Be Careful What You Wish For

By The AutumnRose

Pairings: Yami/Yugi, Bakura/Ryou, Marik/Malik, Seto/Jou.

Rating: PG-13 just to be safe

Warning: Shounen-ai and A/U ish

Disclaimer: No own. No profit. No sue.

A/N: Don't worry I'm still working on Dark Soulmate, but this idea has been bugging me for awhile now.

Summary: Yugi, Ryou, and Malik get turned into five year olds, what are their poor Yami's to do? And what chaos will ensue when Seto and Jou get stuck baby-sitting the three Hikari's? Will the Yami's ever be able to turn their beloved Hikari's back to normal?

/blah blah/ is the hikari
blah blahis the yami
someone's thoughts
"blah" talking
blah> telepathy between anyone other than yami and hikari

Chapter 1) To Be A Kid Again

:::The Night Before:::

The three Hikari's were at Ryou's house, sitting around the kitchen table, drinking hot cocoa, and talking about everything and anything that came to mind. Their Yami's had gone to harass (in a good non-lemon way; lol at me) Seto and Jou for awhile. Their current topic. Their childhood.

"I miss those days, it was so much fun, and best of all I had no responsiblities." Yugi said thoughtfully. Ryou nodded in agreement. "I never had a real childhood, it'd be nice to go back in time to experience what every child is entitled." Malik said. "I wish we could all be five years old again, I bet we'd have a lot of fun together." Ryou mused aloud. The other two verbally agreed.

They spent the rest of the night talking about their Yami's and how much things had changed between all of them since they admitted their love to each other (sorry it sounded corny, but I couldn't think of how else to phrase that), until said Yami's came and took their respective Hikari's home. Little did the three Hikari's know that their Millennium Items were about to grant their wish.

:::The Next Day:::

At the Bakura household, an unsuspecting Bakura was slowly waking up, a lazy smile on his face. Last night after the others had left, him and Ryou had one hell of a wild night. He loved his Light so much it hurt at times. He still couldn't believe that at one time he had thought Ryou as being weak. Anyone who can match my sexual stamina could never be classified as weak. Bakura mused to himself.

After stretching he rolled over to face said Light, and screamed for all he was worth.


Not faraway, in the Ishtar household, Marik was staring disbelieving at a sleeping miniature Malik. Did Malik have a baby? No, that's not right males can't have babies, and I'm the only one he's lain with. Did I have a baby? Oh right, males equals not mothers. Marik thought utterly confused. He poked the mini Malik gently in the shoulder, watching as the small boy slightly stirred, but otherwise remained asleep. Damn this means no sex. Marik thought forlornly, as he got out of bed to get dressed.


Meanwhile in the Mouto household, Yami found himself in a disturbingly similar situation. Oh My RA!! What happened to my Aibou?! Yami thought frantically. Recalling the events of the previous night he tried to see if anything they did could have caused this predicament. Let's see, I picked him up from Ryou's, we came home, made love, and fell asleep. Was it the lovemaking that did it? No it can't be, this has never happened before. The former Pharaoh thought on the verge of panicking. All the while his thoughts raced, his eyes never left the form of his Aibou, who by all appearances looked to be five years old.


Back at the Bakura household, Ryou had jerked awake at the sound of someone screaming. On the verge of tears and trembling slightly he searched for what could have caused such a terrifying sound. His big brown doe eyes settled on a figure he knew well. Fear forgotten, he happily launched himself at his stunned Yami. "'Kura!" Ryou cried happily throwing his tiny arms around Bakuras neck, while said person was doing his best impression of a fish, as his mouth opened and closed trying to form words.

"I'm hungry 'Kura." Ryou said as he tore out of the room, no doubt heading for the kitchen. It was only when he caught a glimpse of Ryou's bare bottom did he realize the state of his Light's undress as well as his own.

Bakura sighed and dressed, then began looking for something his Light could wear, grabbing a small T-shirt, which would probably still be too big, he headed out of the room to find his Light. Guess he'll have to do without pants for awhile. Oh Ra I hope he's still potty trained!


Malik slowly opened his eyes, his little mouth opening in a yawn. He sure is cute. Marik thought, and smiled when the little one's eyes landed on him. Malik smiled widely when he saw Marik. "I've always wanted an imaginary friend." He said as he sat up rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. Marik's smile faltered a bit as he said, "I'm not imaginary." "'M'kay." Malik said as he started to get out of bed.

He looked around, and then turned back to Marik asking "Where my clothes?" "Uh, here." Marik said throwing him a blue T-shirt that would no doubt fit his now five year old Hikari like a dress. Malik happily put on the shirt and then shuffled out of the room, Marik right behind him, trying hard not to laugh at the difficulty his Hikari was having walking while trying not to trip over the bottom of the shirt that was dragging on the floor.


Yugi was jumping up and down on the bed, and laughing at his Yami's predicament. For the past twenty minutes Yami had been trying to dress Yugi in a pair of his aibou's old pajamas that he had found in a box in his Light's closet. But every time he reached for said Hikari, Yugi would just dodge and start laughing hysterically again.

"Yugi Mouto, stop this right now." Yami said, and cringed at how motherly he just sounded. Yugi just shook his head, then turned around so his back was facing Yami. He shook his bare behind at his stunned Yami and cried out "You can't catch me!" Then Yugi took off out of the room naked as the day he was born. Yami sighed and then gave chase after is hyperactive Light.


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Next Time

The Yami's try to figure out what happened to their Hikari's, and more importantly how to change them back.