Hey guys. Here's my entry for the "heartbreak" story contest on MCBC. Hope you all enjoy—fyi, I do have a new story coming up, that should be out in the next week or two. This one is obviously a one-shot, and kind of sad. At least, I think it is.

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I have to say, I should have known.

When had I decided to trust Paul when it comes to Jesse? I should have known… but it still doesn't make it hurt any less.

A month ago, when he came to me, telling me that he could bring Jesse back to life—and in this time period—I didn't even stop to think. Of course I said yes.

What he didn't tell me, is that Jesse would lose all memory.

Jesse and I went to Paul's house one Saturday night. Jesse and I were both a little nervous, but excited about the prospect of him being alive, too. Of course, we didn't tell Father Dominic about it- he would never have approved. God's will, and all that. Personally, I didn't care about God's will, and neither did Jesse. We just wanted to be able to be together-forever.

"Are you guys ready?" Paul asked, and Jesse nodded guardedly. In the dim lighting, Jesse's eyes looked darker and even more unreadable than ever. His hair was pitch black, and the flickering candles threw shadows on his long, muscular body. I sat there, watching the ritual. It was vaguely similar to an exorcism, but I knew enough about them that I was certain he wasn't exorcising Jesse. Paul chanted, and I saw Jesse's ghostly glow slowly fade. At the last word of the chant, all the candles snuffed out, and Jesse collapsed on the floor, breathing heavily. But he was breathing!

"Jesse!" I cried, and ran over to his body, lying on the floor and shaking slightly. "Oh, Jesse, are you okay?" He looked up, hesitantly, with confused eyes.

"Where…where am I? Who are you?" He asked warily. Paul helped him to his feet. What was the matter with him?

"Jesse, its me. Suze!" I started wrapping my arms around his neck, but he stepped away from me.

"What are you doing?" He asked. "What's going on?"

"Don't… don't you remember me?" I whispered. What was going on? "Come on, Jesse, it's me." Paul set Jesse down on a chair, and pulled me out of the room.

"Paul, what the hell is going on? Why can't he remember anything?" I shouted in a whisper.

"Suze, chill. This is normal. In a few hours, he should remember everything. Don't worry. Go home, and you can see him on Monday at school, and everything will be peachy keen, alright?" I sighed, then went back into the room to get my coat. Jesse was sitting there still, with a perplexed look on his face. His face softened slightly when he saw me.

"You look familiar… what's your name?" He asked softly. I felt my nose tingle and my throat begin to burn, but I held back my tears.

"Suze. You call me Susannah," I whispered back, then pulled on my coat.

"Susannah. That is a pretty name," He said. He paused. "Have we met?" I covered my mouth, choking back a sob. I inclined my head.

"Yes… we have met, Jesse," I choked out, then ran from the room. Sure, he was going to be okay eventually, but it's hard seeing the guy you're in love with not know who you are.

As soon as I got home, a pain gripped my stomach so tightly, and so suddenly, that I cried out in pain and sunk to the floor. It felt like little hamsters with knives were hacking, clawing, and biting their way out of my intestines. I clung to the closest thing I could grab onto—an end table in the hallway, and moaned. My vision got fuzzy, and then suddenly I knew no more.

A few days later, I woke up in a hospital bed. There was a dull ache on my lower stomach, and my mom was sitting next to me.

"Susie! You're awake!" She cried happily. I groaned, and tried to sit up, but failed.

"What happened?" I croaked.

"You got appendicitis. You've been out cold for nearly a week—the doctors said that they were very lucky they were able to operate on you before your appendix burst." She held my hand, and squeezed. "I'm so glad you're alright!"

A week later, I went to school, anxious to see Jesse. I was so angry that I hadn't been able to see him, since I got sick. I wasn't exactly pleased that he never came to visit, either, but I'll get over it. He was, after all, the love of my life. Maybe he didn't know I was in the hospital. Yes, that had to be it. He should have regained his memory by now. After Brad parked the car, I leapt out and hurried into the courtyard. My eyes began to roam the open area, searching for the perfect face of my love, Jesse. There! I grinned, and started hurrying over to him, where he lounged casually on a bench, next to—

Kelly Prescott. And Debbie Mancuso. And the rest of the pretty, popular people. My heart clenched. I stopped bounding over, and my stride was reduced to tiny, slow steps.

"Jesse," I said slowly, once I got to the bench. He looked up, with a lazy grin on his face, his delicious body wearing a red sweater and dark jeans, making him look just as good, if not better, than he did before. His face soon turned to one of vague perplexity, as if he were trying to remember something.

"Susan, right?" he asked. My blood froze. "Yea, I remember you. Paul's girlfriend. He told me all about you." Sister Ernestine came around, shouting at everyone to get to first period. "Hey, I'll see you later. C'mon, Kelly." He got up, and wrapped his arm around Kelly's waist and walked over to one of the classrooms. He held onto her hips, kissed her passionately, then slipped through the door, and Kelly and Debbie continued on to their history class.

A knife plunged into my heart. Jesse didn't remember anything. He thought I was Paul's girlfriend. He was going out with Kelly Prescott.

That's when I realized. Our love must have never been real. I was just the first girl he had seen in 150 years, and now that he had every other girl in the world in the palm of his hand, I wasn't good enough.

Ignoring the shouts of Sister Ernestine, that Father Dominic wanted to see me, I fled the school, my tears blurring my eyes. Suddenly, I found myself at the beach. It was nearly empty on this October morning, and the wind whipped through my hair. Finally alone, I sunk to the sand, curled up in a ball, and cried.

I suddenly remembered Madame Zara's prophecy. "You will have one love that will last all of eternity." I realized—she never said that love was reciprocated.

A month later, my love for Jesse is still as strong as ever, and my heart bleeds every time I see him making out with Kelly in the hallway. I haven't spoken to Paul since, though I did earn a detention for giving him a black eye and a nose bleed.

It's been a month, and I'm still beating myself up for trusting Paul. For letting him take Jesse into his hands.

For letting him ruin my life.