Little Highlander and the missing monkey

By Kijikun

Rating: G


A/N: The chibi horsemen and highlander cast have taken over my brain and forced me to write this!

Summary: A typical day a Dawson's Wee Watch Daycare until Silas' prized monkey goes missing.

It was another sunny day at Dawson's Wee Watch Daycare. All the children we're out side playing after snack on the large playground.

The little Highlander, Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod, the pride of his parents and his teacher Ms. Amy, was currently standing on his head. Two of his friends, Marcus and Methos, were playing a game of battle ship. Marcus had been winning.

But little Methos hated to lose.

"You can't blow up all my ships!" Marcus complained.

"Yes I can." Methos told him. He'd just declared his most brilliant strategy: wave bombing across the whole board.

Marcus crossed his little arms and frowned. "I don't want to play with you," he declared, gathering up his toy soldiers.

Methos nodded. "Okay. Play again after nap?"

"Okay!" Marcus agreed.

"I think you did break the rules, Methos." Duncan said, still standing on his head and wondering why there were two of him.

Methos turned his head. "Why are you doing that?"

"To think better." Duncan said, rolling onto his feet. He actually fell over, but he wasn't going to tell Methos that. "Let's go play on the swings!"

"But I want to hear Ms. Amy tell a story…" Methos whined as Duncan grabbed his hand and pulled him along.

Half way to the swings, the two boys found, Methos' little brother Silas crying in the sandbox.

"Silas, why are you crying?" Methos wanted to know.

"Big brother," Silas cried, big tears rolling down his cubby little face. "Someone took my monkey!"

Methos frowned, no one took from his little brother expect for him!

"I bet Amanda took it." Duncan said. "She's always taking things."

"Like the shiny nickel I found." Kit said as he passed by on his toy horse.

"C'mon Silas, we'll talk to Amanda." Methos said.

So they three little boys went and found Amanda hanging upside down in her new dress from the monkey bars.

"I want my monkey," Silas wailed.

"Monkey? We can't have pets at school!" Amanda said.

Duncan shook his head. "Someone took Silas stuffed monkey."

"I don't have it." Amanda told them. "That ol' thing smelled funny. But I bet Cassandra took it. She's always saying someone should get rid of it."

Methos made a face.

Silas wailed more, as the boys went to find Cassandra. They found her making potions with boxed apple juice, grass clipping and butter cups.

"Methos did it." Cassandra said without looking up, tossing her hair.

Duncan frowned. "We didn't even ask yet!"

"Still his fault." She declared.

Methos made a face at her. "Come on Duncan, she won't help us find Silas' monkey."

"My monkey. Caspian will eat my monkey!" Silas cried, wiping his nose with his dirty sleeve.

"Caspian!" Duncan and Methos said together.

So they found Caspian, Methos other little brother. He was sitting under the slide, eating ants and had the monkey on his head.

"My monkey!" Silas cried, snatching up his monkey and walking off with it.

Methos punched Caspian arm. "Stop picking on him."

Duncan was already bored. "Come on Methos; let's go play on the fort."

Methos groaned but let himself be pulled along.

So Silas got back his monkey and Methos pouted until naptime because he missed his favorite story at story time. Then Kronos lost the world, but that is another story.

The end