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It all started yesterday, on a cold December morning. Casey brought us to his great grandfather's old ranch. Which was cool because it had over ten acres of land and it was still standing. April drove us because she wanted to go on her well-earned vacation.

Though it began somewhat rocky. Casey rammed down the door at three in the morning, instead of ringing our newly installed doorbell. April was glaring and scolding Casey. He didn't listen as he rummaged through our lair. For what, no idea. He stopped when he woke up everyone who was sleeping, whether they were in sewers or above.

I woke up when I heard April yelling at Casey when they were near my door. "What are you guys doing here at……three o' three in the morning?" I asked still half asleep.

"Sorry Don," April and Casey said at the same time.

"Well, make yourselves at home, I'm going to wake up everyone else." I said, "starting with the easiest to wake up…Master Splinter." I walked to Master Splinter's door and knocked lightly.

"You may enter Donetello," Master Splinter said. Personally, I would love to know how Master Splinter always knows who is at his door. I opened his door and walked inside. "You have come to tell me about our visitors I presume?" I nodded. "Well I already know about their presence, why don't you wake up your brother. They can help you with Mister Jones."

I bowed and went to wake up Leo; he was the easiest to wake. I opened his door quietly, trying not to wake him up, and he was already wake and practicing his katas. I snuck up behind him. "Hi!" I yelled, sure it was dangerous, and I don't recommend it when it comes to Leo, but it was fun.

Leo spun around and would have taken my head off, had I not of ducked. "Damn, Donnie!" Leo said as he saw that it was me he was about to decapitate. "What the hell were you thinking?" I grinned widely.

"You're back to reality," I said as I started to laugh, and soon Leo joined me.

"I'm guessing that Master Splinter told you to wake everyone up?" Leo asked already knowing the answer. I nodded. "Well, lets go wake up Mike. Raph we'll save for last, or just let him sleep." We left Leo's room and headed for Mikey's.

When we walked through the door, trash was as far as the eye can see. Well not really, just to the walls…and some parts went to the ceiling. Leo and I walked quietly over the garbage and pizza boxes. Leo taped Mikey on the shoulder. Mikey snored instead of waking up.

"Mike," Leo said as he tapped Mikey harder. Mikey snorted and went back to snoring, only louder. Leo rolled his eyes and pulled Mikey off of his bed.

"Huh…did I fall off?" Mikey said slurring his words as he slowly woke up.

"Now that you are awake, let's go wake up Raph," I said as Leo and I pulled Mikey to his feet. When I mentioned waking up Raph, Mikey's eyes grew wide and fearful. I can't blame him though. Last time we tried to wake Raph up, he was having a nightmare, he managed to pick up his Sai and throw them. He got Mikey in the right arm, and me in the left.

We got light scars, but Mikey never wanted to be in the same room when Raph was having a nightmare. Raph didn't even remember the incident, he was sleeping after all. "Umm, can I wait outside while ya guys find out if he's…well ya know," Mikey asked.

"Sure Mikey," I said as we led him out of his junkyard of a room. I still wonder how he can live there. I saw that April was watching the television while Casey was trying to put up the door. We stopped right outside Raph's door. Leo tried to open it but we soon found out that it was locked.

"Fuck," Leo said as he examined the lock. "You installed a tough lock Donnie."

"Thanks, I think," I said as I saw Leo pull out one of his Katana. "Leo what are you," I started to say before he cut the door handle.

"Raph's gonna kill ya when he sees this," Mikey said as he picked up the door handle. Leo shrugged as he shoved the door open. It took us a while to find Raph, but when we did we were shocked.

Raph was having one of his bad nightmare's that he won't even tell master Splinter about. He was thrashing hard one second, then completely still the next. For a while I thought that he wasn't breathing.

"We have to wake him up, let's find the lights," Leo said as we looked for a light switch. I knew that I installed one, so where is it…found it! But one of Raph's Sai was through it.

"Got the lights but the wiring is damaged from Raph's Sai," I said as I pulled out the Sai.

"Is he fine?" Mikey asked as he peaked his head in the doorway.

"For right now Mike," Leo said. Mikey entered cautiously. "So we have one off his Sai, now where could the other be?"

"Up there," Mikey said in a scared voice. We looked up and saw that Raph's other Sai was though the ceiling. Glass from the light bulb that was there littered the floor underneath.

"Mikey, I think it's safe. Even if Raph was to go into a nightmare, he has nothing to throw," Leo said. Mikey looked slightly calmer, well until Raph did go back to a nightmare. Then Mikey screamed and hid behind me.

Master Splinter, Casey and April all ran in when they heard Mikey screaming. "What's goin' on? Hey can someone flip the light?" Casey said as he searched for us. His eyes just haven't adjusted yet.

"Raph's havin' a nightmare an' no," Mikey said as he looked at Casey.

"So what, and what do ya mean 'bout 'no'?" Casey asked.

"We will fill you in later Mister Jones," Master Splinter said. "I believe that it is safe to presume that Raphael is still sleeping?" We nodded knowing that Master Splinter saw us just fine in the dark. "Very well, I want all of you to leave for right now. I will wake Raphael."

We nodded and left the room. "What did you guys mean back there?" April asked with curiosity shining in her eyes. Same for Casey.

"You get to tell this one Mike," Leo said as he sat down. Mikey was stunned.

"Why me?" Mikey asked.

"Because you were the one to scream, so you get to be the one to speak," Leo said as he flipped through the cannels on the television.

"Fine," Mikey said as he stuck out his tongue to Leo's shell. He told the story to Casey and April, who finally knew the whole story.

"Why does Raphie have nightmares?" Casey asked. We all shrugged.

"He won't tell us," Mikey said as he sat down next to Leo. We heard a scream from Raph's room. And we knew that it wasn't Master Splinter who was doing the screaming.

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