Identity Crises


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Spoilers: All of Chapter Black. I think.
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You might never guess it, but I'm a pretty confused guy. I've undergone more identity crises than you can possibly imagine. It's a miracle that I'm still sane.

Wait, I am sane, aren't I?

I'm not supposed to go through this until I'm, like, 45 or something. I'm only 17 right now. Or at least I think I am. Yes- no- yes, I'm only 17. No. I'm younger. I think. Yeah. Like, 16. Or something.

Whew, took a lot of effort to get that out.

Confusion. My brain is total, utter, complete confusion.

I guess it's because of this power that I have, called Copy. It's a fun little talent, but the only problem with it is, I'm stuck with this person inside my brain for life. Not for their life. Not for the guy next door's life. My life.

So, currently, I've got Asato's memories, and Kaitou's memories, and Kuwabara's memories, and Murota's memories, and a nurse's memories, and whole lot more memories in this brain of mine. It's hard to tell which ones are me and which ones are them, though.

Hence the confusion.

As I snap my bubblegum, sitting on a bench in the park, I look at the little kids just running around and playing ball. Sometimes I think it's best if I be alone and away, just so that I can sort out all of the things that are going on in my mind.

If you looked inside my head, I wonder if you'd see something that resembled a file cabinet stuffed to its maximum, with mixed up files and misplaced papers scattered everywhere.

Just a random thought.

"Hey, Yana," Asato says, sitting down beside me. It's hard to believe that his spinal cord was severed only a few months ago. He seems normal, but I guess that's because Master Genkai is such a good healer.


"Whatcha doin'?"

"Nothin' much."

"Wanna come with Kaitou and me to see Sea—I mean, Mitarai?" he asks, stumbling over the nickname. Bad habit, I guess. We all still think of Mitarai as Sea Man and Hagiri as Sniper. But habits, like rules, are supposed to be broken, so we all try to call them by their 'school' names if we ever see them (it's inevitable, it really is) instead of by their 'bad guy' names.


"Okay. Seeya."


I wonder if he misses using his powers. After all, that Shadow thingamabob was pretty cool. I mean, Copy's pretty cool, too, but I'd like to know how being able to paralyze people by stepping on their shadow would be like.

Taboo, though… Too much thinking involved.

I don't miss using Copy that much. Sure, it would get me a great job in, like, the USA's CIA or something like that, as an international spy like James Bond.

That would be so cool. It might even be worth having about a bazillion people who aren't me inside my head.

But anyway, I think I might be in danger of getting split personality disorder.

Hey, wasn't that what Sensui got? Like, seven different personalities?

Watch now as I shiver. That creeeeeeepy feeling settles over me. Like, what if I become like Sensui? What if one of those people whose memories I've swallowed—what if they secretly wanted to become a world dominator? And what if those memories taint my soul and make me into another Sensui!

Shit, I'm becoming paranoid again.

Ah, well. Just another identity crisis, I suppose.


Author's Space:

Short little piece of...

Yes, I am only assuming that Yana copied Kaitou and Asato. Why wouldn't he, after all?

Thanks for reading.


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