take you there, sorry Haku-nee-chan." Haku just kept on nodding until she heard Naruto say little princess.

"Naruto–kun is there anything that I can help with?" asked a concerned Haku.

"No, she just needed some rest and then I can figure what she is doing so far from here home," with a tone of embracement for saying little princess in front of Haku.

Therefore, with any further delays, the two shadow clones escorted Haku to Sakura's house. After the Naruto got a mental link from his clones that Haku got to Sakura's safety, he locked the door and made sure that the Himiko had an extra blanket. Then decided to bathroom to wash his face and mouth, and decided to call it a night, being in a near death, charka exhaustion dragon rage mode could make anyone tired. Naruto was granted with a peaceful sleep, something that couldn't be said about a lone Uchiha savior.

"Well young one you still don't seem to believe me?" Sasuke's eyes were wide open, his mouth was hanging open that a fly flew through and he didn't noticed. Sasuke just couldn't believe his eye or mind that he immediately went for the kai seal, hoping it to be a Genjutsu. When the creature in front of him didn't disappear, he did the next best thing he fainted.

"Hmm maybe I overdid it?" as the voice said with a hint of worry and amusement. Next morning Sasuke woke up with a aching back and a pounding headache.

"Arg, why does my head hurt so much?" said a sleepy Sasuke woke up on the cold floor. However, then everything hit with a full force when he saw the stone tablet and which room he was in. like Sakura and Ino screaming, Sasuke head was ready to explode.

"So you finally woke up, for a moment I though I was little to forward with you?" said the majestic phoenix. Sasuke swore he saw a small grin on his face that reminded him of Naruto.